He's Got To GO!

June 14, 2014: A big three-headed fire-breathing monster softens up New York for the menacing Mole Man!

NY Harbor - New York City

The streets of New York City are rarely empty. It is a bustling, vibrant city and the nation's busiest port of call.

New York Harbor, part of the Port of New York and New Jersey, is at the mouth of the Hudson River where it empties into New York Bay and into the Atlantic Ocean at the US-East Coast. It is one of the largest natural harbors in the world.

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The night is clear and, for summer, cool. The wind blows in off the harbor, bringing with it the scent of spray, fish, and industry. Full dark has fallen The moon is high and full and the lights of the city create a golden glow against what few clouds drift over the skyscape.

It begins innocuously at first — a shadow that blocks the moon for a fleeting heartbeat, a sound like sails snapping in the breeze. Then, there's a flash of orange light and a sound like a rushing wind. And then, there's the explosion. A tanker ship in an industrial berth. Black smoke and bright orange fire billows into the sky. Men scream and call out in alarm.

Another ship explodes. And then a third. A dark shadow sweeps again across the moon, heading inland. Fireballs rain from the sky and, looking up, incredible footage is caught on smartphones by those brave enough to remain in place long enough to grab it. What they see is a three-headed, broad-winged, dragon-like creature. It has four legs with cloven hooves and sharp fangs lining its three mouths… even as it spits fire at one of the harbor buildings.

The building roof explodes in flames.


Zatanna just got off stage in Vegas, doing a magic show, when the call comes over the JLA alert communicator. She doesn't even bother changing out of her costume into her…other costume. She just teleports to the New York Harbor, fishnets, top hat, and all. The Mistress of Magic arrives in a burst of sparkles because she doesn't seem to abide by the rule of 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.' "Showtime!" she announces to anyone nearby. She toggles her comm. "This is Zatanna, I'm on site at the harbor in New York. There's a lot of fire and smoke and," pause, "is that a $*@#361#@ dragon?! With three heads!?"


Another damned stakeout in the harbour. Why is it that Hawkeye keeps getting surveillance? Because he -likes- hanging out alone, watching things that don't move for hours. Yeah. Absolutely.

Sure thing.

Perched on a building in port, Agent Barton has rather in-vogue framed glasses that give him basic telemetry readouts of the ships; distance, name, manifest.. and he's waiting on one in particular that hasn't yet appeared over the horizon.

Gonna be a long night.

"Barton to Hill. This is probably one of the most boring ass—


The explosions begin to rock the inner harbour, flames jetting into the air. It's all Hawk can do to vacate the building upon which he's set himself before it, too, explodes. He makes a leap that he has no business of making except for the fact that adrenaline is pumping hard through his body, and landing hard on the next roof, he's rolling to take most of the 'fall' damage.

It's when Barton finally lands, bow out and at the ready, arrows close at hand (all he needs is a target!), that he calls in again on his com, "Okay, probably gonna need some back-up here this time…"


In the Baxter Building, once again, Reed and Sue Richards are conspicuously absent, this time visiting the Watcher on the moon. Sue was making "second honeymoon" noises, which seems to Johnny to be a particularly risky thing around someone named the Watcher. But, whatever. Ben is out for poker night. That means when the "cryptid intrusion paranormal assault" alarm goes off, who's there to help? Johnny Storm.
(Because his date canceled. Who DOES that anyway?)

After he figures out that "cryptid assault" means "giant three headed dragon breathing fire" Johnny heads for the harbor, this time not even stopping to grab a chunk of Fantasti-car, because things are burning.

First things first. The Human Torch sees fire and humans together. On a tanker. This is a Bad Thing. So he heads there first, to draw the fire into himself. (There's a dragon. The more firepower he has, the better, right?)


