Collision Course

June 02, 2014: Kurt and Talia Wagner have a conversation about Blink's recent arrival while the Bamfs get hold of Kurt's game controller and cause a mess.


The break room.



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The furry blueberry never falls far from the tree. Talia steps in with a Bamf of her own riding on her left shoulder, his tail curled around her neck for support. She just can't get rid of that last one, he seems to have adopted her. Well, two these days. 'Larry and Curly,' 'Beavis and Butthead,' or whatever other two name ordeal she can come up with them on the spot. "Racing again?" she inquires with a lopsided grin.

The lone ShoulderBamf squints his eyes and peers around, then looks up at the ceiling, sniffing at the air before-


Ignoring the wash of rank magenta smoke, TJ folds her arms together across her stomach and steps fully into the room, slowly closing the door behind herself with the tip of her tail. She's not really sure where to start, so she gets right to it.

"My former team leader showed up. Clarice. 'Blink.' She called the shots back when I was part of the Exiles. She's here now, same as Calvin. Not even twenty-four hours in and she's got people from an outfit called HYDRA trying to inject her full of some stuff to experiment on her. We should talk."


Kurt really doesn't mind the fact that Talia has her own Bamf contingent. He's actually happy she does. If -anything- were to happen to her, he'd be the first… second.. third.. okay, he'd know sooner rather than later about it, complete with a teleport to the 'scene of the crime' as it were. It's a bit of him that is keeping her safe in his absence.

To anyone -but- Talia, that might not make a whole lot of sense. Thankfully, he doesn't have to explain it to anyone else!

A yellow-eyed glance is given up to the trapeze as the television monitor flickers to life, the sound of transmissions grinding and -red- blinking on the side of the screen, loudly proclaiming that gear wheels are now strewn on the track behind him. If nothing else, it'll serve as tire hazards? Heh.. maybe.

"That… won't buff out." Still, perhaps he'll have the money to repair after the race is done. Doubtful, but maybe.

It's Talia's data dump that gains Kurt's full attention, and he takes a step forward, reaching out for her elbow to guide her to a different spot in his room. One with actual chairs, comfortable for people.. mutants.. er.. those built like them.

"Okay," Kurt perches on a seat cushion, wrapping his tail about his ankles, and his head quirks in encouragement. "Now, full story. Did she just arrive? Where is she… und HYDRA? Them.. I thought they only worried about … superheroes? Not mutants?" But, this is something that does concern him, no fear. "It could mean they're trying to find an edge, und we're the likely suspects." Though.. "You know, because they went after Blink, it may mean that they don't have any of their own mutants.. which is promising." Though even as he says it, there's a heartfelt prayer that the same thought isn't going through -their- collective heads.

"We may need to go to Mutant Town…"

How is that for 'talking'?


"Thank goodness they don't grow up into children," Talia softly tells the other Wagner. "If these guys all went through Driver's Ed I'd have to find a way to mutate a pair of wings."

Here, too, she 'sits' by crouching upon the chair, now looping her arms around both of her shins. Casually, not out of defense. "Yesterday, just inside of M-Town. The HYDRA goons tried to jump her in Midtown, though. Some other guy was there to help, sounds like he killed the goons and left her with nothing more than a single means of contacting him. According to him this is something new for them, too.

Somewhere overhead there's a muffled 'thumpthumpthump' of a Bamf running between the floor and ceiling. Not long later there's a slightly more solid *thunk.*

"That's what I told her. The attack may not have happened there but we tend to be a close-knit community. If any others went missing we have a better chance of finding out about it from M-Town. I got her set up with a communicator and told her not to be out by herself, but this is Clarice we're talking about. I don't think that last part stuck," she says with a thin smile. "We're trying to gather some extra support on this one. I knew you would be willing to assist."


"If they went through Driver's Ed., I would have you practicing your *foomping* much more regularly. One *foomp* can save your life." That last bit is offered a touch more tongue-in-cheek, a little bit of dramatics behind the tenor of his voice; just enough to tease her.


Kurt looks straight ahead, his gaze still on Talia as his expression says it all- 'I don't want to know'.. but curiosity never killed a bamf, so the fuzzy blue patriarch does the unthinkable and looks up. "Will you stop that?"


