June 06, 2014: Domino and Hawkeye run in to unexpected inhabitants of Ellis Island.

Ellis Island

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Night time, the South Side of Ellis Island - having been called the Sad Side of the isle is usually off limits to the general public and actually illegal to trespass in to. Once upon a time the hospital complex housed millions of immigrants from 1890 up until the 1950s, they stand for the most part idle now, a historic landmark. Traffic has increased over the past few years but that traffic is largely controlled the awareness programs for restoration have met continued funding issues, roadblocks and all manner of difficulties - for good reason.

Essentually modern day ruins, the subject of intrest actually being the detention facility, which, also acted as an internment camp for German-Americans and Italian-American citizens during WW2. Why is it a subject of interest? Domino was hired to come here months ago in Mardi Gras by a man she met via a breadcrumb like trail (curteousy of Remy LeBeau). The meeting was a brief one, the man, was short, colorful but for the most part forgettable and he offered a simple job, retrieve and get paid - instructions to follow.
The in question was said to be here, stashed long ago by a Gypsy who was unfairly imprisoned while migrating from Europe; having traveled to the Island of Hopes in search of salvation and a life away from the wars and persecution. Only to meet more. The artifact here is supposedly worth upwards of a million dollars, the rogue Remy LeBeau, the notorious Catwoman and the crackshot mercenary Domino were all employed to recover three pieces of one puzzle (not that they all know this). Sadly it's taken this long to track the Lady Luck benders own target.
The most recent message was a Tarot card with a creature upon it, an eagle with spread wings, talons out and the torso of a naked woman; scribbled across the card was written The Island of Tears, another name for Ellis Island.

Quaint. The card's a nice touch, but a cool seven digit figure is nothing to sneer at. Domino's got quite a lot on her plate already,! A job like this is right in her current back yard, should be a total cakewalk. She can slip about in the shadows, break a couple of laws, find something that's worth a stupidly awesome amount of money, and be home in time to bitch at Cable for eating all of the pizza again. Easy! She doesn't even need a lot of gear, though the wrist taser, grappel line, lowlight goggles, healthy compliment of explosives, and a suppressed 9mm PDW compliment the usual run of four combat sidearms and gods know how many blades.

Because that's how she rolls.

She also doesn't particularly trust any of the people involved with her getting this job.

"Some nights I really hate this town," she sighs to herself while approaching the ruins.

Every group of people with more than 2 has the chance of losing any hint of secrecy. It's true! From the highest levels to the lowest, and Clint Barton has seen both. Whispers on the street mean nothing to some, and everything to others. Just have to -know- how to discern one from the other. And, with the archer's criminal past, which he's trying to put to rest completely, he's gotten pretty good at discerning.

But- it's also like a giant game of 'telephone'. Information passed in whispers sometimes… no… always lose some factual content until such time as the story comes out as a 'zombie manifestation at 1 am on Liberty Island'. Or, okay, maybe not the best example given the month he's had, but the point stands!

As a result, Agent Barton is vaguely in the area, running in the shadows, looking for movement- or any sign that something, anything, might be 'up'. Not the best way to spend a Friday night, sure… but what else could he possibly be doing?

Activity on Ellis Island has been an easily monitored thing up until recent months, why is Agent Barton here? Easy. SHIELD doesn't have a clue what is going on in a place that is right under their nose. A place that they should casually be able to flip a lightswitch on. Intel is needed, why has something so obvious become a blanketed dot on the radar. A blip of non-information. The security guards look to be on patrol, moving from place to place, doing their usual rounds. Nothing out of the ordinary amongst them unless a trained eye pays attention to one additional little piece of equipment they all host on their belts. Tiny, almost un-noticeable but still there. What it does? Who knows but it isn't standard issue. Barton has passed two such individuals, Domino herself is deeper in the complex of hospitals trailing what had appeared to be three of these "government" outsourced security professionals who carried a box between them, a fourth figure covered in a large poncho like cover followed behind them. His body too wide, too bizarre and alien to be anything but suspicious even when covered as it is. Welcome to things not being what they're supposed to be and standing out like a sore thumb.

With goons like this carrying a box around, and what very much looks like extra muscle from the big guy, Dom's gathering that they happen to be in possession of what she's after. The timing is so convenient as to be downright suspicious, they finally track the thing down and the place is suddenly crawling with security. Someone else had to have known about this. She's going to go on a whim and think that they're also coming from someone that has very deep pockets.

The best way to stealth it is to keep it so that no one knows that you're there at all. No cutting out cameras, no silently taking out guards. The true mistress of the night operates within the shadows, not with force. Not even silent force.

