June 15, 2014: Klarion the Witch Boy wants Wiccan to learn magic from him. Nobody else does.

Gotham City - Burnley/Otis

The business district of Gotham may have been modernized and rendered pristine, with steel and glass facades in high-rises and skyscrapers, but not this neighborhood between Burnley and Otis. This place is rich with Old Gotham Style, meaning lots of stone and gothic architecture and it sits in that urban place right between becoming a 'dangerous' part of town during the day and still being the place yuppies and hipsters shop while the suns up. At sunset it's definitely not a great place to stroll.

Of course, it's almost exactly sunset.



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Even immortal human Hell Gates have to go grocery shopping, though if asked it's likely Jason Blood would admit to enjoying the chore. It's not that it's so much fun or anything, it's just that… well frankly, no matter how much time passes, he's still amazed at how lazy humanity has become. Entire buildings filled with food, buildings larger then most of the villages Jason knew as a boy. He went to a Wal-Mart once, out of shear curiosity… But there are some things no man should see and no one with as close a link to Hell as Jason has should ever frequent a Wal-Mart. Bad Things could happen. But still, even the small down town shops, the food, the choices, so … many. Mind boggling. And to think, it's now considered a fashionable 'eco friendly' way to live if you grew your own food. Madness. Absolute madne-

Jason's head snaps up and he stops mid walk along the side of the road, the Gothamites, who seeing the quickly darkening sky are in a hurry to get home, bump into and past him, tossing out inventive curses about Jason's parentage and sexual preferences. Jason ignores them. Something is… wrong. He can feel it. His skin is crawling with Wrong… He slowly, gently, sets the bag of groceries down as he steps to the side, against the edge of a shop window…


While Angelo diLucci should be in his apartment in Manhattan, sleeping, the Seraph has been awakened, because there is a great danger to a magical node that must be kept from destruction. What precisely that node is, the Seraphim does not know, but it sends its agent into the skies at a speed few mortal craft can achieve, heading toward the pits of darkness that are called Gotham.

At least this time the Seraphim didn't forget to clothe him, but the towel-kilt belted with a gold rope is almost as bad as nothing. But then the Seraphim provides a Shield, which they consider better than mortal garb. Or at least more stylish. Angelo finds himself dreaming of flight, before he realizes that it's not a dream.

"OK, sure, did you at least remember my staff this time?" Ange mutters. And finds it in his hand.


His last foray into Gotham was rather interesting and somewhat disturbing. In fact, Billy Kaplan said that he wouldn't come back…until the correct amount of time had passed. That was, however, until he found out that one of his favorite online shops had opened a storefront there. They didn't open one in Manhattan, no…just Gotham. No doubt the rent was far more reasonable. So, he made the trek, fitting in with pretty much any of the other hipsters shopping today in his knee-length jean shorts, white t-shirt, plaid button-down, and porkpie hat. To finish off the ensemble, he has reusable shopping bags.

He's just stepped out of a store with new summer purchases when the hairs on his arm sort of stand up. Weird. Glancing about, he tries to make his way towards his car before the storm…or whatever it is…can hit. That is when he catches sight of Blood. "Seriously, Gotham is not -that- small…"


Jeremiah Wolfson, park ranger, doesn't often come to Gotham, but every once in a while he does, just to walk around and indulge his curiosity. The three cities in the Tri-City area are like twisted funhouse mirrors of each other and Gotham is certainly the dark one. It's everything implied by the phrase 'Urban Jungle'. It's fascinating to watch. So here he is, dressed just a little too nicely for the area. Most people don't bother him. Even the usual hoods don't try for him. There's something vaguely dangers… predatory about him.

The change of weather catches his attention though. "Mmmmm. Storm's coming in and what's…" His own magical senses alert him that someone or perhaps someones are nearby.


The fae-sired witch known as Rune isn't really intending to stop in Gotham. Indeed, she was actually on her way to Metropolis, albeit by riding a leyline. But, of course, that's, thus, exactly how she ends up in Gotham. Because whatever magical disturbance is vibrating through the aether around the brooding city is enough to send turbulence through the magic stream. As a result, there's a huge flash of aetheric light, visible more to those with magical senses than to the mundanes that hurry home before sunlight.

"Oof!" The lightly armored woman is catapulted out of her stream and into the real world, slamming into the asphalt and rolling towards the side of the road only moments before traffic starts up from the changing traffic light. "Sonuva…*groan*" The woman rises to her feet and looks around, trying to discern the source of the turbulence. "Now what?"


"Curious isn't it?" says a high pitched childlike voice just to Billy's left, "How everyone just sort of ignores the world around them, so convinced their own petty concerns are most important." The tone is a bit creepy, creepier when Billy glances over to find a young boy as the source of the chatter. The high pitched almost nasal voice continues, "Ohh!" he says, jumping slightly in place as if physically struck by an idea.

