Catfight Denied

June 10, 2014: Doug finally gets Illyana to visit his apartment to play mutant taxi service for Nancy. The two strong willed women finally hash out their differences.

Doug's Apartment

Quaint little one bedroom apartment in a decent part of New York



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"Stop -doing that!-" Doug grumbles as he steps out of the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel. Dressed in a simple polo shirt and khaki shorts, the young blond levels a -stare- at Nancy. "And don't you -give- me that look. I -know- that was you who keep walking past the door every time I was singing in the shower!"

Nancy O'Neal is leaning against the wall by the kitchen, sipping at a cup of coffee and smirking. True, she hates her power sometimes, but other times it's fun as hell. Like walking up and down the hallway to hear 'Singing in the Rain' turn into "Grblwis iwn kways wpake'. "Who else would it have been? Duh. Can't wait for yer girlfriend to get here. I can see it now. "Oh Illy! Oh Illy! Yes! Yes. gerglsnerk!!"

Speak of the Devil… In this case Illy. Not Doug's Girlfriend. That is a rare and elusive animal, after all. A Stepping Disk opens flush to the inside of Doug's front door, the blonde teleporter stepping through. A polite person would teleport into the hall and knock. Others just barge on in. She's wearing jeans and a black sheer sort of tank-top over an equally black tank-top, making the skull pattern of the tank almost subtle. Of course, there's nothing subtle about those boots she favors. Black leather cuffs her wriss, silver rings decorate her fingers and she smirks at the pair of them. "Wow. You're already getting That Look from him. Record timing."

"Just as big a pain in the ass," Doug replies, tossing the towel right at Nancy's face. "Hey Illy. Troublemaker wants a ride to the mansion. Though we got to wait till Dr. McCoy's free, at least."

Giving Nancy another look, Doug mumbles. "I'm -not- responsible for the situation, so you fill her in on why you're here."

Nancy O'Neal is having too much fun at Doug's expense, smiling and laughing. Maybe it's the new clothing style or the new hair and make-up, but right now, this is a much nicer and happier Nancy. Which, considering she is being hunted by Hydra so they can likely dissect her, is quite surprising. As she teases Doug about sex with his friend, she gets into it, all 'When Harry Met Sally' like, the faces, the moans, and then the laughter and pointing at poor Doug. She looks over at Illy when she shows up and instantly grows ice cold, frowning, her laughter cut off like a knife. "Hello. Again." She turns to glower at Doug. "And just how is it that *I* am responsible for this situation? In case you weren't listening, I had no clue that I was a science project of Hydra. Hell, until a month ago, I didn't even know what Hydra was."

Illyana arches a brow as she strides in, snagging a chair and turning it around so she can sit astride it with arms crossed along the backrest. "Well *someone* better fill me in." She says dryly. "No one wants to make me have to work for the information." Because then things could get messy. Very messy. Her amusement turns into a slight frown. "Hydra?"

"She moved in," Doug summed up quickly. "Apparently because she turned out to be an Hydra experiment and Calvin wants to hide her. Hence why she looks like -that-." Motioning towards the girl, keeping this distance. His face has most definitely grown grumpier post-Harry Met Sally impersonation, and the young blond has a dour look that looks like he most definitely would have stuck his tongue out at Nancy if he wasn't, well, adult.

Nancy O'Neal groans and puts her coffee down, heading into the corner that she has started becoming accustomed to being sent to when there are other mutants in the room. Can't have people being powerless. Peachy. She rubs at her temples. "I am starting to feel like a broken record with how often I'm having to tell this story. Oh, thanks, Dougie. Yeah. Turns out Polyglobal Pharmacuticals is just a front for Hydra and my best friend is actually working for them to monitor me and now that I've started… well, being all super, they have told him to bring me in. At any cost. So… I came to Doug cause I had no where else to turn and Cal and Scott thought I might be safest at some school. And that you taking me there leaves no traces of point A to point B." She then glowers at Doug again. "And what's wrong with the way I look? Yesterday, you said it suited me, you ass."

