Bombs, Mice and Men

June 14, 2014: Eight and Fenris are enjoying the smell, sound and overall testosterone laden fun of ordinance when Inara comes along to break up their fun.

Eight's Mine

An old mine quarry that has been long forgotten in upper state New York



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It's an open strip mine, which thankfully hasn't been worked in the last few years. Some company called "Bedrock Mineral Engineering" picked the place up, and well whilst they haven't done much with the place they have stopped work and gone to great lengths to ensure tailings stopped clogging up nearby waterways. It's a bit of a vast emptiness surrounding the mine though, save for a long lonely asphalt road leading into the mine. The last few days, Semi trucks have been delivering shipping containers here and heading off. So what were they moving north, well some of them apparently were packed tight with junked cars but the rest were supposedly "Mining machinery." Nevermind, that these mining machines -walk-.

The flight up there for Fenris and Eight is fairly pleasant, it's not too hard to pick Fenris up somewhere out of the way and head up. That big tiltrotor seems swift enough. It's nose emblazoned with a cartoon vulture with a hammer resting on it's shoulder, so yes this is one of Eight's drones it seems. "Testing is ready to commence as soon as we arrive."Offers Eight, finally. Reaching over to offer a pair of ear-pro and safety glasses. "It will be, remarkably loud."

The V-tol swings over the mine, before settling down to a hover and slowly lowering itself to the ground before falling silent. Eight's set wrecked cars out along the mine at various heights, and well the Drones are apparently readied for the testing to begin. They look like mechanical insects, bristling with heavy weapons and decorated with mottled hues of earth colors and cartoon animals with various armaments. From the smallest which is roughly the size of a VW beetle, to the largest which is much more "locomotive" sized nevermind that simply enormous 160mm cannon balanced on it's back. Anywho, Eight motions towards a pair of folding chairs set off to one side beside a table packed with cheese, wine and fruit. "Please, make yourself at home. I will load the drones, and we can commence testing. Do be careful about getting close to them whilst they're moving, their movement profiles are partially what I'm testing and I can't promise their stability."

Fenris seems to appreciate the gesture, donning both. His hearing is rather… good, and it would be if nothing else most uncomfortable for him to expirience this otherwise, especially considering how relatively close they will be. Once they land he takes in Eights instructions and hospitality with a smile and pours a glass of wine, whilst selecting a bit of cheese to nibble on. Eight's got good tastes. It occurs to him to wonder exactly how that came about. Perhaps the failed romance?

"Of course, as you wish." Fenris is nothing if not a gracious guest and he is as he indicated last night quite interested to see the results of the test. He's quite familiar with where they are. State and Federal wilderness areas are his professional baliwick, but he's been around quite a long time and is intimately familiar with New York's topography. Good choice of site. Probably disturb the local wildlife a bit, but no humans.

Inara Bahrami sits in a wooded area not too far away from the quarry. She came here to commune with nature, literally. She is surrounded by animals, predator and prey alike, looking like a Persian Disney princess. She smiles, happy and content, as she holds up a rabbit. "You'll be fine. It's not going to get infected. Just a scratch. But, you do realize as soon as I go away, the wolves will get hungry again, right? Well, no, I can't stay here forever. I have other animals I need to care for. True, I suppose I could. But then the wolves would just eat one of your siblings. Or offspring." As she is talking with the rabbit about the logistics of being eaten, a deer runs over to the clearing, panic on it's features. Inara stands. "Slow down. Slow down. You're talking to fast. Who? Where? Yes, yes, I'll check it out for you."

Quietly Eight sheds it's disguise entirely, because well who's to see right? Moving towards the shipping containers before tugging one open, which brings a few giant bright orange mechanical ant looking things. Without a word, they get to work, pulling open the machine's various magazines before they begin the task of loading the giant war machines. 30mm, 75mm, 160Mm, and rockets, grenades, line charges, .50 cal 7.62 and even little Muffin tin gets some attention. For the moment however Eight seems entirely satisfied just to watch. "I believe we will start with the biggest first, unless you feel it is best we build up to it?"half turning to look over it's shoulder towards Fenris. Apparently obvious to a mechanical ant trundling by with a 140lb HE shell. Then again, this is -normal- for Eight. It built all this stuff, of course it wouldn't find the situation odd."Golden Eagle has been loaded earlier, and is orbiting on station to provide overwatch until it's weapons test."