"Wanna play a game?!" he asks, his hands come up to clap repeatedly in front of him in a joyous manner, his grin spreading wide over his face. The boy, somewhere between 10 and 13, is dressed for Thanksgiving or perhaps Halloween. He wears clothing more at home on a pilgrim then a modern person, though he lacks a hat and instead has an oddly pointy hair style. His belt has a large buckle, as do his shoes, and his knee high socks like like they were hand woven from wool or some such thing. An orange tabby, large and with pretty black markings lounges across the boy's shoulders, purring like a contented fire engine, it's tail hanging over the boy's shoulder twitches side to side in idle lazy motions. The clapping and bouncing doesn't seem to disturb the cat in the least.

Jason's eyes narrow a bit, yes. He can almost taste it, again. Second time this week? This is starting to feel less like coincidence and more like Purpose. He reaches back into the shadows, seeking the hilt of a sword, but stops when the flash of light catches his eye.

"Rune!" he says, the word cutting through the sounds of traffic and he hustles out towards the street edge nearest her. She can't be the source of what he feels, he knows her magic and it isn't Chaos, but something here decidedly is.


There's a boom like thunder as the Seraph arrives, and a murmured 'Bind Sight In Light' to keep ordinary people from noticing him, and he lands on the street with the Eye of Ra ablaze as he looks for the trouble that dragged him here. There's wrongness to the north, about a block away, so he starts running that direction, vaulting cars whose oblivious drivers think they're being hit by stray bits of sunset brilliance.


Billy Kaplan gives a start as the oddly-dressed kid suddenly appears and begins talking to him. He begins to hold up a hand as if to make some sort of gesture and words are at the tip of his tongue, but nothing is cast yet.

Instead, he just sort of furrows his brow at the kid, "Uh. I'm actually a little busy for games. And it's a busy street…in freaking Gotham. Don't the kids just learn how to do muggings?" They actually play games? "Nice cat. He looks pretty calm." Uh. This is just weird. "I think it might rain, so maybe you should go inside?" The hairs on his arm are still standing up.


Fenris blinks and looks about. There's very suddenly a lot of magic in the area. His coat sweeps back revealing, for anyone who looks, a two foot oaken rod with feathers on one end. He looks tense… and then Rune drops out of nowhere about ten feet from him.

"Now that's interesting…" He says in a low voice, nearly a growl. "What exactly is happening in Gotham tonight?" He's speaking toward Rune though not necessarily asking her.


"Blood?" Rune looks around as she hears her name called. Beside her, a large white dog, invisible to the humans about, shakes out and starts sniffing at the air. She spots the ancient knight and then registers the buildings about her.

"Gotham. I'm in frickin' Gotham?" She wrinkles her nose.

"Turbulence," she tells him, moving towards him, now. "Something's creating a 'disturbance in the force'."

She looks around, with her Sight wide open (as it always is), seeking the source. The first to meet her vision is the man with the oaken rod. Her hazel eyes widen in surprise and she breathes a soft expletive in an ancient Gaelic dialect. Because when she looks at the man called Wolfson, she sees the true form of Fenris surrounding him and the full aura of his power.

"There are gods walking among us…" she says softly to Blood. He's right. Her magic isn't Chaos. It's Wild. Though similar, it's different.

"This rumble's going to hurt."


The boy seems to pout a bit.

"Rain?" he asks, sounding offended at the suggestion, "That's all you've got is rain? Even that hoity toity asshat in the sky at least aimed for a flood…" there's a heavy sigh, "Still, I suppose I can work with that."

The boy shoots a disappointed look Billy's way.

"But you need to start doing better, this is not the bar mitzvah I expected from you," the boy states. Then he moves quickly, one square toed shoe sliding across the concrete in front of him in something that looks like a dance number, only wherever the toe goes, red light appears, carved into the concrete itself.

«Hephma xintoc mophus thhck» the boy's words slip past his lips but they echo in the air like distant thunder. The boy beams as the skies over head darken instantly as the sun disappears just beyond the horizon, now roiling with thick black clouds.

"I hope you don't mind," the boy says, elbowing Billy lightly in the side, "I added something extra!"

The last is said in an excited kid like whisper and another excited clap of his hands. Crimson lightning snaps its way across the sky, changing all the light on the street to scarlet in quickly flickers that fade as quickly as they arrive. The first drops of rain fall, thick, heavy, blood red drops, and where they land asphalt smokes, cars sizzle and hiss.

"Okay, fine." the boy says conceding the point, "I guess rain wasn't such a bad suggestion. We just need to work on your deliv…er…y…"

The boy's words trail off as he squints, peering out through the rain to the other side of the street, his mouth slipping into a frown.

"Uncle Jason…" he says, something in the words filled with loathing.

"Teekl. Be a sweetie-poo and bweak Unca Jason's wittle jaw pwetty pweeeeeeeeease??" the boy asks, scritching the cat's chin with a pointy nailed fingertip. The tabby's head comes up off of the boy's shoulder and it meows happily at him before hopping lightly to the sidewalk and then dashing out from under the awning the two youn men share and into the darkness and the rain.

Jason helps Rune to her feet, his face screwed up in confusion.

"What force?" he asks, then just assumes she means Chaos; it is by definition a disturbance to everything ever. He follows her line of sight to Fenris and his eyes flicker with an inner red light all their own and his jaw sets.

