In Search Of Good Acoustics

June 15, 2014: Nancy meets one of the other students at the Xavier Institute and makes a .. friend?

Xavier Institute

The halls of the X-Mansion as Nancy looks for the most acoustically perfect place.



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Wandering the halls, one of the new 'kids' at the institute is getting a scope for the place. Dressed in cargo capris in khaki and a white tank top, Nancy stops every now again and whistles, just one note, sharp and shrill, canting her head to one side and listening. She then starts to wander again. A lollipop is, as always, in her mouth.

Amara hasn't been around the institute so much the last few years. She's been studying in college, trying to make her own way in the world apart from the things she can do. But sometimes, when home is as far away as another continent, home away from home is a good substitute. On a brief break away from school in the city, she's come back to Xavier's to get away from the noise and bustle of the city for a few days. A chance to think about what comes next. Catching sight of the unfamiliar face, she slows her steps enough to watch for a moment, brow arching slightly.

Yep. Wander the halls a bit. Whistle. Open a door, pop her head in the room. Whistle. Nancy closes the door behind her and sighs heavily, looking up and down the hall with a perterbed look on her face. That's when she notices the other woman. She holds up a hand, as if telling Amara to stay where she is. "Before I get too close, do your powers have anything to do with your survival? Like breathing oxygen or something like that?"

Amara's brow rises further at that question. "You ask that question as though there is an implied threat," she says slowly. "And if that is the case, then I think it is not my survival that is at stake." There's a warning in the words, though a cautious one. "On a philosophical level, one could have many long discussions on whether or not our powers have anything to do with our survival. So many are so fond of speaking of them as evolution, after all." She falls silent for a moment, then clears her throat. "But in an ordinary situation such as this, no. And you?"

Nancy shakes her head and hand at the same time. "No no no. Not a threat. I turn off powers. I'm still learning the whole control thing. I just don't want you getting too close and me accidentally killing you, cause that would really suck." The bottle blonde shrugs apologetically. "You know anything about acoustics? Cause right now, the best place I've found is a bathroom, and that would just be weird.

"Oh." Amara pauses for a moment, taking that in, before stepping into a more appropriate conversational distance. "I've known a few people who would have appreciated your powers," she admits. "Myself included when I first came here. That will be a valuable asset here." The question of acoustics takes a moment to process, and then she shakes her head. "I'm afraid I know little of acoustics save that they matter for music, but I'm certain there are rooms here for that purpose. There have been a few students with such talents before."

An asset. Nancy blinks, not used to being referred as that. She runs her hand through her hair and smiles. "Yeah. I play the cello. Taking a break from Juilliard till I get this.. thing under control. Like my music, it's just gonna take a lot of practice. I'm Nancy, by the way. Or Tabby if you go what's on my new id. Still getting used to being called that though. Nice ta meetcha."

"Our worst struggles have always been coming to terms with ourselves," Amara replies to Nancy with a small smile. "For many, you may be able to offer a sense of normalcy that even this place, full of people like us, can't. I am Amara Aquilla," she introduces herself, dipping her chin in a gesture that seems more formal than a nod. "And it is a pleasure to meet you, Nancy. I believe I remember where the music rooms are, if you don't mind a few wrong turns along the way."

"You know, you're like the second person today to really make this power thing seem actually useful, in a good way. I've only really seen how it can be a pain in the butt, or sorta useful sometimes around people like Hank." Nancy arches her brows in interest. "You have actual music rooms in here? Sweet! A music room, a gym, that Ohmygod kitchen downstairs and a jacuzzi bath and I'm set for life. You folks might never get rid of me. Lead on McDuff."

"McDuff?" Amara echoes curiously, starting down one of the hallways. "I think almost everyone here has, at some point, thought their powers were more trouble than they were worth. That is in large part why this place exists. We all are born with great power. Power that can be used for good, or used for evil. Power that can inspire hope, or inspire fear. In ourselves, as much as in others." She shrugs, but even that gesture seems somewhat affected, as though it's something she's picked up in the last few years rather than a natural motion. "You've only just arrived, then?"

Following along, Nancy chuckles. "It's a Shakespeare thing. McDuff was the right hand man of MacBeth. Don't worry about it. Just me bein' stupid. Been listening to the actors too much at Juilliard." She takes out a lollipop from one of her many pockets and offers it. "It's vanilla mint. Not my best flavour, but could only find vanilla and peppermint extract in the pantry. And yeah, I'm here for my own protection. We got word that Hydra is the ones behind the drug study that made me. And now that I'm seeming to manifest, they want me. Probably on a dissection table. I might have manifested a while ago, but with no mutants around me, it's hard to tell."

"Oh, no thank you," Amara shakes her head at the offer of a lollipop, continuing down the hall and watching the other woman with a curious intensity as she explains her own origins. "If you are here, then you are one of us, and we will all protect you," she says with quiet certainty. "And teach you to protect yourself, of course," she adds with a small smile.

Nancy looks over the shoulder of Amara whenever they peer into a room, slipping the spare lolly into her pocket again. "Don't blame you. Vanilla mint is a sucky flavour." She smiles, a quirky smile that holds a lot of sarcasm to it even when she's trying to be nice. "That's what Cal said. And I've been learning to take care of myself. Shame my little field can't keep out bullet too, cause then I'd be a happy camper."

"We'd all be happier if we were invulnerable to bullets," Amara laughs softly, shaking her head. "But you may find in time that no power is all-powerful, and that is for the best. We all have our weaknesses. You said you play the cello?" she asks as she turns down another hallway, leading toward a stairwell. "I have always thought it would be nice to have musical talents. I dance well enough, but creating the music is beyond me."

