Melting Ice Cream

May 30, 2015: Teddy Altman attempts to distract Billy Kaplan from his ice cream.

Little Bohemia - City of Metropolis

In this area, the city of Metropolis seems to take a breath, and relaxes a bit in this cultural and artistic center. In addition to the University, Little Bohemia is filled with small cafes, housing for the young and hip, trendy shopping areas, and fashionable restaurants and nightclubs for those in their twenties. Small parks pop up almost everywhere here, and the streets are lined with trees to provide both beauty and shade.



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Metropolis University

That Altman kid got back to the dorms at just before 3am last night and after putting his stuff from the NYC visit away, he snuffled around Billy's door to see if he was awake, but then he chickened out and went back up to his room, because he was tired enough to sleep in a bucket. Actually he tried that once when he was a kid and he'd first figured out he could shapeshift (because of Odo on that space-station show) but it was REALLY uncomfortable so he never did it again. And now, it's Friday night, but no gymnastics competitions and he had homework but that's done. So now what?

Billy Kaplan was most certainly asleep at 3am on a weeknight. On a weekend, however, he's taken to staying up later. Homework was done…enough…before he decided that it was time to do something else. Like get ice cream. The wonderful thing about college was that one could go somewhere on campus and get ice cream almost any time of day.

Despite the slight chill in the air, he's brought his cup of ice cream (and sprinkles) outside to sit on one of the low walls lining the road by the dorm. It seems the sort of night to people-watch. That is, until he gets too cold…or bored.

Teddy looks out the window. Sees the guy watching the street. Target acquired!
He got his room intentionally to have a bit more privacy, though there's no room with perfect seclusion. Still. He turns the light off, gets in the window, changes his coloration to jet-black, and dives out the window, landing on the roof of the lower, cafeteria-section, and rolls once, then flips off there to the grass in the one spot where the light keeps being out (wonder howcome that happens) and then does a run-up and interrupted dash-vault that leaves him sitting next to Billy. Oh yeah, and with his proper coloration and clothes no longer black because that would just be creepy.
"Hi, there. Anything fun happening?"

Billy Kaplan shrieks and nearly drops his ice cream as someone practically appears right next to him! He didn't -mean- to shriek and he didn't mean for that spark of electrical energy to shoot out and scorch a nearby section of the wall. Uhm. Oops.

Catching his breath, he looks over at Teddy, "You scared the Bejeezus out of me!" All right, maybe he's enjoying the view and catching his breath might take a little longer than usual.

Teddy totally fails his observation roll because he's putting his hands out to steady the ice cream hand, because the sad ice cream face would just kill him.
"Sorry," Teddy says, smiling, "I should phone ahead before I do that. Yes, I'm totally trying to get your digits. Wait, sorry, that was my outside voice."
He's wearing an I 8 N Y tee shirt with a picture of Fin Fang Foom on it, which is skin-tight, off-black, and has a sort of comic-graphic paintbrush-swipe outline with NYC with bites out of it, in silhouette, and the Purple-Pantsed Dragon is doing generic dragon rampage pose.

Billy Kaplan is wearing jeans, a t-shirt with Olaf (the snowman) coming out of the pocket to give a hug, and a cardigan. It probably shouldn't go together, but somehow, it does.
"You don't need to call, but you just popped out of nowhere like some sort of angelic ninja…" which seems to be a bit of an oxymoron. He then blinks as if he realized what he just said…and then what Teddy said…
"Wait. You want my number? For real? I mean, you're not making fun of me or something?" There are fond memories of that time on the rooftop, but he's half-conviced himself that most of that didn't actually happen.

"Well yeah, I've only been stalking you whenever I've had a chance but you're too well defended and I have gymnastics stuff that eats my nights. I tried to email you — I was in NYC for a thing and was hoping you would come along, but I think I got it wrong and I was being wrong-addy-trolled. Anyway," Teddy grins again, "After the thing I went to check out this amazing martial-arts-and-free-running gym because reasons, and I ended up meeting this pair of cops, a semi-hot cougar lady and Mr. Police Universe, and some red-headed jerk who works for the government mafia. I managed to get a couple minutes of the hot cop doing a free-run, wanna see?"

Teddy doesn't mention that he had to shapeshift to someone else and come back in to do the phone-cam thing, because R.H.Jerk threatened him, but that's fine. He's over it. Probably.

"Well-defended? Me?" Billy looks surprised and then suddenly remembers that he has ice cream. That cannot go to waste!
"You did? I…I'm from New York." He probably would have gone with him…maybe. Although it might be too soon. "Mr. Police Universe? And aren't most government folks jerks? How did you meet them? I mean, were they just walking around and you started up a conversation? I mean, I don't know any cops. Or government people…"

Teddy pulls his big fat smartphone out of his pocket. (Smartphone! Don't go out without it!) As he slides his finger around to find the video, he says, "You have friends who think that the big bad jock wants to bash you. I don't blame them for being protective, but it's a nasty stereotype. I suppose I could break them of that if I went around kissing you or something, but I never kiss before the second date."
Right. Sure. Well, it's true, but such an unJock thing to say.
"Here it is. I was there to learn how to do this stuff." The phone shows a guy who could be Captain America's personal trainer, face all angles and planes, black hair, muscles on muscles but still moving very gracefully. He runs at a wall, runs UP it, flips off to grab a pair of gymnast rings, swings them to get to the top of another wall, scales down it like a lizard, … it just keeps going.
Teddy reaches out to steady the ice-cream again.