Not that she isn't well prepared for the moment when things go sideways, if they ever do. Until then, fingers clear of triggers.

(And where are you four going with the box, hmm?)

Of course, sometimes there comes a time where taking a shot or four becomes necessary. If they're already in possession of the artifact then she may have to do a bit of wetwork after all. Four figures for seven, seems like a fair trade to her. Even better if she can smack a piece of the ruins to try and get it to drop right on top of them. Can't blame the death on a shooting if it becomes a death by structural collapse!

The beauty of a bow and arrow is that it's silent. Deathly silent but for the quiet of the *twang* of the bowstring. But, with dampeners, even that is silent as Hawk raises his bow and releases one well-timed single arrow, striking a guard that has moved away from his peers. Like picking off a wounded calf. Immediately on the move, Barton has to drag the body into some semblance of cover and looks to remove the 'non-standard issue' box sitting on the belt. Here's hoping there's no 'I've been tampered with' alarm!

"Whats in the box?"

"That a joke?"

"No, it wasn't. I'm serious… whats in the box?"

"A severed head, like the movie."


"No. Dumbass."

A snarling baritone voice cuts off both of the other two (presumably the guards), "Shut up both of you before I eat your faces." Both voices go silent immediately as that covered figure asserts his authority. Another corner and they're standing in an open room, a portion of the detention center that cuts off several directions down poorly lit old hallways, hallways that now have hanging temporary lights set up, much like excavation crews use. Not to say this is one. "Where do we set it?"

"Put it on the counter for now then we wait for my partner." Shuffling noises and that wooden box clinks against the surface of the counter. Those talkative guards moving over to stand by their third comrade as quite conversation picks up. The other figure, the obvious leader stands upright and begins to audibly 'sniff' around before leaning in to a slump against the wall.

The guard goes down as expected, heavyset he's a hard pull but Barton is no weak man. Upon closer inspection of the box now removed it looks like a combination of tech and what could only be gemwork, a bizarre almost archaic craftsmanship that places the stones in to the plastic composites, the tiny stones now pulse and glow dimly that they're being touched, "What is it? You're not to be contacting me unless it's an emergancy." A disembodied voice rasps /through/ the object in Hawkeye's hand. "Speak up, fool."

There's an art to working with one's environment. Making use of what's already provided. Making the smallest possible ripples. If there's anything in that box, Dom wants to know what it is. She's not going to get anywhere near it without first luring everyone else away. All she needs is a diversion.

This is when she first catches the sound of a pigeon cooing not far away, somewhere overhead.

There's plenty of small stones lying about. It's no effort on her part to pick one up, pick a random direction and huck it toward the ceiling.

That's when one of the pigeons decides to fly away from its perch. Right in time to get knocked stupid by a small, medium velocity piece of gravel.

Then a stunned pigeon drops like a shoe right in front of the big caped guy.

(Shhhhhhit that's not at all what I had planned on…)

Move move move! If she's quick, keeps to the shadows and plays her odds then this might still work in her favor!

Barton stares at the item for a moment and glances at the now dead guard before he begins to form his response, keeping his voice quiet. "Musta bumped it. Didn't mean to."

Oh, please work.. please work..

Not leaving anything to chance, however, the SHIELD agent spins about and begins to make his way back to where he was in order to slip into the compound proper. The further the distance between him and the dead guard, the better.. and keeping to the shadows, he's pressing flat against any building that'll offer such refuge. "One for the tech guys," is muttered.

"So, what about the Trenchcoat Mafia?"

"Yep, back when Matrix was getting popular."

"What about uhm, A.I.M.?"

"For a little while, I didn't last because I tried to hook up with this guys intern, he threw me out a garbage chute. Said I'd be dead because of the chemicals in it. I only ended up with this…" The man's shirt drops and he pulls his pants down, one can only guess what he is showing off. "OH NASTY! Is it always that color? That is unnatural. You look like something out of a Dr. Seuss book."

"Haha I found Waldo!"

"You're both stupid shut up.

"Does it hurt? Is it permenant?"

"No, yes. Seriously… this is why I never show it off. Ruins the conversation. I was just trying to point out how many places I worked for, I was even part of the Riddlers gang once…"

"So what… you really oughta get that checked…" "Wait, whassat?" One of the guards stops in his conversation to ask.

"Huh?"Another follows up but neither of them seem to make move for actual discovery.

The big figure lets out a rumbling grunt and follows the pigeon's descent before walking over and sniffing again, glancing around once he leans scooping it up in an odd grey clawed pinch of fingers before tossing it in to what could only be it's mouth. Domino's window is a short one barely more than three seconds if she moves quick.

