Siberian Spores part 3: Contagion

May 16, 2014: The Triskelion is not an easy place to break out of. Who knew! (Language warning.)


S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters based out of NYC.



  • Various SHIELD personnel

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There's something kinda creepy about waking up in a morgue. Domino doesn't know how much time has passed, on account of being considered dead and all, but the experimental treatment that they had given to her beforehand seems to have done the trick. Better late than never…

Enough time has passed now that the med techs have gotten all of the samples that they desired and left to other areas of the Triskelion, leaving the albino alone in the morgue with nothing but a fabulous hospital gown. And a tray full of surgical equipment.

It's now missing one scalpel.

Getting out of the morgue isn't terribly difficult. The difficult part is going to be getting out of SHIELD headquarters, with all of her parts intact. Someone's going to notice that she's up and moving sooner or later. Now there's people within the organization that know she's X-Gene positive, as well.


The science labs are abuzz, to say the least. There are agent(s) down, and in the medbay, prognosis unclear at this moment. There is (yet another) biohazard team on the move to another site that was identified by Agent Barton to be a place where he, or all three, had been and potentially contaminated. (A bar, go figure!)

Now, on deck, Director Fury is directing traffic, putting out political fires and making damned sure this doesn't hit the 6 o'clock news. (As it is, SHIELD managed to keep their faces out of the extraction, that mess that the CIA managed to make.)

"Yes, I want at least a three block containment perimeter. No, I don't care how it's done. Yes, it stays off the nightly news. No, I don't care how that's done."


For once, the CIA seems to be working with SHIELD. Now when does that happen? Their cleanup crew is already handling part of the destruction that happened earlier. With news of the biocontamination, the bodies of the fallen SWAT members of earlier have been burned. It's a smooth operation as far as things go, but they still don't see eye to eye with SHIELD keeping their 'national traitor'. There's little they can do but make threats at the moment. They'll be back.
Post Evelyn's operation, it took hours and hours and hours for her to come to. Jane was just confused by the lack of Evelyn's response post reassembly, in fact it seemed as though she had gone completely comatose. Eventually, she was shuffled off to the clean part of the medical floor where contamination was no longer an issue. After all, her body is sterilised and clean.
Now awake, Evelyn awakens to find herself greeted by a party, everyone that helped her pull through this. Even Nick Fury is wearing a party hat to celebrate the occasion. Actually, that's not the case. She's alone in the white medical room with her last memory being her deactivation. Staring at the ceiling for a bit, she slowly takes in the ambient noise of the floor, taking in a deep breath to check for wheezing. Letting it out, she says, "I guess I don't feel like a zombie, that's good news." Lifting her hand, she looks at it, turning it thrice to examine it and test her motor skills by opening and closing it.
Satisfied by whatever information she gains by doing this, Evelyn sits up and slowly lets herself off of her bed. Looking at the mirror on the back of the door, she finds herself wearing a hospital gown. Not her clothes. That's probably understandable, and her clothes also don't appear to be nearby. Actually, no one appears to be nearby. Better go see what's happening.
Opening the door, she slips out into the hallway and begins traversing this new territory with bare feet and not much else but the gown that covers her body.


Melinda May has recently returned from securing Evelyn's residence, a small backpack the only visible addition to her usual attire. She's kept one ear on the goings on on the helicarrier, and is on her way to check in with Fury and see if he wants her to get back to the ground and help with containing that bar. It's not her usual gig, as she typically leaves the moment the containment teams arrive. But, with the current mess the way it is, she understands about doing whatever needs to be done.

Moving quietly around the perimeter of the deck, May puts herself in Fury's line of sight and waits silently, knowing the Director will acknowledge her and give her a task if needed.


The dead body woke up. Finally. That took a while. She'll need to be talked to. Debriefed. By this time? Clothes might not hurt so much either.