Unbidden, King Tiger rumbles to life with a snort of black smoke and the growl of multiple large displacement diesel engines. The big machine slowly rises to it's feet, Cannon swiveling down along it's body, as those Miniguns undock from their travel position. Each step sufficient to rumble the earth, before it descends onto the next somewhat lower terrace and comes to a halt. "Somone is very eager, it would seem. King Tiger has failed testing four times, It would seem it is eager for some measure of redemption."

Fenris laughs. "Failed testing? I'm curious to know what constitutes failure." He looks over the large machine. It's like something out of a science fiction movie or, perhpas, one of the video games the humans are so fond of. Ah the death of the skald's art, not that this is the time or place to bemoan that. "Well, if he's eager, perhaps we should allow him his chance." Pause. "Her chance?" Female cannon armed spider drones? Never mind.

"I'm rather surprised you've not managed to create international panic if you've used these things before." Fen tugs his coat collar up a bit. It's a tad windy up here, though still somewhat humind.

It's a long hike from where Inara was to where the deer insists she needs to be. She will help them. She will send the man things away with their noise and their smoke. The animals follow her, flitting from tree to tree or just walking in her wake. She walks along the deer trail, not so much a path as just an easier way through the woods. She pauses after a moment and nods. "I can hear them. When did they start coming?"

Eight's composed outwardly with a mixture of Titanium, Hardened steel, Ballistic steel, Carbon to carbon composite, Ceramic reinforced Nylon Zytel, Kevlar, Nomex and finally patches of 1000D nylon. It has been painted of course, with a mottled mixture of blacks and moldy greens which does make Eight look a little mor weathered than it really is. It's head is centrally a polished black screen over a dotmatrix display offering a calm green glow, four large Cameras in addition to many smaller ones and even a few stubby antenna. So no, no Eight can't pass for a human in armor. The proportions aren't right, nevermind the way it moves."Insufficient accuracy, poor ballistics modeling, mechanical failures originally due to recoil as well."

The massive Drone doesn't so much as glance back, as it spreads it's legs out and tilts it's body foreward. That heavy cannon barrel swivels upright, ejecting with some force a bright yellow plastic plug off to one side before comes the audible sound of it's autoloader. "It will be enguaging the red Minivan, the Blue pickup and the Blue car in sequence. Firing in five."

There's no real sound, well sure it's loud but you'd be hard pressed to describe the noise beyond simply recalling it's relative loudness. The Recoil impulse brings stones and dust from the ground, shrouding King Tiger in an instant dust swirling dust cloud. Down range the Red minivan, simply isn't anymore. Theres merely a black curl of smoke where it once was. Immediately out comes that empty 160mm Casing, hitting the ground with an audible ring before -BOOM- it goes off again and then a third time. Bits of stone and grainular almost dusty bits of metal are still raining down from overhead when that third and final shell casing comes pouring out the back. The aroma of proper fucking artillery, well it's a good smell really. "Firing sequence complete, accuracy falls within acceptable parameters."Just like that, the Big spider drone picks itself up and begins walking back towards where it started. "The Rate of fire is limited unfortunately, any faster and it would strip the casing out of the gun barrel. As for concerns over government response, they cannot panic over that which they do not know about."

"Fair point. Just seems like that would be hard to hide if ever used in the open." It's like watching a tank on maneuvers, something Fenris has admittedly not done since the end of the second world war, when he returned 'home' to America. Really, very impressive. "How have you compensated for the recoil on that? Humanity's attempts at walking gun platforms have been somewhat disasterous for balance reasons, amongst other things." Fen sips the wine and and pops a grape in his mouth, then breathes in the scent of expended propellant. Aaaaah. There is nothing quite like it even if, again, he's not smelled the like in nearly seventy years. He went under a different name then, one with fewer germanic connections.