"Ew… I'm going to vomit." Declares one of the henchmen.

"Make sure it doesn't happen again." The voice on the other end of the trinket informs, "A reminder to you." A sudden jolt of eerie green electricty licks off of it to chase down Barton and give him a zap. It's more cold and feels like an injection of ice in to the blood and nerves, freezing cold ice that somehow also burns (It's just painful no lasting effects). From Hawkeye's vantage point he'll catch a strong gust of sea air followed by an out of place wind current that is moving opposite the Hudson's breeze. Strong, unnatural and with a human looking source a man surrounded by swirls of wind has just deposited himself in the center of the hospital complex. A green and armored tech suit with blades projecting in random places encases his body and a helmet spined on each side with horns. If Barton has a memory of SHIELD databases this is a criminal known as Whirlwind and he is now stalking towards the building Domino is in, from the rear direction meaning she'll be pinched in between the crowd around her and this menace. Not that Clint knows of the raven haired mutants presence.

(Looks like we get to Indiana Jones this thing.)

Three seconds isn't long unless one has super speed on their side. In Domino's case she can dodge really, really well, but she can only run really well. There's no time to stop or to see what's inside of the box. She's going to have to take the whole damn thing, hope that it's not too much weight to lug around, then find somewhere quiet enough for her to pry open the lid and get a proper look inside. Until then-


(Dammit, they load this thing full of bricks?!)

Happy fun shooty time is going to wait for as long as she can hold it off. The job calls for the artifact, nothing else. While gunning down -everyone- would have given her some amount of personal confort and more control over the situation, it's also sloppy.

Besides, she still got the box!

(Wonder how long I'll be able to hang onto it…)

"Shit.." and Barton does the 'don't tase me' dance briefly. Hissing a breath, he shakes his hand to try and shake the numbness out. Nothing lasting, but tingly fingers don't help when one is an -archer-.

The appearance of 'Whirlwind' gains a second "oh, shit..", spaced in the time it's taken for him to get into the compound and far enough away from the dead guard. Inching forward, flat against the building, he's ready to make a dash to the next building, keeping to the shadows.. leapfrogging from one spot of cover to the next, and fully aware that at some point, he may very well be made. (Which might be a problem, given that the box does give -shocks-..)

The tase was unpleasant and unnatural feeling but not impeding to Hawkeye's momentum if one , could 'taste' magic or know what it's impression is Barton now has some idea. One would assume with magic being deeply personal to the caster that it has it's own signature flavor to it. Not that Hawkeye has ever met the man on the other end of the magical trinket. He is fortunately able to keep pace with Whirlwind who is now rounding the corner, the corner that is the only exit point for Domino. The room she just evacuated completely oblivious to her coy little snatch and grab.

"Who the fuck are you?" Whirlwind's voice belts out.

Aaand as Domino's about to come flying right on out of that exit point-


There she stands, stolen crate in hands, completely out in the open for some guy in an unfriendly armored shell. "I was..just..disposing of the box," she says with a sheepish rubbing of the back of her neck. "Said they were done with it. Guess I was getting on their nerves or something."

Yeah, that'll do… If it doesn't she's got a throwing knife -right- by that raised hand, ready to fling right toward Whirlwind's face.

"Shitshitshit.." is muttered, blue eyes are locked onto the scene before him. Not for too long, however, because that bellow? Sure to bring the baddies running, and that's not a -good- thing in his book.

Now, Hawk is met with a time for decision. Does he leave the albino out to dry, as it were, and skulk back, intel well and truly received (except what's -in- the box.. but this is a good start for -why- this part of the island went dark for tem.), or does he try and the box out on short albino feet?

Barton is quite aware that he's got only one really good and free shot, and drawing one of his exploding arrows, he nocks and looses, aiming for Whirlwind's back. In the next heartbeat, he's got another arrow nocked and ready to loose on the first minion to come and run at the sound of the boss' bellow.


"That don't answer my question." Whirlwind's eyes drop to the box, "That isn't yours." Upon those words wind currents around him begin to distort the air as they pick up speed, causing a blur of motion to appear around his forearms and calves.

"THE BOX! WHERE IS THE BOX!?!" The guttural almost animal shout can be heard behind her followed by a shrill scream of surprise. A soggy torso slaps against the side of the wall behind Domino, teethmarks indicate one of the security guards was just bitten in half.

"Now you're fu—ARGH!!" Whirlwinds words are cut off as an explosive /BOOM/ echoes down the hallway shattering the few remaining windows in that hall and casting the armor plated mutant on to his face.

