We All Fall Down

May 31, 2014: The UN Building (and President Pershing, and the General Assembly) is stolen by the Mole Man!!

UN Headquarters - New York City

Located in the Turtle Bay area along the East River, the Headquarters of the United Nations has served as the heart of the UN since its official opening in 1952. Its grounds are spacious, overlooking the river and providing space for impressive gardens. The complex is not a single building, but several. Although the Secretariat building is edifice most commonly featured in images of the place, the campus is also home to the domed General Assembly building, the Dag Hammarskjöld Library, and the Conference and Visitors Center, which sits between them. Perhaps one of the most recognizable images of the site, however, is the line of 195 flagpoles along the perimeter. The UN flag, along with the flags of all 194 member nations are flown, arrayed in alphabetical order down the line.



  • Dr. Harvey Elder - the Mole Man
  • mole minions - a swarm of short squat yellow guys
  • mole mercenaries - a squadron of Deviants
  • James Pershing - the President of the United States
  • the delegates to the United Nations
  • … and a cast of hundreds of workers, police, etc.

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Deep beneath New York City, in tunnels even the heretofore unacknowledged Morlocks don't know about, a small phalanx of odd little men work. They are diminutive, none of them much over four feet tall at most — few much over three and a half feet, actually — and stocky, though not burly. Bald, though. Not a wisp of hair on 'em. Their skin tones range from pale grey to sallow yellow. They have over-sized eyes and wear unusual visors against the arclight of the welding torches and almost magical (to them) equipment they wield. Their master, a homely man of more human proportions who stands not much more than 12-15" taller than the tallest of them, watches from a low platform connected to a complex machine.

The machine sits brooding like a bloated, mutated spider within a hollow dug at the edge of a drilled-out crevasse so deep and wide it could swallow whole city blocks, one on top of the other, and still have room above it for a country full of sky. Indeed, the digging lasers crouching along its edge, though they've been cold for several days, now. Long, thick power conduits snake out from the central belly of the mechanical beast to pierce the dense rock overhead. A perimeter of metallic spikes at the edge of the crevasse, on each side of the rift, cast dim red beams of light through the filtering dust, marking out a perimeter on the rocky ceiling high above.

Where the tunnel men work, the bases of enormous, cantilevered platforms surround the lip of the rift. The platforms extend up to the edges of the marked perimeter on the rocky ceiling. Scoops, more like giant slides, drape off the front of them, angled as if to deflect material from above into the hole below. As the last of the workers finishes his task, the tunnel men scramble away from the edge of the pit to the mouths of the side passages that lead into this central chamber.

Their master surveys it all. When he is satisfied all is in readiness, he turns to his machine and runs his fingers over the controls like an organist preparing to strike the first notes of a grand requiem. His fingers press down on the keys. The digging lasers rise, swivelling on their own platforms. They raise their heads and point at the demarcated area lit above. The right control sequence is input, the command button executed. Machinery whirs. The heads of the diggers ignite and brilliant beams of light fill the cavern as if with the light of the sun. The tunnel men squeal and duck further back in the shadows, covering the dark goggles they wear with their hands.

Slowly, the rock overhead begins to glow as well, moving from dull orange to brilliant red. Great drops of magma coalesce and begin to cascade, turning into a sluice of lava that pours from the scoops down into the pit like a fiery fountain as the stone melts away.

It is beautiful.

Meanwhile, in the great city itself, traffic is snarled for blocks around Turtle Bay. The police have the area cordoned off several streets away from FDR Drive. There are even helos out over the East River and shore patrol riding the waves to ensure no one approaches from the water. Ninety minutes ago, the President arrived at JFK. Thirty minutes ago, his cavalcade arrived at the Headquarters for the UN, so that he could address a special session of the General Assembly on the matter of Napata. Now, he stands in the Assembly Hall, his shoulders back, head high as he regards the gathering of world leaders before him.

"In short, ladies and gentlemen," he says, brown eyes serious, "the United States of America reiterates here and now our pledge to see justice done, both in Druzia and around the world. We will not give into the demands of terrorists, no matter where they're from, where they hide, or who they are. And we urge you, our allies, our supporters, and our critics, to join with us in defending all the people of Earth against this common threat to global peace and security. Together, we can--"

The lights flicker and the sound system squeals before it cuts out entirely. Faint tremors, bearly felt across the city, become far more pronounced. The building gives a lurch and, for just a moment, it feels like standing in an oversized houseboat suddenly released from its mooring into choppy seas. Then, the air pressure changes perceptibly and a horrendous roaring sound fills the Assembly Hall and, indeed, the rest of the building, too.

President Pershing grips the podium tightly, looking around in alarm — just as every other diplomat in the room is doing. Indeed, the hubbub in the room has risen, the man's speech almost entirely forgotten in the light of this new crisis. Secret Service agents move forward in an effort to protect their President. Aides swarm around their ambassadors. UN security personnel move in to seal the doors, one of them approaching the Secretary General of the United Nations, who raises her voice to be heard over the noise.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Remain calm! Remain calm!" she calls, her accented English impeccable despite the stress. "Please remain calm and remain in your seats for your own safety!"

"What is happening?" a delegate from an Eastern Bloc country calls out, only to be echoed by a dozen more from all around the globe.

"We… don't know."

All across New York, tremors like what happened a week ago can be felt, only, this time, they're much stronger than they were before. People are faster to react, this time, faster to get out into the streets. "Da fug!" or some variation thereon, can be heard on blocks all around the city. "When did we become frickin' California?!"

"We interrupt this broadcast for breaking news…" Variations on that can be heard all around the city, too, on radios, televisions, and even smartphones. News reporters, many of them lurching like sailors on the decks of storm-tossed boats appear before cameras, babbling almost incoherently not just about this latest quake, but about it's most surprising and obvious effect:

The General Assembly Building at the Headquarters for the United Nations, where, even now, the President of the United States is addressing the gathered representatives of 194 countries around the globe… is sinking. Fast.

Turf and asphalt have given way to magma, bubbling up from below. Severed sewer and water mains burst and spill out their contents. Electrical conduits spark and explode. And the great domed edifice, somehow still intact despite everything, lowers swiftly down into the earth like a simple warehouse crate on a high-speed lift platform, disappearing far, far below and taking nearly 200 world leaders, including the President, along with it.

"No, Murray. No, I do NOT want to be in Stretch Armstrong Two and you really gotta stop giving me that kinda solicit. Look, I don't care if Baye is upset. I dunno. Maybe I'll look into something Off-Broadway." Simon Williams is sitting in MacArthur Park, across from the UN building, when the earth starts moving, and he just has time to say, "Wait, Murry. Earthquake. I gotta go," when the building across East 48th street starts to subside into the ground.
"What the…" Simon starts running, and JUMPS across hoping to land on top of the building.
One of the benefits of having some seniority on the force and looking good in the uniform is getting dibs on some of the better or more interesting assignments. Usually Sara would be looking over some suspicious remains, or something else of the creepy and hard to explain variety, but with the President in town, she managed to pull a shift representing the NYPD in the local escort. Once the President was inside and the speeches were underway, her job was to wait for when he needed to leave again. Outside. With the rest of the rabble.

