Too Fast For Kid Flash

June 12, 2014: Supergirl is too fast for Kid Flash

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Sometimes the old saying: 'When the cat's away, the mice will play' rings very true. It's not an often occurrence in Metropolis, but some bank robbers actually managed to plan around Superman. All it took was preparedness, patience, and watching GNN and other international news stations 24/7 until a major crisis happened outside of Metropolis that would require Superman's attention. And a massive landslide in the Transian Alps certainly qualifies as such. So, once the global news showed superman arriving to help divert the mudslide, the thieves were on the clock. Their arrival at a LexBank branch in Midtown was heralded by automatic gun fire into the air and pistol shots hitting security guards. The timing was perfect, demanding just enough money that could be filled in a sack before MPD could arrive. They had left nothing to chance and were about to make a clean getaway. But, there was one small flaw in their plan…

A petite blonde flaw that went by the name of Supergirl.

Thirty seconds later and it was all over. Guns were crumpled, the heads of thieves were knocked together, and the bad guys were caught. Both of the security guards were also going to be okay, their bullet-proof vests keeping them safe. And as the crooks are loaded into a transport van, Supergirl is talking to a few of the MPD responders, giving her testimony as to what happened.

The Flash makes his home in Central City, and they just love him there, but just because he lives in Central City doesn't mean he contains his operations there. Rather, he'll go anywhere, do whatever is necessary, and while this frequently means operating outside the major hero cities of New York, Metropolis and Gotham, he still swings through these places from time to time. He receives police broadcasts via the little radios hidden under the wings on his cowl, and knows what's going on at any given time. A bank heist in Metropolis when Superman is out of town? This sounds like a job for…!

Not the Flash, apparently. He arrives just in time to find out he's missed everything. The blonde in Super-garb is on the case. Not a familiar sight, but he can put two and two together. While patience is not Wally West's strong suit, he can wait long enough for her to finish up with the Metropolis Police to try to grab her attention.

It's not like the Flash is hard to miss, and Supergirl hears him approaching about a second before he arrives thanks to her super-hearing. She quickly wraps things up with the police, the walks over to the Scarlet Speedster, smiling pleasantly and even waving a bit. "Hello, Flash. I hope you didn't have to make the run to Metropolis for the bank robbery. But thank you if you did; I'm sure Superman will be happy to be reminded that his friends help watch the city while he is away." And Kara smiles proudly when talking about her big cousin. "But if you're here for another reason, maybe I can help?"

"Actually, nope — I listen in on police broadcasts all over the place and help out where I can. But I'm just as glad not to have been needed." He flashes (get it?) a grin, offers his hand, the other reaching back to peel back his cowl. His identity is public anyway. "Call me Wally. It's great to meet you, Supergirl. I totally know how it is, following in somebody's footsteps. Especially somebody great."

Kara smiles and shakes the offered ahnd. "Then please, call me Kara," she replies with a sweet smile. When the subject of legacies and mentors arises, Supergril nods. "Yes. I read Kal's files on your predecessor. He sounded like a great man and his loss was a tragedy. But I do know how heavy wearing such a famous mantle can be." Kara smiles and taps the 'S' shield on her chest. "But, I'm also proud of what Superman turned this symbol into."

"As you should be, of course," replies Wally. "Barry is an amazing man — and honestly, he'll probably be back before all that long. As far as I know he's just off with family in the far future. But until he comes home, I'm happy to wear the red. And when he does he'll probably be happy to share it, all things considered." It's weird when there are two Flashes around, but it generally doesn't bear concern. "Whatever the case, congrats on wrapping that up as fast as I could have managed. Feel like grabbing a cup of coffee? It doesn't look like there's anything around that needs immediate attention from either of us." He flashes a bright grin.