"THERE! Down the hall, go go!" Voices, shouts, footsteps, they're on alert now and the danger bar just lifted a few rungs.

"Well..technically it -is- mine now," Domino interjects with a sort of 'on -this- hand' motion with the box in her grasp.

Things are falling apart at the seams quite nicely. If only this had been her intention all along…

"Consolation prize!" she calls back while turning and -hucking- a frag grenade through the doorway she had just emerged from. Since everyone's going loud now, and all. Though the fact that she's got her next distraction to beat feet from an -arrow-…

And she doesn't have a hand free to flip him off with! Or go for a gun. What's a girl to do?


(I'm going to be really pissed if this thing's holding a pile of adult DVD's…)

And yes, this is where it gets real.

Barton doesn't get a chance to see the half-to-be-digested guard as he's already gotten his second, third arrow off in rapid succession..


One guard, two.. and the moment Domino passes him in the semi-dark, he's taking off and running beside her, knowing full well there are guards in the front as well as the rear.

"We're gonna do this my way.."

*pant*pant* No, not winded, but adrenaline is spiking…

"I've got a boat on the other side.." Because however Domino got there? Well.. he's bringing her 'home'. Or at least the cargo.

"And why the -hell- are you interfering with my op… AGAIN?"

Running backwards a couple of steps, the bow is draw, arrow loosed in a single fluid motion, a combustion arrow looking for a proper spot to catch fire. Building will do.. a vehicle.. an errant can, even!

The smoke and rubble filled hallway is caked with shrapnel and arrows, both guards have gone down but something else moves and as Domino and Hawkeye are making a hasted retreat the plumes of obscurement open up to reveal a set of wide set teeth, a large open mouth straight out of Jaws is coming down the hallway at them. A pigeon wing wrapped around one of those boney white daggers.

"RAWRRRRRARRRG!!!" A terrible sound that follows the monster as it rushes at them like a train off it's tracks, the Juggernaut would envythat charge. That mouth is massive and powerful, obvious from it's display moments ago in biting a full grown man in two. "THE BOX!!!"
Whirlwind has disappeared behind the bipedal shark, fortunately not scooped up in that maw and eaten. Walls don't seem to stop the abomination either, it's running through them and doors in it's pursuit. "I'm going to chew your bones and eat your guts!"

More security personal are making way for the scene in ones, twos and threes. Those little objects attached to their hips are lit up now, crackling with energy that is creating force field like bubbles of etheric energy around them. Fancy that, Barton's is also doing the same.

YEP. Archer. "I don't need your damn help, Barton," Domino replies in -such- a civil tone while she's busy running her little white ass off. Even with that gigantic toothy maw now racing straight for them both…

Wait - wait wait. HIS op?! getting -so- -sick- of hearing-

"Fine, have at," she snaps back while turning and -shoving- the box against Hawkeye's chest. He's barely given any time to fumble with it before she -leaps- off in another direction, her hands just as quickly being filled with the familiar grips of her (finally reunited!) 10mm automatics. The spiked knuckle guards are installed now, too! Why switch from ranged to melee when the same weapons can serve both roles?

"I'm a better shot, anyway."

The albino lunges through the air, snapping a barrage of rounds out toward the Landshark before landing in a diagonal shoulder roll behind cover, only to dart her arms out in seemingly completely random directions to snap off a few more shots while keeping her head ducked low.

Back to running!

What are the odds of Barton having his very own shield as he's being thrown the box? That oughta help.

'Oh crap' protocol is in force, and running and providing some semblance of cover fire is pretty much a necessity. Barelling down the corridors, Hawk is catching that tingling sensation, and while it's not one of 'his', he does a quick check before, "Oh.. hey.." This could wor—

Oof! Suddenly, Barton's put into a position where if he doesn't grab hold, he'll be flipping over the damned weighted box and Sharkboy will get it back. Which is not the goal here. So, now he's force to fumble with his bow, the box.. and the fact that he's now added weight to his running, and—

"What? Bullshit. There is no way in hell you're a better shot than I am.."


"This is gonna hurt.." and Hawk takes off after Domino, making a running jump as well to clear any detritus (or bodies..), landing and rolling on his shoulder, tucking in as best he can, before regaining his feet and -running-.

"You fuckers seen Sharknado?" Whirlwind's yell can be heard from somewhere. Heartbeats after the words are heard a gust of powerful wind picks up and creates a jet down that hallway propelling the monster down the rest of it, straight through Domino's hail of bullets and past her - in passing he also snaps out teeth and claws towards Clint in an attempt to grab the box from him or get a nice healthy chomp off.
As soon as the two-legged Shark is thrown out of line of sight a loud crash is audible as he is put through the wall at the end of the hallway, in to open air yet it still rides on a air cushion. A tail of whirling air currents streaming off to curling back in towards the mutant aerokinetic, Whirlwind. Who now stands again in the same location he'd been knocked over. His armor looks to be intact.

