Da Bklyn Beast

May 29, 2014: Coincidence brings several Interesting people to a specialty gym in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn - New York City

One of the most famous of boroughs, Brooklyn is a cluster of small towns in a big town. When night falls in the good weather, in the more 'city' area, apartment stoops are pulled up and mothers chat with other mothers while the kids play in the streets under the block's watchful eye. Gossip abounds, and there is a spirit that seems to transcend all- when one grows up in Brooklyn, one is never truly far from home.

Traffic on the street is heavy at times, pedestrian traffic even moreso. There is a lot to see when one gets away from the residential areas. Stores of all ethnic variety serve their populations be it Russian or Ukranian, African American, Hispanic, Italian, Polish, or Orthodox or Ultra Orthodox Jew; whatever one wants, it's easily obtainable.



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Since they've been partners, Paul and Sara have each seen the other do… interesting things. Sara has her metal, tentacled armor. Paul runs up walls. It's a good thing for a cop to know, especially one assigned to non-standard cases. So he's brought her to one of the gyms he frequents: Bklyn Beast. They teach Parkour, Capoeira and dance. It's all about movement there and the inside is designed for that purpose. When they arrive, he greets the instructors and introduces Sara around.
"Know any gymnastics? It helps."

"I know kickboxing," Sara answers Paul's question with a faint smirk, looking around the place with a curious eye. "And, you know. Running. I never got much into the stuff that requires entire gyms full of…" She turns a circle, getting a good look around.
"I have a feeling this is going to end with me feeling incredibly uncoordinated."

The whole 'i wanna be a superhero' thing that has taken hold of Teddy Altman's brain says that he needs to learn some skills. It can't always be about the SMASH, and bringing his gymnastics talents into it risks becoming a truly HORRIBLE 1980s movie1 and nobody wants that.
So he's here to do an introductory session package. The Parkour for Dummies course, and maybe the Capoeira class. And he's hoping that Billy will take him up on his emailed invitation to show up, but if he doesn't, he'll find some other way to slow-reveal his hero obsession to the cute guy one floor down.

The problem is, he'd been kicked out of the last gym he was member to, after thrashing a few machines when he lost control of his X-Gene mutation. This is why Kwabena Odame finds himself at Bklyn Beast. He's got his best face on while talking with the young, pretty girl working the counter.

"Okay, then, Mister Dubama, all we'll need is a credit or debit card and we can complete your registration."

With a winning smile, and perhaps a flirtatious touch to the eye, Kwabena leans on the counter. It creaks a little. "But, Suzanne, I'm not in pahsession of a debit card. Cash only. I hope you undahstand what I mean."

Roxy is…not a cop. Not at all. Doesn't mean she needs to hit the gym. It's penance for all the partying she's done the past efw days. Good thing she managed to totally wangle herself a gym card. She's on the treadmill at the moment, running like the dickens in a fairly skant purple shorts and top combo. Her hair's back for the run, and it looks like she's been at it a while.

Not interested in the Bklyn Beast for any gymnastic as much as keeping -tabs- on curious cliente, Roy was sitting in a car, having a peaceful stakeout here and there. Familiar faces went in and out. So -that- was where Sara and Paul worked out.

Still, when Kwabena goes -in-, well… that -was- one face Roy couldn't help but be curious about. Just what sort of research paper was going on in there, now, eh?

Which is why Roy's come in, doing that whole… stealth thing, yeah. Which works totally, if Sara and Paul doesn't recognize him when he comes in.

"Kickboxing, good." Paul gives Sara a grin. "Definitely a plus. Running is also good. Now you need to combine them." He looks over the gym as Sara does. It's less a gym in the traditional sense of the word and more a training facility.
"It doesn't require this. It's just safer than doing it on the street. I usually use abandoned buildings, warehouses, or roofs. It's more fun when it's an improvised course." He nods a greeting to those he knows and even those he doesn't whose gaze happens to catch his.
"I can help teach you the basics."

Sara stretches a bit, still giving Paul a dubious look. She's gone for practical in her workout gear, with a plain tank top and a pair of yoga pants. The only thing that's out of place is the chunky bracelet on her right wrist.
"I've jumped a few roofs in my time, but I've usually made sure I've got some insurance," she laughs ruefully, taking a step back. "Seems like a good sort of exercise, though. Must scare the crap out of the perps when you vault a fence or something."