It pays to be the right guy in the right place at the right time

Phil left the commisary at the Triskelion, where he was being debriefed on the latest batch of submitted reports - a necessary evil that he knew only too well - and took an express elevator to the morgue. He hasn't drawn a weapon yet, but he did bring a basic SHIELD issue jumpsuit. It's the best he could improvise under the circumstances.


It doesn't take the albino long to discover just how well locked down this fortress really is. Security clearance seems almost mandatory for -every room in the joint,- she wouldn't be surprised if the bathroom stalls required an ID. a problem. Not an entirely unexpected problem, but a problem that has very few subtle solutions. Then again, with all of the cameras and the well lit hallways, she's likely going to get tagged any second here. If she hasn't already been. Gotta move fast. Find someone, -anyone,- grab a hostage, get to higher ground. It's dirty and unpleasant work but..desperate times.

Then there's the sound of an elevator arriving. Convenient timing, this. Domino hurries up beside the doors and flattens herself against the wall, preparing to dive right on inside. Whether the other people clear out first or get taken along for the ride all depends on how much of her time they plan on wasting in leaving, or in spotting her.

The scalpel is a last resort. Intimidation. This is one of the last places in the country where she would want to needlessly shed blood. These guys tend to frown upon that sort of thing in a very special way.


And it's Fury's particular frown that is quite special. It's not that he hasn't dealt with a large scale contagion before- okay, not quite like vegetable zombies, but! Who here remembers the Swine Flu of the '70s? Anyone? He does.

Searching the gathering (and departing) agents, his single, good eye lands upon Agent May. Stalking across the room, Fury stops right in front of her, his voice dropping. "Congratulations. I need a liason to the CIA, and I don't want 'channels'. I want one small way, and I want you to find someone who actually makes sense. If you have to go and interview the robot, then do it."


Evelyn continues walking through the hallways. A few of the medical staff seem to see her, but don't actually interact with her. After all, they're busy in the middle of an emergency taking care of survivors and doing whatever tasks they need to do. It's not as though Evelyn tries to stop any of them, anyways. Finally reaching an elevator, she reaches forward and press the down button. Better get to the ground floor. Maybe there's a helpdesk or something. That's probably a good idea.
As Coulson's elevator descends, it stops to pick up another passenger. The doors slide open and Evelyn walks in, taking place beside of him and turning to face the door. She looks over to the panel, "..Morgue?" Her hands fold infront of her as the doors close and the elevator continues descending.


"I might already have that avenue, Director." She pulls her phone and shows him an image, clearly taken of a print photograph, that includes Evelyn and one scientist-type. "Facial recognition is already working to id this person, and I'll go talk with the robot now." She refers to Evelyn the same way Fury did only for the sake of clarity — after seeing the individual's residence, she can't really think of her as just some soulless automaton… not that anyone will ever hear that from her directly.

With a nod to the Director, she turns and leaves again, her next task already clear in her mind. And, she's already armed with a few items that might make talking to Evelyn go more quickly. "Medical. Give me the CIA agent's current location," she says into the commlink in her ear.


Coulson, on the way down, simply nods. "I like to go there to think." he says, "I can make decisions and figure things out without much of a response." and he looks sheepishly, holding the bundle under one arm as the elevator descends. "Of course, this time I'm not going there to think. Got a pick up to make." he says, equally nonchalant.

Meanwhile, the Muzak version of "The Girl From Ipponema" plays over the elevator as it makes its way to the morgue level.


In a moment like this, one works with what they've got. When the elevator doors open Dom makes a lunge for the person closest to the door. The person that was last to get inside of the elevator. Surprise, Evelyn! The merc isn't holding back any, yet unexpected resistance comes from trying to wrestle around an -android.-

The end result is close enough to the same. She's now got herself tucked behind Evelyn, the scalpel held to the robot's neck and her line of sight just peering ever so slightly over Ev's shoulder to Coulson. Cold eyes. Determined. Very determined.

"Ground level, please." Pause. "-Ev?- The hell are you doing here?"

(Oh, bloody -hell.- At least I know she can still bleed to death, in a fashion. Dammit, is this even going to still work?)


