Strength In Numbers

June 7, 2014: Sentinel pays a visit to the Hall of Justice in search of Wonder Woman.

Hall of Justice, Metropolis



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Alan's in his office working on the computer though 'work' might be a matter of definition. He's been trying to find out about the aftermath of the whole Mole Man affair but even his government connections aren't talking. Given that there seems to be an actual nation underground, regardless of the insane, criminal activity of the Mole Man, the diplomats are being very hush hush about it all. Or maybe they just haven't a clue what to do. "Jackie." he says into the intercom. "I'm unavailable for the rest of the day. I'll see you Monday." Alan might not be able to find out more but Sentinel might. And who better to ask than one of the other people who was there and also happens to be a diplomat herself?

It's a very quick flight to the Hall of Justice in Metropolis and Sentinel lands outside before moving toward the doors. There's got to be a guard? Receptionist? Intercom? "I'd like to speak to Wonder Woman please."

There's the equivalent of a concierge desk and a pair of trustworthy sorts to man it. "Wonder Woman's not here at the moment," the young woman at the desk tell Sentinel, "but if you'll just give me a moment…" She is able to connect with the Themysciran Ambassador, who is, actually, just stepping out of a meeting at the UN — albeit in a different meeting. The receptionist gives her a quick summary of the situation, not that there's much to tell, but after a moment, the young woman smiles to Sentinel. "She asks that you wait 10 minutes. She'll be here as quickly as she can."

Thus it is that, about 7 minute later, there's sonic boom and a flash of light out New York and the Amazon herself arrives through the front doors scant seconds later. "Sentinel," she greets, giving a welcoming smile. "I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I was in New York. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Sentinel nods to the receptionist and gives her a smile before wandering off to look around a bit. He's never been there personally, just sent reporters when it was called for. When Wonder Woman arrives, he returns the smile and meets her halfway as she enters. "No apology needed. I'd have come to New York but this young lady had already disconnected the call by the time she told me you were coming here. I was hoping to discuss the incident at the UN. Specifically, the after incident. As in, what's being done about the people who live down there?"

"That," the Amazon replies, shaking her head slightly and exhaling as she does, "is a very good question." She smiles to the receptionist. "Thank you, Marie." Then gestures for Sentinel to accompany her as she begins to walk away from the reception hall and further into the complex. The corridors are fairly wide and the room to which she leads him is a smaller hall that might be a meeting room or conference room, though remarkably well appointed with cutting edge technology.

"The UN is, as I'm sure you can imagine, somewhat stymied by the events last week. Fortunately, the General Assembly building can be repaired. As for what anyone intends to do about Subterranea?" She shakes her head. "It's a matter of some debate. There are several who want to see SHIELD investigate, and convincing arguments can be made that it is, in fact, their purview to do so. The American delegation is convinced, since it happened on US soil, US forces should be dispatched to deal with it. Personally, I am not convinced either option is in anyone's best interest. So, Batman and I have been looking into other options, other ways to make contact."

"Definitely not the US." Sentinel agrees. "If anything, I'd think a diplomatic team from the UN itself would be the way to go now that we know they're down there. While the attack was ill reasoned, they might have had some reason to take action. I don't know what the increase in fraking has done to them personally and it needs a neutral party to determine that."

Diana nods to that. "Yes. Nations rich in national resources, particularly those in the oil, gas, and mining industries are feeling particularly threatened. And as much as I have come to appreciate and respect America, I have also come to understand why its administration is generally looked upon with apprehension around the globe, even by its allies. SHIELD, however, is no more a diplomatic force than the American military is. Its mandate is to protect the world from international threats to security. While, again, it's arguable Subterranea qualifies as such a threat, and while I am convinced that Dr. Elder," i.e. the Mole Man, "has not proven himself to be a reasonable-minded leader, I am loathe to leave any sort of search for an equitable or diplomatic agreement to any group whose first option is that of force or subterfuge, rather than honest dialogue."

"Which resource rich nations are not likely to do." Sentinel notes with a shrug. "It seems to me though that the extent of their nation needs to be determined. While they may lay claim to everything underground, that's just unreasonable especially if they have a low population." And just how many of them can there possibly be? "I suspect an honest effort to find a solution is possible if they are willing to limit their borders but it'll definitely need mediation by a group with no ulterior motive except peace."

"I agree," Diana replies. "As I say, Batman and I have been looking for ways to make contact. We have determined several likely access points. And I fully intend to put together a team to go down there and make the sort of assessments you have suggested, not to mention get a clearer picture of the extent of this realm. It is entirely possible that they do not extend nearly as far as they'd have us believe — or that there are other nations there of which are are not currently aware. After all, there are nations below the surface of the sea. Is it so far a stretch that they might be under the ground as well?"

"I'd like to be involved in that, if you have no objection." Aside from curiousity, there must be some interesting plant life down there and that's very much Sentinel's purview. "In fact…" He pauses a moment to frame his thoughts. "Since I started doing this several months ago, I've been pretty successful. But it's occured to me that had I been alone then, the UN would almost certainly have been destroyed and a number of people killed. Going it solo might not be the most effective use of my time and energy."

Diana regards the young man for a long moment, listening to what he has to say. "There are certainly advantages to working with others," she agrees. "And the JLA is always open to new candidates. I would be happy to keep you in mind, as we move forward with our plans." And that's not a put-off, either. She saw his work at the UN. She has no reason to believe he is less than a hero and worthy of consideration. She just knows she'll have to negotiate the inclusion of a relative stranger with Batman, who is by far the most paranoid person the Amazon has ever met. "At the very least, I would be happy to lend you what assistance I may, so that we may become somewhat better acquainted."

"I'll keep that in mind." Sentinal tells Wonder Woman. "So far, most of what I've been involved in has been spur of the moment. Should I run into something I need a hand with that doesn't require an immediate response, I'll definitely give you a call. I'll have to think of a way for you to contact me as well."

"That would be helpful," Diana agrees. "In the meantime, I think I can perhaps solve at least some of that." She moves to a console built into the end of the table and taps the keys lightly. As she finishes, she says, "I've just made arrangements for you to be given an emergency communicator. It is narrow band and does not give you access to the JLA's full communications spectrum, but it should allow you to contact me via an emergency channel, should you require." She smiles. "We'll pick it up at reception on the way out."

"Thank you. As soon as I figure out something, I'll leave a message for you here on how best to reach me." Surely some of GBC's people can set up an untraceable message drop given all their tech once Alan tells them to do so. "Is the embassy a better place to meet you than here if I need to?"

"Most of my time is spent in New York," Diana admits. "However, none of the Tri-Cities are difficult for me to reach. The embassy, however, is where I am most easily accessible, yes."

"New York then." Sentinel agrees. It's all just a matter of seconds difference. "Thank you for your time, Wonder Woman. Can I take you back to New York?"

Wonder Woman smiles now. "No, but thank you for the offer. Since I'm here, now, there are a couple of matters I should attend." Besides, her speed is such that it's all just a matter of seconds difference, too. She extends a hand. "It was a pleasure meeting you again, Sentinel."5r

Sentinel clasps the hand with a smile. "Hopefully the next time won't be so dire. I'll pick up the communicator on my way out. Thank you again and we'll talk soon."

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