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June 07, 2014: Over burgers, some of the X-Men discuss the fate of their most recent rescued mutant.

Rear Grounds - Xavier Institute

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Scott gently sets down a plate full of hamburgers atop the searing hot grill and reaches for paper toweling to put over his hand as he lowers the temperature. He replaces the cover which dampens the sizzle, sets the timer, and slumps down into his chair at the table, right down next to his drink. The best way to spend the next day after defeating a platoon of Iranian soldiers is to do absolutely nothing.

Out in the sun, the students who remain after summer break let out are off in the field playing kickball. It's no doubt that eventually one of the staff will eventually have to go over and set some rules after the students inevitably begin to use their powers.

"Well last night went well," Scott says as he scratches at the side of his head absently. He looks over toward Jean, "I know the leader over at the Mosque. That's probably the best place for Soha to worship-it's a long drive but people won't bother her there." Almost immediately, Scott learned that the young girl is extremely religious. "Hopefully she'll adapt well."

Summer. The wondrous time of year when teachers can let their hair down and stop being 24/7 role models at Xavier's. Jean Grey is all for getting a little bit of sunshine, albeit slathered with SPF 10 billion sunscreen so she doesn't turn into a lobster or one giant ginger freckle. She's in a pristine white bikini of a tasteful cut, with a sun hat and retro-looking shades, stretched out on a lounge chair with a kindle in hand, reading. There is a sarong draped over the back of the chair, and a cold glass of lemonade on a small table beside her. She glances over the top of her sunglasses at Scott. "I'll see if any of the college students staying over the summer can escort her to and from there. Shouldn't be an issue," she notes.

Kurt's sitting on a lounge chair, his tail draping off to the side, in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. A pair of sunglasses covers his face, and just at his head, a smaller version of him, a mini-cherubic looking bamf grabs the ball cap the mutant had been wearing and *bamfs* off with it. This brings Kurt sitting up in his seat immediately, ready to yell at the imp before he realizes that burgers… are smelling really, really good.

"I'm hoping to introduce her to Father Mike," comes as feet swing around in anticipation of grabbing one of those bits of meaty deliciousness. "But, it is a large change. I was wondering last night if she's ever slept in such a large room by herself before."

Near the edge of the lake, Cal breaches the water like a dolphin, aided by a little telekinetic thrust that lets him land on the pier and start walking toward the others. He's wearing a pair of those blue square cut trunks that are an exact duplicate of the ones Daniel Craig wore in that Bond movie. "Let her get settled first." he suggests, reaching up with both hands to run them over his hair and squeeze the water out. "So she doesn't think we're trying to change her."

"She spent some time with the Professor last night," Scott explains as he crosses one leg over the other and nitpicks at his linen pants. "You mean introduce her to Father Mike just for comfort sake, or for religious guidance, Kurt? For the former, well, I imagine the Professor might do the trick." Either way, Soha's spiritual pathway is kind of her own deal in Scott's mind. He's just concerned that she's happy.

The best thing about Kurt and Scott wearing sunglasses is probably Jean's outfit. The worst part is that she's a mindreader. Scott doesn't blush.

"I forgot to ask if anyone wants something other than hamburgers," Scott says with a raised eyebrow, realizing his mistake.

"Religion is a very personal thing. It's something she has to choose for herself, so it's best to offer her options, but not force them on her," Jean says quietly. She then smiles, for seemingly no reason at all. Perhaps she's gotten a glimpse at the thoughts of those appreciating her outfit. Perhaps it's just something in the book she's reading. "Burgers are perfect for me," she declares, before shutting the electronic device down and getting up to sit at the table. The sarong gets tied around her waist en route.

"Religious. She was raised in a world where she is nothing but property. For someone religious, to see a new path to the same end?" Kurt's all about the religious aspect. It is, ultimately, why he's here. It is something that -saved- him. Looking to Jean, there's a genuine smile for the woman. "She's a child. To allow her to choose her own path without knowlege of what is available to her would be doing her a disservice. They have to learn, und if they're not taught?"

Feet on the ground, a three-fingered hand rises idly to check to be sure that the hat is truly missing, and a dramatic, theatrically long-suffering sigh escapes the fuzzy blue elf. Nothing is said about it, however… and yes. It is a good thing he's got glasses on!

Hard to miss how attractive Jean is, and pretty sure one doesn't have to be a mind reader on that one.

"Something other than burgers?" Say it ain't so! Rising to his feet, Kurt wanders towards the grill, ready to pull the top off to get a better scent on them. "They smell perfect. Did we bring the cheese out?"

"Burgers are fine." Cal assures Scott as he sits back in a lounge chair. "So long as there's enough of them. As for the girl, she just had her family killed and some strangers came and took her away to an even stranger place. It would be no surprise if she thought her safety depended on doing what we want and taking her to a priest is a clear indication of what is wanted for exactly the reason that she was raised to be property and not make her own decisions. Let her be. In a year once she's adapted, give her options."