Supergirl nods and smiles at the offer. "Sure! There's plenty of great coffee shops in Metropolis. And if you don't mind people asking for autographs and pictures, they're happy to have Superman or me stop by in costume." She smiles a bit, chuckling. "And when we're out of costume too, I guess. Only they don't know it's us and they still treat us the same as if we were wearing the blue and red suits. I imagine there's lots of places like that in Central City for you, right?"

"Of course," says Wally, "but then, they know who I am out of costume, too — and I don't spend that much time out of costume." During that double dash there's a microsecond where he's not there. And then he's back, two cups of coffee in his hands. One of these is offered to Kara. "Try this — latte from the Buzz in Central. One of my favorites."

Okay, kara knew the Flash was fast. She knows how fast she and Kal are. And when the Flash arrives in the blink of an eye having traveled to Central City and back…Kara does the math almost instantly in her head and just has a look of absolute amazement on her face. "Wow…that's….that's fast, alright." She takes the coffee with a nod and a smile and sips it. "Mmmm….this is really good. But here…hold this again." Kara puts the cup back in Wally's hand, then vanishes herself for just a bit longer than Wally did. In her hand she has two cups of coffee from a shop across from the Daily Planet. "Here, mochas from the 'Daily Grind'. Best coffee in Metropolis."

Wally looks a tad pleased with himself. "Fastest man alive," he says. "In this century, anyway." He sips his own coffee, and then, when Kara returns with the mocha, drinks that in turn. He needs a lot of calories, moving as quickly as he does — and he's almost always moving. "Nice," he concludes, examining the mocha for a moment, then turning his eyes back to the blonde girl. "It doesn't do a lot to me, coffee," he observes. "I mean, fast as I am, what's it going to do, make me faster? But it's a nice treat — and with all the sugar and fixings it keeps me going."

"Yes, Supergirl says in agreement. "The amount of caloric intake you need has to be rather large, I imagine." She briefly considers figuring out the exact metabolism rate, but it would probably be rude to remind Wally how much he ingests on an average day. "I suppose I'm lucky in that I just need a nice sunny day to keep me going," She says with a smile. "All I need to do is just pop above the clouds and catch some rays, as people say." Her face brightens up as an idea occurs to her. "Have you ever been flying?" she asks. "I know you can run faster than I can fly, but have you ever been flying at the speeds Superman and I can do?"

"Now and then," Wally replies. "Mostly when some other super type needs to get me somewhere — not for the sake of just flying, of course." He tilts his head, raising one red eyebrow at the girl. "I know that look," he observes. "You're in the mood to fly, I'm guessing."

Supergirl smiles sheepishly and shrugs. Yeah, she's busted. "I'm always in the mood to fly," she admits. "But it's okay, I log plenty of miles in already," She looks around and sees a crowd of onlookers taking pictures of the heroic duo. "And it looks like we've got the crowd now. So, if you need to run somewhere, mind a bit of company? We'd have to keep it under the sound barrier, of course."

"I've got no problem if you want to fly us away," Flash says with a shrug. "I don't mind a crowd, but hey, easier to talk when we don't have paparazzi taking our pictures. I don't think Superman would approve of 'The Flash + Supergirl = Love?!' plastered across the cover of 'The Weekly Cape.'" He offers his hand. "Come fly with you, let's fly, let's fly away," he sings in an almost passable imitation of Sinatra.

Supergirl laughs at the jokes and then nods in agreement. "Okay, hang on…" And quicker than a photograph can be taken, for her dignity and Flash's, Supergirl zooms off carrying Flash in both hands. She doesn't break the sound barrier, but is moving fast enough to have them out of Metropolis in a second or two. "Another thing I was thinking of," she says to her passenger. "I haven't talked to Kal about it yet, but I was wondering if there's any room in the Justice League? I might be redundant to have us both in there, but I'd like to give it a shot sometime."