As the building starts to sink, she's been drafted into trying to keep curious citizens back from the current state of emergency, and she really doesn't have much patience for that sort of thing. "Look, the building's sinking, you see it, so back off, bud!" she snaps at a taxi driver. "No fares coming out of here. Move the cab before you lose it."

There's a more heated, more vulgar exchange until a mounted officer comes over to take over, and Sara leaves crowd control to the people who are better at it. Under cover of the chaos, she starts to jog toward the sinking building. Nothing to see here, just NYPD.

Zatanna Zatara is normally very easy to recognize, at least in her stage costume. But that costume is less than ideal for battling the forces of evil. When the emergency call came in, a quick flick of her wrist and a backwards spoken word transformed her tuxedo leotard into an outfit consisting of leather pants, boots, and bolero jacket, white corset with black lace trim, and fishnet gloves. Ok, so maybe that's not much more ideal to fight in, but fishnet stockings are a pain to replace all the time. Her hair has been pulled back on the top and sides, to keep it out of her face.

While the outfit might not make her instantly recognizable, her flashy entrance near the UN does. She appears via teleport in a burst of color and smoke, with little stars whizzing about, and a flourish of her stage wand. None of that flash was required for the spell, but what's the use of magic if you can't put on a show? "Zatanna on scene at the UN," she notes into her JLA communicator.

Alan Scott is in his office at the top of the GBC Tower in Gotham. Several panels have risen to display the large monitors inset into the walls and the central one is turned to GBC's own station. He has reporters on site to cover the President's speech to the UN. And when it all begins to hit the fan, he's watching it live.
"Jackie." he says, tapping the section of his desk that contains the circuitry for the phone system: in this case, the intercom to his secretary. "I'm unavailable for the rest of the day. Tell Vincent to handle everything." His assistant is capable of making the decisions about how best to cover this. Another tap and the windows of his office all darken till they're opaque so the flash of green light goes unnoticed. Now in his costume, he opens the door to the roof and flies up and out. Manhattan is just seconds away.

For once, Jericho Trent isn't doing anything related to Hydra. Actually he had been taking in the view from the top of the Empire State Building, trying to clear his head and consider his next few moves. When the shaking starts the obersvation deck quickly clears of all but a few like he who simply hold onto something relatively solid. "The hell?"

He looks up, seeing the UN building quite clearly sinking from view.

"That can't be good." He grimaces and after a moments consideration, steps back. "Eagle out." Large glowing wings made of amber light burst from his shoulder as circuit patterns of the same glow under his clothes. He takes to the air, winging toward the building. "I must be out of my mind."

Times like this it'd be real bad to be caught in a subway. Fortunately for Talia she's only nearby the tracks, wandering around in the underground maze connecting the various platforms with a pack slung over her shoulder. Said pack had started the journey a bit on the heavy side. She found out why a little later. Stowaway Bamfs. Two of 'em! Fuzzy little blue bastards won't leave her alone some days!

So she kept them in the pack. To keep them out of trouble. Yes, they teleport. But, if they want to stick with her then they get to ride in the bag. Until the ground starts shaking.

"Best get topside, people!"

Another New Yorker stops to give the blue mutant a bizarre stare. "Who the hell are you to be tellin' us what to do?"

"Someone that can keep a level head during a crisis," she nonchalantly replies while slinging the pack around and pulling the zipper aside so two little blue heads can pop out. "You guys just knew something exciting was going to happen today, didn't you? Alright, let's see what's going on."


It's a benefit for being pretty much next door to the UN. SHIELD doesn't have to send escorts- they've got the place bugged (say it ain't so!), and surveillance is pretty much 24/7, unbeknownst to pretty much everybody except the Old Man. As a result, there is no detail other than what is usually in place, and one of the many agents is doing 'other things'.

In Clint Barton's case? He's on the range, sighting in a new arrow type. It's a trick arrow (how many of them aren't?) that actually has a telemetry beacon. It's pinging out coordinates and has contact with GPS satellites (the REAL ones, not the ones that civilians use that are off by a few degrees), settled on a target that .. isn't on the range. The only way, then, that Hawkeye can tell where the arrow is going is by cellphone.. and if it hits its mark, it should also give something of a red flare.

The bow is raised, arrow nocked.. and once it flies, the tremors begin. But, it's not tremors so much as —


Holding on for balance, Barton begins to make his way towards ground floor, keeping to the more heavily fortified areas as he goes.

Information regarding the city begins to pour in on his 'department' com, and narrowing its focus, he grimaces.

"Aw, crap.." And exactly where are his 'partners' today? Yeah.. not here, as far as he knows.

As the air pressure in the Assembly Building changes, Diana, there formally as the 'Permanent Representative from Themyscira', can feel her ears pop. And, as she listens carefully, she can hear the bubbling of the magma, smell its sulfur, and the groaning of the earth as it swallows the building in which she sits. Then, her communicator goes off, and she glances down at it. Its volume is set low enough that no one around will hear, but she will. Her hearing is quite exceptional, after all. And as she hears Zee's voice, she slides a small earpiece into her ear, so she can communicate clear. "Zatanna?" she says softly, half risen from her seat, holding on much like everyone else. "It's Diana. I'm in the General Assembly building. The President is here, and so is almost every other national representative. It feels like the building's falling. What's going on?" She, herself, isn't much given to panic. But, she also know that the moment she goes full on Wonder Woman, the other delegates may not remain so calm.

Indeed, the building, remarkably, begins to slow its decent, settling into the chasm chamber with the drilling machine. The chasm, however, is no more. It has become a small lake of lava. The cantilevered platforms have moved, interlocking with one another, becoming a (for the moment) secure platform holding up the foundation of the internationally renowned building, giving it a safe place to settle. Magma continues to fall in rivulets, giving the cavern a soft, campfire glow. The shaft through which the building was lowered stretches up overhead a good couple of miles. They are so far beneath the city now as to be in another world. A world be low worlds, and one that looks and smells an awful lot like Hell… for all that it isn't quite.

The man at the controls of the machine presses more buttons. A huge robotic limb moves out from the belly of the mechanical beast, setting a metal sphere down on the front steps of the building. The sphere whines and then smashes into the doors, barreling through corridors and crashing through walls until it shatters the wall behind the President, facing the delegates. Secret Service Agents spring forward, dragging Pershing to safety, blocking him with their own bodies. Diana, herself, is rising up at this point, to help.

There, the sphere rises up on tripod legs. Blue light glows from its equator and upper pole. Presently, a sophisticated hologram appears. The head and shoulders of the man at the console appears in the hall, staring down at the diplomats. "Leaders of the world," he intones, staring hard at each of them, even while the Secret Service Agents are trying to move the President out of the room, "I am Doctor Harvey Elder, Master of Subterreanea." His voice sounds like rocks being ground together. "I come to you on behalf of the people of Subterranea, to be recognized as sovereign over the deep parts of the Earth. Everything beneath your feet belongs to me, and to my people. You will no longer be permitted to trespass here. Your drilling, your digging, and your theft of our resources will not longer be tolerated. Bow to me, here and now, and I will spare you. Sign and abide by the treaty I have prepared, and we will not destroy you all."

