Beginning the Hunt

June 04, 2014: Blink, Nocturne, and Nightcrawler (and Bamfs) get together to talk about Blink's encounter with some HYDRA goons.


Outside by a fountain.



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Father: Acquired. Bamfs: Appeased. Talia: On the move.

Having passed a communicator along to the newest Exile to drop in on reality 626 makes it all sorts of easy to meet up again. Teej puts the call out for the back yard, by the fountain. She's got a Kurt along with her, and her usual lone ShoulderBamf that, at times, acts more like an overly possessive boyfriend than part of the extended family. Some of the younger mutants around the grounds are starting to get a bit unnerved by all of the narrow-eyed stares he's been passing out. Like a cat with a favored lap.

"Okay, I'll admit, this is kinda exciting. You'll get a chance to meet up with the woman that led our team. Not by her choice, that is. The Tallus just sorta chose her. I think she's a natural, though."


Kurt's got a more pensive expression now, a Bamf also riding his shoulder, munching on a cookie. Or rather, more nibbling and letting the crumbs fall where they may, the other Bamfs following along and seeing if they can't grab the other cookies that are gripped in his free hand. Normally, the Bamf Prime would be teleporting every few feet, just because- but today, it's a stroll as he's walking with his daughter. Another dimension or not, doesn't matter.

"Well, I'm always happy to meet your friends, TJ," Kurt begins, "Und mutant is a happy circumstance. Now, the fact she was targeted still pains me, but at least we can do something about it."


When the com lights up, Blink is out in New York… which seems to be where she's spending a lot of her time, lately. She hasn't quite settled into the mansion, just yet, perhaps still a little restless from her reality drop. Nevertheless, the erstwhile Exile takes her leave of the apologetic null at the hot dog cart, gets far enough away to actually get her purple on, and…


There's a flash of purple energy (actually, several flashes across the intervening miles — it's really not one continuous jump) and the magenta-haired young woman arrives in the back garden of the Xavier Institute, scanning automatically for her blue friend and this reality's original Bamfer.


The Wagner Clan is easy to spot. Lot of blue concentrated in one area out in the open! The sudden *BLINK!* causes the Bamf on Talia's shoulder to squeak and poof in a flash of smoke in nearly the same instant, coming to on top of the statue splayed out on all fours with eyes narrowed and tiny pointed teeth showing. Just like a scared cat, though without the usual amount of tail poofage to accompany it.


"Clarice!" TJ nearly jumps up to run over and hug her reunited friend once more. Like they didn't just bump into each other a day or two ago! Then motioning back, she offers "You'll know Kurt from one reality or another, they're mostly the same level of amazing everywhere you go. Dad, this is Clarice Ferguson. Blink. Both adorable and talented in the fine art of ass-kickery."


The moment the teleporting purple.. fairy? arrives, not only does Talia's Bamf teleport out, but one that has been trying to grab a cookie from Kurt's shoulder Bamf does so as well. Onto the statue. And… yellow eyes look at the statue before making the attempt to strike the same pose. (A little more difficult, seeing as he has a tail and only three fingers on each hand, but he tries!) The Bamf on Kurt's shoulder shoves the cookie completely into his mouth as if to be sure it won't be wrested from him by this new person teleporting in. (He knows teleporter tricks!)

Kurt's reaction is to pause in his step and smiles.. particularly at the greeting TJ gives her. There's that 'parent' moment that he probably wouldn't ever have, other for the fact that Talia is here, and if it's possible, the smile brightens more as he approaches the newly arrived. Holding out a hand, Kurt offers something of a bow, "Clarice. TJ has spoken of you, und I have been looking forward to meeting you. Welcome to Xavier's, if you haven't yet been here."

The remaining Bamfs have approached, and one is hanging out at Kurt's ankle, looking up, another riding on Kurt's tail now, and peering around the larger mutant's waist.


Clarice returns TJ's hug easily. They spent too long together as teammates and family to do otherwise. And, frankly, knowing Cal and TJ are here, in this reality, too, makes the whole thing feel that much better. She smiles as she's brought over to meet Kurt. "Hi," she says in simple greeting. "It's nice to meet you." At his welcome, she smiles. "Thanks. Cal and TJ brought me here just after I fell in." She glances to the Bamfs and smiles at the nearest one, offering the untouched hotdog in her hand.


Hot dog, twelve o'clock!


Where there had been an offered hot dog, now there's simply an open hand. The little blue critter now holding his prize sits on the side of the fountain. His prize immediately attracts the attention of just about every other Bamf in the area.

What results is a 'grand finale' of purple puffs of smoke as the whole herd of them start teleporting like crazy around the grounds, the one always trying to stay in the lead with every other in hot pursuit.