Teddy watches the two … obviously cops. He's wearing sweats, with the Metropolis University Bulldogs light training jacket, and he takes it off to reveal the standard gymnast type in a sleeveless tee. The trainer told them to warm up, so he does some random calisthenics. Burpees. Pushups. Huffing and puffing. Standing backflip.

"Well, I would need to ask the manager…"

Kwabena shakes his head, oblivious to the trucker hat who followed him in. He's got a hustle to play, here! "No… dat won't be neccahsahry."

The girl looks at a Kwabena dumbly for a moment.

"Sign me up for a six month membahship." He reaches into his jacket pocket, produces a couple of large bills which remain inconspicuously folded in the palm of his head while making the exchange from his to hers. "Sorry, miss. Not a big fan of de One Pahcent. We good?"

The girl bites her lip, eyes the cash, but reluctantly nods her head. It might have something to do with those bright, pearly whites of Kwabena's, but in short order he has a membership card, backpack in hand, and is off to the locker room.

Something's scratching at the back of Roxy's mind. Maybe she's just being twitchy again. Been like that for a few weeks now, haven't even gotten to catch up with Caitlin again. The girl's distracted, as her feet pound the treadmill over nd over again with spooky rythmn. Until she steps on her foot wrong. A yelp and she falls, grabbing the rail and pawing for the console to stop it. Those with sharp eyes might have noticed a purple halo burst into existence around her.

Oh. Chatting up a pretty girl. Tsch, Roy can't really blame Kwabena for that. He -did- seem like a sort of a hustler sort anyway.

Shaking his head ruefully, Roy pauses as he spies Sara and Paul. About to approach, he slows down to watch the calisthenics, and to watch a girl who's… he wasn't quite sure if she was trouble or not, based on her apparent age, and then… well, he's just going to -gallantly- try and help her. "Whoa, whoa there…"

"Excellent exercise." Paul agrees. "Strength and cardio and it's actually fun. And yeah, fences might as well not even be there." Foot and hand holds? It's almost cheating.
"I didn't have anything like this growing up in Gotham. Still not enough places like this though."
He motions to Sara to follow him and heads for one section of the facility when a certain trucker's hat catches his eye. "Harper must really want that date with you."

Sara Pezzini glances toward the beginner's class where Teddy's warming up.
"Should we maybe be starting over there?" she asks with an arch of her brow, still following behind Paul.
"What about Roy? Why?" Apparently she doesn't see him just yet. Who can blame her, this place is full of strange sights!

Warmups over, Trainer says "Run up the wall," to the newbs. There's a ledge about 15 feet up. Teddy is the second in line; the first is a wee girl all of 5 foot 4 inches who looks at the wall with fierce determination, leaps at it, and gets one foot on the wall at about her waist height, but can't quite reach the ledge; she falls, and rolls.
Teddy shrugs. Runs, deep-squat leaps, gets his foot on at the right angle, and manages to get his hand to the top of the ledge, and does a sort of pull-up to perch on the ledge like a gargoyle. The trainer looks at him one eyebrow quirked. He doesn't notice - he's looking over to where Roxy is having a death-match with the treadmill, and wondering if she's going to end up with treadmill-rash.

"I'm fine!" Roxy snaps at Roy, testy, mostly, at herself for her own carelessness. "I'm fine!" she reiterates. The treadmill slows to a stop underneath her and it seems she's not rashing at all. Lucky girl. Roxy pulls herself back to her feet. "Show's over," she says at the various people who're staring. "I just slipped," she says, nad moves to take a step, immediately wincing and half collapsing.

Holding his hands up quickly, before he starts to try and help her up, Roy shakes his head.
"Whoa there, tiger. If you're okay, then." Hands tucked back into his pants pockets, Roy tilts his head.
"You going to be okay?" he asks, this time not sure whether to offer a hand or not. Given her attitude, probably the sort who would rather die than be helped.

"Sure, if you'd like to try getting up the wall. You know how to fall right?" Like with all martial arts, falling is lesson number one. Paul gestures over to where Roy's helping Roxy.
"Over there. Not sure if he was here before us or came in after. Security camera on the exit would have it if you want to know if he's stalking you." Creepy or sweet? No, definitely creepy.

Sara eyes the wall, considering, right up until Teddy makes it right up.
"It's entirely possible I'm too old for this shit," she notes clinically, though she follows it up with a flicker of a smile that fades away when she turns to catch sight of Roy.
"Huh. Maybe he just happened by. This seems like the sort of cool kid thing he'd want to try. Anyhow." She waves a hand, shaking herself out. "I know how to fall in a normal spar. I don't practice falling from fifteen foot walls so much. What's step one, sensei?"