King Shark despite being unseen just beyond the makeshift exit's bellow is heard, "Send me back inside Whirlwind, I want to taste them. I'm hungry!" Box in hand or not the shark still demands more.

"Wanna bet?"


"You only shoot one at a time."

Eh, it's more that Dom's been pissed off with Barton for some time now. She's trying to get under his skin. It appears to be working, too! Then-

"-Sharknado,- are you guys serious?!" Alright, Barton might be a slightly better shot for a moment or two. Dom's too busy -laughing.- "What a bunch of half-rate dumbasses, what villain bargain bin did they pull you idiots from?!"

Blam! Blam!

Barton brought a boat. How nice of him to tell Dom what his exfil plan is! She's going to make her way toward his boat. The odds of him following, -because it's his boat,- are well in her favor. She's got herself an exit -and- a pack mule!

"Whirlwind…" she snickers while darting around the side of a low wall, leveling both of her pistols toward the guy in question. "Hornady says hi!"


"I don't miss!" is shot back immediately. Clint's doing the best he can with juggling his load, but when he catches sight of Jabberjaw coming up the hall in the wind? Before a *clomp* can be made for it, Barton heaves the box back into Domino's path, making sure that the merc either picks it or falls over it. This gives him the chance to be one with the door and see if he can't get an 'exit' shot off on Sharkboy before he's out of the fray.

Doesn't mean it wasn't close, of that he couldn't feel the prickle of the energy shield rising to afford what protection it can against those pointed, deadly teeth.

"You go through in a minute what I go through in a YEAR!"

Yes.. exit strategy. Get the hell out— is that a window?

Being a mutant who has no real use for munitions Whirlwind doesn't get the reference, but bullets always speak loud and clear even if his armor absorbs and deflects some of the rounds it won't do so for all of them. Using his powers he 'whirls' out of the way and through the ceiling of the hospital. Now both of the villains are out of sight only to be replaced by a half a dozen of the security personnel, their weapons licking off strange green electricity that also envlopes them at the same time. They're armored by magic and projecting it in addition to their gunshots. Frankly, dealing with these two they need it.

A rumbling sound is audible and suddenly King Shark! Well, he bursts through a portion of the building and past them again like a bullet, a loud *SNAP* sound heard as he bites down and tries to take out Domino with a single snap. Like some puppet on the end of a string Whirlwind is tossing the King Shark at them. Whirlwind himself now having a higher vantage point. Able to stare down upon the battlefield by means of flying and elevation. "Talk all the shit you want. You're both dead."

"That close!" Snarls King Shark who seems to be enjoying himself. It's probably a good thing he is being whipped around like a yo yo since if the monster focused and tried to hit them from a ground-to-ground approach he's quite formidable, low-level Kryptonian levels of formidable.

"I don't either!" Domino jabs back at the archer. "That's because you don't kill things fast enou-oof!"

With the box promptly returned the albino roughly falls onto her rump, each pistol's hair trigger getting bumped enough to send a pair of jacketed hollowpoints out into the room in a crazy high velocity tango.

Ping! Spak! "OW!!"

The mooks would have been better off waiting another half second to show themselves. One of the two bullets catches the side of his weapon and twists it up and away before it fires into the ceiling, dropping a large portion of it on top of three others with a WHUMP and a thick cloud of dust.

Sharkie's back, too!

Dom's got enough time to yell and kick out against the floor, pushing herself into a roll just before those teeth have a chance to sink into her legs. With the box in her hand her aim is ..kinda..shit.

Another kick, now directed at King Shark's maw, catches him by the snout and lower jaw and pushes her across the floor as she tries to not slip.

BARTON..! I've changed my mind! You can help!"

(Would it work if I threw the box into his mouth..? Hell, I don't care if he chokes on the thing, -I'm- not going in after it.)

"Yeah, yeah.. not yet.." Barton's got another arrow off, two now at the oncoming guards. Disappearing (falling, really) into a side room as a hail of bullets comes down the corridor, Clint's got a shot ready as he moves through the destroyed room to come out -behind-, and sends a taser round into the shark, full back of the head as the mutant is caught in the whirlwind. Not bad, adjusting trajectory for wind AND speed..

"It's so much nicer to work together, isn't it?"