"I'm not currently a member," Flash admits, "but I'm hoping to look into it." He pauses. "For that matter, I'm not sure Supes is a member right now either, but I have no doubt he'd be welcome. And if he's not a member, I'm certain you would be." He wraps one arm around Supergirl for support. It's not as though he can't catch himself if he falls — he can spin in the air with arms extended to act the part of a helicopter, or pump his legs to compress the air beneath him into a cushion to soften his fall. But it's better, really, if it's not an issue to begin with. Not that Supergirl would let him fall. "My understand is that the League's seeking members. Maybe we should apply."

"I definitely think it would be worth it," Supergirl says with a smile. "I think there's also a bunch of heroes in our age range that would be interested in joining, even if our mentors don't. I mean…" Kara looks back at Wally, looking a bit coy. "I think that's what we've all dreamed of at one time or another. Not replacing our mentors but succeeding them. Becoming the first link in their continuing legacy."

"Back in the day I never thought about it. It always felt like Barry would be there forever — and I'd be palling around with Nightwing and Arsenal 'til we were old and grey." Wally smirks at this faintly. "Now 'Wing and Arsenal are out from under their mentors' shadows, and I've taken on the mantle for myself. And I'm not that much older than you." He pauses a moment. "You're what, twenty? Not much older at all. I never wanted to take over for Barry. But I do what he'd want me to do. And I think he'd want me to do my part for the League."

"Eighteen," Supergirl says as she flies along, holding Flash securely. "Well…chronologically, I'm much older because of the travel time to Earth and the time it took for my rocket to get back on course. But in real terms, I'm 18." Kara smiles back to Wally and nods. "It must be great for you to have those ties to your friends. I haven't met any of the other heroes that are about my age. Not that you're that much older than me, but I think the current Robin is just my age. As well as Wonder Girl and several others. Our mentors work well with each other, and I'm hoping we can have the same kind of friendship that they have." Kara pauses and smirks. "Not that Batman is the friendliest of people. But Kal says he shows his affection and respect in his own , unique way."

Wally smiles wryly. "Batman is about as affectionate as a cobra," he says, "but he cares. He doesn't show it much, because that's not him, but all you have to do is watch what he does, learn how to speak bat." He considers for a few moments, thinking about who he knows who might be Supergirl's age. "There are plenty of heroes around your age, I think. I don't know many personally, but yeah, those you mentioned. Superboy. A bunch of the X-Men…"

"Believe it or not, I haven't worked much with Superboy thus far. I've had a lot of training to do up until now. But I'm looking forward to working with my other cousin." At the memtion of the X-Men, Supergirl gets a thoughtful look. "I'll admit I haven't worked with them much, but I don't think the X-Men would want to join the League. They have a concern for harmony between mutants and humans; a noble goal, indeed. But I can't see any of them wanting to leave their team and join one where mutant equality is only one of many goals that is focused on. But I hope I am wrong." She admits the last bit with a smile and a shrug.

"Hey, just 'cause you both wear the S-shield doesn't mean you've gotta team up every day. I mean, Barry worked with Green Lantern all the time, and I never see the guy. I'm sure you'll get together with Superboy sooner or later. I think he works fairly closely with one of the X-Men, actually." Since they're sort of on the subject. "As for them, I don't know. I think getting a mutant into the League could be a pretty big thing for them. The League is one of the best known teams, with the best known heroes. To have a mutant in the group says that that person is the equal of Superman, of Wonder Woman. And that they really are good people, want the best for -everybody.-" Wally pauses a moment, considering. "And you don't see them shying away when the world needs saving. I guess I don't see any reason why they can't do both things. Then again, I tend to do a hundred things at once."

"You're right," Kara says. "They never have shied away from doing what is best for all the Earth, regardless of mutant interests. And while we already accept them as equals, adding some of their ranks to the League would be a great image boost for mutants in the public." By now, Central City is fast approaching, and Kara flies lower to prepare for a landing. "Well, here we are…thank you for flying Air Krypton, please return your seat and table trays to their upright positions." Supergirl laughs lightly at the announcement; she's not sure exactly what flight attendants say for their landings, but she's seen movies where that's what is said."

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