Diana looks up at the glowing head, letting her formal himation slip from her shoulders, revealing the red, blue, and gold spangled garb that marks her as the champion of the Amazons, the golden lasso glowing on her hip. "Are you getting this, Zee?" she asks, knowing her communicator must be picking it up. "We're going to need help down here." Because she can't protect the delegates and beat a massing army all by herself.

"What? What? Earthquake? You're in f*in' NEW YORK, you don't get Earthquakes."
"Turn on the news, Murray," Simon says, and hangs up, and slips the phone into an inside pocket of his jacket. He fires his belt-rockets to slow down and lands near the lady who just appeared in a sparkle of magic lights. Fortunately he's not one of those guys who punches first.
"Hi! Are you a good witch or a bad witch," is the first thing that he says, and "Woah, this place is really sinking!" is the second, as the building does that 'boat wobble' thing then PLUNGES, and he's reflexively floating on purple energy a foot above the rooftop when the ugly little man speaks… because he's hearing it echoing strangely from across the lava.

Sara gets to the edge of the hole, staring down…and down…and down. "There is no way this goes easy, is there?" she murmurs to herself, crouching at the lip of the hole as the Witchblade grows into a gauntlet around her right hand, climbing up to her shoulder and across to her other arm. "Paul probably has some fancy parkour way to do this. That doesn't account for landing in a pool of lava." Taking a deep breath, she swings herself over the edge, starting to jump down in stages. The Witchblade digs into the stone at fingers and feet, a barbed length of steel whipping out to slam deeper when she starts to lose her balance. For a moment she hangs there, catching her breath, and more armor grows around her, protecting her from the heat below. Once she's caught her breath, she pushes off for another jump. Except when she reaches out for the wall again, she doesn't get the response she was looking for. Wide wings snap out, and with a sudden, terrified yelp, Sara is concentrating very hard on something that was clearly not her choice - flying. Or at least gliding. And thermals. Because the Witchblade isn't exactly a gentle teacher.

That would be lava, or magma, or something hellishly melty all around that hole in the ground.
"Princess, If I get my eyebrows singed off, someone is going to get my wand shoved up their…hey! Is that Wonder Man?" Zatanna flits a grin at the hero and retorts, "I'm the best witch. Care to help me save the day?" Her wand is swept down towards her toes as she looks upward and calls out,"nocer laireA!" She shoots up into the air, flying without wings or any sign of propulsion. Magic is cool.

Zee circles over where she last saw the sinking building, as low as she dares in the heat, peering down through the sulfurous fumes. "It looks like the building just dropped into the earth, like the rock under it turned to molten quicksand or something, Di," she notes over the comm. "What's going on down there? Who's the crackpot talking treaties?" She toggles her comm over to a secure channel to HQ. "This is Zatanna, I need someone to look up everything we have on Doctor Harvey Elder, so called Master of Subterranea."

Green. That's really all anyone on the surface sees as Sentinel flies out of the sky and, without pause, continues down through the hole and deep into the earth. There's the UN. And there's a huge machine with some really short, mad scientist looking guy at the controls. Which explains everything. Short Man's Syndrome. Making a fast decision, he lands on the steps of the UN right in front of the hole the sphere made. No one's getting past him.
"You've had your fun, Napoleon. This ends now."

Jericho keeps himself to the buildings as he wings his way through the New York skyline and toward the gaping hole where the UN Building used to be. He's taking a pretty big risk outing himself like this, but then, people don't look up all that often, especially when there's a lot of action on the ground, so maybe he won't be seen. He lands near the edge of the former UN grounds. "Well… crap."

His enhanced sight had allowed him to see Zee, Simon's and Sara's arrival, not that he knew who any of them were. He lands at the edge and peers down, seeing — shock — someone else with wings. "Okay…" He glances around for a moment to see if anyone else is coming who might need a hand down, then then flaps into the air once more and starts to glide down, slow enough that he might be able to provide a last minute lift, if needed.

Speaking of sulfur, here's some more of it! The Wagnerette appears in a puff of magenta hued smoke that reeks of rotting eggs before it quickly dissipates, leaving Talia in a four-point crouch as she leeeeans over a street light to peer at where the building had melted away to. There's a Bamf riding atop each of her shoulders, leaning that much further over the blue woman to see things for themselves. Between the three of them their expressions cover the full spectrum of 'Ooo,' 'Bwuh?' and 'Hmm…'


"I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen in this reality, no." Pausing to sniff the air and wrinkle her nose, she states what her peculiar companions have already been thinking for themselves. "Not Hell. Something else."

It seems highly unlikely that the building would still be intact, she can't even see the silly thing! But, assumptions are things to be avoided. Like the woman with the creepy arm growth that's now jumping in all by herself. She sure doesn't look like the hero sort, but one can never be too certain around here… "Larry, Curly? Can we get down there in one piece?"


"Then Moe is ready to roll. Let's catch the creepy flailing lady on the way."

Talia springs forward, flips through the air (because how often does she get to make jumps like this!) first vanishing below the street, then in another cloud of smoke and stench only to appear right on 'top' of the NYPD officerette. One more collective -Bamf!- and the Blue Trio is hanging onto the roof of the fallen building, with Sara Pezzini safely brought along.

"Hey, you alright? Might wanna get that thing looked at," TJ 'suggests' while motioning to the Witchblade. "Nocturne. Card-carrying good guy. Forgot my wallet in another dimension."

As Hawkeye makes his way to ground floor, he's got a briefing like (almost) nothing he's had before. In full stereophonic sound, too, live-as-it-happens.

"On my way.." as if he has to actually wait for orders? Nope. And he wouldn't anyway.

The moment he's out on the road, Barton is staring at the spot that should be the UN building. 'Well… crap' is heard just to the side, and Hawk turns briefly to stare at the man. "Yeah. Crap." It's not long after, however, before he's running full tilt for the crater in order to clear any rough, overhanging pipes, subway tunnels and the like to leap in, shooting an arrow with a line to help slow his descent.. okay, more than one arrow, nearly pulling his shoulder out of its socket. (Damn, this hurts!) Right past the sane people who are looking over the edge dubiously, or circling it at some height.

When he's got feet on the ground once more, which takes a great deal of effort and no little determination, he searches for a way in from the roof. He does spare a glance up, however, and then down at the lava lake below that is just a little too close for comfort. Running a hand over his face, he shakes his head to clear his thoughts, getting his head in the game completely. "Gonna be hot--" Beat. "Oh this isn't good…"

Keying his communicator, Barton's hoping for some reception. "Could use a couple of helos for extraction."

"*static* coup-- *static* helo-- *static* --tion.."