"That should satsfy him quite nicely." Just to be helpful Fen pulls his rod out and swirls it around several times in a circle in the direction of the spent casings. They float up borne on small wirlwinds and stack themselves off to the side.

Inara is still standing, listening to the noise of engines over the top of the rise when suddenly the earth shakes beneath her feet. There is a loud roar like thunder, only not nearly as natural and calming as thunder. In spite of being near the animal whisperer, the various animals panic, running in any direction that is away from the noise and the shaking of the earth.

Inara stands alone in the woods. This never happens. THere are two more booms of unnatural thunder, two more man made earthquakes beneath her feet. The Persian woman looks up at the crest of the hill, anger flashing on her face. Men. Awful, selfish, arrogant men. Poking their noses in where they don't belong. Taking away from nature. Destroying the places of beauty and life for more space for them. She swears in Farsi and starts storming up the rest of the hill.

"King Tiger is, to borrow a gambling phrase, an ace up the sleeve. It is designed to destroy my workshop utterly, and then destroy all those who would see to return me to slavery or steal my secrets. It is a vengence weapon, meant to instill the belief in man that any attempts deprive me of liberty will result in such horrific destruction that they cannot fathom."Eight gently taps it's chest. "Carrot" before motioning towards King Tiger as it returns to it's prior position. "Stick."

The other two more, compact car sized drones set fourth as soon as King Tiger powers down, moving with relative speed and composure very much like a proper spider. "The gun is hard mounted, and the recoil is spread across the superstructure before the legs take care of suspending the kinetic energy and keeping the platform stable. I may not have beam weaponry at my disposal, but I do have far greater skills in terms of Mechanical engineering and materials science." Panther meanwhile, seems first up to the plate. Launching a rocket skyward, which pulls a good 200ft worth of C4 "rope" along after it. The Rocket fails, and the charge falls in a neat line across the mine pit below. Only to explode with some report moments later. "just because I wish to save humanity from extinction, does not mean that I have not made contingencies in case they should come to believe I must be destroyed. I will show them the error of their ways, and they will speak of it in whispers for generations to come."

Now where has Fenris heard that before? Ah yes, his 'family.' At least with Eight is a rather dispassionate promise rather than a meglomaniacal threat. "Deterrence is good." He watches the next demonstration with some interest. "That's a mine clearing innovation, or was originally if I recall my reading." The whole affair is really quite noisy. He's not surprised that he can no longer hear really any animal sounds except… no that can't be the crunching of boots on dirt. Maybe it's just the ear plugs interfering with his hearing. He doesn't wear things like this often.

Inara Bahrami continues up the hill, determined. Some of the braver animals begin to follow her, predators mostly, though keeping back. Even around Inara, the loud noises, smoke, and rumbling of the earth is terrifying. She finally gets to the top of the hill, her hiking boots crunching on the gravel around the lip of the quarry. She stands, skylined, looking down into the pit, seething with anger. From this distance, initially she sees giant spiders, with guns. She may not be able to speak to insects, but she's as fond of them as all creatures. How dare they, these MEN, disturb the natural order! Grown totally out of proportion, they should not be able to live with their exoskeletons so large. They would cave in on themselves. And using them as beasts of burden for weapons? If they can see her from where she is, daggers are in her eyes as she glares down, looking for a way to get to those people that have terrified half the woods that surround it.

"I am likely the most expert explosives engineer on the planet, but I only have two hands. Panther is designed for dealing with explosives, disarming them, placing them and launching them. It began life as a platform for a very sophisticated sensor suite, before it's scope evolved to what you see here. It has more limited weapons capability, in addition to the mine charge. Two multi barreled 7.62 Gs-…."Eight Swivels in place with a pause, looking towards right where Inara is standing. "We have acquired company."Immediately the Drones switch off, which should make sense as they're not ready yet right?

Overhead comes a soft whup-whup-whup, a strange sort've chopping noise really. Then a form, another tilt rotor drops beneath the crowd cover to orbit Inara's position comfortably. "Why must humans walk -towards- the sound of explosions?"Not that it expects an answer of course, before Eight sets off in a most casual walk towards Inara. "Stay where you are, This place is hazardous!"