"This… this could be bad. If there are gods here and they mean harm, I may have to…"

He shakes his head firmly, "No. Not yet. He doesn't have a soul, I can't read him. Give me a pantheon and a name Rune, now. I need to know how to appro-" and then the thunder and the rain come and Jason winces a bit as the power of the spell washes over him like a fist to the gut. That's familiar magic… oh no. No no no.

"Run." he says to Rune, his voice firm, "Now-!" he never gets to finish the word as a cat like creature nearly seven feet tall, whip cord lean but heavily muscled in sinew and orange fur seems to explode out of the darkness caused by the rain storm and the falling night, and with a large clawed hand engulfing Jason's face, snatches him up off of the street side and slams him bodily into the stone wall of the building he recently stood next to.

The impact is filled with those sounds that human bodies aren't designed to make. The cat demon's features twist up in a toothy malignant grin and its clawed hand flexes over the lower half of Jason's face and the crack of bone is audible to anyone within twenty feet. Those who aren't close enough to hear, watch the unconscious man slide to the ground as he's released by Teekl, the bottom half of his face misshapen. There's another orange blur, and creature is gone, disappearing into the shadows. It was so fast, so quick, the entire thing would have been easy to miss if one wasn't looking for it.

The boy at Billy's side grins up at him proudly.

"Hi!" he extends a hand Billy's direction, pointy nails first. "My name's Klarion the Witchboy." The odd pointy hair-do from before become suddenly pointier and the smile on his face curls further up his cheek bones then is humanly possible, showing sharp teeth, and his eyes become pinpoints of red light.

"Welcome to the side of Chaos Billy-Boy. We've been waiting for another soldier for far too long…"


Normally one would think that the Healer would be called to bring back the fallen Knight. But no. Jason Blood can heal on his own if necessary, but right how the Seraphim doesn't want another mutant mage to be forced unwilling into madness and chaos. If he chooses that path himself, so be it. But not forced.

There's a second thunder-crack as the man with wings of light stands suddenly alongside the young potential mage, and, 'Shield of the Seraphim' and a dome of light stands between the two of them and the Witchboy.

Seraph doesn't say anything though. He's staring at Klarion, and the Eye of Ra is saying 'This kid is messed up but not wrong or broken. Evil though. Definitely.'


While he's still fairly new to all of this, Billy was getting the inkling that something was wrong with this kid and his cat. He starts to comment but then the magic happens and he just sort of forgets everything. For a moment. It's like anything that isn't interesting to him in the world has dropped out and is now saying 'Billy…come to me! Come control me! Let me rule you and you can have everything that you want. Just fear me. Love me. Do as I say and I will be your slave!' It's like that moment when his heart first melted, looking into a pair of smiling, blue eyes only multiplied by a zillion. It's the most amazing feeling that he's ever felt and it's telling him that he can feel this all the time! Oh, the temptation!

He doesn't notice the red rain or the attacking Battlecat. He doesn't notice the magic forces. All could Love him and Despair!

But that never really works out, does it?

"You have no power over me."

It's said quietly, at first, barely a whisper. It's not terribly firm as he's not entirely sure that it's true. But as he repeats it, he begins to actually believe it.

"You have no power over me. You have no power over me!" It's repeated like a mantra a few times, each repetition gaining in confidence and affirmation.


The last statement is all but shouted through the Chaos-pleasure haze and his hands are held out in front of him as if to just stop it all in its place.

The protective dome of light cracks.


Fenris growls and focuses on his unseen senses. Moments later that becomes very moot as blood - acid blood - starts descending from the sky. "Oh no… not this." There hasn't been anything like this since… well it's been a long time since it happened in an area this densely populated, anyway. Then a flash of some kind of hel-creature (it'd better not be a Hel creature or she and he will have WORDS) draws his attention and snaps him into action, making for shelter and winding up next to Rune. His eyes flash over her for an instant, taking in her magical nature though not knowing precisely what she is. Could be a mortal mage for all he knows. Though she scents… rather familiar. Something about her…

He pulls his rod out and gives it a couple of twirls.

"What, Miss Rune…" he did catch her name, after all, "was that *thing*?"

Chaos magic. His father was known for this kind of thing. But this… this is not his father. This is something darker. More twisted. Breathe in the irony on that one.


Rune brushes herself off and shakes her head at Jason.

"The Ancient Wolf — " she begins, only to be told to 'run' in no uncertain terms. At first, she thinks its some mutated form of Cat Sith and her witch shield comes up. But the attack is over almost before the green eldritch fire has finished dancing into a protective projection before her, the creature disappearing, leaving Blood a mess of raw meat and blood.


Her dart towards Blood's side, however, is interrupted as Fenris arrives at her side. She spins towards him, shield energies washing back over her and setting her armor afire rather than projecting away from her body.

"A helcat, I think," she tells the Great Wolf.

Beside her, the great hellhound swells into a larger size, no longer the over-sized german shepherd, but a more preternatural creature altogether, with blazing red eyes and a red stained muzzle and ears. As Fenris approaches, however, the fearsome beast's ears fall back and his tail tucks. It actually cringes, offering submission to the greater power.

