Negate This

June 13, 2014: It's a late night at Xavier's. Not everyone there knows about its slight demon infestation yet.


This one time, in the cafeteria…



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It's late. Very late. COnsidering Nancy's power and her lack of control still, she has been avoiding everyone, only leaving her room when she's fairly sure that she's not going to be affecting others with her sphere of nothing. And so, as is the habit she's been developing since she got here, she is down in the kitchen at about 2am, washing her dishes from last nights excursion down here into the kitchen.


Waiting until the first hours of a new day might work for avoiding most of the Institute's residents, though it won't spare a person from everyone. There's something which lurks within the shadows of Xavier's, something dark and mysterious which most people never see coming until it's much too late to avoid…


From the darkness of the kitchen there's a soft, warm wash of sulfurous smelling air as a pair of solid yellow eyes slowly slit open, glowing within the shadows. Soon after they narrow and roll toward the ceiling, the sound of a faint yawn accompanying the motion.

Then a spade-tipped blue tail creeps down and hooks around the refrigerator door that the creature happens to be perching upon, quietly pulling it open.

Xavier's has demons.

"Ooo, cupcakes!"

..Very friendly demons.



The cafeteria is dark, the ceiling beams crisscrossing, creating shadows in the dim light. Up in the beams, alerted by the sounds of rummaging, pairs of glowing yellow eyes seem to blink on and off… one set here, one set there.. one set just above the kitchen area. There and gone. Should one look, if one doesn't have any super ability to discern, there's -nothing- there.

Yellow eyes!

It's a pretty common thing here on Xavier's property to hear the sound of *bamf*. In fact, it's become so common that the shortcut for the word 'teleport' is 'bamf'. 'Gotta bamf here.. bamfing out..' For the newly arrived, however, it may not be quite so common a sound.


Appearing in a cloud that stinks of sulfur (rotten eggs, ew!), the fuzzy blue elf that is Kurt Wagner is in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, his tail drawing behind him, hanging easily, lands directly on the floor in the kitchen proper- right next to where they keep the donuts, to be exact. (Not polite to land on tables.) "I want one of the chocolate ones," comes in request. "Not the one with the coloured sprinkles. They get stuck in my teeth."

The moment he lands, his own set of glowing, featureless yellow eyes spy the industrious Nancy, and brows rising.

"Couldn't sleep?"


Nancy O'Neal pauses in her washing of dishes. What was that noise? What is that smell? She stops washing dishes and grabs the dishtowel that was hanging over her shoulder, drying her hands as she looks over the gas stove. Did a pilot light go out maybe? She is eyeing the stove suspiciously when the fridge door opens, causing her to start and spin. And that's when she sees it. It's a demon! Oh crap!

Her eyes grow wide and she stiffens, trying to stay perfectly still. Slowly, she reaches over to the closest thing that could be used as a weapon, pulling out a fork. Great. She's dead. "Umm… no. I.. I'm sorta avoiding people. You one of Illyana's? Cause she and I sorta smoothed things over, so you don't have to kill me now."


A soft, merry humming comes, Talia apparently awoken by the scent of sugar as she leans forward over the top of the fridge and takes a cupcake in either hand, and a third with her tail. "Chocolate-chocolate sprinkle-free, three o'clock!" Just as soon as the warning is given one of the treats is flung toward Kurt, almost immediately disappearing with an errant -Bamf!- before a -second- one, this one from her tail, gets thrown in his direction as well.

The first was a distraction. They've learned how to work alongside the smaller copies of Nightcrawler.

Ehbuhwhaaa..? Someone else is in here? Talia's head -snaps- upright, still hunched forward over the fridge as she does this deer in headlights stare toward Nancy. The reaction is almost identical to the other woman's, 'oh crap!'

Then she spots the fork.

"I think I saw some mac and cheese in here, if that's more your thing…"

There's another soft -Bamf!- as one of the smaller, cherubic blue creatures appears on the edge of the sink right next to Nancy, the yet-wrapped cupcake held between two stubby arms with a broad white frosting-lined grin shining up at her.

"Kill yo-No! Nonono, nobody's killing anyone! We're just ..uhm," she trails off, nonchalantly easing the fridge door closed nice and quiet-like behind herself with a tail. "Practicing..operation..Maytag." Grin.