"There is no part of you that could possibly pass as 'angelic', so don't look at me that way."

"Bamf.. bamfbamf.."

From the trapeze, one of the other little blue not-quite-cherubs whistles softly as body and controller both leeeeeean to the side in order to avoid a collision. It's… not good, and more than the paintjob is pulled off the side of the car.

"If she's your 'team lead', then the idea might be in her head that she's the one responsible to find out all the information before bringing it to the team." Because, well, no intel can kill.

Though, word that someone -killed- those men gains a sad expression, and he crosses himself quickly but pointedly. A prayer for the souls of the departed. "That isn't good," he murmurs. "That would mean that they believe we would respond by killing. So they may not stay their hand next time."


Rising from his crouch on his chair, Kurt appears that he's still working out particulars, but one thing should be more than abundantly clear-

This won't go unanswered in their own inimitable style. "Of course I would, Herzchen. I think we need to pay that person a visit, though."


Here Talia points toward the TV screen. "Gonna take more than a 'foomp' to save that one." Peeeer. "Is that a -piston- lying on the shoulder? Those aren't supposed to do that."

"She was like that before we met her," she assures Kurt. "Survivor sort. Think of Logan but in a smaller, cuddlier, more adorable presentation. With a team or by herself I would expect nothing less from her."

With the sign of the cross Teej almost instinctively reaches up to lightly press a fingertip to the crucifix pendant she's never without. "I don't think the other guy is a mutant, though. While HYDRA's probably not going to care…" Oh, who's she kidding? That damage has already been done. Her expression says it all, she's perfectly aware of this.

"I do, too. -Several- of us. Then he can try to explain to these guys how we aren't a bunch of murderous freaks, the only 'weapons' we have here are for fencing and practice," she presses while holding empty palms out to either side. "I mean it's not like we're sitting on an arsenal-"


'Larry' returns, stuck to one of TJ's forearms. ..And something else is in her palm. Heavy. Metal. As the smoke drifts away she's suddenly staring at a large matte black pistol.

"Bamf bamf," 'Larry' says. 'Found this up there.'

Looking completely dumbstruck she slowly takes it into both hands, unable to take her eyes off of the critter's find. "'Werfel und Reinhardt Zehn Auto-Kampf'… When did you start keeping a gun, Dad?" she pointedly asks while peering over the weapon to her 'father' with widened yellow eyes.


"Nein," and Kurt shakes his head sadly after glancing at the screen. "Und those scratches… und the missing sideview mirror. That's not to mention the bumpers?" Turning around such that his back is to the screen, he simply refuses to watch the trainwreck (car wreck) anymore. It's gotten to the point where the little bamf is simply taking to playing 'demolition derby' and the peal of laughter from a blue imp rises and fills the room, as well as the *crunch* and *skiiiiiiid* and *thumpthumpthump* as the vehicle rolls at least twice (on the replay) before landing four tires down. (Three usable ones, anyway!)

"Because if he thinks he is helping our cause, he is not," Kurt agrees and exhales in a long sigh, running a hand to drape it across TJ's shoulder at the same time his tail moves to wrap about hers. "No.. our weapons are—"

"Mein Gott.. what has…" The fuzzy blue teleporter realizes slowly what it is that is in TJ's hand, what was just deposited… and he reaches to take it from her. "This was stolen from… someone."

Now, Kurt stares a glare at 'Larry', and he gently and carefully sets it on the top of one of his many horizontal surfaces. "How did you find this?" is followed quickly with a rapid shake of his head. "It's not mine. I don't use guns." Though now, he's ready to stare down the Bamfs… all of them are complicit as far as he's concerned.

"Bring this back to her." Do they get the idea of 'now'? "I don't want this here. I don't care how you find her, but you will und you will give it back."


From 'someone.' No, make that some 'her.' "Her, bring this back to 'her?'" Talia asks with sudden interest, not at all reluctant to let Kurt take the weapon out of her hands. She doesn't particularly want it, either! "It's a good thing you found it but you guys shouldn't be bringing your little souveniers back here. -No guns in the Institute!-" she calls out to the room at large with a meaningful glance about.