Another hail of bullets come, and Barton has to disappear again; he's not trusting the personal shield to help him, though it actually does. Catching a bullet in the leg, Barton's knee flicks forward and he's simply going to roll with it, bringing his bow up to bear and taking the guard full in the chest with another taser round- should disrupt the shield, right?

King Shark's amusement seems to be diminishing with each bite he misses, suddenly gripping on to the side of one of the sturdy trees. "Knock it off, Whirlwind. I'll do it on my own. Stupid Sharknado crap… stupid movie." The big monster snarls and snaps at skyward.

"Fine, I don't need you. These weaklings I can handle on my own." His hands lance out like he is clawing at the air sending slices of wind that cut like swords towards the general area of Domino and Hawkeye. Concrete, wood, cement, stone, a guard, diced like they're hit by a cheese grater in it's wake. "Yeah, yeah yeah yeah! Come on, come on, hold still and let me dice you!"

The tree King Shark in snaps in half dropping the brute on the ground as he splays out to all fours before loping towards the duo. Hand, foot, two hands, soon he is upright and running again, mouth open.


"The scrying stone is not being held by one of ours." A slender man informs individual opposite of him. The lighting not allowing visibility on either of them, the speaking figure waves a finger in the air causing the image they are seeing projected before them to swirl and to scan upwards like an eyeball shifting it's gaze, the picture that forms is an undershot of Hawkeye's profile. "Who is this?" Asks the speaker. "I've never seen this man before." A musing voice, his pointed goatee now being caressed from base to the very tip. Those slender fingers hook out at the air and energy flickers off of them, "Perhaps I should fry him right now. Be easy while he holds one of my talismans."

"Agent Clinton Barton, one of SHIELDS finest. Spare him, let him keep the stone. Maybe it will be advantageous to the Society." The shadow obscured man's fingertips steeple before him, "Let this play out."

"And if we're discovered?"

"/We/ won't be."

"Spare me the motivational bullshit and kill things, Katniss!"

The wind blades are a little tricky to avoid. They're made of -air.- Nothing solid to track, just an atmospheric blur. One of them catches Domino in the shoulder, though the bulk of it goes into the aged flooring beneath her…


A spot on the floor, conveniently Domino-shaped, gives way beneath the woman and drops her into another backward roll out onto the next floor down. Covered in dust and debris.

On her feet.

What's left is left behind, the merc running through the ruins then bounding up over a pile of rubble in time to roll through the air and take down another mook with a knee cracking against his face.

(Get to the boat get to the boat get to the boat where the -fuck- is Barton he needs to be carrying this thing some more…)

Desperate times. Realizing how much this place has weakened over time and the extended firefight… Mid-sprint she yanks another grenade free of her combat webbing and pops the spoon.

"Barton! London Bridge!"

(Let's see if we can't turn this whole place into a pile of rubble.)

"I have been! You're just not paying attention!"

"Oh shit.."

The moment the floor crumbles out from under him, Barton is falling full force down, and lands, his legs giving from under him, and he's lying there in the rubble for a moment, trying to force the air back into his lungs. Boat.. boat.. and as he sees more debris falling, threatening to bury him, he rolls and regains his footing, albeit painfully.

"What?" Oh..


Taking off once again, though this time with a decidedly pronounced limp, he's headed .. well, to get the hell out of the compound.


Twisting around for yet another shot, he's taking it at a guard that is near a convenient Oxygen line. In the hopes that it's a -live- line, Barton tosses his -last- incendiary pointed arrow, and it buries itself into the man's arm, pinning it to the wall of the hospital, and the explosion forthcoming should be pretty damned impressive.

"Slippery bastards." Whirlwind repositions himself, zooming around like a rocket to pause and take aim once more. "Too dark to see a thing… " Not to mention the occasional explosions, smoke from falling debris and well, the explosions. Also were explosions mentioned again?

"Make them bleed! If they bleed they can't hide from the King Shark." A gnashing of teeth is interrupted by a collapsing hospital wall that falls ontop of the beast, who holds his arm in the way as it crumbles around him. He is relatively unscathed but it's yet another visual loss.


"Whirlwind and King Shark are failing. We are going to lose the artifact." The thin mage mumbles.

"It is of no concern, it was an uncertain endeavor anyways. Have our men retreat and cease operations on Ellis. Shut everything down."

"But Ellis and the Darkhold were my operations… "

"Which is why if we run in to any further complications I will be holding you responsible."

"Very well."

Within seconds of the command the scattered security teams begin to pull back, retreating in small squads, dropping flash bangs and frags here and there to flush and cover their tracks. They'll pull back, wait and disassemble operations before SHIELD can mobilize on them. Ellis Island will be wiped of their existence within hours.

