Helluland - Prologue

June 12, 2014: Lara Croft hires Matt Murdock as her lawyer while she's in the US, and sets him to a task to set up her next expedition.

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"So," Matt says a he tilts his head and slides the paperwork back towards Lara, "What I'm saying is that I don't really feel as though they have a chance. I think that any judge would side with you based on not only the law, but also on the feel good story." Matt leans back in the nice chair and rests his hand upon the armrest, waiting to hear her response.

This is just a consultation, and clearly Murdock is making a play for being hired on, but the new is much better than when she may have took it originally. Just today Lara Croft, archaeologist extraordinaire-amongst other things-was served papers notifying her of a pending lawsuit against her via Charles Garrison, a rival whom Croft pipped to an extremely rare and expensive artifact from early Native American culture.

Lara Croft hates legal paperwork. She will happily bury her head in an ancient tome for weeks on end, but make her fill out forms for court and she winds up pondering if shooting the plaintiff might just be easier than dealing with lawyers. This is where having stupid amounts of money comes in very handy. She is dressed in a simple pair of grey trousers and a white blouse, with her hair back in a bun. Her boots are of the English riding variety, and look expensive, which is likely lost on the blind lawyer.

"I'm glad you think so, Mister Murdock, because I am getting rather tired of these frivolous lawsuits. I don't have time to bother with whiny narcissistic men who feel they can abuse the law in cases where they just weren't good enough to beat me to the prize." Lara's accent is crisply British, despite her currently residing in the US.

"Yes, Miss Croft. Indeed that seems to be the major crux of his argument. Mr. Garrison…" Matt stops at the name for just a moment, having never thought of the name in quite that way before. He composes himself quickly and continues, "He believes that he was there first and merely was not allowed to obtain the artifact. I believe, since you both had permission to be on those Native lands, that it won't hold water. If it goes to trial, and if I become your lawyer in this matter, I would be prepared to call in members of the tribe for your defense as well." As she mentions the frivolous lawsuits, Matt begins to scrawl some notes onto a pad, surprisingly good for someone who cannot see.

He's wearing a charcoal coat with a black, tieless dress shirt over charcoal pants and black Italian boots. His sandy blond hair hangs down just a tick over his sunglasses that cover his eyes.

Lara watches the lawyer write with ease curiously. "Well, I do think that while I'm residing here in the States, that it would be good for me to have an American barrister on retainer. The job is yours if you want it, Mister Murdock. At least I don't have to worry about you ogling my…assets." Ah, the trials of an attractive young rich woman. "I'll need you to look into getting me permission for an expedition on Baffin Island, in the Canadian territory of Nunavut."

"That's fantastic news, Miss Croft. I certainly want it. And no, ogling isn't really my style, but I'm truly fond of the perfume you're wearing. In any event I can begin looking into Baffin Island immediately. Do you know, off chance, if it's government or privately owned?" Matt curiously flicks the end of the table after he finishes speaking.

From inside his mind the waves of the sound branch out like rippling red waves over a black sea. In his foreground he can sense what Lara Croft looks like with pretty good efficacy.

"That perfume is soap, Mister Murdock," Lara notes with a small laugh. She isn't one for the fancy things. Even her jewelry is less flashy and more eccentric. There is a leather thong around her neck with an ancient medallion on it. "Nunavut is governmentally owned, and made up of census regions, with no autonomous government. Deal with the Prime Minister for permission to enter, but I'd like to offer the Inuit population of the island some funds for upgrading their waste and water treatment facilities as they are rather strained at the moment. A show of good faith, so to speak."

"Soap?" Matt quips stoically, playing up that he doesn't quite get it. "Miss Croft, I hail from Hell's Kitchen, I'm not sure most of the women I come across are familiar with the term, but I'll recommend it to them highly.

Matt can't quite make out the details of the jewelry other than its size and shape and certainly dare not ask about it. Foggy's warned him about the casual way he treats his secrets around females who smell nice, happen to be assassins, or merely walk by.

"I'll begin working on it immediately, Miss Croft." Matt expertly pulls his briefcase upon the desk and slides it open with a press on each clasp. He tosses his notepad into it on top of a handful of other legal briefs. "I'm sure the native population will be excited to talk about that sort of thing."

"And please keep things on the down low as best you can, Mister Murdock," Lara implores quietly. "I'm going to be following up on some of Patricia Sutherland's finds of Norse artifacts on the island, which they've determined had to have been Helluland in the Sagas. I think she just scratched the surface of what might be there, dating from before Erik the Red's time." The boons to history and science alike for such a find are mind boggling.

"I assure you that discretion will be one of my chief concerns, Miss Croft." Matt reaches for his cane and sticks it downward into the floor as he moves to get up. "Thank you very much for your time, Miss Croft, I look forward to working with you in the future. This sort of work sounds both interesting and important."

"Thank you, Mister Murdock, for saving me some headaches while I'm stateside. I'll be in touch." Lara offers a hand to shake, momentarily forgetting he can't likely see it.

Matt seems to do an excellent job of finding it, and giving her a firm shake. "I look forward to it." Matt nods towards the door and smiles, "I can show myself out; thank you Miss Croft."

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