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June 13, 2014: Supergirl stops by the Themysciran Embassy to visit Diana

Themysciran Embassy-NYC

Themyscira's official Embassy to Man's World



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"I understand what the ambassador wants," Diana says clearly to her aide. "But we both know he will not get what he wants. Draft me a polite rebuff for him, please, and let me see it in the morning." Then, of course, she'll tweak it so it sounds more like her own voice. "Thank you, though, Melinda. You're not wrong, but I have other considerations I need to observe as well." She gives the woman an easy smile. "Regardless, don't spend all night on it. Go home. See your husband and children. It can wait until later in the morning."

As the woman thanks her in turn, Diana then takes her leave of the aide, descending the steps down into the main foyer of the embassy, angling to cross to a corridor that leads towards the back.

It's not a familiar sight in New York City, but there's a streak of blue and red flying across the sky. Manhattanites look up, trying to determine what hero it might be, thinking of all the native New York heroes. It's not a Thor. It's not an Iron Man. As the figure flies lower, it becomes recognizable as Supergirl. Kara smiles and waves to citizens and tourists as she lands in front of the Themysciran Embassy, taking a minute to give them the opportunity to take pictures. In other heroes, it might be considered vanity; but those who are closest to Kara knows that it's because she doesn't like to disappoint people. Soon enough though, Supergirl walks into the Embassy.

The Girl of Steel walks up to the receptionist, still smiling. "Hello there," she says to the woman. "I don't have an appointment, but I was wondering if the Ambassador had some free time for a friend to visit?"

Diana's ears are sharp, and she's not so far away, in any case. She's just not in an easy line of sight. As she catches the voice, she smiles, changing direction. "Kara!" she says, greeting the young Kryptonian warmly. "I didn't expect to see you, here." Her blue eyes sparkle and she reaches out her hands in greeting. "Welcome to the embassy." She gives the receptionist a light nod of acknowledgment, which the woman returns, and then allows her to continue with her duties.

Supergirl's face lightens up more as Diana approaches her. Kara wants to hug the Princess, but realizes that probably would not be very dignified for the Ambassador. Instead, she takes the offered hadns and embraces them with her own. "Diana! I'm so glad you're here and not busy. I was just feeling a bit cooped up back home now that summer's here. I thought I'd fly out and see what some of my friends are up to." Over the past 6 months since her crash arrival, Kara has certainly grown and matured, in no small part thanks to the Princess in front of her.

Diana isn't shy about pulling the blonde into a hug. The Amazons don't see that as a break in decorum — though perhaps the Kryptonians might. Still, it's not like they're in the General Assembly Building at the UN. "It is always a pleasure to see you," she tells the young woman. "Come. Walk with me." It'll get them out of the foyer. She leads her down a corridor that will lead to the private training areas the Amazons maintain for themselves out back. "How are you finding Metropolis?"

Kara gratefully accepts the hug, returning it with equal strength and affection. The girl beams as she walks alongside Diana, feeling relaxed and happy just from being in the Amazon's presence. "It's big," Kara says with a nervous laugh. "I mean, I've been there before and worked with Kal there several times. But living there? I was kind of getting used to isolated areas, but I have to admit, it feels good to be back in a big city." The blonde girl's smile turns a bit wistful. "It's almost like being back home. You know, in Argo City."

"Mm." Diana nods in response. She doesn't feel the urban environment of New York to be remotely like being home in Themyscira, but she understands the sentiment, certainly. She leads the girl out to the gardens for the time being. "I can only imagine," she admits, but there's empathy in her tone, nonetheless. "I am glad you're settling in. Have you decided what you will do when you are not saving the city?" Again her eyes sparkle lightly.

Oh good, a change of topic away from her lost home. Kara nods and smiles brightly, dispelling any sadness that might have been showing on her face. "It took a bit of doing, but Superman managed to get my secret ID into Federal systems to give me a history and a presence. And I took a high school equivalency exam and graduated with a perfect 4.0. So, I'm going to be attending Metropolis University in the fall." Supergirl smiles wide, rather excited to begin this new chapter of her life. "What exactly I'm going to study there, I have no idea yet." As they walk around the gardens, Kara looks around and inhales deeply, enjoying the fragrances that are to be found here.

The gardens have flowers representative of Themyscira, but also of a variety of other places on Earth. "What sorts of things interest you?" Diana asks, pausing by a cluster of hyacinths beside a bed of lilies. Needless to say, the fragrances are quite strong here, yes. She flashes a light grin. "I've heard most young people aren't sure what they want to study when they first enter University. I do not think you'll be alone in that regard."

"The issue isn't so much what interests me, it's what I can do," Supergirl says with a sigh. "Which is: everything. Krypton was so advanced, I have enough science and technical knowledge to be anything. A doctor, a scientist, a computer programmer…" The array of possibilities has weighed heavily on Kara's mind the past few days. "What I really would love to do," she admits, "is be an artist. That's what my mother was and I learned it from her. But…from what I understand, artists do not have the easiest life here on Earth in terms of earning money. I don't want to cash in by making art as Supergirl; that I'll save for charity auctions. But I don't know if I could support myself doing what I love."