These two may have lucked out on timing, Domino's already bleeding some from the shoulder. Somewhere behind the two the building starts to fall in upon itself, 'London Bridge' falling down in fairly spectacular fashion.


"Where the hell did everybody go?" the lone woman asks, suddenly confused. "Hey - I'm not done shooting at you guys yet!"

Sigh. Oh, and this raises a very important point…

She no longer needs the boat.

With the fighting stopped and the SHIELD man somewhere relatively nearby she decides that her best course of action at this point is to -run like hell.- She has the box, she has what she came for. So long as a mob of baddies aren't all getting up her grill she can get out of here on her own terms, using her own plans.

Without Barton!

She doesn't even throw another insult his way, that would tip her hand. Distance is her friend.

No mistake, Barton -looks- like he's been through hell, and he feels every inch of it. So, as the direct attacks on their persons dwindle, and the random, generic *booms* go off (more and more into the distance), he pauses in his running to rest his hands on knees, pulling air in. "Getting too— what the— oh no, no you don't, Domino!"

Barton takes a deep breath and sprints after the albino. Not going to let her go with the package, no.. and as he's running, the bow comes out, and he pulls one of the last couple of arrows and lets it fly. A distinct *whirrrrr* sound exits, and the arrow hits a tree, banks now with a line in the air, only to embed itself into another tree. Pretty basic trip line, but they're both exhausted…

Once the arrow is loosed, Barton is back to running full tilt (as full tilt as he can manage) after her.

The transition from chaos to near serenity is surreal. New levels of it as the distant voices of retreating squads can be heard faintly and the occasional topple of old hospital structures. King Shark snorts as he listens to instructions from afar, "I have their scent. I can get them… " The monster argues before turning and walking towards the Hudson. "Bah, I'll go find some idiot to eat at Jersey Bay. Screw this and screw, Sharknado, stupid jackass Whirlwind." The bipedal shark submerges himself and becomes a fin that soon fades away, sinking below the surface on his merry way.

Whirlwind's soaring also comes to a pause while he hovers there, likewise engrossed in conversation elsewhere, "We could have taken them. They were little more than street thugs, King Shark messed it up. He ruined the whole operatio… very well, next time." Uplifting he casts himself in to a cloud bank vanishing in to the New York skies.

Domino and Hawkeye from all looks of it are going un-disturbed in their retreat, the box is secured along with it's contents and the Sad Side of Ellis Island really does look like the sadder side of things. It has definitely seen better days.


Missed. By a flippin' -quarter inch.- The toe of Dom's boot catches the wire and sends her hopping, stumbling, then dropping enough that she has to twist about to roll across the back of her shoulders. In that instant the box is abandoned, dropping to the ground beside her. Right now she needs her hands free for something else.

Something like the mirrored pair of black ten millimeters now locked and cocked in Barton's direction. She doesn't need to be standing to make the shot.

"I've had just about enough of you, Barton! Fuck off before I lose my temper!"


Running… and just keep running. Particularly when there's only one, two arrows left in the quiver. And when Domino falls, and the case goes flying? There.. here comes his chance to leap, roll, and land to reach out and grab the box—

—only to be met with a pair of 10 mils pointed right at his head.

Not something he'd survive.

Pulling his hands up to show that he's got nothing in them now, the bow is on the ground, blue eyes are looking to that other pair of eyes that happen to have his head in their sights. His tones are low, but there's that 'don't shoot me' tenor that even the bravest can get when met with such an instant. "Now.. calm down.." Not really in the mood to die today, thanks. "Just want a look in the box…"


Checkmate. Blackened lips slowly hook into a crooked grin, the albino still breathing hard as she keeps those weapons trained nice and steady on Hawkeye's noggin. "Looks like you're runnin' out of sticks back there, Archer."

That's the nice thing about quivers. They're rather vocal to everyone that's willing to listen.

"You could have just asked, you know."

The burning in her shoulder from where the airblade diced neatly through her armor is ignored, a thin rivulet of blood running down the back of her shoulder. She's wounded and exhausted, but she -won.- A squeeze of either index finger and so many of her problems will simply disappear into the evening breeze.

With a whole new set of problems looming on her horizon. If she murdered a SHIELD agent she can bet her ass they would find her and operating within the Tri-City area would become extremely unpleasant for her.

"What are the odds," she offers in a softer, somewhat dry tone of voice. "I'd like a look for myself."

It's still up to her, though. The next move is hers, and hers alone. She has to let her guard down in order to do anything more than shoot, and he's -right here- in front of her.

Good thing she's a gambling woman.

Her palms shift away from the heel of the grips, catching the hammers then riding them both forward in a way that leaves the barrels angled upward away from Clint's head. "Want to see what all of the fuss is about?"


