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June 17th 2014 Jericho and Partisan finally relax enough to have a little chit-chat over deli food.

Hangar 19

A large commercial aircraft hanger housing Partisan's personal collection of aircraft and her workshop.



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Hangar 19, is a big commercial hangar. Just like every other hangar on the tarmac, and like many it's devoid of any outward markings but sure enough it belongs to Part. Look, there’s that Volkswagen of hers parked near the door. Inside there’s, well Rage Against the Machine is blaring (of course right) and there are parts. Racks and racks and racks of aircraft parts on either side of those hangar doors. Centrally, a MD-530, a blacked out super cub or something similar and behind a blacked out PC-12 and then well the partition has been pushed off to the side to reveal a familiar shape. That is a fucking Little Bird complete with FLIR and miniguns and everything. Further back sits that mustang of hers, an older Porsche 911 and a trio of 80s BMWs. That’s, where we find the Partisan.

She's got a cigarette dangling from her lips, as she fiddles at a workbench beneath a lone shop lamp. Head bobbing casually enough to the beat, as she runs an Arkansas stone over the sear of her new CZ. The gun's been stripped to the bare frame and slide and the finish apparently stripped off earlier. There’s a trio of bolt action rifles set at her side as she works, but at the moment it's CZ time.


There's the sound of an engine approaching which stops a fair distance from the hanger. Then boot-falls. It's Jericho. He can, Parti may have noticed, move very quietly when he wants to, though not usually quiet enough in any case to escape her notice. But he's being deliberately obtrusive here. He doesn't want to get shot. There's also a scent… a scent which smells distinctly like 24 hour Deli. New York is a good place for that.

Two knocks, in short succession ring on the hanger's frame near the just slightly ajar door.

"Bianca?" He calls out, loud enough to be heard in the hanger but not anywhere else, in case anyone else is listening. "Mind if I come in? Brought ya some grub."


"C'mon in Jerry." Jerry, yes she's calling him Jerry. You can't exactly tell the Partisan no anyway, can you. "Pull up a stool. I'm about done with work for the evening. Go ahead and kill the stereo, it's near the door there."

It's fairly dim in here, but well that's not so much a problem for either of them now is it. "Used to bring Nance here back in the day too, you know. Had a little crash pad set up for a little while, kitchen and shit. Safe place to bring a girl, gave her a good culture shock to begin building her disassociation."


Jericho hits the power button on the stereo by the door and snags a stool on the way over to the table Partisan is working at. He sets a plastic take out bag on the table and pulls out a couple of to go boxes. One is a turkey club, that's for him. The other? That's a good old Ruben. He slides it over to Partisan with a container of some potato salad.

"Nice workshop. This where you do most of your work?" He casts about, noting the aircraft and nodding as she describes bringing Nancy back here. Oh, that reminds him of a couple things…


Partisan nods "Back when we first met yeah, first time seeing her again today so my mind's wandering a tad." She accepts the Rueben with a nudge of her boot after Jericho, if only because her hands are occupied.

"Thank you. There’s beer in the fridge if you want one. As for most of my work, well yeah. I have an actual legitimate business to run and shit too." Nodding over her shoulder as she gently begins working that CZ back together. "Do aerial survey work most of the time, medical flights, that sort've thing. Hours are flexible, and it gets me flying so there’s that."


Jeri gets up and strolls on over to the fridge, coming back with two cold ones. "You saw her today? She'd made it sound like she was going to lay low at that school until her… um, issues got sorted out." One beer slides over to Partisan. He doesn't sound like he thinks that's a bad thing, though. Nancy needs her Mama Wolf, in his opinion, though he'd refrained from saying that.

"You actually went to the school then?"


Partisan shakes her head "I would have liked to, but no. She snuck out to buy a Bikini and candy shit, girl talk nothing important really." She slips the frame into place, though she's left the grips off for the moment. Working the slide and hammer a few times, before she strips the slide back out and gets out the masking tape.