Teddy backflips to the ground and sticks the landing. Ah. Gymnast cheat.
The next three newbs do not manage to make it up, which sets up the next part of the lesson, the two-step. They move on to 'side running' the wall. This time the trainer does it first, after putting a shoulder-height padded-flat "fence" in place. Hit the wall, run, get down on other side.
Teddy does the run, but ends up over-rotating on the other side of the fence and face-plants. The trainer frowns again. That did not look quite like an accidental over-rotate.

When Kwabena emerges from the locker room, he's wearing what might easily be mistaken for a wrestler's singlet. In truth, it's a modified version of the uniform he wears beneath his clothes at all times. He's sincerely hoping not to have any mutant mishaps here, but if he does… well. He's not sure anyone wants to see him in his birthday suit, except perhaps the girl working the front counter.

Soon enough, the parkour training has caught his eye. Folding his arms, he stands back for a moment or two, watching with a coy expression upon his face.

Roxy winces again. "I'll be fine, " she says. "Had worse than this at…." and she cuts herself off. Way to stay secret, Rox, go blab about the Facility all over the place. Roxy takes a slight hobble, looking rather like she's sprained something, but then after a few steps she seems to be okay, although the purple glow's hanging around her ankle. "Sweet," she declares, seeing Teddy do the backflip.

"Right. Look, let me get you some ice…" Others forgotten for the moment, Roy goes heading towards the counter, intent on talking to the pretty girl in order to get some ice.

"You're no older than I am." Paul points out. "And smaller. Less mass to move around." He considers Sara a moment then nods.
"Ok, some falling I think. It's not like slapping the mat to absorb force. You want to roll with everything. That's how you can jump off walls and not get hurt." And despite her being a novice, she does have a leg up on most of the newbs. The strange one the trainer is eyeing excepted.

"That, I have less practice and more experience with," Sara agrees with Paul, looking around for whatever passes for the appropriate device from which to fall. "Keep moving, right?" she muses. "Because if you're moving, then the energy is going into whatever you're doing, instead of the pavement."

The trainer has his second take the class through the next one, while he talks to Teddy.
"Never ever try to fake that you're not as good as you are. You're a gymnast, right?"
"Uh, yeah, but …"
"NO but. Don't worry about freaking out the newbs. Also, you wasted momentum sticking that landing. You could've used it for at least two tricks, which is what this is about. Movement."
Teddy nods. He gets in at the end of the line for the next newb trick, simple 'webster' - aka "sloppy" front-flip off a raised object.

Roxy makes a face and hobbles a bit slower towards a bench, taking a seat. She holds out her leg and turns her foot slowly.
"I just surprised myself," she says. "It's all good," she demurrs again. Reality is she can fly if she needs, so it's not like she's stuck. But using powers in public, probably not a good idea. So crap, she's going to have to suffer past this chunkhead who's giving her the eye.

The ice supplied in a plastic bag with a paper towel wrapped around it, Roy returns to Roxy, handing the bag over carefully.
"There. Just ice it down a bit, and rest. You need anything else?" Because if she didn't, no problem. Back to … well, where -did- Paul and Sara go?

After a few minutes of looking about, Kwabena spies what he's looking for. He jogs over toward a treadmill, hops aboard, and begins steadily warming up with some light jogging.

"Exactly." Paul agrees. "You don't want anything to asborb momentum; you want to use it." He leads Sara to a section of floor completely covered by thick, springy mats and without slowing does a hand free somersault by just ducking his head and rolling on his shoulder back to his feet and then into a second that has a bit of a leap to it and angled differently.
"Use your hands to start. Or you can use the pit of styrofoam to practice flips from standing upright to get the feel of it."

Sara's in good shape. Better than most detectives, though whether that's out of vanity or necessity is up for grabs. She has the instincts for fighting. But when Paul tells her to do flips, she just sort of stares for a moment.
"Uh huh. That sounds…" Probably not nearly as complicated as she's making it. "Right. I can do this." Or at least she can try. She starts by moving over to the foam and bending backwards to do a walkover. Slowly. She may not be old, but she's not a teenager anymore.

