The Xavier Institute For Grumpy Gothlings?

June 10, 2014: Nancy is finally delivered to Xavier's Institute for testing and training.

The Xavier Institute for the Gifted

Downstairs of the Institute, where Hank McCoy's labs are located



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After Doug got a hold of Illyana and stopped Nancy and Illy from causing more trouble, Nancy and Doug finally end up at the Institute. Illyana heads off, something about not being a mutant taxi service and heads off. Nancy stands beside Doug, looking around at the place, carrying all her stuff. Seems she didn't trust anyone else to touch it. Cello case, backpack and a large duffel bag, all carried by the ex-goth. "Okay… so now we're here. What do we do now? Keep me away from everyone seems like the best plan."

"TUtjsjs," Doug agrees, as he opens the door, and moves further ahead, quickly getting out of range. "Let's just see Dr. McCoy, c'mon." Leading the way to the office, Doug calls out, "Hey, Doc, you there?"

The voice at the door wasn't expected so it takes him by surprise when he hears it. Pausing at his work, he blinks then makes his way over, "Mr. Ramsey, is that you? To what do we owe this visit…" the door is opened and he catches sight of Doug and his guest. Golden eyes widen and he takes a moment before recognition hits. Maybe it was the cello case. "Are you mad? You can't bring her here! She'll negate half the place and…" he looks over, "Nancy, I'm terribly sorry. It's just that the nature of your power and your lack of control…it endangers so many here." What if there's something going on where powers are being practiced and she walks by?

"Surely this place has a guest or carriage house we can set you up in…"
Nancy O'Neal waves to Hank when she sees him. "Yeah, Calvin figured this place would be the safest place for me and Scott.. well, I think he agreed. Hard to tell with him. Seems I'm being hunted by a terrorist group called Hydra. Remember how I was telling you about Polyglobal? Yeah… well, turns out they were just a front for this Hydra group." She shrugs, looking apologetic. "Is there somewhere we can put me that doesn't affect anyone? Or if it does, it's a good thing? Or you could tell me you figured how to turn this thing off, that would be cool. Cause I don't think Dougie here wants to talk like a broken Speak N'Spell anymore."

Nodding empathically, Doug moves aside to make room for Nancy so that she can get in there, and then motions towards the middle of the room, which has to have a safe 10-feet radius. Should be all good, right?

Hank McCoy just sort of blinks at Nancy, "I can tell you that you're a mutant…and I can tell you how your cells seem to cancel things out, but…I can't tell you how to stop it. If you can, that's going to have to be something -you- figure out. Now, this may be the best place to do that, but…we don't have our powers to help you." If they get too close. Hank actually does keep his distance, for now…for some reason. "I can try to figure out some way to dampen your powers…maybe make the aura smaller or non-existent…"

Nancy O'Neal doesn't like that answer. She scowls as she enters the lab, being careful not to bump anything. She heads over to a corner to get away, glaring at Doug. "There. Happy? No power sucking room-mate from hell." She puts her stuff down, her hands crossed over her chest. "Calvin said something about checking my aura when I'm sleeping. Which, now that I think about it, we should have done last night."

"Positively glorious," Doug responds, taking a seat and watching Hank. "Anyway, that's probably a good idea. Maybe making some sort of power feedback on itself?"

Hank McCoy looks between the two for a moment before he goes over to one of his worktables…the movement bringing him within Nancy's aura. Gone is the blue beast and he's just white and nerdy now. There's a pause as he adjusts before he reaches to grab some pieces of equipment, "Setting you up for a sleep study might be the easiest thing to start with. Measure your output, as Calvin suggested. That was pretty clever of him." He then looks back to Doug, "Possibly…feedback might work. It's a good place to start if we can't just nullify it at first." There's another pause before he looks back to Nancy, "If you're all right with this, of course. I like the look, by the way."

Nancy O'Neal watches Hank approach and smiles. A real smile, not her usual snarky sneer. "Thanks. Doug says that his girlfriend was gonna get mad that I copied her look." Oh, there's the snark as she grins over at Doug. Yeah, she went there. She nods her head then. "Yeah, I'm fine with it. Though the watching me while I sleep thing has a bit of a stalker vibe to it." She winks playfully at the pink and nerdy doctor.