"Probably for the best, because I was really thinking about breaking in. Wouldn't be hard, really. Bianca pops positive as a mutant, if we're talking blood work." Satisfied with the taped up slide and frame, before she can rip into her Ruben.

"I'm the right age too, not accidental."


The hacker shakes his head with a smile. "I see. Here."

He pulls a folded sticky note out of his pocket and puts down near Partisan's plate. On is the closest as he could get for the institute. Which isn't horribly close but it's a start.

"Meant to give that to you earlier, just in case. I had a run in with someone who claimed to be an associate of hers that put me a bit on guard. Mmmmm. Also someone's been messing with her files at Polyglobal." Well, Jericho has, but he's fairly certain that someone else is too, which could be good or bad and he's not sure yet.

"Nothing alarming." He waves a hand as a takes a bite of his sandwich. "Just thought I'd mention it."


"If you can find the other party, we kill them right then and there. If you can get me a target, I'll empty the noodles out'there bowl." See, Partisan is already using modern euphemisms for killshots.

"You and me, we're soldiers. This is part of who we are, even if maybe we didn't want it to be. Nancy, is an innocent in all this. She's off limits, anyone who fucks with her shit gets a visit from me."She accepts the sticky note, setting that aside before returning to her most welcomed dinner.
"How secure is the schools computers, could you get inside and give me a look at a doctor there?"


Another bite of turkey club goodness and a spoonful of potato salad. "Not the best work I've ever seen. The security is pretty decent though I wouldn't put it past them to have some mutant savant sysadmins in place, so I'm not really sure I could. Finding a doctor may be easier than that though."

Jericho calls up his file on Hank McCoy and projects it from his arm for Parti to see. "This guy was part of the group Nancy met at Sal's. I happened to be working at the time. Pretty famous and I know Nancy's mentioned seeing him a few times for tests and such, so I know he's one of the doctors there."

After another moment's thought he calls up the image a red haired woman. "Also this woman. Doctor Jean Grey. Not as much on her. I could probably plant the right files on the school's computers to get you in, but if you pop hot for x-gene, then it may be as simple as knowing their names and showing up - well finding it first, then showing up - and saying you need help."


Partisan hmmms "I don't need it right now, but eventually I'd like to be reading their emails. Spiderweb and scoop them, these guys are our next subject of interest after Polyglobal." Finally cracking open her beer.

"Polyglobal has interests in Mutants it would seem, so Hydra has interests in Mutants. Interests enough to try and make someone who can disable any and all of their powers, which would suggest they have some worry about them. So it'd make sense that they might have someone inside the school, or might be using someone to target them at a later date. Whatever the focus or plan there is about, I feel it best to presume they are interested in the school. So we'll need to go through what we've got from Hydra again and focus on bio-medical research, defense industry medical research, education and so forth. We may end up turning it over to the school, if they pop clean."


Jericho nods. "I've been working something that may be related." He pauses to finish off the first half of his sandwich. "I'll gather what I have on it and show it to you. It's all a bit sketchy frankly, but some patterns have been falling into place."

He makes a gesture as he takes a sip of the beer indicating that he'll show her soon. "I had to pass some of it up to SHIELD via the only person there I trust to take reasonable precautions." Agent Melinda May though only has part of what he's been working on. Just a syringe full of deadly blue fluid that he lacked the resources to analyze.

The ex-SOAR soldier takes a look around at the weapons 'Bianca' had been working on. "New kit? Or just some tinkering?"


Partisan Slides that CZ-75 across the workbench "New, different body different hand size and so forth. So like a 1911 is fairly uncomfortable, and my 210 is long gone. I don't have the top speed or the raw power of Ingrid, but my sprint times are way better and I've got a much better sense of balance and range of motion. So some refitting goes into it, the 210 and an AK are about the only two things I can sort've swing no matter what."
Setting those bolt guns delicately up onto the table, they look almost like siblings. Similar optics, almost the exact same stocks, bolt handles, triggers and so forth. There’s a .308 with that cut down barrel and the suppressor she used against the werewolf factory, a .338 Lupua and a .50 cal.