"Mr. Scott?" the voice said from the other end of the phone. This late at night, Alan's not at work but as his assistant know, that doesn't mean he's not on call.
"Yes Victor?"
"The harbor in Manhattan is being attacked by… King Ghidorah."
"Who?" There's a pause longer than the last.
"The three headed, flying monster that fights Godzilla. Or so one of our reporters said." That makes even Alan pause.
"Oh. Silly me, I should have recognized the name. Well, get a camera crew out there and have one of our anchors cut into normal programming with a live report. Anything else, use your best judgement." He won't have time to oversee it personally since Sentinel is in the air above the harbor less than a minute later.


Maria Hill is currently overseeing Hawkeye's operation back from the safety of the Triskelion, which turns out to be quite convenient for her the moment that something big and seriously unexpected pops up on his end of the video feed, destroying ships and tossing fireballs out of its three mouths.

"What on Earth..? Who the hell decided to invite Cerberus to New York City!"

A nearby technician half turns toward Hill, saying over his shoulder "Cerberus never had wings, Ma'am."

"Ask me if I care, Jameson. Goddammit! I don't think arrows are going to do anything constructive, Barton. Keep eyes on Cuddles. You see a shot, you take a shot. We're on our way."

"Ma'am, I'm not sure you want to be out there-"

"Jameson," Hill growls while leaning forward to grab the back of his chair and hover directly over his shoulder. "Providing opinions is not part of your job description. Do your duty so that I can do mine." Quickly spinning away from his seat she calls out "Someone get me a half dozen high yield RPGs and agents with damn good aim on pad three!"


While she loves Metropolis, Kara Zor-El also loves going out and exploring the other cities on Earth. Well…maybe not Gotham. But next to Metropolis, Kara loves the vibrancy of new York City. So, she's wandering the strets of New York when all of a sudden, the sounds of an explosion wash over the city. She doesn't need super-hearing to hear that! As the other pedestrians are looking towards the harbor and the rising column of smoke, Kara is moving to the side, towards the alleys. And once she's out of sight of the general public, quiet and mousey brunette Kara Kent begins moving at superspeed, changing into the costume of the blonde Supergirl before flying out of the alley in a red and blue streak.

Once over the harbor, Kara blinks at the three headed dragon. There's no time to wonder about where in the world that thing came from, it needs to be stopped. Fast. So Kara pours on the speed, accelerating to nearly the speed of sound in an instant, and she aims to plow right into the center of the beast to try and knock it back away from the harbor buildings.


Diana is working late in the embassy when the same call that Zatanna responded to came through. Though she can't teleport, she moves fast enough by far that she might as well have.
"A winged hydra?" She hears Zatanna's report and loosens her sword and shield, the blade coming into her hand and the shield settling onto her forearm. Into her own communicator, she says, "We need to evacuate civilians and deal with the monster."

And then, of course, the red and blue blur is colliding with the giant green flyer and there's a sound like a deep, thrumming boom as the two collide. Supergirl is able to shift the dragon a few feet, though not nearly as far as she might expect. Turns out the thing is also super strong. And now… super angry. The center head lets out a roar of anger, and the other two belch out more flame, criss-crossing streams.

Meanwhile, the fires start to spread to the other buildings around the one Hawkeye so quickly vacated. And there are civilians caught in some of them — particularly the one harborfront center that's used for galas and public events. A Saturday night in June? And an evening wedding reception.

They'll never forget tonight, that's for sure… if they survive.

Diana takes a moment to assess the situation. She notes the dark form of Hawkeye against the fire, Zatanna's position, and the arrival of Sentinel as well, in addition to Kara's clash with the monster. "We need to evacuate the civilians while Supergirl keeps the monster busy!" For the moment, anyway. Then, they'll need to take the cursed thing down as quickly as they can.