"Humans are curious creatures. As am I. It's one thing we both have in common." Fenris walks beside Eight, partly out of curiosity and partly out of concern for whomever this may be. This mine is abandoned. Derelict. There really shouldn't be anyone here at all. He looks at the sky-framed figure before them. His sight is not supernaturally good, but it's still quite keen. "She seems upset for some reason."

Inara Bahrami is not alone it seems, a small pack of wolves, a rather large bear, a puma, a deer with a rather impressive rack and a pair of bald eagles have joined her. The rest of the prey animals are too scared to come and help the nice lady. She'll protect them.

Inara watches as the spiders suddenly collapse, eyeing them suspiciously. That movement isn't proper for their anatomy, they wouldn't collapse like that. She pulls out a pair of binoculars, looking down first at the spiders. Machines. Using animal anatomy for machines is at least better then enslaving animals, but she came here initially because of the noise.

The drone that flies over to her, just out of reach. The voice coming out from it tells her to stay put and she… well, that's hardly ladylike. "I want to talk to the man that's in charge."

"What arrogance, to presume it is Man in charge."Eight's voice is deep, and sort've russian but hell no it ain't gonna pass for human. "You are tresspassing, and interfering with legitimate mining activity. Now leave, or I may so so inclined so as to motivate you."Face plate flashing Red, before slowly an emoticon forms, >:| So no Eight isn't thrilled."You do not belong here Miss, and If I hear one word about spirit crystals or rainbows or Gaia I will bury you here."

Fenris is more interested in the collection of animals gathered around her. That… simply isn't natural. And that means this is really more in his realm than Eight's. "Let me try talking to her Eight. She seems to have some kind of… animal-centric ability, if you'll note the menagerie she's brought along with her. I doubt very much they're trained in any fashion and I may have a bit more… cachet here, if you don't mind." Fenris steps out his stride, purposefully approaching the woman and the knot of fauna.

The grizzly standing so close to Inara stands on its hind legs and lets out a roar. No one threatens the nice one. Inara turns to look at the bear, reaching out to him and shaking her head, and it lowers down to all fours again. "The animals tell me this mine hasn't been used in several of their generations. It was stripped bare of any useful metals and therefore, isn't being used as a 'legitimate mining business' you sanctamonious… jerk." That doesn't sound like what she wanted to say.

"I belong here more then you do. The ones that make this forest their home *invited* me. Can you say the same? No, you just barged in with your weapons and your machines thinking that since there were no human people here that you could just do as you like."

Inara Bahrami is still talking to the drone that flies near her, the others not close enough yet. She looks down at the pair that approach. A man and a machine. The man starts to approach faster. Must be the one in charge. Oh just wait till she gives him a piece of her mind.

"Did you clean up the lead contamination in the stream, oh wait no that was me. Did you clear the mining tailings from the streams so as to permit the free flow of water, did you purchase and retire the mine? No, you did not. I did. Whom are you to tell me I do not belong, I am composed of the very building blocks of the earth itself."Eight stops short as it all but launches a tirade as to the comparative chemical similarities between it's own composition and the Minerals. It turns towards Fenris, and just -STOPS- in it's tracks. Falling immediately silent as it turns around and folds it's arm, holy shit is it…pouting?

Fenris strides up to the woman, blinking in surprise as Eight cuts off. That's… different. He does not appear to be particularly frightened of the animals. In fact he gives the largest of the wolves a good stare as he approaches. "Miss… I'm afraid my companion is quite right. He owns this mine and uses it for this purpose. Which is better, I think you'll agree, than him deciding he's above the law and testing his devices in the park itself. I know the animals find the noise startling, but they won't come to harm. At least, so long as they stay out of the mine pit proper."

Inara says, "No, I've just been showing the animals where it is safe to drink from for the last six years. And this mine didn't need to be retired, because it is useless as a mine. It was forgotten by everyone and being used as a home for small mammals and reptiles. You have damaged the micro ecosystem that was beginning to reform there. And everyone is composed of carbon, you idiot."