Then, back to the matter at hand.

"What have you been doing out there that's got you hanging out with women packing ridiculously large handguns, Dad? That's not something we tend to make a habit of with the X-Men at large, last I've heard… Oh God, this isn't about the Interpol thing, is it? Are you in trouble??" she suddely asks, looking pretty darned worried!

"We really don't need to be interacting with even more murderers, that's not so good for the team's image…"


Kurt's blue fuzzy brows rise, hidden from most upon his blue fuzzy face, but TJ should notice the expression quite easily. "Was?" What? "I am not 'hanging out' with women packing large handguns. It was taken from her so she couldn't do any harm. Which, if I remember correctly, is the way we do things around here, ja?" It didn't escape his note that it certainly sounds as if his daughter is lecturing him!

Shaking his head, Kurt dips it a touch soon after to be sure that featureless yellow eyes meets… featureless yellow eyes, his voice dropping to make sure those fears are calmed. "Nein.. I am not in trouble, und it's not Interpol. I swear. Logan und I were tracking someone…" and things took a turn such that a Bamf fully believed to be within his rights to partially disarm a dangerous mercenary. Yes… that works.

"Interacting with 'even more murderers'… we like to stop them, ja? Und disarming said murderers is good. It simply was one of the Bamfs that did it this time."


Okay, so..Talia really can't find any fault in any of that. The fate of the other woman remains undisclosed, but this -is- Kurt she's dealing with. He would have done anything in his power to do -the right thing.-

The Bamfs don't seem to follow that mindset quite so clearly.

"And don't get -shot- when you give it back, either," she tells the Blue Collective in a stern tone.

Next her forehead drops into her palms, slowly brushing the soft indigo hair and fuzz outward before joining her hands together in front of her mouth. Then lowering them to chin height. "Kleptomania's one thing but this is getting a little carried away. Okay..! Clarice. She's got purple skin and glowy green eyes and elven - she looks a lot like us, actually. We check out M-Town, we get the techs checking into this stranger's contact info, and - oh yeah. She actually has the syringe they were going to inject her with. Cyanide-based, she said. We get the techs to look into that, too," she shares while 'Larry' comes crawling back to his perch upon her shoulder, tail hooking about her neck once more.


"All I can hope is that their hearts are in the right places." That is given with a pointed look to each one in turn. The gaming Bamf barely spares a glance back towards Bamf Prime, while a couple of others that were quietly rooting around in Kurt's closet peek their heads out from the darkened area. 'Larry', the one who has taken up residence once again upon his TJ perch, well..

Clarice.. "Purple skin, glowy green eyes…" Kurt repeats. "Okay.. hard to miss as a mutant." But that's okay. In fact, if anything, that makes it even more important to keep her safe. She's obvious, like them.

"Cyanide based? Ja.. the techs should. I don't know enough about cyanide in order to tell if they were looking for any special effect other than killing her." Because cyanide? Death. "Will she give up the sample to Beast?"


To Beast..? "Uhm… Maybe not so much to -him,- nnnoooo…" Talia hesitantly replies, remembering all too well the look on Clarice's face when she had brought up McCoy's name a little earlier today. "But, to the X-Men? Probably," she adds with a head-dip of her own. "We really do need to figure out what this stuff is, what it's meant to do, and what we can do to protect ourselves from it. We also need to get word out in M-Town so everyone can keep an eye out for trouble, hopefully no one else will get backed into a corner they can't fight or teleport their way out of."

With that all said she hops out of her seat, moving over to where the one Bamf is racing (wrecking) every car in sight. One hand reaches out, making a point of pressing down just one button.

"It's called a 'clutch,' you doof. If the physics were any more real you would have stripped every last tooth off of those poor gears some time ago. Now," she straightens up with a gentle clapping and holding of her palms. "First one to get that gun back to its owner -without getting shot- will get a shot of something you all love that starts with double-U. Get to it!"



As the smoke dissipates she stands there with a wrinkled nose, lightly fanning the air in front of herself. "Should give you twenty minutes to repair what's left of your car, at least. Your gaming reputation's probably going to take a while longer."

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