Zatanna glances down at her outfit and grunts.
"No way am I letting that thing torch this outfit." She flicks her wand. « Egnahc emutsoc! » Now she's dressed in something a bit less fancy, a bit more leathery, and hopefully a touch less flammable.
"So, anyone have Daenerys Targaryen on speed dial? St. George? Beowulf? No? Then I guess we do this the hard way." She rushes towards the burning ships and casts again. « Ylf ot emit. (Time to fly.)» A leap sends her soaring into the air, over the docks, and she moves her wand in a rotating swirl above her. « Niar ti ekam! (Make it rain!) » Clouds form and begin pouring down torrents of rain to help put out the fires, just above the burning ships.
"Can someone get the buildings doused?" she calls over an open comm.


"Right. Standard operating procedure." Is there such a thing when dealing with a three-headed dragon spitting fire?

Hawkeye mutters softly once the mic is cued off, "Least I don't have cedar shafts. Carbon might work.."

Now, however, the SHIELD agent has to flatten himself to make himself a 'not target' while grabbing an arrow from his quiver; why didn't he take the fire extinguisher arrow? Oh, that's right.. couldn't get enough of the stuff packed into the pile! "Fire.. fire.. what do you do to starve a fire… make more fires."

Right… incendiary arrow it is.

"What the hell?" Clint's staring at the scene before him, and as the supers begin to converge, his voice is low and slow, "Okay…" this comes over the com. "We have incoming. No clue who the hell they are, but they're powered up." Okay, not completely true. He's seen Zatanna before, and from that meeting comes the knowledge that she was, at least then, with the 'good guys'. Of course, everyone's appearance means that he has to step up his game if he's going to have a hope in hell to compete. Time to bring his A-game.

"Right, first shot…" and up comes the bow (as much as can be while he's laying with cover) and allowing for the push, looses the incendiary arrow; targeting one eye in the center, then the second follows the first in rapid succession. And a third… fourth. Just to be sure.

"What?" Right.. buildings doused.

"Hawkeye to HQ.. can we get a flying water buffalo out here? Before the place goes up like tinder."

"Roger that, Agent Barton. We've got one and will be diverted to your location. Agent Dunleavy out."


ACK WATER!! The evil wetness!! Johnny yelps, as the rains suddenly manifest in his flight-path, dousing the next area he's trying to suck flames from.
"Watch out!" he yells, "I'm on your side!" He pulls back and tries to find a clear sight of the area. OK, nothing's raining on the buildings, yet - so he heads for those, and starts sucking flame up - putting as many buildings out as he can, in one pass. Especially the wedding. Nobody wants a burnt wedding.

As he pulls the fire out, his flame is growing hotter, and brighter, which may or may not attract undue draconic attention. It might also reveal anything in the shadows.


Sentinel did remember to put the JLA emergency communicator into his ear before leaving home. If anything were going to bring out the JLA, it surely would be a flying, fire breathing monster. Since it seems the fire is being taken care of, he'll concentrate on the dragon. And Wonder Woman's lasso seems like the right tool for the job. Drawing back his arm, a green energy whip snakes out of his ring and heads toward one of the heads. Guided by his will, he doesn't need to know how to actually use a whip fortunately. It snakes around and around the muzzle, tying it shut. Super strong it might be, but how strong are its jaws? He'll find out no doubt.


Gear, agents, and quinjets take little time to round together. Jets become boarded by geared up agents then take to the sky. With as many people as SHIELD has at their disposal prep-time is virtually a relic of the past.

"Orders, Miss Hill?"

"I want full air support on us. RPG's are first wave, if we can scratch this thing with portable weapons then we can curb-stomp its ugly ass with a couple of bombing runs. We try to keep it confined to the harbor before it can tear this city a new a— the hell was that?!"

They're not alone. Of course they aren't alone. In this part of the world she can't spit without it landing on the boots of some manner of superhero or other.

"And try not to frag any of our self-entitled Capes if it can be helped," she half-growls before responding to Hawkeye, "I'm aware…thank you. Always getting in the middle of things… I don't recall rain being in the forecast, and God forbid some of us have actual jobs to do."

She's never enjoyed the paperwork involved with superhero friendly fire, either.