Diana considers that for a moment or two. "Well," she says slowly, "there are many artists who do support themselves doing what they love. And, I think you will quickly become bored, if you choose to study something you already know well. Further, there are interesting jobs to be had that include such creativity — graphic design, photography, film making. If others can do it, Kara, I have no doubt you can, too." And her smiles is warm and genuine as she speaks.

Supergirl smiles, nodding as Diana speaks. It's not something that she's been able to talk to Kal about, given how busy their schedules usually are. Also, Supergirl respects Diana so much, that she gladly seeks out the Amazon for counsel, on some of the major things in her life. "I know I can do it," Kara says, feeling more confident. "And you're right in that I could do those kinds of jobs, I suppose I was hoping to have my own schedule, I suppose, so that I don't have to come up with excuses for disappearing the way Kal has to." Kara giggles a bit, remembering just some of the excuses she's overheard so that Clark Kent can get away and Superman can appear.

Diana smiles at that. "There are many designers and photographers I have seen who set their own hours. It may take you some time to establish yourself, but I have every confidence you will be able to do what you need." She has an advantage over Kal, to be sure. No one questions when Wonder Woman is forced to cut a meeting short on account of crisis. "Have you given thought to what sort of artwork you'd like to study?"

"Drawing, painting, and sculpture is what I do best," Kara answers. "I've been studying all the various art styles of Earth in my spare time, so I'm getting pretty good there. Of course, most of my training and experience is in Kryptonian styles." The blonde girl pauses as a thought occurs to her. "Diana, perhaps I could create some Kryptonian sculptures and paintings for you to auction off for your Foundation. It might be a good way of spreading a bit more of my culture around to Earth, keeping it preserved."

Diana smiles at that. "I'd be quite pleased, Kara," she agrees. Indeed, she's just recently submitted the dress she wore to the last charity gala she attended to auction. So, it's a fairly regular thing with her. "I expect Kal would appreciate it, too." She knows how much he misses the home he's never truly seen. "And the Foundation is always happy of the help."

"Then I’ll get to work on some," Supergirl says, smiling. "I'll have some for you in a week or two." She looks at Diana as she takes a seat on a marble bench. "But enough about me, how have you been, Diana? What has been happening with you, aside from the odd training sessions we have on Themyscira." A light giggle escapes Kara's lips and there's a bit of impish glee in her eyes. "I actually did well enough last week that Artemis smiled." She holds up a hand, the thumb and forefinger held very close together. "About this much. But it was still a smile."

Diana laughs at that. "High praise, indeed!" she agrees. Artemis, after all, isn't known for her smiles. She comes to join the other woman on the bench. "I have been busy," she admits, now. But, then, she often is. "The UN is quite upset, as I'm sure you might imagine, about the recent revelations of Subterranea and their designs on the world's underground resources. There have been many sessions discussing an 'appropriate response'. Thus far, I believe I have managed to head off an armed response, at least."

The news isn't as happy as Kara was hoping for, and the blonde girl sighs. "Typical of politicians," she says disenchanted. "And I'm sure that there are going to be a dozen corporations that will be pushing to 'open up' the resources there." Another sigh is given, and Kara gets her demeanor back under control, smiling. "Whatever you and Kal and the rest of the League decide to do, I'll support and follow you all." The smile turns a bit nervous, and Kara pauses for a bit before continuing. "If fact…I was wondering about possibly joining the League? I'm comfortable with Earth and I'm in control of my powers. I want to take a more active role in protecting all of Earth."

Diana smiles at that. "You are not the only one to make that offer in recent days," she admits. "And I, for one, would be grateful for the help. I doubt either Kal or Batman will object. I will speak with them about it, I promise." She can't induct her on her own say-so, but she doesn't doubt the men will support the matter. "I am hoping to put together a team to go into Subterranea and explore. Would you be interested?"

The offer causes Kara's eyes to widen in excitement. "Of course I would be! I have months to go before classes start, so time is really no problem." She smiles wide, honored to have her assistance asked for. "Also, I met Flash last night in Metropolis. And he was interested in joining the League as well, to help fill the place left by his mentor until he returns."

Diana doesn't know the new Flash very well, it's true. Nevertheless, she nods. "I will speak with him, then," she assures the girl. "Or, if you see him before I do, you might tell him to go to the Hall of Justice and ask for me." For all that it's in Metropolis, rather than New York, she can easily make it over to the other city in a relative flash.

"I will," Kara confirms with a smiling nod. "And just let me know when I should make my own appearance at the Hall. Whether it's for talks about membership or preparations for the excursion to Subterranea." The blonde girl can't hold back any more and she gets back up to hug the Princess. "Thank you," she says before stepping back. "It means a lot that you and the others think that I'm ready for things like this. Even Batman…I doubt I'll ever get his approval, but his consent with you and Kal really means a great deal to me."

Diana chuckles softly. "Very few ever truly get Batman's approval," she says to the Kryptonian, now. "But I have seen you grow in the past six months. I believe you can live up to the legacy Kal has set for you. And I believe that if we do not make room for those who come after us, the world will be poorer for it."

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