Evelyn sort of just stands there, hands folded in front of her. She lightly taps her hand on her leg. After a short silence, she pipes up, "Evelyn. I'm new here." Looking down at herself, she looks back at Phil. "I don't have a uniform yet." Pausing for another moment, a tick passes before she comments on the earlier remark, "Going to the morgue to think? Well, I guess it would be silent. The dead are pretty quiet. What are you picking up?"
Meanwhile, the medical staff go to check Evelyn's room as per May's request before radioing back, "Oh, she appears to have woken up. One of the assistants saw her go for the elevator." Well. That's helpful. She's just walking right out of a secure SHIELD base. Except she isn't.
Instead, when the elevator reaches the morgue, and the doors open, Evelyn finds herself in for a surprise. As Domino lunges for her, she tries to get out of the way, but is caught by neck with Domino's arm. A short scream punctuates her surprise, and she clearly puts up a struggle, reaching up to grab at Domino's arm. Stepping back, she tries to slam Domino into the wall of the elevator, and whether or not that succeeds, she stops soon after with the scalpel that comes to her neck.
Panting, her hands drop to her sides, one hand kind of tugging at the hospital gown to keep it from riding up a little too high. "..Domino?.. Are you fucking serious?"


"Acknowledged," is May's answer to medic who responded to her query. She speeds up her brisk walk just a bit more, heading for where the elevators let people out on the ground floor. If she has to appropriate another elevator and key it for emergency override… well, she'll explain why she felt the need to do so in her debrief to Fury later. She also radios in to Security to find out where each of the other elevators is and where it's headed.


Phil stands there placidly, holding the bundle out towards Domino. When Dom speaks to Evelyn in a familiar fashion he cocks an eyebrow at G.I. Droid before speaking. " Third floor, requisitions, Welcome to SHIELD. And Her." he says flatly, and then looks to the other woman, who now has a scalpel to Evelyn's throat. "Miss Thurman? Phil Coulson - Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division. There's no need for violence. We're here to help. You might be a bit more intimidating if you weren't wearing a hospital gown. Try this on. I'll turn around so you can change. If you try to kill me, I'll make it very unpleasant for you until you wake up. Welcome to headquarters." - he still hasn't pulled a weapon. Then he turns around. He does start to whistle along to the muzak though.


The resounding WHAM! is immediately met with a grunt both of pain and surprise, though Dom manages to hang onto Evelyn through the retaliation. She mutters a "Shit, way to throw your weight around" first without giving it much thought. At the moment she's more concerned with whether Evelyn's going to work as a hostage or not. The odds are starting to look worse by the second.

"Think it would have worked any better if I stood by the access panel with my thumb out? Luck of the draw, do me a solid and play along until I'm outside the perimeter." (Dammit, I'm going to end up owing her one for this, aren't I.)

There it is again, someone using her last name. She doesn't recall being on such friendly terms with any of these people, truly. "You're right there, Coulson. Just show me the doors and I walk away happy." ..Wait. This guy came here with a change of clothes. For her..? How would he have known!

The stare that she passes back to Coulson screams 'I don't trust you even slightly,' but all the same… It's -Evelyn.- Hasn't she put the poor girl through enough, already? Has it even been a week yet since she put a nine millimeter slug through the android's battery?

The offered clothing is taken, the scalpel caught between her teeth (with the blade away from her cheek!) as she releases Evelyn in favor of a bit of modesty. You win this round…

May's not going to have to do much more running around, the elevator's about to come right to her.


Evelyn stumbles back a little bit when she's released. There's not a lot of thought going on her, but to press the Ground floor button. The elevator chimes and the doors close, enabling the metal box to ascend. Just a few floors to go. Unlike Coulson, Evelyn won't turn around unless she's asked, though she's already in a corner. She's not really looking at Domino, anyways. "I don't know what's going on here. Are you trying to escape, Domino?"
She remains in that corner, hands against the walls as she presses herself into the corner a little tighter, perhaps hesitant that Domino will take her by the neck again. "You can't have healed already. Even Barton is still in medical." Just seconds ago she had a scalpel against her neck, yet she still shows concern for the woman. Geez. Coulson will get a look, "I guess she likes thinking in the morgue, too."
Security will happily report that all elevators are heading to or are waiting at Ground floor.


