Phonecalls at 4AM are Rarely Good News

June 6,2014: Nancy phones up one of the very few people she thinks she can trust. Poor Doug

Joe's Diner

A small 24hour greasy spoon diner.



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Sitting in her Jetta, Nancy drove around for the last couple hours trying to think of what to do. She pulls over to the side of the road and takes her cellphone, dialing a familiar number. "Twinkletoes, please answer."

Sound asleep in the middle of the night, it took a bit of time to process the ringing as something outside a dream. The mutant known as Cypher opens his eyes slowl, groggily reaching for his smartphone. "Hello," he replies, voice heavily ladened with sleep as he looks towards the clock. What the hell time was it?

Nancy O'Neal sighs with relief when her call is answered. "Doug, I know it's late, but I had to bug out. You know that Jericho guy? He did some digging around at Polyglobal. They're a front. For Hydra. And Paul is working for them. My trainer is out on a … job right now, so I didn't know who else to call."

"Duwhuh?" No, Doug wasn't thinking at… is it 3:30 AM? Holy…

Sitting up straight, the blond mutant rubs his eyes. "Sorry, hold on. Polyglobal? Paul? Trainer?" There were missing elements to this story, and the young mutant was presuming the girl had gotten herself into… SOMETHING, but what it was, he couldn't think of at just about the darkest hour before dawn. "Uh… give me a minute to wake up. Is… is there a 24 hour diner near where you are? Where are you, anyway?"

The fact that Nancy did not call Doug by any of her nicknames for him might be a clue of just how serious this is to her. No snarky comments, no snide retorts. Just the facts, ma'am. Just the facts. "I'm in my car. I packed up as soon as I found out and just left. Don't feel good about leaving mom like that, but if Hydra finds out about what I can do, I'm pooched. My trainer has told me a bit about them and they are *not* nice. I can get to wherever you need me to be. I got a car now."

Swinging his feet out of bed, Doug looks back at the clock, before sighing, padding his way towards his dresser for fresh clothes. "Okay, uh… meet me at, well… that diner down the street." Giving the address, he starts pulling on clothes. "Just be careful, okay?"

Nancy O'Neal starts the engine up of her car. "I can get there. And I'll be as careful as I can. Last thing I need is to be pulled over by the cops, cause I don't have the papers for this car." She hangs up and heads over to the diner that she was directed to. She is wearing her usual black boots along with a black hoodie with the hood pulled over her head and black pleather pants. She enters the diner and looks around for a familiar face.

As well dressed for 3:45 AM as he could, seated at a table stall away from the windows, Doug Ramsey was nursing a cup of coffee, sipping it and waiting sleepily, browsing news on the smartphone as he waits.

Lowering the phone, the young mutant greets Nancy. "Good morning," he says, motioning towards the seat across him. "Coffee? I've ordered french toast and bacon for me, what do you want?"

Nancy O'Neal arches a brow at Doug as he talks to her. She stops at the 10 foot mark and sighs. She looks over at another booth and gestures to it, taking her phone out of her pocket and waving it. She then turns to sit herself down and dials him up again, sitting in such a way as she can see her friend from the other booth. "I hope your friend can help me figure out how to turn this damn thing off. I'll just order myself up the same. Sounds good."

Oh, oh right. Dammit, sometimes Doug forgot that. At 3:45 AM. And yes, he was still staring at the clock because, dammit, it was 3:45 AM.

Rubbing his eyes, Doug picks up the phone, answering it, and listens. "You've seen Dr. McCoy already, right? Wait, wait, nevermind that. What's going on with … whoever you were talking about? Trainer, Hydra…?"

You say, "Sorry about it being so late. I tried to call my trainer, but she's out on a mission, or something." She pauses to order her meal from the waitress and goes back to being sulky in her booth. "So, you remember that Jericho guy? From the park? The one whose bar we went to when you brought all your friends to meet me? Well, he was working with my trainer on a lead for Hydra they had found. They thought it was just Polyglobal was working with Hydra. Turns out, they are run by them, hook, line and sinker.""

"Oh. Yeah, I remember," Doug replies as his breakfast arrives. Digging into the french toast after adding butter and then pouring syrup all over, Doug mmmhmms. "Hydra." he muses, after a few seconds, poking at his smartphone. "Oh the terrorist group. Wow. What did you get yourself into? You're working with… what's Polyglobal?" He hadn't been all that familiar with Nancy's personal life because, well, it was hers.

