Fungus Among Us

May 16, 2014: Having narrowly escaped from the Triskelion, Domino returns to a safehouse to touch base with Cable regarding the spore infection. (Language warning.)

New York City Docks

An old warehouse which has become one of Dom's safehouses.



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It's not been long since Domino escaped the Triskelion. She's got the damage, and the tattered SHIELD uniform, to prove it. Hell, she's still wet from having taken a dip into the river in order to escape the place. It had been her expert swimming skills and her complete lack of any gear to slow her down that allowed her to slip outside of their grasp.

Just barely.

The first place she could think to go is also the nearest one of her safehouses at a New York harbor, long since having fallen to disuse. It's the same location she had taken them both within her mind when her body lay in cold storage within the morgue. Cable would know the way. She had told him as much.

She's wasted little time in getting herself set up. A fresh bottle of rum, a medical kit, a few hard plastic cases filled with weaponry and combat webbing. A fresh suit of armor lies across the '69 Stingray's hood nearby. The only sounds coming from the warehouse are the various clicks and clacks of weapons being checked and chambered, and the racking coughs that occasionally overtake the smaller, near deathly sick, woman.


Cable's got a few ways in, some quicker than others. Time is of the essence is the thought of the moment, and as a result, his appearance is immediate. Sudden. In a flash of light, even… and there, there stands the rather large mutant. In the next second, Nate is on the move, his expression set and determined as he crosses the short distance between them.

"You look like hell, Neena," he murmurs, more to get himself into a better frame of mind. Get rid of that elephant in the room, as it were, and in this case, his concern, and he'll be able to focus on the matter at hand.

Normal people would ask 'What the hell happened' in the next breath, but the chances are good that Dom's got that running through her mind as Nate hits the 'replay' button.. all in those couple of steps. When he's beside her is when he's completely caught up, and he pulls a chair and sits down beside her, his attention fixed.

To look at him, he too looks a little ragged around the edges, blue eye worn and fatigued. He's making himself move quickly when all his body wants to do is shut down for awhile and focus on himself. Perhaps, to look at him, there might seem to be a little more insinuation of metallic sheen to his skin than before, but that it hasn't completely encompassed any new area. Just.. a threat. A hint at the fact, for those in the know, that his energies have been put somewhere else for a given amount of time.

"Let me see."


It's an intimidating sight, to be sure. Where there had been no one, suddenly there is a half metal mutant with a shock of white hair and over six feet of vertical height at his beck and call. That he's also purposefully striding right for the albino..?

Domino looks up from sliding a full magazine into an awaiting Sig pistol, head canted to one side as though the weight of her smirk is more than she can bear. "I'd kiss you, Nate, but I think I might be a teensy bit contagious."

After his observation she grins a little further, letting the pistol slide lock home with a meaty *Chak!* "You say the sweetest things to me. Shoulda seen the other guys. Window totally had it coming."

When Cable takes a seat she uses the barrel of that pistol to slide the bottle of rum across the worn wooden table to park it within easy reach of the bigger mutant. Then, with a sigh, she sets the hammer with another *click* and sets the weapon aside. Arms fold, with a tightening of her jaw since they're solid bruises from the wrists to the elbows, then she leans forward. Tenderly. "We play doctor more than any other couple I know."


"Thought you'd branch out on the side and get SHIELD pissed off with you? And here I thought you'd taken root with me again. Why did you leaf?" Cable simply can't help himself; it's honestly the relief speaking. It is. His tones are gentle, a hint of 'bedside humour' playing in the tenor of his voice.

"Now.. yeah. I did see the other guys. The window was just there, minding its own business. But, who's the AI?"

Nate leans forward to brush his hand against the side of her throat; partially a gentle, tender gesture, and partly something that holds a bit of the telekenetic push to get those spores back. "We don't know any other couples, Dom. When was the last time we -ever- went on a double date?"

Now, there's a moment when lips are pressed in a thin line, and his gaze turns both inward and towards the middle distance. He's listening, feeling.. and she -may- have that little, tingly, 'I'm not alone' feeling. Nate on a molecular level.. and he's trying to localize everything so when it does come out, he doesn't have to get after the little creeping—

"Neena.. I think it's sentient."

Was that a pin drop a mile away?

"Rudimentarily.. but this thing has a .. a .. defense mechanism."


"I was bored," Domino 'admits' with a disinterested glance off to the side. Then, looking back his way, "It's good to have a bit of personal space. Never want to smother a relationship. I've always been an independent girl, you know that." (That said, we should blow up some more shit together.)

"Evelyn," she needlessly replies. She's talking to a telepath, he already knows the name. Probably what she's going to say afterward, too. "Was CIA. Looks like she's signing on with the good ol' UN, if they'll still take her after she helped me get out of that shiny, expensive hole. Poor girl's lost, might be she could learn a thing or two from you."

Not 'us.' Cable, specifically. He's the one that's infected with the Techno-Organic virus. He's practically halfway to being what Evelyn is, himself.