"Fredrick, get NYPD on evacuation, they are not to engage. Glocks and Armalites aren't gonna do squat here and I'd sooner place my faith in the aim of a kid with a slingshot. Jets one and three, flanking run, take your shots then get the hell out. Lee, we've got metas on the loose, if any of them are on the air I want them patched through stat. And no more strays, Barton, that's an order!"


Rebounding from the impact against the dragon, Supergirl flies backwards some as the two heads breathe out a converging stream of fire. The Girl of Steel moves to interpose her own body infront of the flames, preventing them from landing on the harbor that is being tended to by other heroes.
"Don't worry about me!" she shouts out, hoping that her voice caries over the roar of the flaming jet she's blocking.
"Get the civilians out! I'll manage here!"


The rains turn the tankers into greasy messes, churning smoke and smouldering shrapnel. The oil, however, floats atop the water and drenches the docks, and runs the risk of reigniting with enough additional heat.

The arrows streak toward the Tricephalous' eyes, though its heads are weaving back and forth as it tries to get a better angle on the Kryptonian causing it so much grief. Two arrows strike one of the heads, exploding in a rush of flame that licks at its scales, but does not burn it. The thing is, apparently, immune to fire. Somewhere in SHIELDland, though, a water buffalo is being prepped.

The Torch's pass over the buildings sucks the flames towards him, tearing them off the buildings themselves, though civilians continue to stream out onto the street as the fire alarms scream at them to evacuate. One of the Tricephalous' heads turns towards the bright light in human form, pulling in a deep breath into one of its lung chambers.

The third head, on the opposite side, is lassoed by the Sentinel. The creature jerks its head and fights to open its jaws. It is very strong, and what ensues is thus a battle of wills, its eyes glowing bright orange with anger and flame.

The NYPD and NYFD arrive on scene to help with evacuation. Pumper trucks begin to position themselves at the back edge of the conflagration, though their utility may be dubious as the battle rages above them. Jets streak in, unloading ordnance into the creatures wings and hide, proving that it is well armored — though its wings are more fragile than its flanks. It falters in the air and begins to fall.

Even as it paws at the air, trying to maintain altitude, its center head roars out at Supergirl, spouting fire and darting in to snap at her as it flails.

Wonder Woman utters a soft, Themysciran curse as the jets confuse the issue. She sheathes her sword and grabs her lasso, darting toward that first head while its attention is diverted by Torch. The golden rope whips out as the creature falls towards asphalt.


"Sorry, hot stuff!" Zatanna calls towards Johnny. She gets the ships doused and turns her attention to the oil spills. « Retaw ot lio! (Oil to water!) » she casts, to defuse that situation, before she turns to close in on Diana's position.
"What is this, Pacific Rim 2? Well it's in the wrong ocean! Princess, do we want to trap this thing or dispose of it?" she asks.
"I can probably put it somewhere in Shadowcrest to guard my vault." Oooh, three-headed, fire-breathing reptilian guard dog? YES PLEASE!
"If we can figure out how to contain or control it. But I suspect he has a home somewhere." Surely three headed flying monsters don't just manifest for no reason. She dips, dodges, ducks, and dives as fiery breath and snapping jaws get into her personal space.


The building upon which Hawkeye's got his perch is getting a little hot for his liking, and sweat is pouring from every.. well.. pore. From fire to steam, each breath that is drawn in burns in his lungs. But, there's a job to do, and in the next moment, Barton's got his bow up and aimed; aim for the eyes…

"Hold it still…" is murmured to Sentinel, whether or not he can be heard, Hawk doesn't care. One, two arrows aloft.

The jets, mind, are a sight for sore eyes, even if he's being snarked at by a superior.
"Hey.. you're the one who's got me out here on a Saturday night. I do what I can."


The Torch mutters as some piece of Reed-tech or other on his costume chirps at him.
"What do you want, Herbie? I'm busy!"
"Sorry, sir, but SHIELD would like to connect to the Fantasti-comm."
"Uh. Really, Reed? You called it that? OK, fine, do it." There is a 'quirple' noise, and Johnny says, "Human Torch here. Where do you need me?"