Aaand, there it is. Even at Xavier's, there are a few people that never seem to get used to the idea that Kurt and Talia look the way they do. Though, truth be told, some of his now dearest friends were scared to death to touch him.. after years! Kurt cants his head, and the instant he looks as if he's landed for 'good' (which could mean for the next couple of minutes), a smaller bamf!* sounds and a smaller, more cherubic looking version of him perches upon his shoulder, the diminuative tail hanging down behind the Bamf Prime's shoulder.

"I won't kill you, I swear. Und.. if you are asking if I am one of Illy's friends, ja. I've known her since she was a child… but that takes a little explanation." The elf's accent is decidedly German; Xavier's is international! "I'm actually here for a—

"Danke, Herzchen.." and immediately Kurt's fuzzy, blue prehensile tail rises to make the catch, a little bit of the frosting getting on the spade-tip. "Ah.. bad catch."

Looking at his personal bamf, Kurt makes the request, "Can you grab some napkins for me und your brothers please? I refuse to sleep in crumbs und frosting again." Beat. "Und so does Teej," is added… just in case it's not abundantly clear. (And for the bamfs? Gotta spell -everything- out.)

Returning his attention to his daughter, Kurt offers her a grin, "Danke.." before he settles his attention back to Nancy to make the introduction. With something of a stylized European bow, which is a little strange in that he still has the cupcake held in his tail, "You're new, und no one told you about us, I'm guessing. My name is Kurt Wagner, und this is my… other dimensional daughter, TJ. Welcome to the place."


The blonde swallows hard as she looks at the kitchen filled with demons. Possibly this is just a terrible dream. Or drugs. They drugged her. Hank doesn't seem the sort, but you never know. She is still brandishing the fork, switching targets to keep them all at a distance. She's even forgotten that she's in her fuzzy bunny slippers and pastel pjs, or she'd have been more embarrassed about that.

"Okay, so you're a friend of Illy's. I guess that's .. good." She keeps herself pressed up against the oven, wishing she had turned on the lights rather then just dealing with the ambiant light coming from the windows. Light would have been nice. "Kurt," she says, sounding suspicious. "So… you're like me? And Hank? You… live here?"


With the introductions made Talia shows a toothy grin, complete with four dainty fangs of her own, and passes an entirely playful salute toward the new girl. "Former reality-jumper, current resident, one hundred percent awesome."


The errant cupcake-bearer suddenly appears on Teej's left shoulder, turning the confection around and -smacking- it frosting-first onto the top of her head. "Bamf."

Her grin fades slightly. "And inverse cupcake stand."

With a soft sigh she peels the treat off of her hair and stalks closer to the sink where Nancy had been, offering a quiet "Excuse me" before she grabs the smaller creature by the tail, plucks him off of her shoulder, then dunks him fully into the sink amidst much surprise and complaint from his end.

"He wanted the chocolate one," she offers with a warm smile. "We sure do. Gonna go ahead and guess that you're some flavor of metahuman, yourself?" she inquires while catching a napkin that gets teleported in from another small creature. It's immediately put to use trying to pull the gunk out of her hair.

One drenched little blue creature catches the edge of the sink, poking his head up with a narrow-eyed glare leveled Talia's way.

"Hank and Illy are good people, though between us three Illy kinda worries me sometimes. Infernals, don't trust 'em," she says with a slight look of disapproval.


With little light, perhaps it is hard to discern where Kurt begins and ends, making him look something more like floating glowing yellow eyes than a dashing, pointed-eared elf. He's quite aware that Nancy's afraid of him, and no, no one happened to mention the fact that Xavier's is 'crawling'.. no.. 'bamfing' with little fuzzy blue demons. "Mutant? After a fashion, ja. From a family of mutants as far back as…" A hiss of air is pulled into his lungs as he feigns to think about it, and exhales soon after, "A long time. Mother will never tell.." Not that he actually -talks- to his mother, that is. "Hank I believe was an accident. Scott, ja. Jean. Calvin… Colossus, Illy's brother."

A quirk of his head comes when the bamfs start to 'pick' on TJ, that disapproving frown arriving the moment Talia gets the cupcake on her head. As punishment is meted, the chocolate cupcake that is held so closely in his tail swings around so a three-fingered hand can grab it and unwrap it. "After that," he says pointedly, "You're not getting a chocolate one." Of course, the one that patiently sits upon his shoulder isn't getting one either, so in the next second, it's gone with that soft airy bamf*, no doubt to join his brothers in the rafters.