Nancy O'Neal gives Doug a glare from the other side of the diner. "Don't make it sound like I got into this voluntarily." She sighs softly and shakes her head. "Sorry, forgot I told Hank and not you. Okay, so my mom was a guinea pig in college to help pay for stuff. Some drug testing by this Polyglobal company. Good money. I mean, really good. Way more then any other guinea pig gig is worth, even with today's money. So, she got pregnant with me and they asked her to stay on the study. They said they wanted the oppertunity to check for long lasting effects on the child. Me. So, yeah, years and years of testing. They finally said I was fine, you know, other then having the X-gene in my blood. They couldn't detect any sort of power. Just the gene to have one." She pulls her hood down and runs her hand in her hair. "So life was pretty normal, till I met you. Now things have gone to hell in a handbasket. Turns out that Paul is actually a spy for Polyglobal and he's been reporting about me to them every week for as long as I've known him. And they told him to bring me in under any means neccesary. I had to leave the house, cause what if they call mom? They already tried calling me to come in for more testing and I said I wasn't interested."

"Um… okay. So Paul is… a family friend?" Still trying to process the large amount of torrential information, the young mutant starts chewing on food as he considers the information. "Do they know what your powers is now?"

You say, "No, I met Paul in my last year of highschool. He just never let my attitude get him down. I feel like an idiot, Doug. He was never really my friend. He was my monitor." She thanks the waitress as her own food arrives, shaking her head as she continues to talk on the phone. "I don't know. I never told Paul about it, but they have me on camera with that whole mall incident. According to the stuff that Jericho showed me, they seem to just want me in for testing at this point."

"So… damn. They don't know yet what you can do."

Taking a look up towards Nancy's face, Doug sighs. "So… you need help, right? I can call, I guess… Scott might be the best person to help deal with this. He can provide security detail."

You say, "Jericho said I had to leave home. THey know about my mom. They'll try to use her against me. I can't go back to work. Paul is there. And they likely know I go to Juilliard, so there isn't safe either. School is simple, it's the summer semester so I was only taking two courses anyway." She grabs a sausage and bites into it. "I could move in with my trainer, I guess. I just… this is gonna sound dumb, but it seems like you are the closest thing to a friend I have."

Rubbing his face, Doug nods slowly. "Fine. And it wouldn't hurt to make arrangements with Dr. McCoy and Scott. Maybe Calvin can help hide you out… he's good at adapting." Smiling softly, the young mutant lifts his chin, adjusting his body language to show confidence. "We'll get things fixed for you, don't worry, okay?"

You say, "I'm just kinda worried. I mean, am I gonna have to quit Juilliard? Cause that would super suck. And you think you're friends would help me? Mutant solidarity or something? Cause that Scott guy didn't seem to like me much. Though Hank seems to have warmed up to me, once he knew what I could do."

"Scott is kind of a stick in the mud, but if you're in for a battle, there's nobody better," Doug replies, flashing a grin. "Which this might be if Hydra is involved. I'll ask him, see what we can do." He hesitates. "I don't know about Julliard, though."

Nancy O'Neal sighs and grows dejected. "Ah, lets face it, it was only a matter of time before they booted me out anyway. I'm not as good as the others there. Hell, I probably only get the scholarships cause they feel sorry for me anyway." She looks up then and tries to smile. It's a weak excuse for a smile. "Thanks again. Really. I just needed someone to talk to.

"Julliard don't hand out scholarships to just ANYONE," Doug replies with a comforting smile. Picking up a piece of bacon, he offers to Nancy. So what if she's over there? Let her come get it. "Anytime, now let's eat, then see who we can talk to."

Nancy O'Neal smiles a little more genuinely, grateful for Doug's kind words. She hangs up her phone and picks up her plate and mug and walks over to join Doug at his table. "I know. No talkin' but… it's nice to just be here."

He doesn't waste his time talking. Instead, there's just a smile, and offering of food. Might as well start sharing food, if he can't speak…

Nancy O'Neal laughs when Doug starts sharing his food. "After what I said about Illyana sharing her food, should I be worried?" She winks playfully and grabs some of his bacon.

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