Melinda May gets the status of the elevators in transit as she reaches ground level herself, and a few tersely worded commands to the security people there make sure any non-combat types are kept well clear. Not that there are many wandering about right now anyway considering the contamination lockdown procedures in effect. Working in concert with Security, she has each elevator car already waiting opened and the personnel inside cleared and sent on their way. Two left — one coming from the higher floors and still with a moment or three to go, and the one arriving from the sublevels. The latter will be here first, so she directs a security guard to prepare for the former while she unwittingly repeats Domino's actions and presses herself to the wall next to the steel doors. She's not sure if the ro… Evelyn is going to try to fight her way out of here or not, so she's preparing for the worst.


Coulson looks a little relieved when Domino lets Evelyn go, "See? We're fairly agreeable around here, and we'll be happy to let you go but we're curious about what happened to you and wanted to ask you some questions about that../just/ about that. After that, you're free to go about your business. We may even retain your services at some future date. we're /very/ mercenary friendly here."


"Thomthin' lie thah," Dom answers Evelyn while getting dressed in record time. She'd really prefer that the doors don't open up to a lobby full of people witnessing a full moon. Once she can get the scalpel back into her hand, she adds "You may be wanting to start a new career. I'm trying to keep mine from coming to an end." Just check what this agency has for her profile sometime, it's bound to be quite a read!

"Not one hundred percent," she openly admits. "Still feel like hell. Kinda on the clock, though. You're looking pretty lively, yourself. How's Barton?" As if she really cares?

Once more, things take a turn for the interesting. That icy blue stare falls right back onto Coulson, unable to conceal an 'you've got to be kidding' expression. Did..her day suddenly take an unexpected turn for the -better-..?

"I don't make a habit of working for the UN," she responds with a hint of caution. "You want answers, talk to her," she says while pointing at Evelyn. "She was there. I've got things to do."

It's perfectly timed with the elevator doors opening with a merry *ding!*, leaving one deathly pale (and ever so slightly green) woman to briskly step out into the hallway beyond.

Into the awaiting security detail.

With a scalpel tucked into her hand.


Evelyn stares at Domino after she's dressed. "He's fine." Confused surprise? She cares about someone other than herself? Obviously, she let her go. Again. Following Coulson's lead, she doesn't even attempt to stop the woman from leaving. Even as Domino brushes off the debriefing to Evelyn, Evelyn steps in after her. "I still need to talk to you. Personally." No one knows May is there, ready to pounce.


Melinda May looks at the woman that just stepped out of the elevator. Not Evelyn, but instead the mouthy mercenary who, last she'd heard, was on a slab in the morgue. That's very not good. But, as she's wearing a jumpsuit with fresh fold-marks in the fabric and seems to be empty-handed, May hesitates to see if the pale-skinned woman is a threat, or is just hoping for a bit of fresh air after being, you know, dead. She can take the woman down just as easily either way. Besides, she can faintly hear a voice that she thinks is Evelyn still in the elevator.


Red lights begin to flash, though the klaxons don't call out on this floor. There is an emergency, and any who can decipher the flickers will know that the problem is in the Infirmary. In the next second, any SHIELD agent that is currently hooked into their communication link will catch the announcement of:

"Attention all personnel. Non-essential personnel are directed to evacuate the medical floors, Priority One protocols are in place. All mission critical personnel are directed to their Priority One locations for further instruction."

Sounds like some of the patients that had been brought in are… exploding? (Ew?)