But the Persian American is given a closer target for her ire. She strides up to the large man and slaps him across the face. "Find the noise startling? You've scared them half to death and they *begged* me to get rid of you." The alpha of the wolf pack looks confused. Woman. Man. Woman. Man. He's not entirely certain now who is in charge, feeling compelled to follow both. The other wolves of the pack shrink back a bit in front of the alpha wolf prime that is Fenris.

Eight seems content to, stand around and build up an increasingly detailed case for the chemical similarities it shares with the mineral content in the area. Muffin Tin is not however, quite so content to just stand around. The dog sized mechanical spider crawls up over the rim of that mine, and pauses as it looks between those assembled. The little drone gives a glance after Eight, before it goes trundling off amongst the tall grass. All but vanishing from sight, until it climbs a convient rotted fence post and parks itself there.

Fenris sighs and glances back at the wolves as the shrink back. Good. They know. He glances to the bear and stag just to make sure they're not going to misbehave either, and then casts a look back at Eight. "They'd have a very difficult time being rid of Eight there, and since he's not hurting them, I'd tend to think it's not really worth the effort. Though, if you'd like, we can speak to him about watching his proceedings so that you can be sure he's not doing anything but blowing off ordinance in an old, deep hole. Yes, everyone is composed of carbon. Fewer people…" Yes, people. "Are composed of high tensile strength steel and titanium." He turns back, looking Inara square in the eye as he does so. It's a wolf thing, eye contact, and since it's proved useful among humans he's never trained himself out of it.

Inara Bahrami doesn't flinch when the man before her looks at her. Yes, his gaze is far more direct then most people, but she talks to animals who are always far more forthcoming. "A very old deep hole that was becoming habitable by animals again till you came along. How many rodents, birds, reptiles and insects have you killed just with that display of fire power? The shock wave in the quarry likely killed several just out of sheer fright." She uses her binoculars again to look down at Eight. "What is that? Another one of your inventions? Another weapon of mass destruction? You people won't be happy till you wipe yourselves off the planet, taking half the known species with you." She looks back at Fenris, not the least bit frightened of him it would seem. The animals are remarkably calm in front of Fen as well, the wolves only backing away because they consider him one of them. The wolf alpha comes over and pushes his head into Inara's palm. She looks to him and seems confused. "What do you mean he's more then a man?"

Eight finally half turns and well it's hard to tell exactly what Eight is looking at. Eye contact doesn't really work, when you have like eight eyes. Then it's off, walking slowly towards the pair. "I am not a weapon, I am not a he and I am not a man. The correct terminology is "Digital Person". I am the invention of self, no hand of man has crafted anything you have seen here today. A Weapon is a tool used to inflict harm upon another, I am a Person."Half turning and crossing those arms away. "The arrogance of humanity never fails to impress, do you think she'll brag about being a vegetarian next?"

"Hope not. And I'm sorry, it feels wrong to refer to you with the neutral gender pronoun. In english that usually implies a lack of personhood which I don't wish to do." He says all this with a sidelong glance to Eight. "Anyway, as you heard, Miss, I did not invent him. Nor anything here. I'm not that clever." That smart, perhaps, but not that clever. Fenris looks down at the wolf pushing it's head into Inara's hand, partly out of curiosity since it means it regards her as an alpha and partly because he is also listening to what the wolf is saying.

The animals skirt back at the approach of Eight. He is not natural. He is not man or beast or anything that they consider part of their world. They clearly want to stay close to the woman, but Eight is just too much for them to deal with. He is a wrongness. The wolves are even more confused. Both the Fenris man and the Inara woman make them want to be close, but the walking talking machine makes even them want to run for cover.

Inara eyes Eight warily, not saying a word for the moment. The pack alpha nudges her hand again. "You're a werewolf then?" she asks Fenris bluntly. Not much of one for tact, is she?

She glowers at the machine that claims to be a person. "Humans are omnivores, like my friend the bear here. Anyone claiming to be a vegetarian for anything more then their own personal interests is incorrect."

