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June 10, 2014: Jean and Hank discuss some recent arrivals and summer projects.

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As usual, Hank can be found in his Lab. When he's not around the newest guest of the Institute, he's back to being the blue, furry form that most around th Institute have come to know. However, with the new guest, he's been hiding out in his lab more and more often — it could be because classes are out and he has more time now that he's not teaching or grading. Bent over one of his tables, he's more crouched on the stool than sitting on it as he peers into a microscope. Notes are taken, there's more peering…something obviously has his attention for now.

"You look engrossed in something, Hank," comes a lilting, familiar voice. Jean steps into the lab to drop off some charts, likely blood work for Soha, the recent rescue from Iran. "What has your absolute attention today?" she asks. She's in capri pants and a short-sleeved blouse with Keds, a testament to the summer months.

Hank McCoy gives a brief start as he didn't hear any knock at the door…although he might have been focusing and not paying enough attention. The voice, however, broke his concentration and he looks up and over, sliding down to actually -sit- on the stool, "Ms. Grey…I didn't hear you come in. I'm just…a thing I've been working on. It's nothing, really." He looks over at the bloodwork she's dropping off, "What's all that?"

"Blood work from Soha, the young mutant girl we rescued from Iran," Jean explains. "It all looked normal to me, but I would like a second set of eyes to give it a perusal, just to be sure. Poor thing has been through enough." She sets the folder on the top of his in-box stack and leans back against a counter, folding her arms over her chest. "So what are you planning on doing for the summer? Any particularly interesting research?"

"Who?" This is the first time he's heard of any rescue from Iran or a new mutant girl besides Nancy. Hank glances at the folder before closing the notebook he was taking notes in. Obviously, he doesn't want anyone to see. "A second set of eyes, sure. Although, your judgement and ability to see these things is certainly equal to mine…" at least when it comes to identifying mutant genomes.

As she seems to be settling in for a conversation, Hank turns on on the stool to better face her and adjusts his glasses back higher on his nose. "The summer? Just continuing the research I began earlier…using the extra time to focus on it, I suppose. While I enjoy teaching classes, I definitely enjoy the relative quiet of summer." Because 'Summer Vacation' means very little to him.

"I guess you haven't caught up on the after action reports yet," Jean quips. Of course, she isn't sure if Scott has even written them yet. That would be an awesome mutant power, thought to text. Boom. Paperwork conquered! "Well, I'll be around if you need anyone to assist, as long as you don't blow me up." She grins. She's been back to normal the last two years since the Phoenix Force released her from its yoke, but there's been a little bit of melancholy to her. Having had a taste of cosmic power, one can never quite shake the feeling of loss.

Hank McCoy blinks golden eyes, "Reports? I haven't seen any…" but he probably hasn't checked any email from Scott in a while. "I don't blow folks up…that's more Scott's gig, I thought. But thank you. I'll probably be doing this myself…it's probably fairly boring, really." Because he doesn't want anyone to know about it, of course. Top Secret and all that. Because if it doesn't work, it'll be too disappointing. "What…are you doing over the summer?" As it's a conversation, he should probably be a part of it. After all, he isn't totally lacking in social skills.

"More residency work between the Institute and possibly a month of it in the city for one of my rotations. Curriculum updates. Other than that, I haven't made many plans. And I don't want to be bored senseless." Jean chuckles.

Hank McCoy snaps, "Curriculum updates. Yes. I should get you that too…I will, before you need it, I promise." Probably. Maybe. If he's not swept up in projects. "Sounds like you've got a busy summer planned with all of that, but…knowing you…" he gives a slight sort of smile then. No doubt her idea of being busy is similar to his. Vacations are for sissies! "I don't know if you've met another newcomer to here, but she could probably use someone to talk to. Nancy. She nullifies mutations…so you won't be able to do much around her, but I think she might like speaking with you. If you have the time, of course."

"I haven't spoken to her yet, but I will soon. When you're around her, what happens to you, Hank?" Jean asks curiously. Does his hair all fall out? Does he just get clumsy? Perhaps she hasn't visited the girl yet because having one's telepathy turned off is like suddenly being stricken blind or deaf.

Hank McCoy licks his lips, "I go back to how I was before all this," he waves a clawed hand over his current form. It's what he's been wanting yet it still weirds him out to be around her. Maybe it weirds him out to have to turn back again once he's out of her aura.

"Interesting. Could there maybe be something we could look at in her mutation, to try and create a dampening field of some sort? It would be useful in subduing hostile mutants without having to hurt them," Jean hypothesizes. Of course it might let someone like Hank, or Kurt, be "normal" again for a time. "Maybe we can work on that this summer. I need to go check up on the med lab supplies." With that she grins, waves, and departs.

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