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June 15, 2014: Cal makes sure Nancy is getting accustomed to her new environment.




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Nancy O'Neal has been keeping to herself in the room she was assigned. With it being summer, many of the students have gone home, leaving empty rooms on either side of her, a calculated decision by Hank so Nancy's effect affects as few people as possible.

Paranoid about her powers, Nancy has been avoiding people, sneaking out of her room at night to get food for herself for the next day. She made a batch of lollipops one night, vanilla mint, and left a small bouquet of them in the kitchen for others to have. She always cleans up after herself, leaving the place as clean or cleaner then when she got there.

Usually, the sounds of her cello can be heard during the day. But since she's learned a key of how to control her aura, she's practicing this instead. Her sphere shrinks down but wavers and grows to it's normal size. She can't hold it yet, but she's trying as she sits on the bed, cross-legged and still in her pastel (very non-goth) pjs.

And then there's a knock on the door. It was easy enough for Cal to hunt Nancy down. She might negate powers but only in proximity to the person. She does nothing to negate her scent or the nose tracking it. Just to make sure, he sends a light mental probe into her room and encounters a null area, as opposed to an area where there are no minds. It practically screams 'I'm here' once you know what you're not looking for. "Nancy, it's Cal."

Nancy O'Neal looks up from where she was sitting, her concentration gone in a flash and the aura flowing back to its full size. "Dammit," she mutters to herself. Still can't hold it if there is any sort of distraction. She lets out a heavy sigh, determined to keep work on this.

Sliding off the bed, Nancy heads to the door and peeks out. She smiles when she sees Cal. "Hey! A visitor. Sweet. Was starting to think you guys were just gonna keep me in my room all summer." She opens the door wider, inviting Cal to enter. Her room is immaculate except for the rumpling of the bedsheets from where she was just sitting. "So, how can the deadzone that is me be of assistance?"

Entering, Cal doesn't try to avoid the ten foot radius that is the 'deadzone'. Given the size of the room, it would be ridiculous to try. "You can't. Not yet. I thought I'd come by and see how you were doing and if you had any questions. I don't know who you've talked to so far or what you've been told and being a test subject isn't much fun."

The fact that Cal is not trying to avoid her little sphere of nothing causes Nancy to give him a curious smile. She goes back to head to the bed, sitting cross legged again and offers the chair to Calvin. "I'm doing okay. Trying to avoid people for the most part cause, well, I know Doug doesn't like being around me and Hank does and doesn't at the same time so.. yeah. Hank told me how my thing shrinks when I'm playing my cello or sleeping, so I'm trying to work with that. Trying to feel like I do when I'm playing. Not sure if it's working but I *think* it is.

"Okay, so question number one, can I still talk to my friends. Text them and stuff. I have a new phone under a new name, it's not associated with Nancy O'Neal at all, so that Hydra group shouldn't be able to link it to me. Second, what are you getting out of this? Really? I mean this whole 'Brotherhood of Man' thing sounds cool, but I don't know if I'm buying it. And don't worry about the test subject thing. I've been poked and prodded and analysed so much, it's almost normal for me."

Cal just nods as Nancy confirms what was in her file. "Emotions often play a factor in controlling one's powers. Or rather, failing to control them. In fact, that's often how they first manifest and usually for the worst. Fear is a big one, so is anger. I'd suggest lessons in how to meditate as well since you won't be able to carry a cello with you wherever you go." He turns the chair to more fully face Nancy then sits. "All right, I'll take your questions in order including the one that wasn't really a question. You shouldn't stay in your room. The older students that are here have been made aware of your power so you won't be surprising them. The young students are in a separate section so just don't go exploring. I'd also suggest staying away from the physical mutations unless they specifically seek you out. As you have seen from Doctor McCoy's reaction, it can produced mixed feelings. Good so far?"

Nancy O'Neal moves her position as well, facing Calvin. With the blonde hair and the non black clothing, she looks rather different. She doesn't even look as grumpy as she was when she first met him. Though the almost ever present lollipop is still there. She arches her brows at being told that going out of her room is alright. True, no one actually told her she had to stay, she was just being anti-social and exiling herself out of her own bad attitude. Playing the martyr as it were. "I've been working on the meditating thing. I know it sounds weird, but it's almost like I can feel it sometimes. Like if you concentrate, you can feel your heart beating."

"It doesn't sound weird at all." Cal answers, shaking his head. "It means you're learning control faster than I thought you would. Ideally, and now I don't doubt that it'll happen, you'll be able to shrink and expand your field at will. Maybe even shut it off completely or just shrink it so much it's inside of you which will come almost come to the some thing. So, second. Outside contact. It goes without saying that you shouldn't say where you are, who you're with or really anything about any of this even to those you trust. I'm not even implying you could be wrong about them." As she was about her trainer. "But you're in a new world now. What they know, a telepath can find out. So secrecy is paramount. The phone you were given should be untraceable so you can, at the least, reassure your friends and family you're all right and acting normal."

Nancy O'Neal brings her knees up to her chest and hugs them. "That would be cool. Playing pranks on Doug would be even better that way." She smirks and winks, chuckling. "I'm just treating this power like my music. Practice. Lots and lots of practice. It's not like I was able to play concertos the first day I picked up a cello, so I just keep thinking about that, that there is this learning curve. And how, even now, I still practice. There is always room for improvement." She chews on her lower lip, growing thoughtful. "Well, for starters, I don't actually know where I am. I've only been talking to the guy that let me know that Hydra is looking for me. Not tried to talk to my trainer or my real mom or my… well, he's not my bestie so, I don't know what to call him. I would like to visit my mom though. She's probably drunk herself into a stupor right now. And there are things at home that I forgot when I ran off. I'm just worried if I do that those Hydra people will know it."