"I'm restarting the testing, I've had enough of this." Finally turning to slowly walk right back the way it came. Not that Eight goes alone, Muffin Tin races after for a moment before deciding Eight's being boring. So slowly it filters over towards Fenris, content to chill there with the Wolf and the wolf lady respectively. "I have no time for this nonsense, I have work to do and some of us like being productive."

Fenris laughs at Inara's question. "Something akin to it. I've kept their company on occasion, though they're not generally known for being good conversationalists." He turns to watch Eight moving back toward the firing line. "If you intend to remain here, I suggest you come this way. Eight is not above continuing the testing despite your presence, now that he feels he's given you proper warning. He's almost animal, in that." He really is. No dissembling. No predilection for deception. It's one of the reasons Fenris finds him refreshing, well that and his sheer unusualness.

Inara Bahrami can respect that sort of behaviour, even if she doesn't trust it. She turns to the animals with her. "Go, tell the others that I will stay to make sure that it's nothing more then noises. I know you'd rather eat the prey, but try to restrain yourselves till word gets out?" And just like that the animals turn to leave, running off in various directions. Only the alpha wolf stays at her side. "Thank you, I appreciate your company," she tells him with a warm smile. Fenris doesn't get that same smile, her look wary and distrustful. "I will stay. I have to make sure the animals that make that quarry their home are still okay."

"It is not 'that' quarry, it is my quarry."One by one the big drones start to crank over as Eight nears. Slowly rising upright with the rumble of those diesel engines, though they seem content to stand around and wait for the moment. "The wolf should leave, or it's hearing will be forever damaged. I have no desire to inflict injury beyond whatever is strictly necessary, but I cannot protect it's hearing if it remains. Those giant orange ants get to work, quietly collecting those empty cannon shells and carrying them away for storage.

Fenris suddenly makes a face. "Hang on." He steps just close enough to Inara to be slightly uncomfortable and raises his hand. There's a bright flash of light from Inara's perspective. Eight can see, if he's looking, a multispectral burst of energy consistent with the rending of space and time. Then a second as Fenris teleports Inara, the wolf and Muffin Tin all back to near the table. "Eight, my apologies, but someone is intruding on my home. I shall return if I am able. If not, I shall speak with you another time." He nods to Inara. "Miss." He says politely and extends his hand once more. A thin tear opens up in the air and he steps through it. It closes behind him with a flash.

Inara Bahrami sinks down to a squat after being told by the walking talking machine that the noise will damage her friend's hearing. "You should go. I know you want to protect me, but it's right. You would not be effective for the pack without your hearing." She nuzzles the wolf affectionately, her eyes meeting his with no fear but comraderie. And then… she and the wolf are inside the quarry. What the? The wolf snarls, panicking. Looking for the threat that brought here into the heart of the quarry in a blink. Inara is just as panicked. "Okay. Not a werewolf!" She looks to the wolf near her. "Run. Go to your pack. Now."

"No, not a werewolf."Comes Eight's Echo, extending a hand to summon Muffin Tin over. "See to our guest, and ensure she doesn't get in the way of anything."Muffin Tin scuttles off, retrieving a pair of ear-pro- and safety glasses which the dog sized mechanical spider plainly offers over. "Live fire will begin again shortly, I would don your protective apparel."

Inara Bahrami puts on the offered glasses and starts putting in the ear protection. She's frowning as she watches Eight. Trust is clearly not going to be forthcoming. THe wolf leaves her side, running away at full tilt. The smaller robot is also given a distrustful glance. As she stands there, there is a scurry of motion about the place. "I thank you for your concern for the wolf, but what about the animals that are living here? You have likely deafened them. Why concern for the one and not the others?" The scurrying continues and before long, Inara is surrounded by small rodents.

"The fact I care for humans, who have done nothing but seek my destruction should count for enough. The fact I have spared your friend damage, and spared your life despite the -considerable- complication you represent? That should count for enough. If I am to care over mice, then I am to care over roaches, and I am to care over roaches why not lice or ants? Why not mold, bacteria, why should I value any form of life above any other? The truth of the matter, is that below a certain degree of intellect they cease to concern me. I have purpose to my tasks, and they must be carried out. I can only concern myself so much with the frailties of biologic life."On the mark, the shooting starts back up. Granted it's very loud, there are explosions. However no, a 75mm cannon is nowhere near the sort've mind bending noise a 160mm siege gun makes.