"They're not all bad." Though, Kurt now considers his words, and with a theatrically put upon sigh, his shoulders slouch slightly, "Okay, most of them. But Illy's not bad. Und neither is Hank. True infernals, however.." To follow-up his words, his head shakes, "Never get involved with demons."


Nancy is trying to be friendly. Really! Because Hank has taught her that in spite of appearances, mutants are just people too. Besides! They're a family! An incredibly disfunctional family, apparently, but a family all the same. She keeps her back pressed to the counter, one arm reaching out to the light switch while she keeps her eyes, or tries to, on the many pairs of yellow eyes. "Last time I do dishes in the dark," she mutters to herself.

Of course, the light coming on causes a lot of blinking as she adjusts to the light change, but once she can see and sees the assembled folks with her for all their glory. "Don't get involved with demons. Is that your way of telling me to go?" She tries to flex her power, make it bigger. Why is it not working?! Turn these people human already!


As that hand slooowly comes up to the light switch…

"Oh crap..oh crap oh crap don't don't don't AGH!"

Talia visibly recoils and shields her eyes from the sudden flash of artificial light. "Nightvision..gone..owowow..!"

The nearest Bamf cants its head, giving the blue gal a puzzled look. "Bamf..?" It doesn't seem to be bothering him any!

"I know I know, just messin' with her," TJ says in a perfectly normal tone as she goes back to standing there as though nothing in the world is amiss. "First timers can be so fun to tease."

The smaller critter beside her folds its stubby arms across its chest and frowns back at her.

"Oh, like -you've- never been a brat before. I have to rearrange my sock drawer every other night because of you." Ahem. Back to Nancy, she says "What..? Oh gosh no, we're just being mean." Big smile. "Have you been here long, planning to stay? As far as mutant dynamics go you're never going to find a more colorful and generally..positive..bunch..hey, are you alright? You look like you're trying to pass a kidney stone or something."


Mutants really are just people too. Fuzzy blue ones even moreso. "Usually better to put the lights on. One never knows if they're underfoot. Or if Bobby's put an ice slick down in front of a room.. or…" Kurt really can go on about all the practical jokes that have been played at Xaviers over the years. "Or if something is overhead.." and with a three-fingered hand, he points up to the bamfs that still roost. "There are others of us that like to be up, too."

Though, it appears that perhaps what he'd said isn't clear, or that she's not taking it in the lightness in which it's given. Featureless yellow eyes lower to the new girl once again, and Kurt shakes his head. "Nein.. nein. What I meant.." and he pauses, needing that moment to elbow his daughter and follow it up with a slap with the flat of his spade-tipped tail.

"Stop that."

Brows rise, however, as he checks the behavior of that little bamf, and clears his throat in it's direction. When he gets it's attention, a slow, deliberate shake of his head comes. "Behave."

Now that that's settled, or hopes it is, Kurt brings a smile back around to Nancy. "We are a colourful bunch. Particularly at St. Patrick's Day. Or April Fool's."


Talia's reaction to the light causes her to turn it off again. "Sorry! I didn't mean to hurt…. you… I've been trolled!" She turns the light back on with a smile and a shake of her head. "Mutants are trolls. Learn something new every day." She crosses her arms over her chest, smirking at Talia. Apparently, being the butt of a joke has won Talia a modicum of respect.

The question of the kidney stone causes a sheepish grin. "I… well, my power is to turn off other peoples powers. It only works for about 10 feet, but I made it bigger once. I don't know how I did it though and I was… well, to be honest, I was trying to turn off your powers cause, well, you look pretty damn scary. But… Hank thinks he looks scary and he's so totally not, so… that's my ish. Sorry.

She runs a hand through her short blonde hair, listening to Bampf Prime. April Fools I can believe. And you just gave a lot of names I don't know yet. Bobby, Jean, Colossus?? They are here too? Are any of them blue too?" Blue seems to be a favourite color for mutants with fur.



Rubbing where the tail slap had landed, another thought quickly comes to the front of the Wagnerette's mind. "Oooohmygod, there was this one kid, could electrify anything metal that he touched and leave a charge behind..? People were afraid to open the fridge for a -month,-" TJ recalls then catches herself a moment later. "..Where I came from, that is. Not here. You're safe. You should be safe. Might want to invest in some thick gloves."

"Yeah, for Saint Patty's we go green," she says with a broad grin. "Thinking one of us should try red this Christmas."