"What the hell?!" Immediately, Hawkeye has his bow up, arrow nocked, pulled the moment before he actually fully registers the fact that others are on the roof with him… and he lowers it again. "Goddammit. You." Though gruff, he does sound vaguely almost happy to see her. First 'friendly' face he's seen down here, but… "What the hell are they?" There goes the 'happy'. "And .. no. Nevermind."

"That," Diana says to the floating head, her voice ringing out stridently, "isn't going to happen." Hers isn't the only voice. There are dozens more lifted in similar protests, though none, perhaps, carry quite the singular threat the Amazon's do. "The Justice League and others will step in to stop you. We will not let you harm these people, or anyone else."

In the hollow with the machine, the ugly little man growls. "No, Wonder Woman," he snarls in return. "You will not. It was child's play to take this single building. It is hardly any more difficult to sink entire cities into lakes of fire."

The holographic eyes sweep the council chambers. "But not all of you are as unreasonable as the Amazon, I am sure…"

Diana touches the earpiece in her ear automatically. "I don't think we're going to find a diplomatic solution," she tells Zatanna dryly, a wry smile on her face at the wand crack. "But, if you get singed, I think I know who to blame." She just needs to find him.

Meanwhile, a convenient info-dump is received from the Watchtower, "Harvey Elder, a.k.a. Mole Man. Genius scientist, obsessed with proving the Hollow Earth theory. Disappeared off the radar about 10 years ago…"

"Not so off-the-radar, now," the princess remarks.

As the other heroes begin amassing below — Sentinel at the doors to the UN building, the others gathering on the roof — the man at the controls turns and lifts a small horn to his lips. The sound of it is very low, pitched, but within the range of hearing for those blessed with enhanced senses. It sounds like a moaning foghorn, really, but deeper. And in response to it, the tunnel men pick up their welding torches and other implements and start pouring from the various feeding tunnels, rushing toward the precariously balanced foundations of the surface building, swarming up the cantilevers, and heading en masse towards their Monarch's designated enemies.

It looks like there may be hundreds of them.

Wonder Man grins, movie-star smile at Zatanna's invitation, and says "Sure thing."
He's already thrown himself at the ground and missed, so flying is "on" today. He follows her like a purple-glowing stage ninja as she talks to someone on a tiny phone thing, acting as lookout and looking over the area, pinpointing the location of enemies and friends. The voice of the odd man came from over THERE, and near the walls, a swaying movement is disturbingly like a swarm of underground mole-thugs waiting to be surprise-deployed. He notes the metal-lace-wings, brought closer by a familiar blue demon bamf girl, and kind of familiar even.
When they get to the front, he says, "Who's the green-fire guy?" pointing at Sentinel. "He's confronting Dr. Wrinkles, it looks like. Should we help? OH CRAP… hear that? He just signalled them to attack."

Simon MOVES. There's a flare of purple fire as he rockets towards the Mole Men, and a kerWHAP as he does the Hulk's thunder-clap, not quite as well, but he repeats it several times to try to drive the Mole Men back away from the building.

Sara takes a moment to dig her fingers into solid ground before she looks up at Talia, then to the fading wings at her shoulders. "Today is just full of all sorts of firsts," she says ruefully, straightening up slowly with a grateful nod. "Thanks. That was- Yeah. New. Like the hole in the middle of New York," she grimaces as she takes a look around. Armor fades, retracting until she's down to one gauntlet again. One gauntlet over NYPD dress blues. The hat, at least, is long gone. "Sara," she introduces herself simply, adding a nod when Hawkeye lands as well. Apparently the weird-meter is busted now, might as well assume it's all business as usual.

Except for the swarm of mole men. "I am never laughing at an alligators in the sewer report again," Sara murmurs as they come closer, looking to the others. "If you get down there, can you get the people inside back up and out?" she asks Talia.

"HQ says it's the Mole Man. I'm coming in, Di, other friendlies en route too," Zatanna relays to Wonder Woman over her comm. She grimaces at the idea of being cooked alive, and calls out, "Taeh eht taeb ot ecin si ecI!" Around her, a translucent layer of icy magic forms around her, shielding her fragile form from the heat. She dives down the hole in full flight, wincing through the clouds of sulfur, but thankful her shield holds. She lands on the roof of the building alongside the collection of other heroes and heroines.

"Well well, look at what a nice party we have. And the resident population is coming to greet us with gifts of pain and suffering. If some of you can keep them busy, and a few of you want to follow me to help evac the President and dignitaries, that might be a good thing." Zee notes. She gestures with her wand at the rooftop in a circle. "eloh a ekaM!" A circular section of the roof drops in, providing an egress. She drops down through it quickly, to begin making her way to the location of the trapped politicians.

Sentinel looks around at the swarming tunnel men and doesn't quite shakes his head. No. When you're going after a rival corporation, you don't target the workers. You go after the CEO. Half turning, he lifts his arm toward the hole that used to be a door and green energy pours out of his ring to plug the hole. Literally: it's shaped like a giant cork. Then taking to the air again, he flies over the heads of the minions and toward the machine where the Mole Man is, firing a blast of concussive green energy at it as he nears.

"What do you think i-" Jericho asks as he hovers for a moment as Hawkeye vanishes down the hole. "Ooooooo-kaaaaay." Shaking his head he tucks his digital wings in and falls like a skydiver, flaring them back open again as he emerges into the cavern. He circles once like a bird of prey as the mole men start to swarm. "Oh… HELL no…"

He banks sharply, producing a pair of uzis and strafes one of the cantilevers near the breach in the building. When the weapons run dry, as they do very quickly, he lands next to the breach itself. "Wolf out." He snaps. The wings fade to be replaced with something that looks like a line art drawing of a werewolf, except holographic, projected around him and mimicking his movements. The first mole man that gets within arms reach of him gets messily eviscerated and flung back to his mates as a warning. For good measure, before he gets bull rushed by a mob, he starts a network sweep. Odds are good that there's nothing online down here. But if there is…

Insert toothy grin here. "Nice ta meetcha-"

Bow-ARROW!-Barton..? Talia suddenly snaps up to attention and salutes Hawkeye with such vigor that she nearly smacks the one Bamf clear off of her shoulder, voicing its discontent in a nasal tone of 'what the heck?!'

"Agent Barton! Did..did you just rappel all the way down here from your bow..?" she asks with a squinting of her eyes, looking to the massive hole melted through the rock over their heads. "-That- is hardcore, man. I've no idea what's going on down here but it can't be good and I'm certain this building wasn't evacuated first. My half-pint companions can help with evacuations."

That said one of them tries to imitate a gruff gargoyle, doing a salute of his own with a spearheaded tailtip. The other one's too busy circling around and staring wide-eyed in awe at their new surroundings.

"I hear the rats can get to be something else, too," Talia replies to Sara with a narrow-eyed expression as the one more inquisitive Bamf starts tugging and pulling on her ear. "Would you - what?"


Giant green cork. People flying. Concussive hand-slaps. Automatic weapons..? "Hey. You two be careful out there, alright?" she says to Sara and Barton. "Larry, Curly, you're on civilian clearing. Come find me before this whole thing drops into the lava, alright?"