Illyana quirks a brow at Nancy. "This might come as a shock… But I'm pretty sure that Doug's straight, which means his fashion sense is always questionable." The stepping disk at the door continues to shimmer there, eldritch fire licking at the edges. When Nancy relocates herself the Russian chuckles. "I *did* shower today." She notes, tossing herself down on Doug's couch in a comfortable sprawl. "Yeah, no prob. Am I dropping her off in the containtment cells?" She flashes a toothy smile at Nancy before looking back to Doug, "Or somewhere more hospitable?"

"Hey I never said anything -now- about how you look, did I?" Doug grumps. Maintaining an equilateral distance between Illyana and Nancy, the linguist takes a seat, running his hand through his hair to help dry it quicker. "And nah. You can drop her off at the Bunny Ranch. Nobody'll think to look for her there."

You say, "Ha ha ha ha. It is to laugh. Containment cells. Cause that's so much better then being imprisoned by Hydra." She looks out the window and sighs, trying to ignore Illyana in spite of needing her help. If she just pretends the other blonde doesn't exist, then maybe they won't try to kill each other."

Illyana gives a lift of one shoulder, turning her head to actually look over at Nancy directly. "Well. If you really want to be safe from Hydra, I have somewhere I can put you." She flashes one of those smiles that's more predatory than friendly, full of too many teeth. She looks back to Doug. "Seriously, what kind of threat are we looking at? I'm not too familiar with these guys."

"Well, the question is what they're trying to do with the experiment," Doug notes as he studies Illyana and Nancy. Most definitely staying out of the way. "As to Hydra, well, a bit of checking around…" He wasn't going to mention -what- he hacked into. "It's a global organization dedicated to global domination. Many different heads, so it's possible one of the heads decided to make her, and now other heads are finding out, and…" A shrug.

Nancy O'Neal's jaw tightens, her hand balling into fists. She will behave. Dammit, she will behave. She needs these people. Needs to play nice. Do not piss off the people trying to help you. It's a good rule of thumb. And so, she just stews in her corner, closing her eyes and counting to ten in her head. "They are a terrorist organization. They infiltrated the Nazi's back in the 30's and 40's. They were thought to have disbanded but have been growing increasingly more… prevalent. Whether they are anti-mutant or just anti-mutant that isn't controlled by them is still in question though. Frankly, if they went to all the effort to create mutants, ie me, then I'm guessing the latter."

You say, "Or, yeah. That makes sense. One branch made me and now the others are finding out and want me. Either as a guinea pig or a weapon. Goody for me."

"The folks that made you also thought you were a dud, right? So could be they want you too. Congrats! You're a highly sought-after commodity." Illyana says in that dry, sarcastic manner of hers. Nancy gets a chuckle from Illyana as well, that body language just sort of screaming her anger and frustration. "Relax. I'm not going to throw you to the wolves just because you loose your temper at me. If I did that, the school'd be empty years ago." Because Illyana can be good at pushing buttons.

"I'd be more worried if you lost your temper, Illy," Doug replies with a dry remark. "Although there -were- a lot of students that went missing afterwards…"

Taking a deep sigh, Doug smiles at Nancy. "So, we'll just deal with it when it comes. Oh… Nancy, you mentioned a friend of yours who was helping out. I was thinking of having Illyana track … whoever it was down?"

Nancy O'Neal regards Illyana when she is told to relax. She looks her over and takes a deep breath. "Okay, you said that if I ever wanted someone who would be totally honest with me, to give you a call. So let's just lay it down on the table right now. Breaking into my home? That was not on. Going through my stuff? Yeah, also not on. But bringing in your pets and threatening my life? How exactly did you think that would endear me to you. Seriously. If that was your way of trying to recruit a person, might I suggest you stop taking pointers from Scott, cause he's pretty shit at it too." She sighs, seeming a bit more relaxed now that she's got that all off her chest. "Seriously, don't break into my house ever again. Or my room. Or my closet. Or my car. Or …. whatever. Just don't." She nods her head, not nearly as fumey as she was a while ago. "That Jericho guy we saw at the park. He's in with SHIELD, I think. I saw him with them too. And at the bar. And he also broke into my house, to give me info he had gotten about Hydra trying to hunt me down. My trainer seems to … trust him. Which is super weird cause she keeps telling me to trust no one." She shrugs. "Hypocracy at it's finest."