Sigh. "Not a girlfriend, dammit," Doug responds with a glare. "You watch her sleep. I'm just going to mind my business."

"Girlfriend?" Hank looks between Doug and Nancy again, "No one will be watching you sleep. We'll just be measuring power output at different distances from you…from the furthest to immediate contact. We might want to do it over a couple of nights to be sure we get consistent readings. I suppose a room would be fine…there's enough space between rooms."

Nancy O'Neal nods her head as Hank explains. "That sounds reasonable. The measuring thing over a couple of nights. Guess I'll just practice during the day. Give me plenty of time for improvement." She winks over at Doug as she leans closer to Hank. "I'll tell you about his girlfriend later, when he's not here and being in total denial."

"She's talking about Illyana," Doug responds dryly. "Don't mind her. So you don't mind putting her up for a couple nights? I'd like to be able to talk in my own place again."

Hank McCoy nods, "As we still have people staying here, practicing during the day would be preferable." He gathers a few more pieces before grabbing a backpack, "I think I can find a place, sure…" an eyebrow is raised at the mention of Doug and Illyana. Dating. That must be prickly. "We'll figure something out…I hope we can figure out how to control your powers so that we can keep you from…anyone trying hurt you." It seems the safest thing to say.

You say, "And who exactly do you talk to when you're in your home alone? Just curious." She grabs a few things from the duffel bag and puts them in the backpack instead. "I'm sorry. I realize you are like the only person that wants to be around me." She digs around in her duffel some more before pulling out a lollipop. "Was starting to jones for one of these. I know I put them in here, but I was in a rush when I packed, so they are proving hard to find." She unwraps it and pops it in her mouth. "You think people here would be that mad? Hurting me level of mad, just cause of their powers?""

"Gaming, headset, that kind of thing, you know?" Doug responds, as he leans back, watching the lollipop girl, before eyeing Hank. "We could just put her up in the attic."

"I don't really talk to people," Hank admits. "I'm usually just in the lab." Or asleep. There are rare instances when he is elsewhere. He looks down at the equipment in his arms for a moment before he answers, "I don't think they'll be mad, necessarily. I'm just worried that…if they're doing an exercise or a training session and something happens, it could put them in danger if they didn't have their powers suddenly."

Doug's suggestion causes him to blink, "Huh. Is it set up there? I mean, sticking her in a raw attic isn't very nice…and probably rather warm."

You say, "The attic? Well that doesn't sound ominous at all. YOu aren't about to hook me up to some machine that keeps me in a coma are you?" She shoulders her backpack and seems ready to follow Hank to wherever he leads. "Yeah, I worried about that in M-Town, when my friend took me there. What if someone's power is needed for their ability to breath, or their heart to beat. That would suck. You train a lot of people here then? People like me, and you and Doug?" She suddenly remembers something and picks up her cello. "Can't forget this. Would make for very boring days if I did. Up in that dusty attic. Full of spiders. And who knows what else." She winks as she teases."

"No… I meant, I'm pretty sure they cleaned up the attic and such, it's just that it's probably a fair bit away," Doug muses, considering. "Or if you really want to keep her away from everyone, we could put her in Scott's room…"

Hank McCoy actually gives a chuckle at Doug's suggestion, "Let's try one of the dorm rooms for now…a few folks cleared out for the summer so there might be a couple of rooms free…" so that she doesn't have to have neighbors. He nods to Nancy's question, "Yes…we do. And others. There are also other classes as well…and I'm glad you understand that it could be an issue for some folks. We'll check your power-output when you're sleeping and see where we can go from there. If we need to set up the attic, we can do that as well."

You say, "Ewwww? Scott's room? I would rather be slathered in honey and tied down to an ant hill." She nods to Hank as he suggests a dorm room. "Lead the way, cutie. I'm all yours for the poking and prodding and experimentation." She chuckles then and shrugs her shoulders. "What? I was being good. Mostly."

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