"This way things will feel familiar, off the shelf length of pull and cheek pads are all wrong for little old me."


Jericho looks it all over with an impressed nod. He'd figured, once he realized that Partisan switched bodies semi-regularly that she must have gotten some practice doing things like this, but knowing that and seeing it in action are two different things.

"Mmmm. Ah, that reminds me. I was out getting a few things for myself and thought you might appreciate these." Another dip into the bag and up comes a brick of .45 ammo. Upon being opened they're revealed to be tungsten carbide sabot rounds. Getting some things for himself indeed.


Partisan hmms softly at that. "Very nice, you can have my CRG if you want. Good gun, I didn't do anything to it but install a flat trigger and cerakote it black. The CZ there, will get the same tungsten cerakote as the bolt guns, and the MP9 when I'm done with it."

She digs around the workbench for a moment, before plopping the MP9 down before offering over one of those translucent mags. The bullet has an odd sort've reverse teardrop shape to them "Old skool tech, but very very armor piercing. Tech got buried by the armor companies in the 80s, made all their shit obsolete. These are loaded near the max, 105 grains for the weight so velocity is pretty through the roof. Handloaded some 147s for the CZ, it'll live with a can and subsonics."


That makes him smile. Always prepared. The girl could have founded the boy scouts. Hmmm. Maybe she did. "Sure. Never turn down a Parti-gun. You know that."

She's a much better gunsmith than he is. He makes up for it, largely, by being able to hijack precision machinery to meet his needs when off the shelf plus a bit of basic tinkering won't do. "Lemme know if you ever need a hand with the machinery by the by. I've been known to have a fair hand with stuff so long as it's not too exotic." By which he means both the weaponry and the planes.


Partisan shrugs "Naw, I've been doing this shit forever. Fuck back in the day we were cooking paint to remove the lead, so we could smelt them into bullets and making shotguns from gaspipe. It's pretty easy when you have an actual machineshop."She tugs open a drawer, and removes that neat factory colt box and slides it over. "You fly?"


"Whirly-birds mostly. 60's and light civilian stuff SOAR used to keep everything on the down low when we were operating black. Never done anything fixed wing larger than an OV-10." He shrugs and gestures to his shoulders. "When I was asked to join the DAPWS program we did a lot of flying that way too. Kept us up on the conventional stuff, just in case we had to extract the hard way though."

Jericho picks up the colt and examines it with a smile, checking the slide and action. "Smooth." He observes, conversationally.


Partisan nods "I tried to get the birds I was most familiar with, we used OH-6s in ‘nam all over the place especially in SOG and AWG before it became the CWG in the late 70s. Couldn't get the birds I wanted most though, Bell-412s look fucking fantastic but Jesus fucking Christ did they get expensive. Kamovs don't get imported period, which is a shame and well obviously I can't import a hind."

Sliding over towards the aircraft. "Early MD defender, I upgraded as much as I could. It lacks the laser designator but that's not really such a big fucking deal as I don't have anything that would make use of it. That PC-12 there, isn't the civilian model either though it's been painted to look like it. That’s a P12-M Spectre, plumbed for hardpoints and drop tanks. There’s a Flir pod too you can't see right now, but as a very long haul STOL it does very good work." Then a nod forward. "That MD-500 and the Pilatus here get a lot of work, the Carbon Cub is my personal plane. Nothing super fancy, just a very light plane with a very effective wing and a very good engine."

Glancing back with a shrug "No Antonov, but I can't have any of those either."


That draws a chuckle from Parti's companion. "Yeah the stateside authorities get a bit frowny about that kind of thing." They get a bit frowny about a lot of things truth be told, as Jericho found out when he started having to arm himself to fight Hydra contracted assassins. "Nice collection you've got here though. Did you put this together after you came stateside or were you doing this kind of thing before you got here?" He could probably fly a lot of this stuff. Just don't ask to see his logbooks. They are quite literally classified.