The newb class moves on to "vaulting for dummies" - first sorting the group into heights, then adding or removing sections from a wall built out of plastic interlocking 'step' units to get the right height, and then "this is a dash vault" … the trainer runs up, leans back while kicking one foot up to the height of the barrier and pushing off the other, and somehow they're moving right over the top of the wall, and his hands touch the barrier to push him forward, and then he's on the other side. Leap short buildings in a single bound!
Teddy gets it, but so does everyone else.

Once he feels relatively warmed up, Kwabena leaves the treadmill in favor of something he'd spied earlier - a full size punching bag. He's catching sight of other patrons here and there, Sara and Paul of note, whom he watches while wrapping his fists in bandage. Then, he sets himself upon the bag and goes to work. It's easy at first, but he seems to be gradually building himself up into a full blown workout. The punches, light at first, become full blown thuds that send the bag swaying heavily to and fro.

Leaving the girl be, Roy crosses over to fall in step next to Paul.
"Yo," he greets, checking out Sara's positioning. "Nice arch. Do I want to know what you're warming up for?"

"Right, you can do this." Paul agrees and positions himself to help if he needs to. Mostly, he's there to make sure she doesn't fuck up and break her neck. Literally.
"It's not so much landing as it is rolling. You can jump off a roof and not get hurt if you roll right. Any time you come to a stop, all that kinetic energy slams into you in one hard blow. Everything else is a trick. Never stop moving is the foundation. And it makes catching runners a lot easier." Not everyone has tentacles.
It's automatic to always keep an eye what and who is around him and he notices Kwa watching them. There's something about the man. Something about the way he carries himself. Something about the way he moves that triggers his cop instincts. Or maybe it's just racial profiling.
"Hey Harper. You a student here?"

"Bite me, Harper," Sara says from another arch, though this time she lets herself fall a bit more, rolling with it. And despite her protests, rolling with a fall is something she's entirely capable of doing, coming up in a slight, braced crouch to smirk at Roy.
"Paul's worried I'm not going to be able to keep up with him. So he's teaching me how to run around like a maniac unassisted." She catches sight of the wall-jumping, then points to that group.
"That I can do."

Newb Class now gets to combine movements. Dash vault, run to and up wall, run sideways over fence, push off, and webster off the raised area on the other side of the fence to return to the trainer.
The short girl who went first, gets it. Teddy does it, though he wants to go back up on that ledge, dammit. The skinny guy wipes out on the webster, but fortunately there's padding on the floor, and the last girl is too tired to make the wall-run.

"Not in public, Pezzini," Roy replies with a lazy grin, as he looks back over towards the group, watching the wall-jumping.
"Parkour. Good stuff. We used a lot of it in moo gi gong. You'd probably love that."

It's a very unique exercise that Kwabena is performing, pushing himself to his aggressive limits without letting his mutation take control. He failed at the last gym. He couldn't fail here. So, after a few minutes of dancing around and slugging the bag of sand, he falls back and catches it in his makeshift gloves. One hand comes up to wipe the sweat from his brow by the wrist, and then he goes to work low and heavy, occasionally slugging his body into the bag with brute force. After a few minutes though, he can feel the anger rising, and he knows what comes next. Abruptly he stops, grabs his duffel bag, and makes for the locker room again. No desire to turn into something inhuman here, nope, not today!

"Moo gi gong sounds delicious," Sara assures Roy, winking as she straightens up. It's not that she doesn't know better. It's just so much fun to bullshit Roy.
"Honestly, though? I'm good with momentum. Used to the whole forward movement thing. But I've always been more sports than gymnastics."

The newbs are dragged aside to attempt to sign them up for the classes. Teddy talks to the trainer quietly, and is directed to watch some videos, practice at the university, and come back once he's learned a list of moves, for some higher-level training. And it seems there's at least one parkour/free-running club on campus where he can get all sorts of bad habits.
Afterwards, he goes back to the wall, figuring he'll work in a few moves as other not-in-class people are there now.

"Har har. I've heard it before. But that's what -I- practice, anyway," Roy replies, as he watches Sara shift, before looking at Paul.
"You dragged her here to make sure she still had the moves to survive?"

Tilting his head, considering the situation, Roy moves to tug Sara into the wall. "Give it a shot for now. If not, we can just sign you up for thai kickboxing or krav maga, take your pick."

"Krav maga." Paul says. "She can sign up at my academy. It's pure no-nonsense defense." Which is why he has so many accusations on his record. He motions Sara toward the wall.

"Krav maga sounds a little more my speed," Sara agrees, eyeing the wall for a long moment.
"Right. Run into the wall. Because that sounds like something fun," she says with a deep breath, turning a look and a flicker of a wry smile toward Teddy.
"Mind if I watch you go before these two get me killed?"