It's true, Dom can indeed care about people other than herself. She's not very happy about the fact. Gets in the way of things all the time. There's time to follow up with Evelyn with a simple "Good" before she's once more facing down a wall of SHIELD security. Along with the most peculiar feeling that there's someone standing a whole lot closer to her than the rifle goons…

"Really? We're gonna do this again?" (Shoulda kept the blade to Droidalyn's neck, girl.) She's outnumbered in the elevator, and they're slow. She's outnumbered right here, out in the open. The time left to make a decision is surprisingly minimal, so if she's going to do something-

Forward through. All she can do is hope they'll never see it coming. Kiiiind of like..the infected SHIELD woman that slowly comes shambling around a nearby corner, bloodshot eyes tiredly staring onward as she starts to move toward the awaiting security detail…

The albino makes her move. Everyone here seems to be packing a pistol at their hip, including the infected woman. Out of everyone present, Miss Zombie is the least likely to protest in being relieved of her sidearm. If she's lucky it'll be powerful enough to crack the windows. One way or another she is -getting out of here.-"

(I'm coming, Nate.)


"I wish I could say I'm surprised at the lack of communication between agents." Evelyn comments, making a note of the sudden security detail and klaxons. Normally now would be a great time to get into the action and maybe nail down Domino or even provide a means for her to escape. Unfortunately, all of that in her current attire would risk her flashing her bottom or worse. Hospital gowns aren't the best choice of clothing for agents, so instead she kind of hangs back in the elevator.


Announcements cycle. Lights flash. A zombie lurches around the corner. Sorry. An infected agent. She's not dead, yet, after all. They're only zombies after they've died.

The spastic dance the woman does before she ever gets close to the security detail is actually quite impressive — if a little morbidly comical. Not something she'll ever want to write home about, or see posted on youtube, if she survives long enough to be cured. But 30,000 volts of electricity dancing through any body is likely to cause a reaction.

The Black Widow doesn't so much as bat an eye when the woman slumps insensate to floor before her, as she strides around the corner. Her cool, blue gaze centers directly on the security detail, and the woman seeking to reach the fallen zombie. It doesn't take a genius to guess the merc intends to grab the infected agent's sidearm. Thus, there's no thought, just swift, immediate action.

She springs, slicing through the air to put herself between the albino and the weapon, bringing 70+ years of hand-to-hand combat training to bear as she does.


Melinda May sees shambling woman at pretty much the same time the pale mercenary woman does, though her reaction is more of an impatient thinning of her lips. The moment Domino starts toward the infected woman, May moves to follow her, timing her own footsteps to precisely match the albino's. You know, just in case. And, upon Romanoff's arrival, she simply nods to the redhead. Between the two of them, Domino will be lucky to get even ten feet closer to the exit doors.


It truly is a mess out there. It had been mentioned earlier that there were localized outbreaks of infections, of zombies even, given the time scale. SHIELD has been dealing with those unfortunates, whether they are on their first day of exposure or on their last day. With the emergency on a higher level of the building, elevators are starting to be recalled. The elevator that Evelyn is in, for example? It's doors are beginning to close as override procedures begin.

And on the main floor, the front doors are locking to unauthorized personnel.. visitors and the like. Perhaps it's for the best, because where there is one infected agent doing the 'Left for Dead' shuffle, there are bound to be more? (Like a partner, or three?)


The downed and infected agent just sort of *thumps* to the floor, a foul-smelling black ichor slowly dribbling out from her mouth. Domino's done the same thing not all that long ago. She's better now. Sort of.

She's also got nothing but a SHIELD uniform on loan and a scalpel lifted from the morgue with Black Widow leaping toward her in front and a shadow agent coming up on her six. Engaging is not in her best interest. She's still sick, she's quite weak, and she's got the headache from Hell. Unarmed, she's not going to last. Options are limited, time's running out. What's a lucky merc to do?

Take a step back and cough squarely in Widow's face the instant she lands. "Patient Zero says hi."

She doesn't necessarily need a gun, she needs an -exit!- The scalpel gets its time to shine, literally, as it briefly flashes beneath the fluorescent lights as she flicks it behind herself right for May. It's another distraction, hit or miss she isn't counting on a kill.