"The discipline that you use to master the cello is exactly what you need to master your power." Cal tells Nancy. "That discipline is often the difficult thing for students to learn so you have an advantage there." He nods as she points out that she doesn't know where she is; choosing Illyana to bring her had several purposes. "We can arrange a field trip to get what you need and see your mother. Illyana can provide transportation again and some others as well in case they have her home watched." Which does seem likely now that Nancy's 'disappeared'.

Nancy O'Neal sighs with relief at being told she can see her mother. Yes, the break away from the sheer amount of crazy has been very relaxing, but her sense of duty is starting to nag at her for not being there. She nods, relaxed. "Thank you. I don't know if I'll ever be able to thank you enough for this. If you want… you can read over what I've been saying to my friend. So you know I'm not giving things away. As long as you don't mind my taking out things like his secret identity. Cause that would suck for him. Don't wanna give him or you guys up."

Cal waves away the offer. "Since you have the phone, we can't look over your shoulder around the clock which makes doing so on a call or two pretty meaningless. Which brings up what's in it for us and that's a fairly complex answer. First, we've all got powers here and that makes a lot of regular humans nervous. Like any minority, we need to band together for protection. Given your circumstances, you can see that for yourself. And if you're read any history, you know how other minorities have been treated. And still are in many places."

Nancy O'Neal says, "So, the more of us we have working together, the less likely we get upside down crosses burning on our lawns? The stronger we, as a minority, are, the more likely we will survive. Okay, that makes sense. I was a little worried for a bit there that I might have jumped out of the Hydra pan and into a fire." She pops the lolly out of her mouth, the candy clear with a hint of brown. Like watered down cola. "So, what are we gonna do about Hydra? I can't stay in here forever. Even if the digs are pretty sweet.""

Cal holds up a finger in a 'wait' gesture. "I said it was complex. We're not completely altruistic. You have a useful power. A very useful power, in fact. And a very dangerous one to us. We want to make sure it's not used against us either by Hydra or by anyone else. And that includes the mutants and other super villains who'd love to get their hands on you for criminal purposes."

"Yeah, well they would be really disappointed in me. I'm okay with the fighting and hurting, but I realize that the vigilante killing thing is really not me. I'd make a terrible bad guy, which coming from a goth is probably a bit of a shock." Nancy smirks, shaking her head as she pops her lolly back in her mouth. "So, you don't want me using my power on you and your friends. I get that. And yeah, seems Hydra would really love to get their hands on this," she says, gesturing to herself. "And how much you wanna bet they won't take me out to dinner and a movie first?"

"No bet at all. You wouldn't have much choice about it, one way or another. Here? You also have a choice and can leave at any time." Cal informs her. "Which brings me to the next point. We want you to work with us for the same reason everyone else does: your power is useful and being able to negate someone's powers could be extremely useful. Now, fighting others with powers? Someone of us do that. Some don't. Whether you want to or not will be your decision. But that's not the only way you could help. Remember I said emotion played a factor in triggering abilities? Imagine a young teen whose powers are out of control because his father had been beating him and he finally had enough. I can easily picture you as the lead person in rescuing those kids."

Nancy sighs at first. It's nice to be wanted, but at the same time, being wanted for something that isn't something she has any control of sorta sucks. "So, you want to use me, just like everyone else, but you want it to be less… like prison and more like being part of the symphony?" She thinks about that for a while, leaning her chin on her knees. "I hadn't thought of that before. Of using this for something like that. That sounds… nice. Like I could use this for something other then pissing people off."

"You could." Cal agrees. "And it's not using you so much as working with you. But like I said, it's your choice. You can leave whenever you want. But if you choose to stay, you could end up helping a lot of people. And get paid for it too, if you were curious. We all have to live and enjoy life."

Nancy O'Neal says, "Well… it sounds like a possibility, but I would really like to finish my schooling at Juilliard. Just gonna have to see if I can, with Hydra wanting me. But, I'm not gonna say no. Not till I've had a good long time to think about it one way or the other." Her lolly is finished, only the stick left which is neatly discarded in the waste bin. She stands up and leans against the dresser. "And while I appreciate the can leave any time I want, I feel that this is the safest place for me right now. Me, out there… well, I've watched Person of Interest and I don't doubt for a moment that that is totally possible. Change of hair color and not wearing black isn't gonna fool people for long. But, if Illy wants to pop me over to my apartment so I can look in on mom, that would be uber cool.""

Nancy O'Neal says, "Oh! One thing. What is the policy in this place on booze? I know you have kids here and I don't wanna step on toes, but I use it to flavour my lollies. All you have is vanilla and peppermint extract in the pantry."

"Yes, a music education is not something we can offer here." So Cal can certainly understand wanting to go to a prominent school that does. "Can you take a leave for a semester or two? Just until you're less likely to be kidnapped. I'll also note that if you ever learn to turn your power off, of shrink it enough that powers can work on you, it'll be safer for you to be off campus. We could teleport you away if needed or a telepath could maintain a light touch on you and would know if you were suddenly in danger, etcetera. There's many possibilities. And if you're twenty one, you can have liquor. If you're not, don't get caught."

Nancy nods her head. "One of the last things I did when at Doug's was take off this semester for "family reasons". They won't ask and it keeps me on the books so I can go back when I'm ready. So, just means I have to practice every day so I don't lose my skills. And I can't pull it back more then my sleep state right now and I have to really be focusing on it. Give it time and it will be as easy as doing scales, I don't doubt, but I just need the time. And don't get caught. Gotcha. Keep my flavouring agents out of sight."

"You have time. All we expect from you right now is that you learn as best you can. Once you can control your power, there will be time to discuss where to go from there." Cal assures Nancy. "So try not to stress too much. It'll get in the way of control."

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