And then he sees that dragon-glare aimed at him. It's going to breathe more fire at him. With the city below and behind. This might be bad.
"Uh, sorry SHIELD, I gotta close in on it, so it won't blast the stuff behind me." After all, why put everything out so it can just set fire to people instead? The Torch jets a bit faster than usual, getting right up into that about-to-burn face, and lets go with a blast of flame aimed right at its nostrils. Inhale some REAL fire, dragon.


Sentinel's eyes lock with those of a dragon head and he feeds more energy into the rope binding its snout so that it spreads and becomes a proper muzzle that locks around its head.
"Can you send it home without knowing where that is?" he asks in response to Zatanna. "Otherwise we should convince it to turn tail and run back to its den where it's safe." Which the jets seem to be well on the way to doing. Which they might be doing too good a job of. As the creature begins to fall, he flies upward, still holding the other end of the leash to try to keep it from crashing into the ground below.
"Has anyone told them NOT to shoot to kill? We've got this, we don't need troopers with itchy trigger fingers."


There Hill sits in the co-pilot's seat of Quinjet 2, silently grinding her teeth. She's got every reason in the world to be particularly grumpy now, after just finding out that good old Wonder Woman is already on the scene. Getting in the way. Sure, she could survive some explosions. That's not the point. Not any longer. But, now the rules of the game have changed.

Needless to say, this does NOT make for a happy Assistant Director.

"New orders, Agents! Every shot must be accounted for. We get the wrong person knocking on our door with a piece of shrapnel in their arm and this whole mess turns political." Dammit, why couldn't Hawkeye be one of the guys with an RPG? She can trust his aim at the very least.

It's here that Maria permits herself a very thin smirk. Hawkeye always did love his perches.

"Bird Three, zero on Hawkeye's coordinates for a pick-up run. Barton gets the called shot." Switching over to coms, she adds "Barton, there's a Quin heading your way. Get ready to jump. You're gonna want something a little bigger than a bow and we're going to accomodate."

Rounding up her gameplan, she taps into the com lines for everyone that's both present and chatty over any frequency they're able to catch.
"This is Maria Hill of SHIELD. I'm putting my best shot into position, we're going to send a rocket right down one of its throats. If you aren't helping me out then stay out of my way."

At least the Human Torch gave a heads up first, though being that he's already turned into fire Hill's willing to bet they won't hurt him if, God forbid, Barton happens to miss.

Sentinel, on the other hand… "And clearly you're doing a fantastic job out there. We are doing our jobs, I'd suggest that you not interfere."


With other heroes taking some of the heat off her, literally, Supergirl starts darting around as one head starts snapping at her. Short, intense bursts of heat vision are aimed at the snapping head, trying to keep it's attention. But this is still a stalemate, with neither the monster nor the heroes gaining enough of an upper hand. Seeing Sentinel containing one head with his energy lasso, Kara gets an idea.

Moving at super-speed, Supergirl flies down to a harbor berth that's not been damaged in the attack. She grabs hold of the spool of foot-thick steel cable on an unloaded cargo crane and pulls the end of the cable free. Flying back to the monster, Supergirl fashions a lasso of her own in less than a second. The steel cable is twirled and then tossed over the head on the other side of the one Sentinel has snared. The Maid of Might pulls backwards, trying to keep that head under control.
"Sentinel, right?" she calls out to the green hero on the other side of the beast. "Let's try pulling this big guy back!" And straining with all her considerable might, Supergirl begins trying to pull the creature away from the harbor.