Rune doesn't at all argue with that choice.

By that point, however, the young Chaosmage is defying the Witchboy, and the street is alive with chaos energy and hissing red rain that sizzles on her shield.

She stares at the Wolf, "Please, tell me this isn't Ragnarok!" She's not sure she has the firepower for that.


Klarion watches Billy, hand still extended, amusment twisting his dark features as he waits patiently for Billy to finish.

"And people say I throw temper tantrums," he states evenly, then wiggles his fingers at Billy, hand still extended.

"Klarion. Witchboy. Hand shake. Seriously, have all manners gone out the door with the intention of the cell phone?" he asks up at Billy. Though Billy's sudden loud outburst has the hand dropping and Klarion giggling madly, which is way creepier then cackling madly just for future reference.

"Oh… oh that's… that's rich…" he says, slapping his knee twist in enjoyment. Then he reaches out a hand and waves the falling bits shield away from the air where they hang.

"Run along little angel, this one isn't yours to protect, can't you smell it on him?" the boy asks, his eyes becoming small flickering pits of fire, «This one belongs to us.»

The hand twines with Billy's, not hard or even firm, just a friendly boy gripping the hand of an older boy, like a brother needing someone to take him across the street.

"Come on Billy-boy. Rumor said you were looking for a teacher, someone to show you the ropes. What is it you want to learn? How to use your power? I can show you that. You want to be a hero?" Small Puritan-clothed shoulders bob in a shrug, "We can do that too."

"You wanna know where the power comes from, who gave it to you?" The grin grows, "I know these things as well. You want to know the meaning of life? The secrets of the universe? Every question you ever had…"

Klarion leans in close, his to sharp teeth glinting whitely, "I know them all."

He steps out from under the awning and leaps lightly atop a parked Volkswagen Passat and his grip on Billy's hand, still not hard, somehow drags the younger/older man with him out from under the awning. The rain doesn't so much as singe Billy's skin, though it does paint him in blood.

Music begins to play, sort of, a hissing rasping sound made from thunder and rain drops on glass, but it has a suddenly familiar tempo and… and… no. He's not going to… is he? Klarion looks down at Billy and begins to… sing.

"Blah blah blaaaaaaah-" he says, as if that made sense, then skips to the middle of a song nearly everyone should know, "A magic carpet riiiiide!"

A stomp of his foot and the Passat simply crushes itself into a flat bit of metal that floats in the air by no visible means of support.

"A new fantastic point of view! No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we're only dreaming! A whole new wooooooooooooorld!" Then he's trying to lull Billy up onto the Volkswagen Flying Carpet, tugging lightly at his hand while the most twisted version of Aladdin's most popular song plays in the background.

This song and dance number also has the added bonus of being one of the greatest surreal distractions ever, because a demoncat, seven feet of clawed super fast fury with four inch razored claws cursed in Chaos magic drops down from the darkness and the sky above Angelo, intent on shredding wings of light with claws of darkness.


Seraph rolls his eyes as the cat drops. Not that one can tell, since they're like solid light sources. He steps back and to the side and swings the staff up in a point-garde, and it blazes light. Should Teekl take it for a scratching post and claw it, or should the staff strike, there'll be a ZOT of light, and chaos-kitty will likely experience the blessing of All The Catnip There Is.

Meanwhile, two feather-blades spin out from those wings, whirling around, but they can't seem to figure out where to go. Yet.

"Witchboy," Seraph says, to Angelo's internal confusion because he didn't hear what Klarion said earlier, "If you don't follow Laws or take orders, then why are you trying to recruit a soldier? Aren't you trying to compel him even now?"


Billy Kaplan is a little stunned still as the magic whispers to him, so he allows Klarion to take his hand and guide him a few steps towards the flattened car. Maybe the song pulls him out…after all, if the kid doesn't know the words, maybe he shouldn't sing it.

"No." He starts to dig his heels in. "No, I don't want that. I mean, I do, but not like you're promising. I refuse to believe that it's all evil!"

There's a pout and very nearly a stomp of his foot but he somehow manages to hold steady.

Glancing around, he frowns upon seeing the destruction and, well, chaos. This isn't right. This just…shouldn't be!

"GoAwayGoAwayGoAwayGoAwayGoAwayGoAwayGoAwayGoAwayGoAwayGoAwayGoAway" is spoken, softly but firmly, his eyes closing as he focuses on Making This Happen.


The god-wolf's eyes flash as he registers the presence of the demonic. His kind don't have much truck with those below. But he does know that its Not Supposed To Be Here.

"No, this is not (Ragnarok)." He cuts his eyes over to Rune. "Not yet, anyway. Those who dwell below have little part in that."

His eyes fix on Billy.

"He is in trouble." And that makes him mad, not because he feels bad for Billy but because these are his hunting grounds, damn it. No poaching!

"You have magic, Miss Rune. I suggest you use it. I will deal with the rain." The rod begins to twirl in his hand again and the wind picks up in a powerful - and wildly improbably - updraft.


Half Sidhe, half homo magi. Rune is a mixed blood changeling. But that mixed heritage doesn't change her inheritance. She is the daughter of the Lord of the Wild Hunt, Wild Magic Incarnate, and… well… a stubborn New Yorker. Even if this is Gotham.