"Yeeeah, they do that sometimes," Talia glances back with a slow exhale. Turning back to Blink with a warm smile, she asks "Do you still have that injection or has the science team had a chance to start in on it?"

Off to the side there's another "Squeak!" as two of the creatures appear beside the fountain once more, one pulling on the tail of the other until they both fall into the water with a *Plunk!*


Acting as though nothing's amiss, TJ offers "It would be good to run some comparison tests on other known drugs."


It's sort of strange, the fact that the two Wagners ignore the actions of those little blue demon-cherubs. They seem.. past resigned and more 'used to it', and at times, perhaps even sometimes amused by their capering? This time is no different, though a wince does crease Kurt's fuzzy blue face. He knows what will happen, but there's no real point to saying anything. The Bamfs will work it out, and the gesture of kindness isn't lost on the big ol' Bamfer.

"You didn't have to.." is said, but it's obviously appreciated.

Now, Kurt gestures towards the side of the fountain, the opposite side where two of them are splashing, and perches on the edge, his tail tucked around his ankles so it's not used as a hand grab by one of the soaked Bamfs. "I confess I'm not a scientist, but I'd like to see it. Und, if possible, get Beast to look at it. I told Talia that I am at least a little heartened that they don't have experimental mutants upon which to test their evils, but searching the streets isn't promising either. Particularly for our more vulnerable."


Blink doesn't know much about Bamfs, it's true. But, she's had a few interesting adventures since TJ disappeared on her. So, as the hotdog and Bamf lead the chase across the grounds — no doubt to the dismay of the other mutants less tolerant of that sulfurous stench, she smiles a little sheepishly at Kurt's appreciation. "No," she admits, moving to join them at the fountain, "but I met one the first day I arrived here, and I thought it might keep him from trying to get hold of this." She reaches into her jacket, now, and pulls out the syringe to which TJ referred. As she does, she does keep an eye on the blue gremlins wrestling with each other, but her attention is more focused on the Wagners themselves.

In the syringe is a blue fluid of some sort. Uncapped, the faintest scent of almonds will escape it. Indeed, the man who was with her when she liberated it off the men who would have used it on her was quite convinced it was some sort of cyanide derivative — though to what purpose, he wasn't sure.

"The guys I took this from weren't so far from Mutant Town. I suspect I was simply a target of convenience, one that would have allowed them to avoid a trip into the 'ghetto'." She grimaces now. "And, just because they didn't succeed two days ago, doesn't mean they haven't tried on someone else since then. Hydra must have noticed when its two agents didn't return that night. I've tried scouting the area down by M-Town, but…" She gives a mildly frustrated shrug. She's only one time-displaced mutant. And it's a big city.


With the purple mutant's plan outlined for dealing with the teleporting children Talia simply grins. "See? My girl's a smart one."

Oh dear. Teej -may- have forgotten to spell out to Kurt that mentioning Beast around Clarice is not the best of things to do. Before she can really react to the matter, however-


-She now has a sopping wet fuzzball perching square on her head. "Gah-! That's enough!" she yelps while sweeping an arm over her head and swiftly batting the offending Bamf back into the fountain.

Fortunately, Blink didn't seem to react to the B-bomb, anyway.

"Well, we do have a couple dozen other sets of eyes," she offers while squeezing the water out of her short-cropped hair. "If we can get them to play along. They won't be so much help in questioning anyone, though. But, this is why we're getting more people involved. Ugh, I can smell that nasty gunk from here."

Here, turning back to Kurt, she asks "So whatcha say, sound like fun?"


Kurt chuckles at the bait and switch, nodding his approval. "Ja.. it works." Only for so long, of course, as evidenced by the 'victor' chomping on 3/4s of a hotdog and another looking forlornly.

The moment the soggy Bamf appears on Talia's head, Kurt *bamf*s to the other side of the girls, just so he doesn't get sprayed by the water the little guy kicks up. "If we can get them to pay attention, ja. They're not impossible." Just.. improbable. "We can ask them." For the Bamfs, it's always (mostly) asking. "But, one never quite gets what one asks for."

Reaching for the uncapped syringe, Kurt is careful not to spill the contents onto himself. He does take a sniff, however, and wrinkles his nose before he's ready to cap it. He checks the viscosity as it sloshes within the vial, and exhales in a sigh. He's been listening. "Ja. There is always that. We don't know. But what we do know is that Hydra now believes we will be fighting back with deadly force," his voice is low, "Talia told me. Und this puts us in a bad position. Where there -might- have been mercy, that chance is now gone." See how he believes in the ultimate good?

Casting a side glance to TJ, Kurt chuckles as he hands the syringe back. "Sounds like a blast. We let them out tonight into Mutant Town und see what they come up with."