Wonder Woman responds to Zatanna's question — and Sentinel's by proxy — as she pulls on the rope around the Tricephalous' third head.
"Someone must have unleashed this monster," she says, grunting as the head snaps around, trying to shake the lasso off. "We need to find out who."
And, being who she is, she's not inclined to kill it needlessly. Not this time, anyway. There is intelligence in its eyes, though it is not a human intelligence. It may not be much greater than a predatory intelligence, which is still obviously dangerous.
"It needs to be subdued and put someplace safe." She's not sure if Shadowcrest is the right place, but, then, neither is she sure carting it off to Themyscira is where she wants it, either. At the very least, Shadowcrest is closer.
"Let's get it under control, first! If we do, I may be able to get it to tell me where its from!" Because, yes. She has that power.

The monster lands with a crash on the pavement, crushing a couple of cargo crates as it does. Electronics spill out onto the asphalt beneath its feet. Hawkeye's arrows arch towards the creature, embedding into soft flesh near its eyes as it continues to jerk its head. It tries to roar, its tail lashing out in its pain. The fire up its snout doesn't help… though, again, fire isn't its primary weakness.

"Do not kill this creature!" Wonder Woman cries over her communit, upon hearing Hill's voice. Great Athena, she dislikes that woman's kill instinct!
"Focus your people on evacuating the civilians! We have this creature! Put your cursed guns away!" And, indeed, as Sentinel and Kara both begin to pull, she does as well. The creature rises up onto its hind legs as it is pulled off-balance.
"Get it over the water!" she calls to the others… even as a rumble starts in the streets just north of the harbor.


"Negative, Sentinel. Without some specifics I could wind up sending him someplace way off where he belongs." Zatanna grimaces at the SHIELD chatter over the comms.
"Di, get this big guy out over open water. I'll try to head off any kill shots from Hill and her people, until you can get him where he belongs." She zips up into the air between the oncoming quinjets and the beast, and waves her wand. « !egassap rieht edih ,gof fo llaw (Wall of fog, hide their passage!) » Fog boils up from the water in a massive vertical wall, 30 feet thick, and dense enough to bring visibility beyond the docks down to 5 feet.


"Now would be good," is muttered over the com.

As the Quinjet comes in and begins its hover, a rope ladder emerges from the back, allowing the SHIELD agent to hook his bow across his back and take hold of the ladder. Up the rungs, he pulls himself into the bay as the cargo officer pulls the ladder up after him.

Barton knows Quinjets like the back of his hand; he should — he flies them as well. Digging through the stores, he opens up the crate with the RPG and begins to piece it together.

As for his pilot? Well… it's one thing if they were rated for visible navigation, but they're also trained on instruments… and as the aircraft flies through the fog, they've got their telemetry in place and are actively tracking the creature.

"We've got people evacuating the civilians," comes calmly over the com. "NYFD and NYPD. That's their job."

"Hill, this is Barton. Almost in place."


"Yeesh. I wish Sue was here," Johnny says. She'd bottle the big guy up and then Wonder Woman could have a long chat. He gets a "huff" of outraged reptilian breath in his face, but fortunately dragon-lizard snot burns off before it slimes him.

Get it over the water. Right. The Torch starts flying a circle around the thing's feet, controlling the heat and flame very precisely, to create an updraft. It's worked for planes, maybe it'll work for giant big-butt dragon things with (to scale) flippity little wings.


Lifting the dragon really isn't a problem. After all, Sentinel lifted the UN building. It's just that the building wasn't actively trying to fight him and break free with super strength.
"Right." he calls back to Supergirl. "Let's get this thing out over the water." he agrees, lifting and pulling in the direction Wonder Woman indicated.
"Fog, good idea. I'll put a shield above us too in case they decide to fire anyway." Which he does, the energy emanating from his ring, as he momentarily pauses in his stevedore duties.


"And what do you propose we do instead, feed it Tic-Tacs and get it neutered?" Hill barks back into her com at Wonder Woman. "This thing is threatening to destroy half of the city and any unfortunate SOB that gets caught in its path, I don't have time to try and make nice with it! If it wanted to strike up a conversation it would have by now. Civilians are already being cleared and we've got this bastard's back up against the wall, so don't you tell me how to do my damn job."