Illyana squints at Nancy a bit. "Not 'on'?" She looks at Doug. He's the language guy. Maybe he knows what that means. She can guess, but it's a new turn of phrase. Nancy's rant gets a snort of amusement from her, though. "Threatening your life? Subtle I am not. If I were threatening your life there'd be a bit more blood involved. And me? I'm not trying to recruit you. Or endear myself to you." She gives a flippant sort of shrug. "I was bored. You looked amusing. That's all that matters." She looks over at Doug then and gives him a smiiiiile. "Isn't that right, Dougie?" She slides her gaze back over to Nancy. "Don't try to threaten me. You'll fail. But. Finding someone. You have anything he owned? He's attached to? A picture? I do need *something* to work with."

'Not on' gets a shrug from Doug, followed by a "She means not nice."
Sighing, Doug scratches his neck. "Do you two mind doing me a favor? Move out of my apartment if you're going to have a catfight." Oh yeah, the alpha female attitudes were getting strong. Though in the case of Nancy, it -was- a self-defense mechanism more like a pufferfish, while in the case of Illyana, it was… well, meow.

"Just let her have something."

Nancy O'Neal hoists herself to sitting on the bookshelf in the corner, leaning back and crossing her arms over her chest. "You said that if it weren't for you, your pets would kill me. That's called a threat. Or maybe that's just normal every day business for a demon like you. Whatevs. And it's good you're trying to do neither, cause you would have totally sucked at it. And I didn't threaten you. I asked you bluntly to just not break into any place that I consider mine. It's not a threat. It's a request. A blunt, straight forward request. I thought you'd appreciate it." She hops off the bookshelf and heads over to her stuff. "Okay, he gave me a number to contact him. He's keeping an eye on my mom since I can't go back there. I'm worried she's likely to drink herself to death without someone there to stop her." She has a new phone, what with all the money she recently got, and shows Illyana the phone number. "That's the best I got. Unless you want the bar he works at."

"That wasn't asking, not even bluntly. But true. You didn't make an actual threat. You *were* however telling. Which usually implies it to me but I'll go ahead and give you that." Illyana leans her chin down on her crossed arms as those icy blue eyes watch Nancy. "As for my pets, I was letting you know you were in a dangerous place. Ask Doug if he'd like to go on a walk through Limbo without me." She tilts her head towards the still-open Stepping Disk. "Go on. Have a blast." She slides her gaze over to Doug and just arches a brow upwards at his commentary. "Hush, peanut gallery."

Sighing, Doug just shakes his head. "I'm going to be in the kitchen. Try not and blow my living room up with hellpuppies, okay?"

Really? Did Cal really think it was a good idea to have two women with attitudes in the same room trying to get along? Or was he just thinking that if the two actually did go at it that the whole Hydra issue would be resolved with the absense of a Nancy. Even Nan doesn't fool herself that she would be totally outmatched in a fight with Illyana. She's a frickin' demon! "Well then, why did you bring your pets into my house in the first place? If they are so damned dangerous, you don't bring them along. Simple. Hell, I have grenades in this backpack right now, but I'm being polite and keeping them away. Where they belong. Rather then taking them out and juggling with them. Cause you keep dangerous things away when you're in someone else's house. It's just polite." She finally grumbles and lets out a growl of exasperation. "Listen, if we were two guys arguing like this, I would tell us to just whip them out and get the measuring tape and get it over with. So how about we just stop. Okay? We're both big, bad and bitchy. Deal?"