He does? There are a few blinks before Billy seems to recover and point out cheekily, "Well, that will be hard since we haven't even had a first date yet."
So there. Right. Phone. He looks at the video, his eyebrows lifting at the stunts the man pulls, "Is that some sort of advanced Parkour or something? That's kind of crazy-pants."

He hadn't realized that the ice cream cup was tilting until Teddy's fingers touched his.

The blond jock nods, "Yeah, that's exactly what it is. I took their free intro class for newbies, and because I am humble yet awesome, I picked up the newbie moves pretty easily. After the free class ended the trainer gave me some resources to look into because Brooklyn is far away, and I went back to try some more, and the cops and the fed guy were there. Anyway we messed around a bit trying the moves which is how I met them."
Teddy waits for Billy to finish his spoonful of ice cream. before he says, "I figure if I wanted to become a heroic avenger of crime on the side of goodness and stuff, I'd need to be able to do that kind of thing, besides it just looks cool."

Billy Kaplan arches an eyebrow, "Do they offer that class second semester? Or is that a minor?" He looks at the ice cream cup for a moment before it's set down on the wall beside him.
"You're probably lucky the cops didn't give you a ticket for…unauthorized wall-crawling or something."

"It was in a gym, where they train that kind of stuff. Besides, parkour isn't illegal unless you bump into a banker."
Teddy puts the phone away, and pushes his hands on the wall on either side of his hips, then extends his legs and kips up semi-smoothly into a handstand. "It's actually easier than some gymnastics moves. The idea is just to keep moving." He is, of course, upside-down next to Billy, with his shirt starting to slide down, or is it up?

"So the two cops and the government guy were doing parkour as well?" Billy looks less and less convinced. Sure, there's video, but that doesn't always mean everything nowadays.

As Teddy suddenly goes up into a handstand, he calmly retrieves his ice cream, "You know, while I appreciate the posturing, showing off liks that isn't going to win me over."

"Yeah, they were. What do you mean, showing off?" (Teddy was totally showing off.)
"This is how I act with everyone." (Also true.)
Teddy back-flips to the sidewalk, and turns to face Billy. "If you'd rather I sit still, I can try, but without something to do with my hands, I gotta move."

And yet, Billy doesn't know the other well enough yet for him to know that it's just Teddy's own frenetic energy. He's certainly flattered at the attention, however!
"You do flips and talk about dating everyone?" His fright seems to have faded enough for him to start in on the quips. "You don't need to sit still…but…I mean, you know you're amazingly good looking. I know that." His cheeks flush a bright pink at admitting that to another, "You don't need to show it off for me to see it."

"I do flips, handstands, I do jumping jacks, whatever makes me concentrate. But I don't talk about dating except to people I'd like to date. And seriously," Teddy says, "You're one to talk about looks, Mr. Hair like Night and Eyes Full of Stars."
OK, that's dangerously poetic there. And Teddy pulls a hacky sack out of another pocket so he has something to fidget with.

Billy Kaplan can't help but melt a little…not too unlike his ice cream.
"Full of stars? Really?" No one has ever said that to him. The hackey sack isn't even noticed when it's pulled out. He's still a bit too flummoxed, but in a very nice way.

"Yeah. All sorts of stars. Sparkly little ones, and dangerous supergiants, and galactic black holes that draw anyone's gaze in until they can't ever get loose because they don't want to." Teddy gives a sort of half-smirk half-smile.
"Next to that? All I have is blond, buff, and only my good taste in ear jewelry to make me stand out from the crowd."

It's a good thing the ice cream is gone because Billy might become a puddle soon himself. There's a pause though before he melts too far, "You're not…joking with me, are you?" There's that fear that this jock might still be teasing him. "You totally stand out from any crowd. You're like…some sort of God walking among us peons here."

"You forget. I live among the jock-herd. There, I'm pretty much run of the mill. There's always someone better built, more coordinated, more skilled, stronger, faster… and anyway it's not all about looks." Teddy crouches down to be at eye-level.
"You, Mr. Kaplan, would have caught my attention even if you were fat, had zits, and laughed like a horse. Because you've got this thing … please don't make me dredge up high-school French … ah whatever. Je ne sais quoi. There, I did it. I spoke French and it's all your fault."

Billy Kaplan can't help a smile, "No, it's not all about looks. Even among those guys, you stand out. You sort of shine." The smile widens a little at the French, "So does that make you Morticia and me Gomez?"

Teddy grins hopefully. "Would you like to be Gomez? I'll gladly be your Morticia. Though I've gotta say, I would never fit in her dress."

"I don't know much Italian," Billy points out. "Morticia was the one who spoke French, I thought…it's been a while." But the fact that Teddy gets his reference helps.
"How about that first date then?"

"Sure. There's a midnight showing of Frozen at the Memorial Union or we might be in time to see Hidden Fortress at the Arts Hall - you know, the movie that Lucas cribbed the real Star Wars from?" Teddy offers, and that he knows these things, doesn't necessarily mean he was plotting this all ahead of time. He pauses, and says, "or if you prefer we can do it tomorrow or Sunday, I mean, no pressure, right?"

"I'm in more of a 'Frozen' mood," Billy admits…and if they do the date tonight, he'll have less time to think about it and possibly lose his nerve.
"You…won't get in trouble with your team for being seen with me?"

"The ones who matter already know I'm gay. The ones who might try to give me shit, already know I can wreck them if they try," Teddy says, in a quietly confident voice. He grins.
"And if we see Frozen, I'll be able to sing 'Let It Go' at them while I do it."
Yes, 'at' them.

And so they go.

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