"Rex. Hunt!" The white dog at her side explodes into ferocious movement, rocketing towards that demon cat, quite probably a match for it — though it will be a bloody fight, to be sure. As his fiery strides scorch the air, the witch leaps into the air, flashing onto a leyline and skating down it towards the chaotic pair like a surfer cresting a wave. She flashes out of the line, into the real world once more and lands in front of Billy. Her hand slaps on the ground and she creates a green, translucent flaming wall between them while Billy works his spell.

"Perhaps you didn't hear him clearly," she says to Klarion, her voice taking on the cadence of her father's people rather than her Mother's New York.

"Be gone!"


Teekl really is very fast. She ducks the whipping staff as she lands on all fours and as if sensing that perhaps she did not wish to gnaw upon it, calmly reaches out with a clawed hand and swipes her talons through a light post with a scream of steel. Hefting this in her hand she Babe Ruth's Angelo's mid section, the light pole swung in her arms as lightly as if it had been a real baseball bat. And if that were not enough, it's flicking with a fire made of shadows and red light all it's own. Mid swing the cat creature is just gone as a mountain of fur and teeth all it's own impacts her, the light pole is left spinning in place in mid air. The front of a store shop explodes under the impact and from inside the building the sounds of snarls and breaking/shattering things echo.

Klarion shakes the hand in his.

"Psst! This is where you come in, sing your part," he hisses at Billy before pshawing the angel's words, "I needn't compel him little sparrow, he is of us and he will join us. I do not compel him, it's his soul. He wants this. He wants everything I offer and I don't need to so much as bat my exceptionally pretty lashes at him to show him."

Then Billy's muttering and his power is building… and Klarion grins wider.

"Yes! Yesss! Just like that, reach for it Billy boy, use it to banish me, summon up the Chaos inside you."

Klarion seems excited by the potential of this.

"Not bad Billy boy, not bad. But you need to want it more, I'm not some bank robber or common thug, you can't just poof me away so easily. Here. Incentive, you need incentive."

His gaze falls on Fenris messing with the weather, and Klarion frowns at him and stomps his foot on the 'magic carpet.'

"Hey! No fair! Go play with a frost giant or something!" Klarion says before closing his eyes and when he opens them a complicated hand gesture hurls a bolt of red-lit energy at Fenris. The bolt is roughly the size of the once unflattened Passat. This has the added benefit of Rune's feet no longer sliding though. One spell per hand it would seem, and he doesn't look like he wants to let go of Billy. Then the green flame pops up between the pair of them and Klarion jerks his hand back, a bit of smoke drifting from his skin, his eyes setteling on Rune.

"Ah. Fae magic with a touch of witchcraft…" Klarion licks his hand where the magic touched his skin.

"And just a hint of attitude. Cute. I am not some pixie you can banish little faeling." And his hands dance before him in a blur of crooked fingers and twisted knots. His carpet falls to the street, clank and clatter. He steps off of it and as his feet touch the ground (he suddenly stands in) a magical circle with insanely complex rune work and wards so geometrically entwined it's impossible to follow them. Instantly Rune can feel the flow of the leyline she rode dam up as if someone put a block on it.

Klarion grins at her. "Tingles," he proclaims with a little shiver as the power starts to pulse into him instead of continuing on it's path.


Nice distraction with the cat. Seraph lets one of the feather-blades touch the spinning staff with a 'disenchantment' twist, so it won't bite as he moves past, and taps it with the staff to make it fall to the ground.

The Eye of Ra says that the Witchboy is tied to the Teekl creature, that defeating one will seriously disturb the other. But expedience says that coming between that dog and its prey is not good either. So he moves up to stand behind the Fae witch, and opens the channel to the Living Light wide, giving her a bit more power to play with.


"GOAWAYGOAWAYGO — " Billy's spell builds, but Klarion's words actually manage to push their way through his focus. Wait, he wants him to be using magic? Dark eyes look at the creepy kid for a moment before he insists,


The magic he was calling just…goes away, like a bubble popping. He steels himself against the lure of it…it was never like this before and surely it won't be like this all the time. That's why he wants to learn the control.

Suddenly rather miffed that he's been manipulated so and seeing that other, random people who seem to be in the 'know' and have powers of their own have arrived to help defend him, the younger mage glares at Klarion.

"I'm not going with you on a flat car or anywhere…no matter what Disney tune you butcher."

His hands give a flick and he begins to rise up into the air on his own.

"I don't need you to fly."

His hands then begin to glow and crackle with electricity.

"You're not the only one who can make pretty lights."

Bolts of electricity are then hurled towards the creepy kid.

The thing is, he isn't using any magic.


Fenris takes Klarion's red levin-bolt to the chest. It quite handily knocks him into the storefront with the crash of glass and snapping of abused wood and masonry. When he emerges from the wreck a moment later, he's… not a man.

No, he's a foot and a half or so taller, and covered in fine thin fur with yellow eyes and claws. With a sudden angry gesture of the rod the wind flares up, driving in two directions and forcing the acid rain off the street itself and into the alleyways. Then he grabs a silvery necklace off his neck with a tug.