"Because they're protective. I don't have to 'bring them along', they follow after me." Illyana says with a shrug. "And it's just too much work to keep shuffling them off. And it makes them more agitated." Which isn't something she's really let a lot of people in on. She watches Doug beat his retreat and chuckles, turning back to Nancy. "I'm not polite." She shrugs, as close to apologetic as she's going to get. Nancy gets a slow blink of those chilly, chilly eyes. "You're thinking I'm looking to accomplish something." She smirks. "I just like watching you get worked up. I can be professional though. Yeah, where he works'd be good. Name, description so I can meet him. Easiest way to get a lock on him for scrying or teleporting. You want me to just keep tabs on him? Or sit on him until you're ready to do.. whatever it is you wanna do to him?"

You say, "Oh great. So you're saying it's like a demonic version of Mary Had a Little Lamb. Peachy. Fine, the followed you on their own." When Illy mentions that she's just trying to get Nancy riled up, Nan actually looks at her and smiles. Then chuckles. She nods, as if that is all the answer she needs. She leans over and speaks softly so Doug can't overhear. "So like I keep telling Dougie that you are his girlfriend. Just to make him squirm. Cool." Closer to Illy now, Nancy seems actually relaxed and in one of her friendlier moods. "So, he calls himself Jericho. But my trainer called him Aspect the other day when she texted me. He works at a jazz bar downtown, plays the piano. He's about thirty. Kinda average looking. Wears a trenchcoat a lot. If you can get the footage of the attack at the mall, he's all over that.""

Illyana's eyes crinkle a bit at the corners, the corners lifting slightly in shared amusement with Nancy when the other girl admits that she does much the same with Doug. Apparently they *can* come to an understanding. They're both Trolls. Like the Internet variety, not the under-the-bridge variety. Illyana's manner relaxes as well, and she looks thoughtful. "Doug's the computer wiz, I'm sure he can find me some footage to look at. Tech stuff doesn't like me." In that, they're like most people. "Aspect's likely his codename. Those get used a lot when you've got something to hide. Jazz huh?" She grimaces a bit. Not really her thing. Ah, the sacrifices she makes for people!

Nancy O'Neal rolls her eyes. "Yeah, my trainer says I need one. Still don't like this idea of me going out in disguise beating up muggers and drug dealers and crap. Seriously, I find out I actually do have a super power and now I'm expected to be all spandex tights and capes?" What? That's it? Catfight building in Doug's living room and now it's just… gone? The two blondes seem to have come to an understanding and are just talking to each other like people. Well, that was disappointing.

Disappointment. Doug will have to learn to live with it where these two are concerned. "Yeah, I don't think your ability is really geared towards fighting muggers. Not unless it does something new." Illyana notes. "Now, some *training* would be a good idea. How to fight, better still how not to get killed. Also, if you can fine-tine your power. If you could muck up an opponent's power while letting allies still use theirs? That'd be damned helpful. But you're like Doug. Your power's not really helpful in combat. At best, it'll make sure you're on a level playing field, and so you'd best be able to make the most of that."

Nancy O'Neal nods her head. "Most of what she's teaching me is fists and bullets, so, yeah. She's saying how I don't need a power to be a super hero. And it's odd, when she's around, I just wanna do my best and make her happy. Which for me is really weird. But when I've been away from her for a while, like now, I start wondering why the hell I'm doing it. Okay, yeah, these people are not nice and should be stopped, but why add to the problem with vigilante justice? And yet, I know… next time I see her, I'll just end up falling in line again. It's like she's my mom or something." She shakes her head and shudders at the thought. "Yeah, that's what they are hoping to train me to do at this school thing. Frankly, I'd almost be happier getting rid of it. Seems the only person that wants to be near me with this power is that Hank guy." She starts to smile then, getting a thoughtful look on her face. "He's single, right?"