"Well I learned to fly between the world wars, and I kept current as much as I could. Especially in Africa yaknow, no roads or anything so I was flying everywhere, bringing in my own supplies and doing close air support for guys I'd trained." She nods towards the Little Bird, before she nudges it with a shoe.

"I bought this in uhm, 81-82 or so? Back then it was just a OH-6 with gun pods, but as the MD-500s got adopted to replace the OH-6 I exchanged parts as the program progressed. Ditched the rocket pods for MK-19s back when I was hunting down Pablo Escobar, and gunning up assholes in the jungle but they were so fuck all worthless unreliable I went to the M2s here. So all guns basically, thought about hunting down some AGS-17As but man that’s alot've work for a maybe."


Aspect considers that. "Easier to supply guns too and keep them relatively low profile. Unless you're going to Gotham people will notice lighting off missiles. And man, even then, Gotham has its limits too."

"Though I can probably get you a line on them. I don't do weapons like that normally but associating with the hacker community often means associating with other extra-legals. Much as I distrust arms-men, they do sometimes have their uses."

Jericho stretches. He's just musing now, this isn't serious work talk like it would have been a week ago. Or two weeks ago. Good sandwich is good. Beer's good too. So good he takes another drink.


Partisan shakes her head "Well, what we did in Colombia? We'd mount a laser guided missile on a hardpoint in the room of an apartment or back of a work van. Open the door or window towards where we thought the target would show, then from a third location we'd paint and remotely launch the weapon. Boom, people follow the smoke back and we've already gotten the fuck out've there. Nowadays you could just run the designator remotely too, but then you now have a guided kill system which is entirely hands off and totally remote."

Shrugging quite casually. "For us, man that's a fuckton of bling for the sort've profile we're trying to keep here. We shoot off a fucking anti-tank missile -anywhere- and man this private war we're having gets stupid public, and if we decide we've got to keep at it? Well I mean now we're gunning down feds and natty guardsmen, and hiding from fucking apaches and hunting around for Stingers."


That's actually kind of what he was hoping to hear. "Well I didn't say it was a good idea, just a possible one. And thankfully that's a blade that cuts both ways. I suspect mostly when they finally get around to some kind of counter attack it'll be through contract killers and crime syndicates. And even those guys don't want that kind of heat brought down on them. Cause man if this were just a question of resources…" He glances around at the rather impressive cache of weapons and aircraft. "Well, no offense, but they still have us beat on that one."


Partisan smirks "This is some stuff I have, you wanna see an arms cache? Shit Jerry, If you don't mind the flight down to Argentina I've got enough guns, antitank weapons, SAMs, Explosives, radar trucks, aircraft, armored vehicles and shit to outfit a fucking army." Sipping after her beer, before bowing to light another smoke. "I was running full fucking scale rebellions at the behest of the CIA, and when I transistioned over to the AWG they stopped asking about where the stuff went or why I wanted this or that. I was still a believer, but I was stockpiling just in case I needed it for some coup somewhere. You want a fucking MiG-21, or a Hind, or a F-5? I can hook you the fuck up, I've got probably a billion worth of arms internationally. Argentina isn't even the biggest, just the most modern. I've got shit stashed in almost every major city you can name, only countries I never saw Action in were Canada, Austrailia and America."


Jeri actually looks thoughtful for a moment. "Mmmm. Keep it on tap, I guess. We ever get these guys licked in the States I promise someone's gonna have to deal with them elsewhere. And they're a lot bolder a lot of elsewheres…" He sighs and looks down at the table for a long moment. "Mmm. Enough of that for now, though. Dessert? Not sure what your tastes are so I got us something safe."

Out comes the last container in the carryout bag, this one opening to reveal a pair of bakery fresh eclairs.


"Naw, since I first met an American I wanted to live here, OSS guy named Dick Parham. The SIS, which was british Intelligence in those days handed me off to him. Gave me a carton of cigarettes, my first OSS kit, a 1911, and then talked about baseball and the American way for hours. Sold me on it totally, my deal with the OSS was. I'd do -whatever-, wherever but when I retired I'd be a full fledged American citizen and I'd get a house and a couple of acres and a new car any kind I wanted."