One after another the smaller demonling..things teleport into the building, leaving Nocturne with the pair of heroes. "Pick a priority."

"You kidding? There's always alligators in the sewers. It's when they disappear that you have to worry," Hawkeye deadpans, and the moment another lands upon the roof, he's targeted them before he drops again.

"Yeah, yeah.. nice party. Now… assuming that my call didn't go through, my guess is there'll be helos scrambled anyway for evac anyway. We don't have two mile lines, however… so a way to get them to the surface would be appreciated." If nothing else, the fact that some of his transmission made it through should be enough for those listening in to know that he's alive, well.. and that support would be appreciated.

Talia's question and salute earns the fuzzy blue young woman a brief but genuine grin, though that's weighted with concern. "That would be great. If they could just do surface, my guys'll do the rest. We've got VIPs down below. They need to go first." No time for the little blue.. cherubs? Demons? to introduce themselves, certainly. Explanations will come later. Act first, ask forgiveness later. Never ask permission.

Jericho's fly-by shooting causes Hawkeye to dive for some semblance of cover, which allows him a pretty good view of a group of minions coming for those now on the roof. Now.. now the bow sees some use, and taking a good, solid aim, lets fly the first… and it passes through one moloid like a hot knife through butter only to strike the next in line.. setting them to sizzle. (He never did get to use those arrows from the other night!)

"Those things are pretty high on the list."

Politicians aren't the only people trapped in the building. It's a big building. And there were other people just doing there jobs when the dirt dropped out from under them. All told? there are probably two or three thousand people in that building, easily.

As other voices in the room shout to be heard by the floating head, Diana nods her own head lightly to Zee's update.
"Good. Then, I'm shutting this robot down. Do you think there's any way we can raise the building again safely?" Because she's already making calculations in her head about just how many people are likely trapped down here. And she can start to hear the voices and actions of the other heroes, so she can start to make a rough guess about just how big the 'rescue party' may actually be. She's not Superman. She can lift a lot, and fly… and, sure, hold her own with him in a fight. But that has more to do with technique than brute strength. So, for her to lift the building on her own? Possible, perhaps. Not preferable. Not something she wants to test, just yet.

However. Ripping apart a talky holoprojecting sphere on tripod legs? Child's play.
"We're done talking," she tells the head, pulling back from it in the air. Then, she rockets forward, catching the sphere and bowling it backwards through the hole it made, right back out to slam it against that big green cork in the front doors. It crumples like tinfoil, and the Amazon makes sure it's well and truly dead, disarmed, and rendered hopeless before she heads back into the assembly chamber.
"Quickly," she tells the delegates, most of whom are too stunned to actually be squabbling, any more. "We need to get you and your staff out of here. We're going to take the stairwells towards the roof and lift you from there. Do not panic, but move quickly and orderly. This way."

Of course, outside… the moloids are having a rough time of it. They're small, really. Swarmers, more than scrappers. They rely on numbers, not brute strength. Indeed, most of them are a fairly cowardly lot. Bullets, arrows, eviscerating claws? That's pretty hard core stuff for little guys like them. They do fight back as best they can, using what they have for weapons. They won't let down their sovereign, if they can avoid it. But, these aren't elite shock troops.

No. The elite shock troops come in the guise of Deviant foot soldiers who follow on behind the moloid swarmers. Facing down them — and there's really no more than a couple of dozen — is a little more challenging. It's much more like facing down mutant rioters up in M-town. Their appearances are as varied as can be, some gaggingly fugly, others merely horrific. They have horns, scales, metal hides, stone hides, energy fields, beams, projectiles of all sorts. Think of a power variation, it's probably there. They're hard core, too. None of them are going down with a single punch, single bullet, or single arrow.

And at least six of them move in to defend the Mole Man himself, who is currently boiling with rage at the Amazon's entirely undiplomatic discourtesy.

Having knocked back the first wave, and with others now taking up closer defense, Wonder Man creates a sonic boom as he flies over to the tunnels, and begins slamming the ground rhythmically, making it impossible for the little weirdos to walk on two feet, which doesn't seem to be a critical impediment, and making pieces of rock fall loose at random, which does. He spares a moment to glance over at how Sentinel is doing and is swarmed, and disappears under a wave of pummeling Mole Men. For a good three seconds. Then WHAM they fly off and he shouts, "YOU! MOLE GUYS! DEODORANT! HAVE YOU HEARD OF IT?"

Bad one-liners aside, he's actually holding them back to a manageable swarm for the others, as the ones who spot him are attempting to take him down, until ordered otherwise. Alas, he's not stopping them all, but that's because he's trying not to kill them outright. Something tells him they're not to blame for this mess. They smell like 'minion' rather than 'mastermind'.

And then, the Deviants appear. Simon grins.
"Hello, you look much more fun." And they blast him all at once.

"Evacuate the heads of state," Sara replies to Talia, looking down at the wave of mole men as the Witchblade spreads once more, forming into full armor, complete with helm and extra sharp protrusions at the joints and shoulders. "Once those people are out, he loses his leverage. Looks like we've got people moving for the boss. And plenty of cover fire," she adds with a slow smile as Hawkeye and Jericho start with the ranged weapons. She'll never admit it, but it isn't just the Witchblade that feels the thrill of the fight. "I'll hold the door as long as I can."

With that, she jumps down from the roof, a heavy-bladed halberd forming in one hand. As soon as she hits the ground, she and the Witchblade tear into the sea of little people, creating a circle of space around the entrance. Which gives her a great view of the next level fighters. "Now you look more like the usual fare…"

Zatanna seals the hole back up with a quick spell, and then glances around the corridor she's dropped into. "All right, time to find the President and priority evacuees." She flicks her wand, a little glowing ball forming at the end of it, as she calls out, "Aricsymeht fo Anaid Ssecnirp ot em ekat, thgil fo llab!" The will 'o the wisp swirls around Zee, and forms a handle for her to hold. Then it dashes down the corridor towards the nearest emergency stairwell, as no doubt the elevators are off line. It pulls the mage behind it at breakneck speed and she holds on for the ride.

She replies over the comm to Diana. "Maybe, Di. Wonder Man is outside fighting the Mole Man's grunts, along with some unknowns. Between you and them, you might be able to raise it. But I'd rather get the Prez and Ambassadors to the surface first, just in case." Getting the UN council killed would be really, really bad press. "I can teleport them to safety once I get to you and get them all together. I don't want to take chances. Be there in two shakes of a lamb's tail."

Sentinel's new enough to this he still has that new car smell to him. Having dismissed the workers, he misses the ones behind them so that boulder one of them throws at him hits square in the middle of his back. Though unhurt, the impact still makes him fall just in time for one of the fliers with multiple limbs to grab and grapple him in defense of their master.