"Pull that top off, and you'll be sorry," Scott says with a chuckle, trying to lighten the mood after the Blue Elf's mention of broadening the girl's religious horizons. She seems pretty stout with her religion, and for Scott, that's good enough. "We open that once, to flip them. That's it." His finger taps his cell phone, "And we don't do it for another 2 minutes and 13 seconds."

Control much?

"The very core of religious belief is choice, Kurt," Jean responds gently. "Free choice, the decision to have faith in something unmeasurable and unknowable. Indoctrination is a terrible thing, but telling someone their faith is wrong and another is right, is likely to just push them deeper into that shell. She's lived a life without choices. It will take her a little time to understand personal freedom." She sets her hat aside once under the shade of the table's umbrella, and pushes her sunglasses up on top of her head. Scott's OCD has her stifling a chuckle.

"Ja.. und you cannot sit there und tell me that she was not indoctrinated." A soft 'tsks' sounds, though, and Kurt shakes his head. "Why do you all have such little faith? We all agree that approach with care und understanding is important. It has been hundreds of years since someone has declared 'convert or die'."

Still, the elf is willing to let it drop for the time being. There is all the time in the world, now that the girl is safe. Burgers. A much more important topic as the smell of them has him virtually drooling. "Cheese.. right back."


In a cloud of sulfurous .. dust, Kurt is gone. But he's not missing very long before he's back with a similar bamf! and he's holding all the fixings. Ketchup, lettuce, tomato, mustard, mayo… and a bag of chips. Setting it down on the table, Kurt turns yellow eyes towards his friend. "How long now?"

"Every child of religious parents is indoctrinated." Cal points out but is more than happy to let it drop. Burgers are definitely more important. "Ah, cheeseburgers are even better. Good thought. I estimate about 27 seconds till the cover can be opened and the meat turned over." Pause. "Give or take two points four seconds."

Scott snorts at the back and forth and just shakes his head. Given how much she seems to miss her parents, it seems that if she was indoctrinated, she doesn't really have a problem with it. "You can go ahead and flip them," Scott says to Kurt before giving an upward nod towards Jean, "So what's the plan for you today. You going swimming or just sunbathing?"

Jean pours fresh glasses of lemonade for everyone and sets out paper plates and napkins. "Just don't scarf them down too fast or you'll all be groaning about it later," she warns. "And no swimming right after you eat." Yes mom. She smiles over at Scott. "Just sunbathing I think. The lake is still a little chilly for me to enjoy." At least it is without the Phoenix Force keeping her warm.

Kurt's at the grill and his tail whips around to grab the spatula to pass it around to his hand (because, after all… who wants a burger flipped with a tail?) the moment Scott gives the okay. "How does everyone like them? Jeannie? Scott? Cal? I have plates und buns… who wants cheese?"

Kurt looks at the gathered, waves the spatula and offers, "There is a World War 2 airshow today in Pennsylvania if anyone wants to go? It'd only be a hop, skip und a bamf away."

"Two, rare, with cheese." Cal answers and rolls his eyes at Jean. "It's interesting how the same, old myths are around in one reality after another even when they have no basis in fact." Which is to say, he plans on going swimming again after he eats.

Scott winces as Calvin keeps jabbing and turns to face Jean, since it's clear Scott no longer wants to have this conversation. "I think I'm just suntanning today, Kurt. I'll take mine well done, and cheese would be great." He brings his glass up to his lips and thinks for a moment, desperately trying to get off the topic of religion. "What are everyone's plans for the summer, then?"

"Medium please," Jean requests. "No cheese for me." Need to keep that bikini form. She shakes her head at Kurt. "Although I'd love that, I think it'd be a good idea for me to stay here and keep tabs on Soha. There were no overt injuries I could see, but she's in an entirely new environment and she might have some trouble adjusting to the air and food and water for a few days." Scott's question has her pondering. "Well, other than our not-day jobs, I have some curriculum work to do. But I think I'd maybe like to go into Manhattan and see a show and do some shopping."

"Zwei rare.." and with a flourish, the fuzzy elf begins to pile on the burgers, laying the cheese where needed, pulling out the condiments. "Fur Cal.. mitt cheese. Medium for the liebchen, and burnt for Scott.. with cheese." He likes his still grazing and mooing! Once all laid out, he brings the plates (with food) over to set them on the table. "Summer. I think north to look at the ships again. Maybe take a small trip? I understand there is something called 'windjamming' that I would like to try. I would love it if anyone wanted to join me und Teej?"

The rest of the afternoon is pleasant. Pleasant temperatures, sunshine, and food and drink. Except for Scott. His burger is way too overdone. After a few hours the little girl with the black hair comes out, wearing sunglasses, and cautiously makes her way towards the game going on below. As for Scott he has a feeling the kid is going to be fine in the long run.

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