Suddenly there's a wall of fog obscuring their line of sight. Yet, Maria's only smirking once more. The Quinjets don't need straight line of sight, a quick switch to thermal fills the cockpits with lots and lots of heat signatures, including one very big one with three heads. "Welcome to the twenty-first century, kids. Better luck next time."

"Ma'am?" one of the other Agents speaks out, perhaps wondering if maybe Wonder Woman might have the right idea after all.

"And where would they take it?" she snaps back with a challenging glare passed to the outspoken man. "I don't see the wisdom in letting them run off with their own giant fire-breathing monster, because when I see that," she says with a sharp motion toward the giant heat blob in the Quinjet's HUD, "all I see is 'biological WMD.' We don't make a habit of freely handing those out to anyone."

Firing through a shield might be a slight issue, however. Can Sentinel shield all of the monster by himself, or just the heroes?

"On your mark, Barton. Take the shot."


Being one of only two survivors out of a population of several billion tends to color one's attitude towards the sanctity of life. Yes, this thing is big, and dangerous, and very angry, but it's still a living thing. And that means that Kara will fight to save it with the same ferocity she uses to fight to save any human being. Her super-hearing catches some of the chatter to the pilots as they fly above, and she's going to do what she can to get this thing away without SHIELD kiling it.

So, as she adds her strength to Wonder Woman and Sentinel's in pulling this beast back out into the water, Supergirl watches the SHIELD jets flying around in attack patterns…and adds just a little pit of super-breath to add air turbulence to their attack run. And if any missiles are lanched at the creature, she's got her heat vision ready to try and shoot the missiles down.


The rumble in the streets becomes more pronounced. The pavement buckles in the middle of the largest intersection near the harbor itself. The piercing nose of a large drill rips through the under street, through the asphalt, sending clods of dirt, rock, and other detritus churning into the air. Vehicles are overturned and the crunch of metal upon metal rises above the roar of the city.

"YES!" a magnified voice booms. "Taste your destruction, Surface Worlders! Your downfall is at hand!"

The thermals beneath it lift the creature, thanks to Johnny's efforts, combined with the flight-capable trio that pull on its heads. It is flipped on its back and dragged through the air, past the drenched, inert tankers. The fog rises up, and even Wonder Woman is hard pressed to see through the murk, though the thermal imaging SHIELD has available cannot possibly be blocked by something as simple as water vapor. Though, to be fair, all any of it is, right now, is a huge red and yellow blob on the screen. Very little differentiation is seen between figures, thanks to the rising thermals and the close proximity of the heroes to the creature.

"Zatanna," Diana says to her friend, over the comm, "I don't care where you put it, just put it someplace safe for now!" They can send it home later. But that booming voice from the streets has caught her attention, even as SHIELD launches its assault.


Zatanna zooms back up to where Diana has one of the heads under control.
"Ok big guy, I need a look-see in your brain, so I can figure out where to send you, before SHIELD decides to give you a missile enema." She places a hand on the monster's head, hoping Wonder Woman keeps it from chomping her, and she murmurs and incantation. « Gnoleb uoy erehw emoh ruoy em wohs! (Show me your home where you belong!) » In her head an image of Monster Island manifests, and she hangs onto a few landmarks to orient.
"OK, everyone let him go on the count of three. ONE…TWO…THREE!" With that she grabs hold of a nostril and shouts « Dnalsi retsnom ot su tropelet! (Teleport us to Monster Island!) ». The magician and the dragon wink out of sight.


And, there is the order. Moving towards the back of the 'jet, the bay door opens in a hydraulic whine, and tying himself to one of the hardpoints in the cargo hold, Hawkeye sets the RPG on his shoulder.

"Okay, call 'em out!"

Coordinates are yelled to the back of the aircraft, and as Barton dials it in, as it were, the wind is whipping at him.

"Um… sir? Our target's disappeared…"


"Yessir.. it's gone, but we're getting reports in from the harbour."

Slowly and deliberately, Hawkeye lets the RPG down from its perch and punches the button that will allow the bay doors to close.