Oooooh! Radios and Cellphones! Wonderful. Jericho immediately runs a very simple bit of code to tap them. The ones outside. He doesn't really want to talk to the suits inside. The cells don't ring. They just switch on. "To everyone hearing me, this is Aspect." He rolls his eyes inwardly at continuing to use his hacker alias because he doesn't like giving his actual name out. "I'm pulling you all onto a common line to ease communication." There's a short pause as he takes a rush from a dozen or so molemen. With the Polymorpher on he qualifies for low superhuman in terms of strength. "… Um, does anyone have a Plan?"

He eyes the shock troops now. "Well that can't be good." An energy beam hits him right in the chest. He looks at his hud. Field strength at 90%.
"Nope. Not good at all." A pair rush his position and he suddenly has his hands quite full both figuratively and literally.

Wince. Okay, so it looks like Mister SHIELD Guy has no qualms with killing. Talia's still a bit touchy as far as that all goes, so it's a good thing that she's been blessed with largely non-lethal abilities. Sara's assessment of the situation pulls the emotion right out of the blue mutant's face, however. Sure, it makes sense to go for the higher priority targets first and all, but… "There's lots more people in there."

Decision time. Why try to save some when she can try to save all? A determined look crosses those solid yellow eyes as she looks about the cavern from her perch. Ducking into a low crouch, she offers "Happy hunting, B-Man," just before springing right over the edge of the roof line, snagging an incoming mole-man by the neck with her tail on her way over.


Hey, that's Wonder Man flying around and making all of the shock-waves, right?
"HEY, Flyboy!" she yells out while adhered to the side of the building as the one mole man sails past her with a trailing howl. "Careful with the airshow, we're sitting on stilts down here!" Four metal legs supporting an awful lot of weight over a sea of lava… Can anyone blame her for being slightly nervous?

Her target isn't a person at all. It's the controls for the cradle which keeps the building 'safe.' Think of it like a big elevator, all she has to do is push it as close to the top floor as it can go. For that, she needs to reach it. To reach it, she needs to-


"Aspect? Nocturne. Looking for the lift controls. Seeing a lot of heavy-hitters out there, anyone feel like trying to skycrane a skyscraper out of the world's largest pothole?"

Now that everyone seems to be in agreement, that is, the VIPs being the first to target (Sorry, support staff, but RHIP1), Hawkeye is pretty much free to do what he does best- lob arrows at the badguys. Only thing better would be a perch where he can get some height.

Searching the near spots, he looks for some character to it, and locates the next wave. Barton's got no qualms taking out the lowly, and even less concern as the more elite, the more trained start to come at them.


A wince rises as a sonic boom reverberates through the area, though it doesn't stop him from taking a clear shot.. one, two loosed in the span of a heartbeat, in such perfect trajectory that if the larger creature hadn't moved, the first arrow would have been 'Robin-Hooded'.

"Hawkeye here. We've got people headed down to evac personnel. Probably have birds in the air above us. Now, we take on the army. The big guy is down there, but from what I'm hearing.. it's almost in hand--"

Twisting around from his vantage, another double-volley flies and hits the creature square in the chest that just struck Aspect with the energy beams. "Hey, Nocturne… if you need help, come get me?" Oh, and Aspect? You're welcome.

The sonic booms shake the building and cause the cantilevers the foundations rest on to shudder. There's an ominous creaking sound in the stifling, sulfuric heat. What do you guess the stress rating is on metals exposed to this level of geothermic radiation?

As the delegates begin to move, by this point mostly convinced that the Themysciran Ambassador both knows what she's talking about and means serious business — particularly when the building lurches — they start moving for the doors to take them out into the wider lobby where some others have already gathered and are milling about. Some stare wide-eyed and fearful at the hell that's erupted around their beautiful building. Others cringe as far from the windows as they can get.

The princess emerges amidst them, again springing to the air once she's clear of the low door. Which means, of course, that Zatanna's wisp careens upward, instead of through the newly milling crowd. The Amazon greets the magicienne with a tight smile. "If you can teleport them, all the better," she agrees. She's all for seeing the world leaders sent to safety first. It's a cruel calculus of war, but it doesn't mean she's abandoning the others by any stretch.

As Aspect breaks into Zatanna's JLA frequency, however, it means he, perforce, breaks into Diana's as well. Her head comes up as she catches his voice, and the subsequent chatter that follows it. Communications are good.

"Aspect," she replies, "this is Wonder Woman. Hawkeye's right. The plan is to evacuate the building to the surface as quickly as we can, while holding the Mole Man's forces at bay." A beat. "It's the best we've got, right now." Because she's not outside to see the new players on the field and she's willing to trust those heroes who are outside to do what needs to be done. Another calculus of war, that.

Nevertheless, Nocturne's suggestion catches her ear and her head rises. "If you can find a way to do that… I may have an idea to get us all back up the shaft." Which doesn't in the least negate the patented Zatara Port Authority tickets being handed out to the big wigs. It just gives the peons a fighting chance at survival.

The Deviants are relentless, and more highly skilled than the moloids, who can actually be an impediment to their stronger 'kin'. This results in Deviants spending as much time clearing moloids out of their way in a brutal fashion as it does them engaging with the heroes.

A pair of the monsters face down the Witchblade — for the moment — moving in to flank her, if they can. The ones contending with Sentinel roar out what they believe to be their triumph, as he's caught and grappled. And there's that honour guard of half a dozen flanking the Mole Man himself… at the machine's console. One of them, a purple-skinned brute with rocky hide and a pronounced underbite rises to his full height and pulls back a fist the size of a beachball… and not nearly so pleasant. He growls at Nocturne, and swings for her head.

And, this actually HURTS, taking fifteen or so energy-blasts at once. Invulnerable, MOSTLY, this is getting through. Wonder Man starts leaking purple energy, bubbling spheres of purple and black luminosity steaming off his skin. His phone starts to say something when a Deviant blast vaporises it.
"RAIRGH!" he yells, eloquently, and one-two-punches the closest Deviant, cracking its carapace and making it fall. Then another moves in, SLAM SLAP and it flies (without wings!) into the cavern ceiling with a craunch.

Wonder Man WAS over by the tunnels, but the fight with the Shock Troops has pushed him back closer to the building, and he hears Nocturne's warning, even though he can't really pay attention at the moment. His skin seethes with bright-and-dark energy and he's not looking quite human with all the glowing. He seems to be ignoring the blasts, even as they tear into him, and … is he getting larger? Maybe it's just the loose energy leaking out the holes that makes it look like he's bigger than the Deviant Shocktroops now. He's standing, one foot in the lava, ignoring the heat, and slamming a shock trooper into the lava, because these guys? NOT MINIONS. Still, he seems to be holding his own?

Or maybe he's about to explode or something. He's done that before. He takes out another two deviants by forcing them to occupy the same space, head first. He reaches for another, hand wrapping around its head.

"NOCTURNE! HEADS UP!" the human-shaped purple krackle yells, throwing the creature at the guy swinging at her.