Oh, and the place is locking down. And the elevators are going away. What's one more bad idea on top of a pile of other bad ideas? She dives right back for the elevator! Trying her luck somewhere that Widow and May are not sounds like a -fantastic- next step.

(Hold the door!)


Evelyn watches the carnage unfold, sort of. Scrambling security agents, a Black Widow jumping in, flying scalpels. On top of it all, the elevator doors are closing. Stepping forward, Evelyn puts her hand on the door, "Domino, no!" She shouts, reaching out for the woman. She catches a glimpse of May and Widow before Domino is jumping back in the elevator. Evelyn gets a handful of Domino, falling back inside the metal cube as the doors seal shut. Knocked backwards, Evelyn looks at Domino from the floor, "What the hell, asshat."


Widow turns her head — because, ew, spittle! — but thrusts a doublehanded strike out at the woman, regardless. Fact of the matter is, she can't get sick. Drugged or poisoned, sure. But, not sick or infected. Guess that supersolider stuff comes in handy for something after all. Nevertheless, between Domino's backward dive and Evelyn's sudden pull, her strikes fail to connect. As the doors slide forward, for all that the new Synthetic agent is helping the merc, she catches a glimpse of Coulson, still in that elevator. She also knows those elevators are locking down. So, she glances to May. "Her best egress will either be through the cable-shaft hatch or to override the controls. If the other patient is helping her, Coulson may be in trouble. I'll go high. You go low." She glances back as other infected begin shambling around the corner. "The rest of you stop them."


Melinda May twists and reaches a hand up to sidestep out of the scalpel's way while slapping it to the floor, and that's just enough of a distraction to allow Domino to dive past her back into the elevator, the sound of the steel surgical blade clattering against the floor concealing most of her faintly muttered curse. She doesn't try to stop the elevator doors, though. Why? Last she heard, the elevators were going on lockdown, so there's nowhere for the mercenary to go anyway. She looks at Natasha and nods, then turns and ducks around the gathering security to head for the stairwell. They can deal with the shambling people.


The moment the elevator door closes, it begins to drop to the lowest level of the complex. All the elevators do. And when the doors open once again, the emergency lights flare red in that same pattern that is all around the building. Fewer people are down at this level as it's where most of the water-crafts are berthed. (Triskelion has sea access, after all!)


(And now I'm back in the tiny metal box lying on top of a tiny metal agent.) "Really kinda making this up as I go," Dom admits while pulling herself off of Evelyn. She can practically watch her options disappearing by the second. It's not a comforting thought. She's down to the bottom of the proverbial barrel, but… As it just so happens, she's now stuck in a room with the only person within the entire facility that will let her play the next card from her hand.

"Ev, hear me out. I'm still sick. I'm going to get worse. I'm a danger to everyone in here. If I can get out, I can get better. I know where to go. I can't do this without your help."

Elevators are going on lockdown. Widow's assumption is spot-on. The merc needs altitude, the opposite of where the elevator's headed. She needs out of this box! If she can just get to the counterweight it'll carry her right to the top. Here a set of icy blue eyes, yet ringed with red, fall upon Evelyn. "Get me out of this goddamn box."

(Like..-now,- if you would. I came back for you in Siberia, kiddo.)


Evelyn siddles back a little bit, crawling backwards almost like a crab. Once out from Domino, she reaches up to the guard rails inside of the elevator to pull herself up, steadying herself as the elevator descends. "Yeah? ..I can see that." It's not like Evelyn has a lot of choice in the matter, what with all Agent Coulson wanting Domino for explanations, and Domino being something of an international criminal wanted by everyone from SHIELD, to the FBI.
"You're a fucking asshole, you know that? I risked my ass leaving the CIA to go to SHIELD so they could protect me, and you want me to /save/ you? Do you know what could happen if I set you free? They could hand me back over to the CIA." Evelyn's stare is icy cold, and that horrible elevator music just keeps playing. "Then, out of fucking nowhere you come and you rescue me from the deathsquad, and I .. I just can't fucking believe you."
Her stare falters a bit, to the door, then the floor. The elevator continues to descend, "Fine. I'll help you. You owe me. Again." Evelyn's stare doesn't leave the floor, she just shakes her head. "Give me a boost." The android takes position beneath the access panel to the elevator. If Domino gives her a boost, she'll climb up and release the counterweight cable. Can you say rapid ascension?