"You look about as bad as I do, Nate. What the hell. You -know- I can take care of myself." Inclining her head once his way, she asks "That'll buff out later, right?"

The moment of physical contact is permitted, the albino's eyes falling closed as she otherwise sits perfectly still. "Not sure when we last went on a personal date. Like to think we're past that point, though."

Silence follows. It's welcome, particularly after the week she's had. Unfortunately, such silence is not going to last for long.

Icy blue eyes come back open.

"-Sentient,- are you fucking -kidding- me?" she suddenly demands, sitting up ramrod straight before a gloved palm slaps down upon the table, the other hand covering her mouth as another coughing fit overtakes her. "Goddamnit Nate, I -told- you -no kids- before we got this started. Get this shit out of me!"


Sadly, that's not the way the TO virus works. Once it takes over, it's.. truly taken over. At least that's what Nate's seen and has been led to believe. It's why it's all the more important to keep the disease back, and why it's all the more sacrifice when he allows it to find its hold once again to advance while he's seeing to other things which, in his mind, are more important.

There is very little to Nate that is more important than his own life.

"Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to have been there even once," is murmured, a touch absently now. His attention is focussing on that .. vegetative mess.

"Sentient," is confirmed. "It's not.. 'I can read its little mind' alive, but it's trying to work out defenses. Hiding. Looking for places to go where it can't be pulled—"

"Oh.. hell. Domino.. you won't like this.."


Domino's cold stare somehow picks up a bit more of an edge, though more out of being wary than upset. "Are you saying you want to do the dinner and dancing thing?" Because it's always a good time to discuss these matters!

It's also always a good time to have more to drink. Before another thought can cross her mind she darts a hand out and swipes a glass still a quarter of the way full of rum, growling a low note of "Bottoms up you little fucker," before slamming the remainder of her drink with a slight grimace. Alcohol on a sore throat. Never pleasant.

The empty glass returns with a solid *thunk* as she flicks the matted black hair away from her eyes with a sharp motion of her head, once more attempting to pin Cable with nothing more than her stare. This time her demand is absolute, "What am I not going to like?"

It's probably for the best that he never answered her regarding the progression of his own infection.


Nate leans back and with a shake of his head as if to dislodge thoughts physically, he takes a deep breath after. "Who's got time for that?" Random thought, a melancholy muse.. which has absolutely no place for him. Not today. Not then. Not.. in his future past. "Now.."

There's a moment of silence again, of stillness where the only thing he's doing is on that molecular level, not giving that organism a place to hide where he can't reach. (Though, to be honest, there isn't a spot on her that he can't!) In a moment of clarity, herding begins.. who needs a spleen?

"I think we're going to go on the offensive. You, Neena, might be able to clean up this mess." Assuming that it 'calls' to the others.. all in something of a hive mind.


"Too busy pissing off major military organizations and saving the world," Domino flatly replies. Where's the time for a date, indeed!

Exactly what the guy is doing with his mind is beyond her realm of perception, she merely sits there and looks downright livid with the idea of harboring a living mushroom. (God, SHIELD's gonna have a field day over this one.)

"This really hurts, you know." Just..everything. Not so much what Nate's doing as it is how badly she's gotten beat up over the last few days.

Going on the offensive, "Now we're talking. Wait - Me? -I- might be able to? Let me guess," she grumbles while heavily running a set of fingers through her tangled hair, "ET phone home. Goddammit, I'm seconds away from calling in some vacation time. How much is this one gonna cost me?"


He's almost embarrassed when he's reminded that the rest of her is pretty well banged up as well. Nate exhales in a sigh and gestures with his fingers in a 'lemme see' motion and reaches out for one of those bruised arms. "Yeah, I know. I keep forgetting."

A twitch of a smile flickers, however, and a quiet, barked chuckle escapes. "You escaped the Triskelion. That.. that's impressive." And she's not dead. Not riddled full of bullets. Not… anything'ed other than bruised. Battered.

Pretty damned impressive!

"What.. ET phone.. if you mean that if you get near enough for the others to get a read on you, yes. It'd call to them, I think. In a .. strange sort of way."


Dom can't help but grin somewhat. When -Cable- is impressed you know it's for a good reason. For as long as the two have known one another, even with her stupid amount of luck, moments like this are quite uncommon. "I had a good teacher."

That would be Nate.

"And I'm amazing."

Her amusement doesn't last long. "So I'm going to be used as bait. Fantastic. Short range means that we'll need to stick close to the area of infection, try to find some sort of common ground. Somewhere quiet and off the grid where it won't matter if we turn it into a giant smoking crater-"

Her words stop short, blinking once to interrupt the sudden stare off into infinity and beyond.


It looks like it's time for her to find a new safehouse. Patient Zero is now sitting at Ground Zero.

"Keys are in the ignition," she says with a defeated exhale of breath. No reason to detonate what she doesn't have to. This includes the Stingray.

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