What the heck is Mr. Baseball Cap going on about here? Moves to survive? Krav Maga? Teddy thinks to himself, as he waits for the lady who seems to be pretty flexible for someone older, to do whatever she's working up to. Too bad I can't do that Krav Maga but I hit too …
"Huh?" Oh she was talking to him. "Oh, sure."

He launches forward, does that jump-slide over the vaulting wall, hits the wall running up two steps, catches the ledge like a cat, pauses a second, pushes off and twists, landing in a deep crouch that turns into a forward and up jump to handstand over the head-height wall, then appears from the other side of it with the requisite wendel flip. He doesn't slow down enough to make it clear what he's doing (because he's cheating slightly with his strength to do them).

"Hey, not bad," Roy applauds the cat-like moves, before looking towards Paul. "Do we just toss her in, or does she need her hand held through the process?"

After another second, Roy nudges Sara with an elbow. "Do it. Give it a shot. Unless you really need a co-driver."

Paul shrugs at the question. "It's up to her. Though given the way you put it, she's guaranteed to tell you to go fuck yourself and do it on her own just to prove you wrong. Well done." Pride is such a good motivator.

Sara watches Teddy go through the motions, this time with a determined, focused expression.
"Jump, climb, try not to die, big wall," she recites to herself. Technical terms. Roy and Paul get the finger for their commentary, before she braces herself and takes off at high speed. The vaulting wall, as predicted, goes well. The wall running, not so much. She gets two and a half footsteps, slaps the top of the wall, and promptly overbalances onto the mats. She does, however, manage to roll through the fall, pushing herself back up to make a run at the last wall. She's lost speed with the fall, though, so by the time she gets there, she's pulling herself over more than anything else, pausing to perch at the top and inspect her hands and elbows.
"Well. Nothing broken, at least."

"That's pretty good if it's your first try," Teddy says. "Did you show her how to do it first?" he says to Paul. Baseball Cap Guy is clearly the peanut gallery, or the person who came along to hassle, so he just gets a nod of hello.

"She's probably more likely to just flip the bird and… yeah, see?" Roy rolls his eyes. Glancing back at Teddy, the look on his face just makes the agent sigh.
"Fine, move over, Pezzini, let a pro show you how it's done."

He -has- been doing stuff like this for quite a while, ever since he was a young teen… although he was certainly less acrobatic than Dick, he'd gotten by on economy of moves rather than flash. And so he just jump-slides over the wall, hits the wall running up just enough to catch the ledge, and then swing around over the wall in an almost vault-like move, before flipping downwards and landing on his feet on the other side of the wall, slowing down long enough to whistle at Sara before going down to the other side of the wall.

"Ta-da!" See, less flash, more economy. That's all to it.

"No, you did." Paul answers Teddy.
"But when you are pushing off the wall, you have to be careful not to push away from the wall. The force needs to be directed up and not out. It takes a bit of practice," he tells Sara, then watches Roy do his thing which gets a nod of approval.

"Ten years on the force," Sara answers Teddy with a wry smile.
"There's a little less training and a little more cursing trash cans, dumpsters, and fences before you pick up a few things chasing the runners." She pauses to watch Roy make the run, then twists from the top of the wall.
"Kind of hard not to push off when you're running directly into it, isn't it?" she asks Paul, then pauses, raising a hand. "No. You're not running into it, that's the point, isn't it? You're jumping, the wall is just an assist. Watch out, Roy, coming down." Pushing off the wall, she jumps back down, making a conscious effort to let herself flex and roll on the landing instead of trying to land on her feet. It's a bit inelegant and stilted - it's clear that she's used to trying to land on her feet - but she manages…something.

Teddy nods, "But I'm a terrible example, this is the first time I've done this stuff."
He watches the lady cop - she just outed herself as a cop - and grins because she figured out the trick. Then, since Paul isn't doing a pass, Teddy has to see if he can copy what Roy did. Of course, Roy is three inches shorter so the timing has to be adjusted because it would be a very bad thing to get shorter in front of people. Dash-vault, run-up, swing, flip, drop, ahh, fooie, webster anyway, because it's there.

"Not bad. The wall's just another step to jump off of, so all you have to do is fix the timing, Pezzini, and you've got it. What, you never watched enough kung fu movies?" Roy replies, grinning as first Sara, then Teddy lands.