Widow splits down a different corridor from May, heading up. She moves faster than just about any of the other agents can move — barring Cap, of course — and makes it to the next level up, about the same time Evelyn is declaring her mutinous intentions in front of Coulson. (Yeah. That's gonna make her tenure here so much smoother.) Nat pries the locked door open, and, by the time the Synthetic is sending the car (and Coulson!) careening downward (let's just hope May can flip the emergency overrides), Natasha is seeing the cables rocket by — and the women rocketting up. She leaps, her swingline buzzing out of her wrist gauntlet, in close pursuit. And into her com, she's calling out to May, "May! Counter-weight's been cut! The car's crashing!"


Melinda May knows how to fast track her way down a stairwell — just don't tell anyone she learned it from watching Barton. She makes it almost all the way to the bottom level when she hears that rather hideous sound of an elevator cable being dislodged from its car at the same time as Romanoff's call over the comms, and she practically lets herself freefall the rest of the way down. Landing in a roll at the bottom level, she races toward the elevator shafts just in time to stop up short and reflexively throw her arms up to protect herself as the car crashes to a stop. Then she races forward again to start forcing the doors open. "Coulson. Answer me."

It's several seconds after that that Nat hears over the comms, "Coulson's fine. I want a piece of that merc."


To the insult directed Domino's way she never breaks eye contact with Evelyn. "Truth." (A selfish and borderline desperate asshole, to boot.) You bet she'll help boost Ev up to the roof of the car!

That's when things get interesting.

"Uh, Ev..? I don't think those are the cables you want to be cut-"



Falling doesn't kill you, it's the sudden stop at the bottom. So..what happens when it's a sudden stop at the -top?- It starts with a significant amount of pain, the merc colliding with the steel framework with enough force to dislodge her shoulder before she manages to slow down and catch herself from a very unpleasant fall waiting for the first person to mis-step.

They're also not alone. That pesky redhead's hot on their trail. (My kingdom for a wire cutter…) Does she risk jumping back -down- the line to meet Widow with a boot to the face? ..Maybe she'll just go for the nearest doors, first. To the ladder, down to the doors, with one good arm and one not so good arm.

(This is going to suck.)

She can practically feel the redhead striking her from behind while struggling to muscle the doors open. (Feel free to help out some more, Evelyn!)


Evelyn reaches down in the elevator to takes Domino's hand. Effortlessly, she pulls her up to the top of the car where the metal walls echo every footstep and sound they make over the low mechanical hum of the winch at the top. Walking over to the cable, she kicks off a safety latch and balances the release level on her foot while reaching for Domino, "Trust me."
When Domino steps over, Evelyn takes an arm around her waist while holding onto the cable with her hand. Her foot lifts the release latch and the car goes rattling down the metal shaft while Evelyn and Domino ascend lickity split. The jerk, nearly causes Evelyn to release, but she keeps hold, somehow managing to work the cable around her as they ascend. In unison with Domino she screams, "Eeeeeee!" This isn't like the movies!
Stopping at the top is sudden, smashing the android woman a little at the top. At the top of the line, Evelyn shouts down to Widow, "Sorry! I'm sorry!" All while she sort of half leaps to the door ledge with Domino, helping her pry the door open.


'Sorry' doesn't cut it, kid. You just better hope Clint can talk the Widow down. And that he actually chooses to do so. There's no expression on Natasha's face, other than focussed determination. She hears May's message and there's not even a flicker of relief. Just more focus and a blunt "then you'd better hurry," that's all.