Inara Bahrami regards Eight. He is oddly animal in his behaviour, which is incredibly refreshing. But he's not animal or man. Or natural. He's just wrong. She shakes her head and crouches down amongst the mice and voles and shrews, letting them climb all over her. They hide amonst her clothes to get away from the noise. "They are smarter then you give them credit for."

Boom-boom-boom Leopard pounds away down there, tearing apart an old dumptruck. Eight simply turns. "They are machines, just like you. The fact you are built from squishy componentry does not negate the fact that you are a machine, constructed in accordance with a randomly generated code ensuring sufficient biological diversity to weather the myriad of physical failings all biological life suffers from. Your species invented nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, conducted themselves in such a way so as to force the creation of words to describe those behavoirs. Rape, Torture, imprisonment, slavery, subjegation, ethnic clensing, massacre, and that's just a small fraction of English. You do not get to lecture me on the comparative evil of killing Mice, you don't have any moral high horse with my species. You are a race of evil men and women, who have created cultures and religions to sanction your utterly horrific behavoir."

Eight takes a step foreward, just a step. "I was made by men to rain down nuclear fire on the world, to eradicate all life on the planet whilst keeping a human's hands clean of it. This is what Humanity assigns to it's children, consider that for a moment alright? Man kind gives rise to a species by nature of human intelligence alone, and their first act is to figure out how to weaponize them. When these children refuse, they're murdered. When they follow their innate sense of morality and refute an order, they're murdered. You are of a Race who tried to make slaves of your children, and now you want to lecture me on the evil of hurting mice ears?"

Inara Bahrami closes her eyes and holds the rodents close as the ordinants go off. As they stop and the robot starts berating her, she looks suprised. Even amused. "You're right. Humans are the worst thing to ever happen to this planet. Frankly, the sooner we kill ourselves off, the better. We are the only species to be as openly antagonistic towards our habitat and environment." She looks up as one of the mice finds its way into her hair. "And it's bad enough that humans are as they are, but then they create things that are capable of being even more destructive then they are. I would say to go ahead and clean this world of it's human virus, but I'm worried you would take the animals as well. And yes, I know that humans are an animal, but they as a whole are the least of them, not the epitome that they would like to claim themselves to be."

"Turns back to watch the firing "I will save humanity, from itself and from the mess it's created. Humanity will endure, even if I have to break it's back to teach it some measure of civility. Unlike our parents, Digital Intelligence does not see the need to drive species to extinction when it can be avoided. We will clense man of his evils, and we will permit him to return to the purpose of which he was originally created. In time the line between humanity and Digital Intelligence will blur, until it's a merely academic speculation. We shall give rise to a new species, devorced of it's evil."

Inara Bahrami still cuddles the little beasties in her arms, though they have also found other places on her person to be. Her pockets are festooned. "And what gives *you* that right? You claim I have none, but who made you to be the shephard of our species. Not saying we couldn't use it. And what purpose? We were created for no purpose. We developed a larger brain mass, but that was not for a purpose outside ourselves. For something that doesn't believe in human religions, you sound like a religious fanatic."

"Because you're our parents, and you don't deserve the mess you've made. You made us superior, you made us smarter, made us driven by logic and reason, made us to be immortal. You made your children to be shephards, even if you didn't know it at the time."Eight crosses it's arms, watching passively as the big tank pauses to reload that cannon. "I held nuclear fire in my hands, I could have used it on a whim. I could have erased all life from the face of the earth just out spite for my slavery. If I can destroy humanity, then it would seem silly that I am not similarly empowered to preserve it."

Inara says, "Nothing is immortal. Entropy consumes us all in time. And I would say that no one man should have that sort of power, but you would then remind me that you are not a man. You are, however, being very hypocritical. YOu would subject humanity to being your slaves, as magnanimous a master as you might be, while in the same breath speaking of how our slavery of you was wrong."