The god-wolf advances on Klarion and his pet cat as a very large sword appears in the hand that was holding the necklace. The look on his face makes it clear that he doesn't intended to banish Teekl or Klarion.

Just pound them into pavement paste.


The damming of the leyline is an inconvenience, but it does not sever Rune's power. It merely means she has to rely more on her human nature than her fae. The flood of light energy that the Seraph gives her, however, is a surprise.

And for a moment, her hazel eyes grow wide, glowing with a milky white light. A fierce grin splits her lips and the firewall before her flickers as she rises, its power forming around her hands rather than the heavy construct. Even as Billy unleashes lightning on the Witchboy, her green flames turn brilliant white, a pure witchfire, and she channels the power straight at the interloper. If they can't banish him, maybe they can overwhelm or chase him away.

Meanwhile, Rex continues to engage the cat, refusing to give ground, no matter how badly he's bloodied.


When Billy stops casting the spell Klarion frowns.

"No no no! Use the magic you silly boy! The magic! Do the thing you do where you say stuff over and over and over again! Then poof! I'll go away!" he hops foot to foot, but when Billy goes another path Klarion just stomps.

"You're no fun!" that stomp causes the ground to ripple as if he weighed a few tons and not a little under a hundred pounds. Then everyone's shooting at him. Klarion almost nonchalantly links the forefingers and thumbs of his hands and a hole in space opens up in front of him and in front of Fenris, and the zapping power of Billy's bolts and the green fire of Rune's angel-boosted magic sizzle straight through the portal and reappear instantly two inches from Fenris' nose.

Well, most of them anyway. One of Billy's not magical blasts manges to clip him and send the Witchboy down onto his butt with an 'oaf' noise.

He kicks his feet there.

"NO FUN!" and this time every window on the ground floor shatters and car alarms begin to woot and holler, at least the ones that weren't already.

"Teekl!" Klarion shouts as the cat comes back out through the front of the building making another big hole in the store front.

"We're leaving," he pouts, throwing a hand towards Fenris that causes burning chains to burst from the street and seek to wrap him up while the other hand sends the portal that just swallowed their attacks hurteling at the people that shot at him, as if he was just tossing an open doorway in their general direction.

The Familiar roars a lion roar. The wounds it carries oozing black blood, but are already visibly healing as the giant cat creature leaps at Klarion. It shifts mid-air and lands dainty as a feather on the Witchboy's shoulder, back arched with fur on end it hisses a wee kitty hiss at Rune and company before settling itself down. Klarion crooks a finger and his 'carpet' slides over to him, grating across the street and up under the sitting Klarion like it was scooping him up.

"Gods and angels and faelings and," he glares daggers, no literal daggers that shoot from his eyes and hurtle through the air at Billy, "stupid little boys who deny what they want. NO FUN!"

The car-pet rises into the air.

"When you want to know All The Things, Billy boy, you know how to find me."

He flashes a charming little boy grin at the same person he just shot eye-daggers at a second ago.

"But I'd avoid Uncle Jason if I were you," he grins wider.

"You think I'm dangerous and evil, you have no idea what you're in for with him," and his laugh echos behind him in the creepiest little boy horror movie giggle that Hollywood lacks the imagination to properly create. Gah. That's just an icky laugh.


There's a hole in the air, and it just don't care… Seraph doesn't have time to get between Billy and Daggers, but he does have time to shoot that last feather-blade at the border of the portal, and it bursts into white fire around the edges, portal no longer moving, slowly burning smaller and smaller.

And once the Witchboy is actually gone, well, Seraph is practically dragged by the urgent demand of his patron, over to the presumably unconscious Jason Blood, who is covered in Jason blood, and needs to be patched up. In case Klarion changes his mind. THIS at least Seraph can do very well.


Billy Kaplan does manage to throw up a hurried defense — a murmured, "Shield!" — which seems to do the job at deflecting the eye-daggers. It's not a very long-lasting shield because, well, he didn't want to be using magic, but it was that or become a pincushion. It's not quite the same magic and Klarion is already on the way out. Once the guy is gone, he lands and sort of crumples to sit right there in the street… in the middle of the debris.

"All I wanted was a new shirt!" is wailed as he tries to regain his composure. It takes a few minutes but he finally looks around at all those who stayed and helped…blinking back some dewiness in his eyes. It must be the dust.

"Thank you…" is offered to them before he looks over to the bloody Jason.

"Is he going to be all right?" Maybe he should actually listen to Klarion some on that and not subject the old man to more of this.

It does seem kind of rude to just leave so he just pulls his phone out of a pocket (surprisingly, it's unharmed), and he dials a number. "Please pick up, please pick up, please pick up…" it's not really a spell, but who knows if it will do something.

But finally, he turns away from the others and says into the phone, "Hey, it's me. I'm in Gotham. Can you come get me? Something…happened."


Fenris snarls when his armed is tangled up. He yanks. Up come the chains and the concrete and he hurls them after the retreating Klarion. Not that he'll hit.