Scary - "Scary? Oh gosh, I'm sorry," Teej offers while suddenly looking legitimately concerned. "We're so used to it, the best defense we have is to act like nothing is out of the ordinary. Generally people follow along when someone else sets the pace, you know? If we don't act like there's a problem then there must not be a probl - did you say you can turn off powers?" TJ an idea.

"Okay, I have -got- to try this, hang on a second." Making sure she's within ten feet of Nancy she whistles to a Bamf and claps her hands together once. "Plate!" From the dish rack one of those nice clean plates gets nabbed and flung in a wide arc moving target style. She brings her hands forward, aims at it, and..nothing. Nothing more than an acute *crash!* that makes her jump slightly then timidly lower both of her arms back to her sides. "..You were supposed to catch it if I missed."

The little guy shrugs. "Bamf."


Kurt's head quirks and he looks considering, because in the next second, there's a sudden bamf!*bamf! and he's gone, and back, though now he's perched on a counter, crouching, his tail curled around his legs. Pressing his lips together, he shakes his head slowly. "Interesting." His is still there in all it's glory.

Now, the elf's head hangs slightly as he nods his agreement and his acknowledgment. TJ isn't quite as scary looking as he; probably the fact that she's just.. adorable. Fine blue fuzz or not. (Proud father, yes.) "Well, I will admit that people tend to agree with you more," his words come slowly in that heavily German accented voice. "Und some people do get over it, und some don't."

A smile creeps across his face with TJ's words, however, and he points to his daughter with that prehensile tail. "What she said—"


The Bamf Prime's head whips around, and takes a deep breath as if he's about to say something to the pair of them before he simply exhales in a long, drawn-out sigh. "I should separate you all." If it weren't for the fact that there are times that he relies upon those bamfs to keep an eye on his daughter. "Now.. clean up, bitte."

"Now, madchen.. that little creature is called a 'bamf'. They mean no harm." Usually. "They are a little.. difficult at times, but they mostly mean well." Mostly. "If you find one und he bothers you, please let one of us know. Or, feel free to correct him yourself. The others do."


Nancy shrugs as Talia explains about acting normal. "Yeah, well, Illyana looks normal and she's still scary as hell, so…. I really am sorry. I'm sure that you are both very nice people. Like I said, this is my ish."

The performance with the plate causes a brow to arch. "I'm guessing something was supposed to happen? Or are you just trying to get me in trouble for breaking plates?

Nancy looks over at the little ones that dot the room and chuckles. "Well, now that I'm getting used to the looks… they're kinda adorable. Like a little chibi demon teddybear. Umm… I'm Nancy. I don't know if I told you that already or not."


"I'll, uh..I'll just..yeah," Talia lamely puts as she quietly makes her way to where she knows the broom and dustpan are located. She's not alone, there's already two of the little critters right there waiting for her arrival. One hands her the dustpan. The other gets a free ride at the end of the broom handle.

"To be fair… Illy is -very- scary people. She can also have a -teensy- bit of a temper, which is always good when one oversees all of Limbo. As for the failed magic trick, it's called a hex bolt. More for the sake of honoring my mother than anything, there's no hexing involved. I can shoot concussive energy from my hands. At least when I'm not within ten feet of you, it would seem. So, you are still working! Just..differently around us."

Looking up to the other woman with another smile from where TJ is crouched by the broken plate, she adds "Nice to meet you, Nancy! We're glad to have you here."


Kurt hops down with an effortless slide, and once feet are on the ground, he offers something of a continental bow; from the waist, and holds out his hand in order to kiss the top of Nancy's in introduction (Or rather, to just bow over it.) "A pleasure, Madchen. That is Talia, und I'm Kurt." The smile grows and he chuckles, "Nocturne und the Amazing Nightcrawler. Just in case anyone may have mentioned us." Which.. they probably haven't, considering her response to them.

Now, Kurt takes a step back and looks to the cupcakes; those things that he'd actually wanted. Reaching out, he nabs one of the chocolate ones and deliberately doesn't share with a bamf that suddenly appears upon his shoulder, looking rather waiflike. Oliver in blue fuzz.

"They're.. like gremlins. Imps. If you are missing anything, it is a possibility that one of them has taken it for some reason or other."

Looking towards Talia as she makes her way towards the dustpan and broom, Kurt holds that chocolate cupcake. "I'll save you one."