It's the longest couple of heartbeats that he's had in a very long time. Barton can hear his own heart beating, can feel it pounding in his ears as Domino makes that life or death call. The moment those barrels are pulled up and away from his head, he lets a long held breath out. His hands begin to drop down to the ground, and one hand reaches slowly to pick up some gravelly earth.

In the next second, the sort that hangs in the balance of time, the dirt is thrown up and into her face at about the same time he makes a leap at her to slam her backwards against the ground, and make the attempt to disarm her.


Here lies a woman that can dodge bullets. Maybe Barton hasn't seen that in action yet, but Domino can be a fast little brat. Thus, it might seem a little surprising to both people involved when that gravel pelts her square in the face.


Getting slammed back to the ground, feeling the disarm attempt, maybe she can't see with her eyes but she has a pretty damn good idea of where the archer is above her. She's willing to take her odds with a blind head-butt, both of her arms propelling her forehead-first toward the SHIELD agent.

She's not done.

"Why won't you people -leave me the hell alone!-" she barks out while driving one of those spiked pistol guards straight for where she's expecting his calf to be. He's got two arrows left and she's wearing armor. If he can't run after her then this fight is over and done with.


Clint's on her, trying to get at the gun, but that headbutt knocks him back with a *whoof* of pain, making his head spin. As he tries to deflect another potential incoming follow-up, the moment he's rolling to the side, she's got him in the meat of the calf, and he barks out a curse, "Goddammit!" and he can feel the blood starting to well from the injury. "You're always in my goddamned way!" comes as a grunted retort.

Barton's not long on the ground, however, and he rolls to the side to be sure that she's not going to get another shot in on him. Or, if she's looking down the sights, at least he won't be a sitting target? Then, back on his feet, and he's got to make a push for his bow that lies on the ground where he'd left it only scant minutes before. He's not going to be doing a lot of running…


"I was here first, jackhole!"

These next few seconds count. Thank goodness he didn't throw sand, gravel's a bit quicker to bounce back from. Domino's back on her feet, once more left with the annoying dilemma of having to choose between being fully battle-ready and having the box that she came here for. (Is it too much to ask for both? Gah, drop his ass then run, Dom.)

The guns need to go home in order to take the box. So, she could use a few -more- bullets on the man, or…

The albino presses forward, very fast and very aggressive. A shoulder toward his sternum, an open palm to the base of his chin, then a backward-diagonal somersault..thing as she tries to kick him in the side of the head and send him back to the ground, hopefully too stunned to get another shot in at her.

Succeed or fail she's going right back to the box immediately after, her car's not too much further away from here. If she makes it back to the Jaguar then the night truly is hers.


"Bullshit— I've…" been here for days. That -almost- came out, or rather, more truthfully? SHIELD's known about the blackout for a couple of days.

The moment he is back on his feet, his head jerks back with the force of the push of the heel of her hand, and he's laid out flat on his stomach after the kick sends him into another direction. The decision, then, for Barton, is one that prize fighters make all the time. Does he get up again, only to have the chance of getting the shit beat out of him more, or does he just… stay down. Taking a deep breath, the exhale sounds a little too much like a groan as he tries to get his hands under him to push him up off the ground.

But there… there… his bow. Reaching forward, he grabs the bow before giving his quiver a quick kick to dislodge an arrow. As it bounces, Clint catches it, nocks.. and looses an arrow in Domino's direction as the albino merc runs from the site with the box.


Dom wouldn't stand a chance. She never sees it coming. As Clint had said it himself, silent and lethal. The arrow flies true after the fleeing mercenary.

And misses.

There's an acute -yelp- from the woman as she twists and falls onto her side, rolling once before getting her hands under herself and pushing back onto her feet to continue, albeit slower and with a notable limp.

Hawkeye's tripline had twisted her ankle. From the archer's perspective it might almost look like some unseen cosmic force simply shoved her out of the way right before the arrow could kiss blacked out armor.

The shot had been true…

1 in 5,490.


Clint's good. One of the best. He can take shots that others would only dream of making, or wouldn't consider because of everything involved, and the arrow would fly true to its target. Lying there, he's watching the arrow's flight, watching with held breath until—

Domino goes down, and the silent missile goes streaking by, lodging itself into a small sapling, splitting the new sapwood.

For the first time in YEARS, Clint simply lies there… battered, bruised, leg seeping blood… and full in the knowledge that he just -missed-.

Rolling onto his back, the archer closes his eyes for a five-count before he digs out his com to make contact, "May, this is Barton. Ready for extraction."

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