"Damn poacher." He growls under his breath and closes his eyes, concentrating on putting his mortal guise back together. Finally, after a few moments, he shrinks back down to normal size and appearance. That done he approaches the knot of people in the middle of the street.

"Tell me this is not a common thing in Gotham." If it is, he'll have to come down here more. His eyes flick to Rune again.

"That was a wild-hound. And you are… half Fey?"


As the Witchboy and his damnable cat disappear, Rune lets her bolts fade. She straightens and looks around for Rex, who comes limping out of the storefront, bleeding and a little the worse for wear, but undefeated (as far as he's concerned). Rune turns towards him and goes down on one knee to inspect his wounds. She glances back to the Great Wolf as he addresses her.

"I am the daughter of Arawn of Annwn," she tells him, having learned a long time ago that, with magic folks, it always seems to come back down to pedigree — though she leaves her maternal line out of it beyond simply admitting, "But, my mother was human, yes."

Wincing at Rex's wounds, she is reminded of Jason's and she looks towards his fallen body to see the angel attending him. The irony of that is not lost on the True Seer, the woman able to see the true nature of anything she looks upon.

"Well. That's not something you see every day."


Jason Blood has always appeared as a man old beyond belief carrying upon his back a massive stone gargoyle of a vicious looking demon, at least, to Rune, though the touch of Hell lingers around him in ways that cannot be denied. Putting a hand on Jason causes the man's eyes to snap open and his arm to come up in a blur, gripping Angelo's wrist with shocking strength. Entirely human, but fierce.

"Ughhhh," he says, pain flashing over his face as he slumps back against the stone wall, his breathing coming hard and fast through split bloodied lips.

A second attempt at healing causes Jason to scream in agony. Oh sure, it works, but … well … You have Merlin bind spells to your soul and see how well they function with other magics? Where the healing magic's enter, Jason's skin seems to smoke thought not burn, and his screams are frankly, disturbing. But the wounds slowly mend despite the pain. Though it does tend to draw attention.


And the Seraph pulses the spell three times and no more, and does not try to touch those soul-bound spells with the Claw of Sekmet. Because if he COULD break those bindings, nobody would want to see Jason Dust. The worst injuries gone, the Seraphim let go of Angelo's will, and the Seraph decides simply to provide the injured man with unfiltered, un-patterned Light, the pure life-force. It'll probably hurt less anyway.

He looks up and rolls his shoulders, <krick krick> sounds coming as he deals with a few of his own strains and stresses.


Fenris' sword shrinks back down into a necklace which he replaces on his neck.

"No, it is not. I take it you are the representatives of those Above and those Below?" He clearly can't see precisely what they are, only see that they are not human. The god-wolf offers a hand down to Jason.

"That little imp seemed to know you. And seemed not very fond of you at that. I take it the rest of you are already acquainted?" His gaze sweeps from Blood to Angelo to Rune.


When Jason screams in agony, Rune's head snaps up. She can see the magic the Seraph uses, and guess its purpose by the nature it reveals. That's the only thing that keeps her from reacting badly. Instead, she conjures up an illusion, concentrating hard on keeping the humans away from this place, from allowing them to actually register the screams. She pushes her will out, illusions being her personal specialty thanks to the fact the Sidhe control illusions as easily as breathing. It may be marginally harder for her, and muffling those screams isn't easy, but that's where she excels. She may be a middling witch, but she's a kickass illusionist.

It's only after Jason's screams have ceased that she shakes her head and responds to the Great Wolf.

"Mr. Blood, I know. Not the others."

She rifles through the satchel at her hip, now, looking for something to help her hound, her energy reserves too low to allow her to weave an adequate spell.


Jason Blood pants softly once the healing is more or less complete, and he shakes his head, trying to clear it. Blood still speckles his face and as he takes Fenris' hand, allowing himself to be brought to his feet, his eyes dart around the area, taking in the signs of battle.

"H-" there's a pause and he moves his jaw around experimentally before continuing, "The boy. What did he take?"

He ignores Fenris' questions, his English accented voice clipped and no-nonsense.

"He came for something, what was it!?" he looks face to face, his own intent, searching.


Seraph blinks. "He wanted a young mage about to come into his power. He didn't get him." The Seraph stands, and walks over to the Fae hound.

"May I?" His eyes flare as he looks at the animal. More magic than usual, but the simplest form of heal should still work without as much pain as the demon-gate man experienced. And no, Seraph doesn't seem terribly tired. Nor is he answering Fenris' general question, because he … can't really say. He knows his 'boss' is sometimes a bit more pressing than others, but nothing else about the thing. For all he knows, it could be nothing more than a part of the spell written on his body.


Fenris nods at Rune and crosses his arms once Jason's back on his feet.

"Mister Blood…" He says it more in a musing way to himself, thinking back on if he's ever encountered anything like him. Mmm…. No. Which is odd. The magical world is a fairly small one, shockingly, and after twenty five centuries it gets to be very small indeed.

"The little imp appeared to be after the boy himself. Who left. Does this have something to do with that… interminable conflict between Above and Below? Or is it something a bit more… interesting?"