Though the fact that TJ's hexbolts don't work is interesting. But his bamf works… and possibly her foomp may work too? "Interesting.."


Nancy looks confused. "So… it's working, but you're still blue. That's different. Hank loses his fur and stuff when he's close to me. So… how does that work? Or not work, as the case may be." She seems to be relaxing a bit now, getting used to the two. The Bamfs help. They are pretty darned adorable. It's hard to be scared of something so cute. Which makes them more dangerous, actually. "They seem to like sweets. Does that mean my candy making is in danger."

Nancy grins as her hand is scooped up and kissed. The gentlemanly schtick seems to work well enough. "Well, ain't you just the charmer?" she asks, curtsying in her pjs and fuzzy slippers. The initial shock of their appearance, both in the room when she thought she was alone and their physical appearance, seems to be wearing off. They really are too nice to not win a person over. Even a grumpy gothling like Nan. "So, why does my power work on your hexbolts, but it doesn't change your looks like it does with Hank?"


"Aw, gees… Making me a little uncomfy over here, -Father,-" she chides to the hand kissing. Then, "When are you going to drop that prefix, anyway?" Talia calls back to the 'Amazing Nightcrawler.' "It's a little..I don't know. Dated? Like, I could be 'the Stupendous Nocturne,' or'the Incredible Spider-Man,' or 'the Mighty Thor,' or something."

Huh. "Loses his -fur?- I wonder what that feels like. Might be worth trying some more things out with that later." Because she's kinda curious now, too!

"Ah heck, these guys'll eat anything. I swear I caught one trying to gnaw the insulation off of an HDMI cable once. Their real weakness, though..? Um." Here she pauses and passes a lingering glance toward Kurt, her expression easily relaying the question 'should I say it?' Glancing back to Nancy she makes like she's drinking from a bottle then exaggerately staggers around for a moment as though drunk.

"But hey, you make candy? Ooh, can we keep her, Dad? Though you may have more to worry about there from us than these little guys."

As for the power conflict, "I really don't know… Teleporting still worked, maybe because we share that in common?"


Kurt looks to TJ and back before he shrugs. "We are mutants. But my parents.. one was a mutant. My father, well.." It's not the easiest of subjects, but he offers it gamely, "Also looks a great deal like me, but he has red fuzz. My mother was blue." Beat. "Is blue."

He does chuckle at the question regarding sweets. "If you have a candy-making operation, it is in danger from every single person here. Including me, sadly. Und them. But, their tastes are varied. They'll eat, or try to eat anything." Like the HDMI cable. Or someone's leg. Arm. And, yes… distilled beverages.

One particularly perceptive bamf in the shadows upon the rafters speaks, and it sounds high-pitched, but it can almost be discerned, "Whiskey!"

That sends a couple other bamfs into the litany, and one after the other begins to teleport, ostensibly in search of said drink. That.. that brings a three-fingered hand to his face. Not blaming TJ on that one, though. It just.. is a fact of life.

Kurt tries to ignore it, however, preferring to try and stay on topic, even when his 'Oliver' bamf departs in an exaggerated flourish. "I don't know why. Perhaps we can ask Jeannie? She may know. Or Hank."

But when TJ chimes in regarding his .. prefix, he straightens and looks a little insulted. "I'm better than Spiderman. Und 'Amazing' is like those others. If they can have them, why can't I?"


"I don't know, I like the Amazing part. Makes me wonder what he's amazing at." She waggles her brows down at Kurt playfully. Well, she's relaxed enough to start flirting again, so she must be okay. "Wait… how can *he* be your father? He doesn't look *that* old. Or do you not age or something?"

As Teej does her little performance and then the Bamfs begin their mantra of 'Whiskey!', Nancy's eyes widen. "Well, that's gonna make my candy making more difficult. I use… certain scottish distilled imbibments to flavour my lollies. Or almond flavoured ones, coffee flavoured, orange flavoured, but … the flavours all come in… bottle form first." Yeah, using alcohol as a flavouring agent for her candy is either going to make her hugely popular with the bamfs, or leave her lollies flavourless most of the time."


TJ slowly hangs her head with something of a pained look when the W-word gets dropped and most of the little blue creatures all work themselves up into a frenzy. "Times like this I wish we could stick 'em all in the fridge."