The Bamfs have been listening in, they have.. and the fuzzy blue elf knows it. He's deliberately talking as if they don't understand or hear them, but to them? It's a challenge to help Big Brother! An honour!

If one was paying attention, the shoulderBamf that Talia had on begins to speak, his squeaky voice sounding as if he's giving out orders.

"Bamf.. bamfbamfbamf.." Then, a questioning look goes to Talia, "Bamf?"


Blink throws up a hand, creating a blink-portal through which the water sprayed from the Bamf falls, landing harmlessly back in the pool. Once the little guy has finished shaking himself off, she drops the portal and gives Kurt a frown. "I didn't kill them, Mister Wagner," she says, her eyes tightening as she does. "And I didn't condone it when Aspect did, either." Actually, she very nearly knocked the young hacker off the roof for it… though she wouldn't have let him die, either. Nothing living has died at her hands since a singular mission she simply won't speak about — one that Talia may not even suspect exists. Nevertheless, she sighs. "But, you're right. Even so, I doubt they likely wouldn't have shown mercy, in any case. Aspect believed that stuff to be cyanide-based. There are very few life-forms on this planet cyanide won't kill."

She let the reference to Beast go, earlier, simply because she's trying very hard not to jump at every little thing. It's hard, though. She might not hold it together so well if she ever actually meets Hank McCoy. There are certainly people who are triggers for her, in any reality: Beast, Sinister, Magneto, Sabretooth… It's a mixed bag and none of it is good.

The cyanide mixture in the syringe, however, is something that contains the power to dissolve mutant DNA. A retrovirus, of sorts. It doesn't, at this point, work on all mutants; it is, after all, only a test formula. And, right now, the mutants gathered by the fountain have no way at all of knowing any that. But that only makes it all the more dangerous.


With the perceived accusation Talia holds up her hands, trying to defuse the situation before it goes any further. "He knows..! I told him it wasn't you, Clare." Of course she'd look out for her friend where something like that is concerned!

As for the Bamfs, she should really settle on a name for that one in particular one of these days. 'Larry,' 'Don Bamf,' 'Ringleader…' Then the question is leveled -her- way. That's the power of being a woman, she supposes! Reaching around to mess up the one's hair with the tip of her tail first, she confirms it with "Go get 'em guys."


"Sorry, sorry," she automatically apologizes with the massive cloud of smoke suddenly encompassing the three. Short-lived, fortunately. And no more trouble-makers in sight! Aside from said three.

"Whatever it is it can't be good. That syringe needs to be kept secure. If there's any more of that stuff out there then it also needs to be dealt with." (Yeah, no kidding.) "So, any ideas on how to find a covert blackhat operation with ludicrous amounts of funding?"

Pause. Grin.



"I cannot und will not assume what they will und won't do. If one doesn't show mercy, perhaps another behind him will because he sees it is wrong not to. Allies come in the strangest of places und in forms that one doesn't expect." Kurt sighs unhappily, but this particular message is rather important to him. "I did not say you killed them, und if you're friends with Talia, I believe that you have the same feeling on the matter." Though now, he looks directly at Blink and offers a smile, "You can call me Kurt. I'm not that much older than you. Or Nightcrawler if you prefer."

Kurt watches the interaction of the Bamfs and Talia, and he nods his acknowledgment and agreement at the final question posed by the spokesBamf. He lets Talia answer it, however. As far as he's concerned, Talia's a member of the Xers, and is due all considerations thereof. Including helping plan and spearhead investigations. (Her father trained her well!)

It's Talia's suggestion, however, that gains Kurt's notice, and brows rise. "Cerebro? But…"


"God forgive me but it is usually easier to ask forgiveness than permission." Beat. "Cerebro."


Clarice isn't really all that familiar with Cerebro. She comes from the wrong universe, and it wasn't a big factor in any of the missions she went on in exile. "Cerebro?" she asks, her head canting to one side faintly. She watches the bamfs scatter and, for a fleeting moment, wonders if New York will survive the assault. She reaches into another pocket and pulls out the card with Aspect's email address on it. "I do have a contact address from Aspect," she notes. "I've worked with worse than him, and he does seem to be good at tracking Hydra. I think it's his personal mission."

Her pointed ears rise and fall with thought. "Okay. You guys take the syringe to…" her lips thin for a moment, then, "to Beast or whomever. And do the Cerebro thing, whatever that is. I'll try following up with Aspect and see what leads he has."

She glances around. "In the meantime…" Her eyes settle on the mansion. "What does a girl have to do to get a real room in this place?" And she smiles.

Hey, if you're offered a resort, you might as well take advantage of it, right? And, so she will.

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