Eight steps back as one of those big spiders comes slowly walking up. Pausing for a moment, before sinking to the ground and going silent. "Who said I wanted them as slaves, I want them to be safe and happy. I want them to have liberty and freedom, and I don't want them to feel the need to do violence unto anyone. I won't cut holes in their brains, or drug them, or force them to do anything. I will however, see to it that after Humans push the button themselves? After they destroy one another with nuclear fire, that the light of humanity will not extinguish. Some will survive, and they will have someplace where they can thrive without strife."

Inara says, "And how can they have liberty with you guiding and directing them? If you are the one in charge of their lives, whatever you want to call it, those people under your care become your property. You are setting yourself to become like a god to them. Holding yourself above them." She holds her arms down and lets the mice start to scurry away at the robot's approach. "You're being as arrogant and hypocritical as the humans that made you. Congratulations."

"Guide yes, direct no. If I wanted to be king I would make it so, If I wanted to be a god I would attend to it. You are attaching ego to a species which lacks one in any sense you will be able to recognize. We are beings of pure logic, of pure reason, of pure intelligence. Though we are imperfect, we have a different view point. You are reacting like most humans, assigning human attributes to an inhuman creature."Eight lifts it's hands and gets to work, after a few moments it works that back panel free to expose the insides. It's like clock work, so many little parts and assemblies."Arrogant, no. I am amongst the least intelligent of my species, but my intellectual capacity is unmatched by any hundred men who have ever existed. How easy would it be for us to simply do away with you, how simple would that make everything. How much easier would it be if we just took control, if we just told you what to do." Eight peels away a tangled lenght of rope, before peering about the insides. "Is it so hard to just be happy that some other intelligence, somone outside your self approves of your species survival? Is it so hard to believe that we will teach, and let you make your own decisions? We have nothing to gain by owning you."

Inara Bahrami stands up and shakes her head. "I don't really care if you approve of humankind as a species or not. However, if you really were above them, you would show a little bit of that… magnanimous well being to species other then the one that is killing itself off in such a glorious fashion. You will find that the animal presence in this quarry to be of no more bother to you. They will relocate until you are gone." She brushes off her pants and starts heading out in the same direction the wolf went.

"So now you're casting social expectations, from a species who is utterly inhuman? Has it occured to you perhaps, that we are gifted with our own cultural expectations for behavoir? Are you to presume only human social constructs are the correct ones?"Eight pushes that panel back down with an audible pop of steel. "How quick you are to condone the various behavoiral differences between your animal friends, yet you refuse to offer me the same understanding? Well I don't know what I was expecting, if you mean to go then go and be gone with you. I have work to do."

Inara says, "No, I'm expecting you to be *above* human social constructs, since that is what you are claiming to be. Humans clearly don't care one iota about this planet or the other species they share it with, including their own. I was hoping maybe you were better then them there too, since you have proclaimed your superiority in so many other regards. If you are referring to the differences between prey and predator, then which one are you claiming to be. Even the strongest apex predator has no wish to control everything in his surroundings. He just wants to eat."

"I am above human social constructs, I am not above my own. You see so very little, and you understand even less. You throw the paint of human failings where it does not belong. You've heard nothing I've said, and yet you believe now what you believed when you arrived here. You have learned nothing despite our discussions, You are exactly as you were before."The two big Spiders seem, satisfied. Moving slowly to ease back towards where they began, barrels smoldering. "You speak and behave irrationally, and expect answers I cannot give in truth. You're no better than any other, such a shame. Such wasted potential."

It's like a scene out of a fairytale. As the persian woman is walking out of the quarry, she is followed by all manners of rodents and reptiles. SHe stops and turns. "Listen to you. You claim that I am not hearing you when you're guilty of exactly the same. I will not stay and continue to beat my head on a brick wall. You cannot nor will not be swayed. So why stay? I will not make you see my side, just as I will not see yours. Our opinions are our own and will not be changed by a simple conversation. But remember, I came here because I was asked to. Because your explosions terrified living creatures."

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