"We've lost contact, Hill." But the chances are good it's just going to be a matter of a change of target in the next few minutes…


"Eww, she grabbed it by the nose hairs," the Torch says, inadvertently over the comms. He rockets upwards, out of the fog, and heads back towards the harbor where there were still buildings smoldering. And there's a ridiculous looking … thing … sticking out of the ground.

"Mr. Storm, the seismic monitors have been issuing alarms. Mrs. Richards forbade me to contact them under any circumstances. May I have your voice override to contact Mr. Richards with this information?"

The Torch heads back down, seeing something of definite interest.
"No, not yet, Herbie. I see the source of the shaking, and I think our friends at SHIELD want to talk to the shaker."


Sentinel doesn't let go so much as the leash just disappears, leaving the muzzle on the dragon till it dissipates once Zatanna takes it away. That's just as well since he recognizes that voice.

"Not again." he sighs and looks over at Wonder Woman, recalling their recent conversation. With the dragon situation under control, he flies toward the Mole Man.


Herein lies the struggle. Try to save the life of one giant creature, or the lives of dozens which that one larger creature would destroy? Maria's choice is an easy one, and if for some reason it ever isn't she's still got people to tell her what to do. She really can say that the situation is out of her hands here, her actions may be what everyone sees but they're backed by unilateral vote.

Her kill orders would stand, without question, if not for a change in the playing field. The monster is being pulled away from the city, thus making itself less of a threat. At the same moment there's a giant drill boring its way through the streets, immediately shifting the Assistant Director's crosshairs from the massive red blob to the subterranean vehicle.

Over the open coms, she transmits "Looks like this is your lucky day, Capes. Let's be clear on one thing, though. I ever catch sight of that creature again and I'm going to fry its ass with an orbital laser cannon. We clear?"

Dropping off of the open com channels to encrypted, she goes back to work. "Barton, check your three o'clock. If you've got a precise shot then call it, otherwise we're turning it inside out." Off comms she looks to Bird Two's gunner, "Are any of these Quins outfitted with mass drivers?"

"Two are loaded and charged."

"Get both on exact line of sight to target, I don't want either of them upsetting so much as a pipe fitting on the sewer system. Collateral damage needs to be controlled. Disable that machine, nice and clean."

Either Hawkeye gets his miracle shot with the RPG or a pair of twenty millimeter railguns are going to make life on the streets a little more interesting for those baddies.


Once the creature is taken away by Zatanna, Supergirl's focus switches to the new threat. Dropping the steel cable lasso that was used to wrangle the creature, Kara flies up, then angles herself down in a streak of blue and red, striking the subterranean drilling vehicle feet first at the drill mechanism and shattering it. Her x-ray vision is used to make sure she's not going to hurt anyone inside, nd she punchesa fist into the front roof, peeling the metal back to expose the passengers within. With a smile of confidence, Kara looks down at them. "Are you sure you don't want to reconsider that?"


The monster disappears, and Zatanna along with it. And it's not likely to return, nor does Diana particularly need to ask it much of anything, with the appearance of the drill. As Kara streaks toward it, Hawkeye lines up his shot and fires. The rocket explodes from his weapon and, although the Kryptonian certainly gets there first, to expose the passengers within, Superman's young cousin will need to move fast to make sure Dr. Harvey Elder and his little yellow minions (no, not THOSE minions!) aren't turned into pavement smears. (Fortunately, the blonde woman is fast.) Indeed, Harvey squawks as his machine is ripped asunder, proving something of a glass cannon when pitted against alien superstrength and SHIELD prejudicial weaponry. "No! Let me go!" he protests, even as his drill is blown to smithereens, while he dangles in Supergirl's grip.

"I suggest you hand him over to SHIELD," Diana says over the comm to Kara as the Amazon rises out of the fog to survey the situation. "He's responsible for the attack on the UN and that certainly is SHIELD's jurisdiction." They can argue about the rest of it, later.

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