Illyana's eyes narrow a bit. "Sounds like they might have some kind of power themselves. Something subtle that influences people. Except that you should be blocking it if… Maybe it's magical. Or something. Hmm." Illyana mulls that over. The question about Hank gets a slow blink. And then another. "… You're kidding, right? He's like, ancient!"

You say, "Yeah, I've wondered that myself about her. She *is* a werewolf. Or so she tells me. Is that a werewolf thing? Being like scary charismatic?" She shrugs. not too terribly concerned it would seem. When asked about Hank, Nancy smirks. "Yeah, he's nearly 30. Gross, right? But he starts talking all sciency at me and I don't understand a word he's saying but it just gets my motor running.""

Illyana grimaces. "Ugh. Please, no. He used to make me hot cocoa and tell me bedtime stories. I don't need to hear how he gets *anyone*'s motor running." Giving herself a whole-body shake she turns towards the less-squicky topic of the werewolf and hurms. "Not that I know of. But then there are different kids of werewolves. Could be one of them has something like that."

Nancy O'Neal is daydreaming now, and considering the lecherous smile on her face it's not hard to imagine what she's daydreaming about. "And when he isn't all blue and furry, he's this kinda scrawny four-eyed geek. I'd probably break him the first time out the gate." She waggles her eyebrows at no one in particular and lets herself be lured away from the topic of whether or not Dr. Hank McCoy is hot. "Maybe. I just know that when I'm around her, even though she seems around my age, though she's like over 100, it feels like she's my mom and I just want to make her happy. When I'm around her, I will do almost anything to get her to tell me she's proud of me, which is fuckin' scary! I killed people the other week for her! And I didn't even get to see Iran! Just zoom, land, blow shit up, thanks for all the fish and off we go. It's was like a superhero version of wham, bam, thank you ma'am."

Illyana gives a slow frown, the topic more important than the squick-factor of Hawt Hank. "Was this the first time you've killed anyone?" She asks, her tone oddly soft as she watches Nancy.

Nancy O'Neal grows thoughtful, almost as if this was the first time she ever really thought about it. "Well, yeah. I don't exactly make a habit of it. But… I was dressed up like her, so people thought I was just a clone or something and… I just threw grenades and cover fire, so I don't actually *know* if I killed anyone. I just… I… " Her face drops as the realization finally hits her. She gets up and runs to the bathroom, the sounds of retching coming from the door that is slightly ajar

Illyana straightens up in her sitting position, rubbing just below her bottom lip with the side of one forefinger as she glances off in the direction of Doug's bathroom. Which she doesn't have to clean. "Huh. I'd thought that would have hit her already…" She twists so she can see Doug, frowning his way. "Whoever this werewolf is? I'd lay money she's got some kind of mental mojo. You don't react to killing like that," She nods off towards the sounds of Nancy's retching, "And not realize it until days later."

Nancy O'Neal comes back from the bathroom, looking a little paler. At least she flushed. "I'll clean it up, Dougie. Promise." She takes a deep breath, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, though it doesn't seem like there is anything there. "I… I don't think it was her. I think she just… it was nice being appreciated for a while. My need for reassurance of my self worth is not magic. It's just pathetic. Can we do this? This whole getting me to the school thing? I think I wanna just lay down or something."

Illyana watches Nancy, long and quiet with those hard, hard eyes. Then finally, she tilts her head towards the still-open portal. Because really, Illyana wouldn't want Nancy to get too close and then *not* be able to get to Limbo. At least with it already open, if Nancy got close then Illyana just couldn't *close* it. "'Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly.'" Illyana stands up herself and ambles towards the stepping disk. Nancy will just have to muster up her courage and follow.

Nancy O'Neal goes over to grab her stuff. All of her stuff. Her cello, backpack and a rather large duffel bag. She looks at the portal and remembers what she saw on the other side the last time. Oh yeah, the screaming like a little girl part. Peachy. She ain't gonna live that down, especially if Illyana is as much of a troll as she is. Which Illy totally is. "Come on, twinkletoes. Let's get me outta here so you can sing in the shower in peace."

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