"And I can't dance my way out of a wet paper bag. I know. I've tried. Got stuck to my boots." Nancy follows along and bites her lower lip, a sheepish look on her face. "You mind me asking what ya do? Or if it's personal, don't worry about it. Just curious."

"Such things are hardly secrets here," Amara assures with a shake of her head. "I have control over the earth and her lifeblood. Geothermal control, I think the Professor has called it. When I first arrived here, I am afraid I had very little control, though," she admits, looking over with a flicker of a smile. "More than once, when I was upset, I caused a few…issues."

"I can believe it. Earthquakes? Volcanoes? In the building or outside?" Nancy takes a deep breath and nods. "Yeah, I would have been totally useful to have around, you're right. Neat thinking I can use this to do more then piss of Doug, even if that really is funny as hell."

Amara's smile flickers again at the last, a glimpse of humor beneath the formality. "I can imagine that your particular talent would be frustrating for Doug, yes," she agrees. "I have since gained a great deal of control over my talents, of course," she adds with a wave of her hand. "It has been some time since I caused even a tremor without intending to. Still. There have been far more hostile students than I. It will be good to have you here," she assures.

"Yeah, it was worse before they got me here and he had to have me as a room mate for a while. I would wait till he was singing in the shower and then get close enough ot the door so he started singing gibberish. I think he's just happy to be rid of me for a while. He hasn't dropped in for a visit." Nancy looks around and sighs happily. "You know, I was never much of a people person, but I think this might be a better fit for me then where I was before."

"It is so for many of us," Amara agrees, turning down another hall, where the strains of someone practicing a piano can be heard. "Ah, I think this must be the place. To be fair," she continues, "This is still a place full of students. Some will be cruel, some will be kind. That is the way of groups of people. But at least here, there are things that draw all of us together. Things for us to hold in common. Even if sometimes that only means common enemies."

"Well, don't worry about people being mean to me. I give as good as I get. Been doing the goth thing for a while, only stopped cause of the whole Hydra thing. I give as good as I get in that regards. Always been considered more cruel then kind. But, I'm trying to play nice cause you guys are doing a real solid for me what with letting me stay here. But, if I get snarky, just tell me to stop bein' a total cow and I'll be nice again. Mostly." Nancy smiles when she hears the piano. "Oooh, let's hope it's someone else that isn't affected badly by my presence. Cause that would be cool."

"If only it were always so simple as pointing out to someone that they were being unkind," Amara says ruefully, shaking her head as she looks into what appears to be a small practice room, fitted with the appropriate baffles and boards to improve acoustics. "I thought I'd seen this before," she says, pleased with herself. "I imagine there are procedures in place for reserving the room, of course. There are for most of the other amenities here."

Nancy peeks into the room and then pulls back. "I think I'll leave them to practice. They have that look on their face that says they are in that where it's just you and the music. Still, it's good to know this place is here. Seriously though, have you folks considered giving out a map to new folks? And… here's another question for ya. Where's the booze?"

Amara tilts her head, blinking once at the question. "I would assume at the liquor store," she answers after a moment. Then pauses. "Or professor Logan's room, but you don't want to try that." She steps back from the music room, and there might be a moment where there's a glimpse of humor in her features. "Once you are here, we are all representatives of the school, of course. Our behavior should reflect that."

"Oh, it's not for drinking. It's for turning into lollies. The alcohol cooks off and all yer left with is the flavour." Nancy makes a face. "I don't actually drink the stuff. Never again. Once was good enough for me. Now, I just use it as a flavouring agent. And yeah, not around the other students. Don't wanna get in trouble for letting some minor drink my stash."

"You play the cello, and you cook," Amara observes, and this time there's no mistaking the amusement in her features. "Well, there have been stranger hobbies. I'm sure whoever is in charge of the kitchens by now can help you with that. And if not the kitchens, then home economics." That seems to amuse her as well. "There is something to be said about a society so advanced that its children must be taught things like cooking and mending by strangers as near adults."

Nancy smirks and sticks her tongue out Amara. "Nah, I just make candy. Most of my cooking otherwise is take out of freezer, cook until done, serve." She tilts her head, looking puzzled. "As opposed to what? I mean, I suppose there is home schooling, but would parents teach sewing?"

"Not here, no," Amara agrees easily enough. "Where I am from, yes. Though I'm told things are changing very rapidly in Nova Roma in the last few years. Perhaps in another generation, we won't be learning such things either. I think I will never be certain if that was a good thing or a bad, though."

"Nova Roma? Where is that? Sorry, was never exactly great at the school stuff. Just band. And I think it's a bad thing. Everyone should know how to cook, clean and care for themselves."

"Brazil," Amara answers. "Deep in the Amazon, in truth. We are…an exception to many things." She smiles faintly, taking a few steps back. "I have an appointment to catch up with a few friends, I'm afraid. But if you find you have any more questions about the school, I should be around for a bit before I go back to the city for finals. You are welcome to come and find me."

"Ohhh! Brazil. That place is all manners of cool. Would love to go there someday. That's what I want to do with my music, tour the world, different symphonies. Or maybe something like a touring cirque or show." Nancy smiles and offers out a hand. "I would like that very much. Thank you for showing me around, Amara. It was nice to have met you."

"And you, Nancy," Amara says with a brief, warm smile, taking the offered hand in a polite grip. "Welcome to Xavier's." And with that, she turns and starts back down the hall, looking at least a little more at ease with herself.

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