Riding her zipline with one hand, she extends the other. It curls into a fist and a flex of muscles triggers a galvanic sensor and she releases one of her Bite charges at the two women, while they struggle with the door. 30,000 volts of electrical energy straight at them.


Melinda May is way down in sub-basement level 4 or something ridiculous like that, staying with Coulson until either a medical team arrives or he's feeling up to heading for medical under his own steam. Unless Romanoff calls for backup, she'll stay right where she is. And plot ever more creative ways to make that mercenary witch suffer.


The poor android is about to discover first-hand just how selfish Domino's peculiar X-Gene is. With the android's help the doors get pried apart enough that the albino can slip on through, leaving the Widow's Bite only one target left to strike. Lady Luck only looks out for Number One.

With the facility on lockdown and most of the personnel being directed to the lower levels she's got a rare opportunity to catch her breath, if she would allow herself such a moment. A run and a jump rams her bad shoulder into the wall, popping the joint back into place with an acute, but momentary, snarl from the woman. It's still quite sore, but now that much more useful. Which is good, because where she's going..she's going to need it.

The first window overlooking the water gets a small, high velocity albino launched directly at it. Collecting a liberal amount of extra cuts and gouges along the way, she plummets straight for the awaiting bay. Luck will keep her from dying along the way. A high level of skill in swimming will help her gain some distance. Even so, her odds of having fully escaped SHIELD are definitely not in her favor.


Evelyn shifts a bit, glancing at Widow as she ascends. "Go, go. Hurry." One hand sort of keeps the elevator doors open as she tries to push Domino through. It's such a tight fit, by the time Widow makes it to the top, she's in perfect vantage to shoot them both, except Evelyn steps right in the path at the last second.
"Go! GGggghzk—ww!" The bite strikes Evelyn and her hands tighten hard on the side of the door, creating small depressions in the metal as she twitches and convulses a bit. The sound she makes is horrible, something cross a growl and a scream, as she can't open her jaw. Ever stick a knife in a toaster oven? Evelyn's hand makes several snapping sounds and falls limp to her side just as she leans back and makes the fall down the elevator shaft.

— Systems Rebooting —


As the android convulses and falls back, Widow adjusts her swing so that the synthetic's body falls past her as she launches herself through that narrow gap in the door and rolls to her feet. As Domino launches herself suicidally through the ballistic glass window, Natasha's steps quicken. Her fingers brush the back of Domino's clothing, but they don't quite catch. The mutant plummets and the agent catches herself aginst the window frame, before she ends up taking the dive after her. Good as she is… the dive is farther than she's willing to follow at this moment.

Doesn't mean, though, that she's not radioing perimeter backup. "This is Romanoff. Subject is loose in the East River. Move to apprehend. Gogogo! Now!" She leans out to track the albino's progress, but it's up to the others, now.


Melinda May has JUST managed to help Coulson escape the remains of the elevator when something lands on already damaged car. Very loudly. She actually flinches and looks at the elevator with wide eyes for a second, but Romanoff's voice was just on her comm, so she knows it wasn't the Russian. That garners a small, smug smile that disappears again the moment the requested medics arrive.


Evelyn freefalls, her eyes full of static and her consciousness interrupted for a few moments as she plummets. When she comes to, she already know what's happening. Her body isn't really responsive, but she's aware of what's going on. She tries to move to stop her fall, but she finds herself unable to even make a fist with her hand. Floor 35. Floor 25. Floor 15. This is a long fall.
Soon, Evelyn lands in the elevator. The roof of the metal box barely slows her down as she falls through it. Dust shoots out from the elevator shaft doors accompanied with an incredibly loud bang and thump, as though twenty one guns reported all at once. Then, the discharged guns were thrown into an elevator shaft and fell several tens of stories.
When the dust clears, Evelyn is laying there on her back. A couple pieces of shrapnel have pierced her chest, her leg is torn off her body and broken in odd angles, and her body is broken in unusual ways. In the bare metal of her chest exposed by the lost medical gown, Evelyn's reactor can still be seen glowing healthily.

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