"Holding the front doors at the moment," Sara says when she hears something. The Witchblade is a little too ancient to come equipped with communications, but she did have a cell in her pocket when all of this started. "Way short of being able to lift entire buildings." As the pair of Deviants move toward her, the halberd in her hands shifts, breaking in two and stretching into a pair of barbed whips. From each forearm, her gauntlets sprout long blades, and she squares off. "Sorry, boys. You don't have security clearance." She whips her wrist, and the tendril of Witchblade wraps around on Deviant's ankles just in time for her to launch herself at the other, yanking its feet out from under it in the same motion. The one she's jumping gets a fist to the face, before the grappling begins.

Zatanna zips into the area where Diana has gathered the diplomats, and the little ball of light winks out, dropping her back to the floor lightly. The mistress of magic gives those gathered her brightest, calmest, smile. "Mister President, Ambassadors, it's an honor to meet you. If everyone would be so kind as to move in close to me and hold hands, I can get all of you to safety. Princess Diana will work on getting this building back to the surface with the rest of the occupants."

When the group does as asked, Zatanna stands in their midst, points her wand towards where she knows the surface is, and declares, "Krap Lartnec ni, dnuorg evoba, dnuos dna efas!" The entire group begins to glow softly, then brighter, then winks out entirely, reappearing together in the safety of the Sheep Meadow in Central Park. "Zatanna to HQ, let the secret service and Embassies know that I have the president and UN Council members safely in Central Park. Send their forces to my coordinates, I'll stand guard." With that, she waves her wand and calls out, "Ereh ees ot gnihton, thgis morf su edih!" To any passersby, they become invisible due to her illusion. Just some trees here, waving in the breeze. Nothing to see here! When the proper security personnel arrive she'll drop the cover.

So far, Sentinel's avoided actually hurting anyone and in his struggle with the Deviant, it's no different. And then something happens that's a total game-changer: he hears the creak. He started out an engineer and that's a sound that simply chills him with its implications. There's a bright flash of green as the Deviant trying to hold him goes soaring away to crack into the far wall of the cave as it takes a full powered energy blast, point blank to the chest. Ignoring the Mole Man, Alan looks back to the UN building, really taking note of its precarious situation. Dodging more boulders and an energy beam or two, he flies to a point above the building.
"I got this." Right? Honestly, he has no idea. Pointing his ring at the UN, the energy splits off into four beams, each forming one quarter of a giant mechanical pincer that closes around the building like a huge crane's claw.

Aspect pushes off his attackers and slides back near the wall. He rips a foot long section of rebar out of the breach and holds it point downward like a knife. In no time a ram headed monstrosity rushes at him swinging something that turns out to be a moleman. Block, step, stab, rip. The rebar goes in through the gut and out the side. He roundhouse kicks the satyr like creature off the edge and into the lava.

"If this keeps up much longer we need to seal the breach." Spotting the lift Nocturne mentioned he does a more refined networks sweep. What the hell? Nothing to lose right?

"You'll be the first buff archer guy I look for," Talia replies to Hawkeye (huh, so that's his codename!) Going for the lift controls brings her much more into the melee, leapfrogging off of one Mole's head with enough bravado to drop his helmet flat over his head with a dunk! before she plucks it right off of him in passing, turning it into a makeshift frisbee which smacks another nearby Mole in the face. The third gets grabbed by the shoulders and rolled then thrown into three others, keeping as much of her forward momentum going as she can manage.

Off to her right there's another telltale -Bamf!- followed with an echoing "Teee-" before another puff of smoke brings the accompanying "Jaaay!" off to her left, along with the wailing of another Mole that gets dragged along through the teleport. There and gone!

Then there's Underbite. Big fella. Eight feet, maybe..? Nine? With half of her powers temporarily offline she's likely going to get pancaked if she tries to take the guy on directly. Or..y'know. She could just find someone bigger and stronger to tag into the fight. Like Wonder Man. 'Heads up!'

She drops to the ground and leaps right past both of Underbite's legs, leaving him wide open to catch that thrown baddie in full. "Hup!" Speed and agility for the win!

Get to the console, try to figure out which thingamabob translates to up, then hit it without getting herself hit. Simple! ..Except not. Still, she's faced her timeline's version of Apocalypse one on one, surely she can handle these weirdos. Or so she'd very much like to think. There's a lot of people counting on her to make the right move, here… A lot of people counting on all of them.

No pressure.

… buff archer?

Hawkeye opens his mouth.. only to close it again as he spins around to target yet another one of those creatures. He's forced to move, and once he does, he's got a good view of an incipient flanking maneuver. To keep that from happening, there are three more arrows loosed in rapid succession- one on the first three. Not to kill, mind, but to cause some confusion in the ranks. And, well.. if the creatures were sentient, that's pretty much like shining a red laser on their chests!

Of course Hawk doesn't think that'll stop them, and another three arrows are readied- "Great. Down to five arrows," is muttered.

"How are things going down there…?"

The UN dignitaries are spirited away in a flash of shimmering magic. The Watchtower relays Zatanna's message to the authorities — and it's SHIELD who respond, scant minutes later, sending half a dozen Quinjets and suitable numbers of agents to relieve the magicienne of her charges.

The Deviant projectile Simon throws clocks straight past TJ and bowls into Hammerfist with the force of a battering ram. He goes flying backwards, careening into at least three others. The remaining two still standing grab hold of Elder and leap over the side of the platform, landing with him on the hard ground and hauling him away into a side tunnel. That does nothing to negate the pitched battle, however. It only leaves the consoles wide open.

Aspect's sensor sweep reveals a well-buried, narrow-beam network designed solely to connect the console to the four elevator platforms that are still shuddering in the sweltering heat. Nevertheless, there's a lot of power in that console, power Nocturne can clearly read on the gauges. This machine is embedded all beneath the city. It's quite possible the Mole Man could, indeed, cause the entire city to sink, if this thing isn't shut down.

The creatures facing the Witchblade will be hard pressed to match its viciousness or the deadly intent of the woman it wields… or who wields it. (Whichever works.)

Sentinel's makeshift crane causes the foundations of the building to protest, but it's a whole lot better than relying on the elevator platforms below. Slowly, the building starts to shift.

As it does, Wonder Woman, now free of the immediate responsibility for the delegates rockets out of the building to assess and join the fray. When she grasps just why the building started to shudder again, and sees what Sentinel is trying to do, her eyes sweep over the other heroes, assessing.

"Wonder Man!" she calls. "Help me help Sentinel!"
She dives down toward the lava, the fires of Hestia protecting her from its heat as she skims the surface of the lake, to position herself below the building. Between the two of them, she and Wonder Man may be able to support the bottom.
"Zatanna!" she says through her communicator, "as soon as you can, come back. We're going to need to plug the hole." To the rest, she adds, "The rest of you have until we've maneuvered fully into the shaft to retreat!" Otherwise, she can't guarantee them an escape.

Wonder Man cronches another Deviant into a sort of paste, and nods to Diana, walking waist-deep in the lava. (It's like a comfy bath? OK, fine, it itches like hell, but he has to get under the platform…) He moves under the bottom, and assumes an Atlas position, shoving up, taking some of the load off so that Sentinel can guide the building back over to the vertical, and then he pushes harder. As he and Diana lift, he slowly rises out of the lava.
"SAY WHEN TO PUSH HARDER," he booms. Does he realize he's fifteen feet tall? No. And nobody better tell him or he'll lose concentration and drop the building.