Smiling softly to herself more than anything. "So I did the whole cold war, and Pablo all to keep my word. when I met Ed, he was a cop down there. Well during the height of Pablo's shit, Pablo was paying anyone who killed any cop for any reason. Every other cop was on the take, and those that weren't just tried to survive. Told him we should just go, I had this deal we'd get to move to America. CIA said, deal was for just me. If I finished the shit with Pablo, then they'd just work it out with the state department. Sure thing, no big deal. Then they betrayed me, and fucked me and killed Ed and threw me in solitary for ten years."

She offers Jericho a little smile. "No shit though, I love the fuck out of America. This is my home now, official documents be damned I'm American. You can have the eclairs though, not much for sweets."


Jericho quirks an eyebrow and smiles a very small smile. Personal project round two, ding. This one's gonna take some work to do right. But he doesn't say anything. He just nods and takes one of the eclairs. He'll hand the other off later. Or maybe eat it after a rough day, but it's going in the 'fridge.

"Fair enough. Glad you met at least a few decent Americans. CIA spooks are…" He sticks his tongue out and makes a face. "I didn't care for 'em. Must be something in their water coolers."


Partisan shrugs. "No, spooks are soldiers without a uniform. The fucker who snapped us is now living in protective custody, when I tried to put the hit on him the Widow picked me up. Bad situation, outgunned and outmanned and in broad daylight. Was suicide to pop him, so I played ball. SHIELD recruited me, and I leave the fucker alone. I'd have hit him again, but they'd know who was doing it and I'm too delicate to fight SHIELD and the entire United fucking states. Have people I care about, can't play the right game to win. Massive VX release in New York, Chicago and LA? Sure it'd do wonders, I'd win but the cost is way too high."


Jericho nods. "Yeah and that'd leave Nan out in the cold pretty quick. She needs you something fierce." There. He said it. Not like it wasn't obvious to the two of them. Then his eyes narrow.

"CK… damn it. Was that their game? I gotta put some feelers out soon."


Partisan nods softly "She needs a mom who gives a fuck, I need someone in my life who isn't desperate to die for their cause. There’s maternal instincts, not sure if they're Bisera Hoxha's instincts or the Wolf's but they're there."

Raising an eyebrow after Jericho, as she lights up her smoke. "CK?"


Jericho sighs and leans back, eyes half lidded as he considers for about thirty seconds. Then he leans forward again, relaxing just a bit but clearly a bit put off by what he just thought of.

"Cyanogen Chloride. CK is the military designation. 'bout a week before I ran into you I scoped a warehouse in Lower Manhattan that turned out to be full of the stuff packaged in 155mm shells for delivery. Luckily I'm pretty sure the authorities picked it up, but I got the location off an on ping on Hydra's network. Now I'm wondering if New York wasn't the only cache… and what they had planned to do with it. Never was able to find out."

He shakes his head and sighs. "I may have to let that one go for now. My plates full enough as is."


Partisan shakes her head "No, that should become our priority. In fact lets do this, anything you or I would consider unconventional attack capability or financial in nature? That is now our targeting index, those are our primary targets. Get me one of those sniffers, I know they've got to be pretty small now. Next time, I'll film the whole thing including the verification of materials then send it to the media."


Jericho nods after another moment's thought. "Alright. I can certainly source something that'll do the trick. I'll see if I can dig up exactly what that stuff was supposed to be used for. In the meantime… I've got a few lines on some underworld side targets that could be used to wreck an economy. There's a pretty sophisticated counterfeiting operation that sometimes does business with the Snakes. They move it a lot though, pretty smart group of guys, so I'll need some time to get a fix on them." He pauses to think. "One or two others off the top of my head. I'll go over the list we've got."


Partisan nods. "Counterfeiting is good, pass that one to Sara though. That's something that'll help her career, something a cop can sink her teeth into and it's a sidelight."

Shrugging casually, as she checks her watch. "C'mon, let’s go for a flight shall we?"

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