"Exactly." Paul agrees then grins as Sara mostly manages to roll. "Quick study. Continue to work on that and you'll be surprised how much it can help in your next chase. You can just dive over garbage cans, cars, small children and be back on your feet without a pause. And no need to climb down fences you had to climb up." He pauses then adds "Dry cleaning's a bitch though."

Sara brushes herself off as she stands, shaking her head to Paul with a laugh. "Believe me, I replaced anything delicate years ago. And I've watched plenty of kung fu movies," she smirks at Roy. "I'm kind of partial to the old cop shows, though. Nice slide across the hood without damaging the car." And the truth about why she can jump the low wall comes out!

"Vaulting Garbage cans?" Teddy quirks an eyebrow, and thinks, But isn't there always a mess on the other side? Except in Metropolis, so far…
He picks up his Metropolis University Bulldogs jacket (with the elegant script 'gymnastics' on the front left breast under the ugly-dog face) from the spot where the newbs had piled their stuff, and slips it on, and watches quietly.

"Big fan of Law and Order, eh?" Roy comments as he dusts his hands off, glancing towards Teddy.
"Sure, garbage cans. You weren't expecting perfumed water fountains and beds of flowers, were you?"

Paul moves off to get some practice in doing more advanced moves in a continuously moving routine from walls to bars to rungs.

"Lots of perps like to toss trash cans in your path when they're running," Sara clarifies for Teddy. "You either let them get away, hurt yourself, or learn to get over them. And it was Starsky and Hutch," she adds with a smirk for Roy. "Law and Order is boring. Too much of the courtroom stuff."

"I'm a student," Teddy answers, nodding to Sara, although he wants to be distracted by watching Paul. Yummy. Billy would like to watch that… "I don't really have a habit of running around in alleys and things, yet."
LIAR LIAR TEDDY IS A LIAR would be playing in his soundtrack if he had one. He looks at Roy closely.
"Do you? I mean, these guys are clearly New York's Finest, but you don't … look like a cop." He almost said "have that New Cop Smell" but that could be taken SO badly.

"Who're Starsky and Hutch?" Roy blinks. It wasn't like he paid any attention to cop shows pre-2000. Did they even have those on those old-fashioned channels?

Looking towards Teddy, Roy wrinkles his nose. "Good. Because I'm not."

Sara blinks at Roy. "Seriously? Who're-" She cuts herself off, rubbing a hand over her face. "I'll bet you could belt out Let It Go, though, couldn't you?" Low blow, Sara. Low blow.
"I'm going to pretend this is entirely because of Lian. She's cute enough to make it forgivable. Roy's worse than a cop," she adds to Teddy. "Roy's a fed."

"That explains the backwards ball cap," Teddy says to Sara. "Wow, your partner is good." For good read 'hot' but not unless you're a telepath because he's all casual, not staring and drooling as the guy does his acrobatics.
"FBI? Secret Service? DoFA?" he asks.

"I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you?" Roy replies, after giving Sara the stinkeye.

"Right?" Sara echoes Teddy, impressed as she watches Paul go through the motions. "He's definitely chasing the next runner. I'll take the car around and do the whole door opening mid-chase scene thing."
When Roy gives her a dirty look, she grins. "Would you rather he guessed IRS?"

Teddy does the "orly" stare at Roy. "Teddy Altman," he says to Sara, since he's learned the other people's names by eavesdropping and it's rude not to give them equal access. He engages his snarky side for just a second, though he may regret it later.
"I'd already figured he's not from any branch that has a public face to be embarrassed by, and that leaves the large line items with no names by them. SHIELD, maybe, or SRD, or the NSA, except NSA never uses the 'have to kill you' line."

"Yeah, whatever you say." Removing the hat and running his hand through his hair before replacing it. "Still, if you run into me, you're not getting the Miranda treatment."

"I think you just got burned by the kid," Sara grins at Roy. "He's got a point, though. NYPD'd take my shield if I ran around wearing that hat." She winks, then stretches once more.
"I'm going to see how long I can keep up with Paul. Nice to meet you, Teddy," she nods politely to the student. "Maybe we'll see you around if I don't break something. I know I'll be seeing you," she taps a light-hearted salute toward Roy, then starts across the mats to work on the whole tall wall thing.

Teddy nods curtly at the unveiled threat. "Never run into you again, got it."
He nods more respectfully to Sara, "Good to meet you, ma'am. I need to get back to Metropolis." And he waves to her, and heads for the door, and the waiting public transportation outside.

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