Retreat? Sara didn't really think that far. And at the moment, she's very busy with the two Deviants and the mole men who are left. The Witchblade shifts at need, sprouting razor-sharp spikes when one of the Deviants catches Sara's arm and starts to twist. The detective cries out, turning away from its partner long enough to relieve it of its arm in turn with a heavy blade that shoots out from her other hand. Tangled up with the two Deviants, though, she can't spare enough concentration or power to keep the mole men from getting closer to the doors. No matter. She has a very large, dead Deviant now, and she solves the problem by shoving it toward the door, drawing a very ordinary revolver to pick off a mole man who's gotten too close.

Slowly, Sentinel flies upward taking the UN with him. He's not really lifting it himself. He knows that. It's completely his will that's doing it. But sometimes, it's the trappings that matter and he tows the building up with him, heading back to street level.

Aspect spots the one Hawkeye took down for him a minute or so ago. So that's what he meant. "Thanks for the save, Hawkeye. I- Yikes!" A mutant with an armored carapace and rhino beetle like spurs on his arms bull rushes him. Aspect side steps and rakes his claws up the thing's side but the angle is bad and all he does is piss it off. Beetle-boy whirls on him and knocks him over, raising both arms up.

Pound Field strength down to 85%

Pound Field strength down to 80%

Aspect works his legs under the thing's gut. "Hawkeye! Heads UP!" He kicks out, launching the thing into a beautiful arc.

"Oh what's this." He reads off the network ID on his hud. "Hello Hallow34rth_37. Let's see what you've got." Power readouts flow onto his screen. "Mmmmm. I think you're due for some maintenance." He pulls up the internal specs, turning the fans off, overclocking every processor he can find and finally, pushing the power draw from every component he can manipulate waaaaay above recommended levels. For good measure he overrides the display near what he thinks is the Dr's console, causing it to show: "Eat code, you scrap-shunt."

Things looks to be wapping up on the ground. "Eagle out." The blue werewolf themed virtual armor fades back to the amber wings and glowing eyes. He lifts off, using his wings to help clean up by knocking anyone who doesn't look like he's running away from the building into the lava below. "Might be time to go now, Nocturne." He calls out in warning.

"I read ya, and thanks for the assist Wonder Man!" Talia radios back with the call of a narrowing window of escape. That means she needs her Seeing Eye Bamfs recalled, and they don't have communicators. They do have pretty good ears, though. A quick 'come here!' whistle signals them like a pair of trained dogs, teleporting back around the Wagnerette.

One's now wearing a lopsided Mole helmet, and an equally lopsided stupid grin.

"Souvenir?" she asks while tapping the headpiece with her tail. A few quick adjustments and she's got the controls dialed in as closely as she's likely to get to doing what she wants the machinery to do, given that she's come wholly unprepared for this pop quiz. "Cool, let's bamf."


Another puff of dark smoke leaves Talia hanging onto the building's upper-most antenna, one hand clasped to the metal and the other held to her forehead as though shielding her eyes from the sun. "Steady as she goes, guys! You've got this!" Then to herself, she mutters "I can't believe we're actually doing this — oh man I so need a selfie! Kurt's totally gonna flip."


Lest they forget, Sara's welcome to catch a Bamf back to 'safety' if one is needed. If she's not too busy shooting and stabbing baddies down there, and all. Go team!

It's literally within the blink of an eye when the dark sedans converge upon Central Park, as well as a couple of helos flying low and slow, headed towards a field, a designated pad, or even that baseball field over there. From within one of those helicopters, a tall, one-eyed, African-American man jumps out and strides with purpose towards the gathered VIPs. SHIELD has arrived.

Hawkeye reaches back to his quiver, and feels around for the fletching to pull the next shaft and pauses.. and counts. Oh.. crap.

Right.. time to conserve ammunition. At least he's got his sidearm too… but here's to hoping it won't be needed.

Okay, it is.. as Aspect lobs a bug at him! "Pull!" is called, and as the beetle flies through the air, the archer takes another two shots, only to reach back and — empty.

Two shots should be enough… and the *crack* in the bottom of the carapace does lend credence to it.

Once done, he's running to check the edges of the building from the roof to be sure there aren't any clinging to the sides when he comes near Sara — and is ready to offer backup until she's got the problem solved. "Almost time. We'll need to find a spot to hold on."

The building bucks and begins to groan as it goes up, causing the SHIELD agent to grab hold of the nearest bit of building. "Give us a warning before we move!"

Zatanna hands the dignitaries over to SHIELD gratefully. "Be right there, Di," she barks into her comm, to be heard over the sound of Quinjets. She teleports back to the edge of the hole, and prepares her incantation to seal up the breach. She waits, patiently, until the UN building is raised above the surface of the crater.

She takes in a breath, seated on the ground cross-legged. This sort of spell is the kind that requires more power than she usually puts out in a day, on top of teleporting an entire council of diplomats, then hiding them. She pulls out a small switchblade and rakes it across her palm, letting some droplets of blood seep down into the soil, to bind it to her. "Ecalp ni noitadnuof a, gnorts dna elohw, ecaps ruoy ot nruter, llef dna detlem tahw!" (What melted and fell, return to your space, whole and strong, a foundation in place.)

As her magics take hold, they run down through the ground, and all that had been melted to slag by the Mole Man's lasers begins to reform and fill in the chasm beneath the building, restructuring itself into what it had been before alteration. Blood magic is dangerous, and dark, but there was no other way to do something on such a colossal scale after already putting out a ton of magical mojo in a short time.

She veritably glows with power, her eyes gone black as night, and constellations seem to swirl in and out of visibility around her. Then it is done, the magic winks out, and she collapses onto her back, gasping for air and looking up at the sky, exhausted. "Waiter…check please," she croaks out.

"Now!" Diana calls to Wonder Man as she feels Sentinel pull more strongly. Together they maneuver the building carefully up the shaft, the three of them working in tandem. When they're high enough, some long minutes later, that both Diana and Simon can clear beneath before Zatanna finishes her spell, the building finally shudders back into its rightful place. With the coursing of the magicienne's magic, the foundations to the building are healed as well as the ground beneath it. Thus, while structural engineers and other such workmen will have to give the site a thorough inspection, it's entirely possible the building won't be condemned. Merely in need of repairs.

Certainly, that's the hope.

At the end of everything, though she takes a few moments herself to catch her breath and roll strained shoulders, Diana moves to ensure the others are all right — particularly those that nearly overwhelmed themselves with the power they were forced to channel.

Nevertheless, there's a muffled sound of thunder and the city shakes once more. Deep in the earth, a massive machine detonates, fire spreading through tunnels with a fierce backdraft that destroys conduits and circuits and overloads points of failure clear across the city.

But, once that tremor subsides, the sun shines down on the city once again… and life goes on.

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