Rune peers up at Seraph, and winces a little at the auric light she can't quite block out.

"If he lets you," she tells him. Rex is cautious in his body language, but since Rune is not defensive, he suffers the ministrations with little fuss — even if the light magic is different than the wild magic that fuels him.

"Thank you," Rune says, rising as the healing is complete.

"That means a lot to both of us."

The dog isn't her familiar. He's her guardian. She looks to the gathered males.

"Forgive me. I, too, would like to know more about the Witchboy. However, I do have pressing matters to attend elsewhere."

And since Blood is already acquainted with the bastard, there's not likely much more she can add.

"By your leave, Rex and I should go."


Jason Blood lets out a slow breath and curses in a dead language, rather ingeniously as well, wishing a sort of going infesting parasite to take up residence in Billy's everything.

"Klarion is not an imp, he is a Lord of Chaos."

He shoots Fenris a look, taking a long moment to size him up then offers an analogy the man might could understand.

"Imagine Loki but lacking the restraint and impulse control." The touch of the hand was all he needed to figure out, at least vaguely, what Fenris was.

"This is part of the other war, that one all the other wars…" he waves the words away.

"No matter. He did not get what he came or and William escaped. That is all I needed to know."

He looks over to Rune, a quick sizing her up to make sure she's not dying or anything, good. Not dying.

"Come see me when you can spare the time," he says to Rune, nodding her off. He then looks over the other's and motions for them to follow.

"Come along, we must clean up before the authorities arrive," and he moves over towards where Klarion's spell craft did it's work. He points to the larger circle when the boy opened portals and ate a portion of a ley line.

"Smash those," and then over to the side walk where the smaller runes for causing the rain are engraved into the concrete, "and this. Quickly."


Seraph smash? Well, he can certainly hit them with his stick, it won't break while the Light is inside it. And he hits fairly hard. He reads the runes and feels a little queasy at what they do to the clouds.

"Really? That's disgusting," and he goes after them. (Jackhammer noises ensue.)


Fenris nods to Rune.

"Safe Travels, then, Miss Rune." He looks at Jason vaguely alarmed. "Loki with no restraint? That sounds rather horrifying. And he doesn't like you because…?"

The more you know about your prey the more successful your hunt is apt to be. And the Great Wolf is most… irritated. His hunting grounds are not chaotic playgrounds. Well… they are… but…


Rune gives Jason a tight smile and a nod of acknowledgement. Then, with acknowledgements to the others, as well.

"Take care, gentlemen."

With that, she and the hellhound disappear in an aetheric flash, resuming their ride on the newly restored leylines, heading south.


Jason Blood glances at Fenris.

"Because I've made a century's work of thwarting his 'fun' and attempting to send him back from whence he came."

He eyes the smashing being done, then points, "Missed a spot."

Nodding once it's eradicated too.

"Cannot leave them behind, his marks foster unexpected consequences," he explains simply.


Once Seraph's done with the street de-pairs, he sighs, and looks over at the other two remaining.

"Are there any other loose ends that need tying?" No more acid blood from the sky, so the glow around his body fades a bit. He looks at the two, actually LOOKS for the first time without urgency, tilts his head, and says, "Well. Gotham really does have one of everything."


The tall, wolfish man blows out a long sigh.

"So this is a mystic feud? Seems a bit out of the way for a Lord of Chaos." Beat. "Then again predicting them was always more my family's game than mine. I dislike such antics. I presume he will not be deterred so easily?"


Jason Blood lets out a breath.

"There is nothing else you can do, but thank you for your assistance. I will have to cleanse this place before the week is out. Bother too. Moving that much weather requires a great deal of ritual."

He nods once to Angelo then. Jason is a no-nonsense sort of man, clearly mission oriented to the point of being rude without knowing it.

"He is immortal, time is on his side, and he is not wrong about the nature of the boy's power, it will call to him. Klarion has the advantage of time."


Seraph nods.

"I'll be getting back home then. Best of luck, planning, and murderous intent with the little jerk."

The wings flap three times and he's far into the sky, then there's a blur of light as he speeds to the northeast. Because now he's got to shower again.


The Fenris Wolf nods as well.

"I'll take my leave as well… however…" He reaches up and tugs a hair off his head and offers it to Jason Blood.

"I assume you can find me with this if needed. I greatly disapprove of the Lords of Entropy. And have for some time. And since I live here, I may be pursuaded to be helpful where I otherwise might not."

Jason Blood eyes the hair, considers, then shakes his head.

"It would be best not to give me anything of such a nature. You would not be the first god to regret the decision nor even the most powerful. When you return to your pantheon, seek out those who remember Jason o' the Blood and heed their warnings. The offer is appreciated but the risk is… too great."

If he ever turned and Etrigan held the hair, the things he could do with it would alter prophecies. Best not to toy with Fate if one can help it, a statement fully meant in all its clever implications.

"Thank you both again for your assistance."

Then he makes a small dismissive gesture. Gotham is Jason's town and Klarion had the gall to come here, a not inconsiderable risk for him. It means Billy is important, something is happening and Jason needs to put his head down and figure out what before the little bastard boy goes nuclear.

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