Gently tipping the dustpan into the garbage gives the broom-stuck critter, one of the few not currently playing 'find the Jack Daniels,' a chance to hop back to her shoulder, its stubby tail hooking halfway around her neck. 'Larry' has reclaimed his perch. Like one the two suddenly sit upright and turn back to Kurt. "They actually use those names? Gah, maximum cheese factor!"

When Nancy explains her future predicament, Teej offers "We could run interference. know. Get a big ol' bottle and throw it out the window as hard as you can. I can guarantee it won't break and won't go to waste. Should buy you a little time, too."


Nancy's question, well.. if Kurt could blush, he would. Thankfully, the blue fuzz saves most of his dignity, and pulling himself straight up, the cupcake is set aside. It's probably safe from 'Oliver' at the moment, as the bamf is in search of that ever elusive Jack. "I am amazing at acrobatics. I was in the circus when I was a child. I am not too bad at teleporting, und.. I love sailing." And swash-buckling. "So.. yes. Amazing. Und yes, they do use those names." So there!

Looking up, the teleporting frenzy brings the little chibi elves in and out of the room. The chances are good that there will be more than a few people in the mansion that will get a visit from the bamfs before the sun rises. "Oops."

Though, his being TJ's father does deserve an answer. "She's my daughter.. from a 'me' in another dimension. Another time. So, I figured that I would do that which I would hope any other 'mes' would do given the same position. Care for a young woman who is obviously my daughter as if she were my own." Kurt pauses and grins widely, "Confused yet?"

The cupcake is nabbed once again, though this time with his tail. Taking a step back, it looks as if he's about ready to return to his room and back to sleep. After his 'midnight snack'. "That works. Throwing food will give you a little time, too. Or, put them in artificial flavouring bottles. They might be fooled, but I doubt it. They're actually rather intelligent." As in, astrophysicist smart.. when they want to be.


Nancy watches the Bamfs in amusement. She can hear them popping in into other rooms and imagines the trouble they are causing. "They're worse then my mother!" she comments with a snort of laughter. "Don't worry about playing interferance. My mother is an alcoholic. If I can hide my candy making from her, I think I might be able to handle these little guys. Especially if I'm allowed to dole out punishment myself, like you said."

The explanation of Teej and Kurt's relationship causes the bottle blonde to grow somber. "You would do that? Just… be her dad? When she's not really yours? Just… like that? That's… that's really nice." What did he say? Whatever it is, it seems to have made Nancy a little sad.

Sad enough that with her dishes done, she feels she needs to leave. "I'll figure out something. Maybe buy two bottles and make them a bargain," she says, Nancy's voice a little flatter then before, as if a bit of her spark is missing. "It was nice to meet you both. Good night."


"Man, superheroes in your timeline are really dorky," Talia teases. "Yeah, 'oops.' You've alerted the horde, Dad. This is the point in zombie flicks where everyone starts running for their lives. All on you."

"Yeah, he's not my real father. The real guy had a couple more decades under his belt. And one eye."

"They're stupid smart, as in it's so stupid that they can be so intelligent. They keep trying to synch every Bluetooth-ready device to play 'Flight of the Valkyries.' It's made a few people a little upset." Alcoholic mother? "Oh good! I mean - not about your mother, about the .. yeah." She's..just gonna quietly put the broom and dustpan away now. "Bargaining can work. I can" Hmm. Another quick glance is passed back to Kurt, one eye bigger than the other. (What just happened here..?) "See you around, Nancy!" she quickly offers with a raised hand which reluctantly begins to lower.


"Ja, you can chastize them if needed," accompanies a nod from the Bamf Prime. "If they get really bad, let me or Teej know und we will handle the situation." If he has to send them to the Infernal Realm as a 'time out', then.. well.. it -is- a punishment.

The look from Nancy regarding his 'adoption' of TJ gains another nod from the fuzzy blue. "She is loved as if she were my own." But then, the fuzzy blue girl knows that well enough. "Und she drives me nuts like she can only do to a father." Though the description of the Kurt from her world sets him in something of a swaggered pose. "Und I bet he looks dashing."

Nancy's deflating, however, causes the elf to become instantantly.. concerned. A nerve must have been hit, and Kurt's head begins to spin, trying to work out exactly what.. or how.. particularly on the heels of the departing newly arrived.

Looking at TJ after Nancy's gone, Kurt shakes his head and takes those steps towards his other-dimension daughter. "Don't stay up too late, Herzchen. See you in the morning." In the next moment, the elf is gone in a cloud of *bamf*.

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