Lunch of the Titans

June 06, 2014: Former teammates gather for food


A decent Chinese restaurant in New York City.



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It wasn't too often that the boys were in town in the same area for once. But since Dick was in New York for one of his things, and Roy had managed to get Lian to school and not gone off on one of his missions, and Wally… well, Wally could have been doing anything and still looked like he hadn't even left, so who knew with him?

So a meal at Mama-san's, between the former sidekicks, gone off heroing on their own right… that was what they'd managed to squeeze in for timing's sake.

"So, here's to health, our mentors, and a good ol' time," Roy says, lifting a glass of beer. Okay, so a crappy toast… let's see you guys do one better.

Wally is in the same area as long as he's on the same planet. If somebody calls him, he frequently doesn't bother to pick up — just runs to wherever they are to conduct the phone call in person. But just now he's here, though sitting at one side with a leg tilted outward, ready to run if something comes up. The leg jitters up and down, restless, but he's managed to keep it to human speeds.

In deference to Roy's and Dick's secret identities Wally has put on jeans, but he's a public figure whether he's got the cowl on or not. Wally West exposed his own identity a year or more ago, and certainly there are people looking. His brow rises at Roy's 'toast'. "'May you live a thousand years, and I be there to count them,'" he suggests, hoisting his own mug (the alcohol will burn off in moments, but he can enjoy it while it lasts) and taking a long swallow. "Glad you guys weren't too busy to catch up today."

Dick Grayson lifts his own glass for the toast, "May we all live interesting lives." Not much better, but it's there. He's in town for a seminar with the Academy, but they were given a few hours of free time which just happened to line up with the others being in town. As he didn't want to be seen wearing a Police cadet uniform in a bar, he's also changed into jeans and a t-shirt under a light leather jacket in deference to the still-cool weather. "I'm glad everything worked out." He leans back in the chair, slouching a bit in relaxation — a position that wouldn't be permitted either in the Academy or Wayne Manor. Alfred prefers proper posture. "I like this place that you chose, Roy…guess you're becoming a real New Yorker, huh?" He sips at the beer and then turns to Wally, "I just have to ask…where were you when you got the phone call to meet?"

"What, Wally?" Roy goes at the arched eyebrow. It's not like that was a -great- one, anyway, and it's been a while. "It's still better than Dick's… at least mine wasn't an ancient Chinese curse."

Taking a long draught of beer, Roy flashes a grin at Dick. "Hey I learned one thing… if Chinese people are actually going to a Chinese restaurant, it's probably really authentic, especially in New York City."

Digging into his food, Roy tilts his head at Dick. "Eh, a better question to ask him would be, when did the cell phone signal finally catch up to him?"

"The same applies pretty much everywhere," Wally observes. "Thing is, if they're in China the food tends not to be as spicy. Things get kicked up a LOT when they cross borders." He sets his mug down, taps the table idly with index finger and thumb as he considers the menu. "Halifax," he says. "There was a capsized fishing boat off the coast — can't do much about the boat, but the fishermen are safe. And I stopped on the way down to get a cat out of a tree in Bangor." He shrugs. "The cat did not appreciate this nearly as much as the kid who wanted her out of the tree."

"Come on…I think that curse…toast…is perfectly appropriate for the three of us." An ex-orphan raised by Navajo, an ex-orphan born into a Circus family and raised by a billionaire, and…Wally. Dick takes up the chopsticks and also digs into his food, "I won't fault you your choice. And I don't mind the American addition of the spicy. I'm going to have to remember to come across the bridge for excellent Chinese food. Think they'd deliver to Gotham?"

He's eating when Wally mentions the cat in the tree and nearly chokes. "You really got a cat out of a tree? I mean…I just…it's quite the stereotype."

"As if you wouldn't do it yourself," Roy eyes Dick. "Besides, at least he'll heal faster from the cat than you will."

Taking a few more nibble of his food, Roy eyes Dick. "And while I'm at it… is Alfred on vacation, or are you guys having a harder time finding authentic Chinese that will actually deliver all the way out there?"

"Hey, you happen across a six year old crying in the street, you gotta do something, man," says Wally. Fingers drum at the table busily. Bam-bam-ba-dam-bam. "Anyway, the cat didn't claw me. She just stared at me and put her paw up and was like 'Stop, leave me alone, I want to be in this tree.' Talk to the paw 'cause the face ain't listening kinda thing." Bam-BAM!

Dick Grayson gives a sniff before he takes another bite of the food, "I don't know…cats can be nasty, man. But I guess I'm morally obligated to help get cats out of trees. Although, isn't that a Fireman thing?" There's a sip of the beer, "I don't live there anymore, remember? I just visit." Like, when he can't get Chinese food delivered to his apartment…or when he doesn't feel like cooking, or when he just wants to hang out with Alfred. Blue eyes then blink at Wally, "You speak cat now too?" A glance to Roy, "Should that surprise me?"

"No, it shouldn't," Roy stares back at Dick. Mostly because, hey, Navajo and animal totem spirits. "Everything's connected, just got to find a way to link up. Some things are easier than others."

Taking a swig of the beer, Roy looks back at Dick. "And if you don't know what Wally's talking about, maybe you should own a cat or something. At the least, have Alfie give you lessons."

"Cats don't talk," Wally says flatly. "But they are not always subtle animals. You can tell what they're thinking — usually it's something a person would think in the same situation. 'Person has just picked me up and is about to hand me to the kid I ran up here to get away from. Must scratch.' You gonna eat that?" He snatches up an egg roll and it's gone before anybody can say a word. He does, after all, need an awful lot of calories to keep going.

"That wouldn't be fair to the cat, now would it?" Dick points out to Roy. "I mean, the cat should have a forever home…it shouldn't be there just to teach me a few lessons and then go on its way to somewhere else and frankly, I don't have the time. I'm barely home as it is, and when I am, it's just to crash." He's only getting a couple hours sleep a night at best.

"I'm not horrible with animals. I was pretty good with some of the ones in the circus when I was a kid. The lions loved me."

"Yeah, but I'm convinced that if Batman grew up with a cat, he wouldn't be so…" Roy considers this, before shaking his head, and going back to his food. No, for once he wasn't finishing that thought.

Pausing to wave a straw mushroom at Wally to continue that line of thought, Roy adds, "Cats do communicate. Just not verbally. It's usually 'feed me' or 'pet me' or 'let go of me'. The rest of the time, it's 'sleep', 'eat', 'seek warm', 'entertain me.' If life were only that simple."

"Or, as I said, 'you are making me angry. You would not like me when I'm angry.'" Wally knows cats. His mom has cats. Lots. Of. Cats. "Anyway, Batman should've had a dog as a kid. Would've worked out much better than a cat."

When there's talk of Batman, Dick suddenly becomes very interested in finishing his food. He listens, of course, but doesn't comment until his plate is pretty much empty. "You two do realize I'm going to tell him this," might be murmured between finishing the last pea-pod on his plate and taking a sip of his beer. "You should lock your windows and doors. It might not help, but…just some friendly advice."

Before the others can, he tosses some bills on the table to cover the dinners and beers as well as a generous tip. "I'm stuck in New York for the weekend. I'm trusting on you two keeping things interesting." That said, he had better get back to the seminar before he's truly missed.

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