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June 18, 2014: Social interaction in Cal's suite.




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Doug's efforts to steer clear of people watching his apartment relied on having a friend teleport him safely out of there. Still, they'd need to come up with a way to get rid of them for good, something that Doug would be bringing up with Calvin when next he was at the X-Mansion.

Of course, finding Calvin at work was something else - and when Doug finally manages to catch Calvin, it is at the end of a long work day, and Doug isn't looking especially happy, having just hit the end of a 90 degrees day outdoors.

"Hi," he greets, flopping into a chair.

"Hey Doug. So what's up?" Doug managed to track him down in his rooms at the school. And while he usually eats in the dining room, one piece of 'furniture' he did add to his suite was a fridge. The door swings open and a bottle of Harp floats out and over to Doug as the door slams shut again. "You look beat."

What the…oh right. Calvin would have been mimicking Jean Grey's abilities. Taking the bottle, Doug nods at Calvin. "Hitched a ride from Illyana. There're people watching my place like you said. Nancy's bored being cooped up in here while Dr. McCoy's running tests. And it's hot as hell outside. You?"

"Talked to Nancy the other day." Cal answers, taking a swig of his ale. "She seemed a lot happier about it all afterwards. I pointed out how useful her power can be to use when dealing with young mutants who can't control their own powers yet. Especially on rescues. The idea that she can help people with it didn't seem to occur to her. Other than that? The usual."

"Oh good. She's been getting a kick out of disrupting my powers," Doug says. It's not quite a frown, more like a roll of his eyes. He -could- see the humor in it.

Popping open the bottle and taking a swig, the young blonde glances. "So you're finding her a place in the X-Men?" Not like he was in it at the moment, hence the 'you'.

"Well, she has a possible place in the school." Cal clarifies. "Helping deal with out of control powers. It's up to her if she wants to take it, of course. As to whether or not she'd want to be an X-Man…" He shrugs. "That's a long way away before we even let her know it's us. She might figure it out, of course, but even then she needs to learn to control her power and defend herself physically."

"We'll see, I guess," Doug replies, taking a look. "Speaking of which, what's been happening with the X-Men?"

Cal quirks a brow at Doug. "What's with the twenty questions? You looking to take a more active part in the X-Men?"

"I'm not really sure," Doug confesses, as he waves the glass around. "It just seems like if we're going to chase Xavier's dream, we should be doing it loud and proud."

You can't go that way.

"You know I don't disagree. That's why I'm so public myself." Cal points out. "And the Gold Team is about as open as it's safe for us to be, all things considered. You're welcome to be on it if you like. Your kind of computer support would be useful on certain missions." He pauses then grins a bit. "And you'd look cute in a tight uniform and mask."

"I don't know," Doug says, as he considers. "I'll think about it, I guess." Taking a swig, Doug glances at Calvin. "First I want these Hydra people gone. I'm ready to hack into their system and wipe -everything-."

"Go ahead. Just don't let them backtrack and find you." Cal says. "As for them watching your place… We can have Nancy tell her pet spy that she's taking some time off from Jiulliard to go to Europe and study music there. We'll get her a ticket, she'll fly over and then we port her back here. No more reason to watch you."

"Excuse me, but does anyone have a spare-" Amara steps up to the door, knocking lightly and pausing when she sees Doug there. She tilts her head, steps back, looks up and down the hall, then back to the room. "Did you change rooms for some reason?" she asks. "Or were finals really that taxing and I've completely forgotten where things are?"

"I'll be careful," Doug replies. "I'll just do it out of the Pentagon or something." A faint smile crosses his face at that proposal, and Doug seems ready to reply just before the door opens.

Eyes widen, and the young blond stands up. "Amara!" he greets happily. "No, I'm just visiting Cal here… I didn't realize you were here too. I thought you would be visiting your father…"

Cal gives Amara a smile and stands. "Hello Amara. A spare what?" He arrived in this reality after the girl graduated but she's been back to visit enough that they've met several times. And he's seen her file, of course.

"Towel," Amara answers with a brief, rueful smile, rolling her eyes sheepishly. "I think I managed to misplace mine with Illyana's when we packed up the dorm room. What are you going to do out of the Pentagon?" she arches a brow at Doug, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Wipe out Hydra's records," Doug replies. "Just letting them trace it back to Pentagon or something… actually, better yet, let them trace it back to Russia. Let them pick a fight with Putin."

Tilting his head, Doug looks at Amara. "You're -still- living with Illyana?"

"There are are plenty of spares. You're welcome to grab as many as you need." Cal tells her then sits back down. While most of the college students have their own stuff, the kids need to be supplied. "You're welcome to join us. Would you like an ale?"

"Doug." Amara presses her fingertips to her brow. "No starting international conflicts without running it past someone first. Things are busy in Nova Roma," she adds in answer to his earlier question, smile flickering. "And I'm still trying to decide if I want to do more school, or more…" She trails off, gesturing around herself. "I feel like this is a better place for that than home is. And yes, I'm still living with Illyana. She's my friend. And she doesn't expect me to know what My Little Horses is," she adds with a dismissive wave as she steps inside, flashing a smile at Cal's offer. "Ah, so this is where the alcohol is, then."

"Why do you think I'm asking him?" Doug grins, jerking a thumb at Calvin.

His attention shifts back towards Amara, before tilting his head. "My Little Ponies," Doug corrects automatically, before looking abashed. Lifting his bottle up to salute Amara, Doug shakes his head. "Join the club about deciding what to do."

Cal takes that as a yes and once more, the fridge door opens but this time two bottles of Harp float out. One goes over to hover by Amara till she takes it and other to Cal. He downs the last of his current one and the dead soldier disappears in a flash of pink light, presumably into a recycling bin somewhere. "I doubt Hydra will declare war on the United States. But it might be better to just leave them alone and let Nancy lie to them while we protect her."

Amara has been here long enough not to blink at the telekinesis, taking the bottle from the empty air with a polite nod to Cal. Because she knows Doug isn't doing it. "Nancy is the null, yes?" she asks as the topic shifts back to where it was. "Very dark sort of girl, carries around lollipops? She'd mentioned something was after her, but I don't think she said the name."

"Still wiping their records on us," Doug responds. "The less they know, the better. I'll just overwrite it with KISS Transformers or something."

Leaning back, Doug nods at Amara. "Yes. Her." Amara's probably already heard the stories about the number she did on Illy -and- Doug's abilities. "She's got Hydra after her, and they're after some of us too just to find out where she went."

"Well, make sure to do it to a random assortment of files. Make it look less like a targeted strike." Cal suggests. "We'll just send her to Europe then bring her back unofficially. It's the easiest way to take care of it. Let them look for her in Britain."

"You might have trouble 'porting her back, given her particular talents, no?" Amara points out, twisting open the bottle cap and finding a table to perch on the edge of. "Although I suppose it would depend on your range. Depending on whether it's an actual nullifying field around her, or if it only affects the people and their abilities in her field. Both have very interesting implications, though," she muses.

"Oh, we already figured that out - just make sure Illy is more than ten feet away when she opens up her portals for Nancy to step through. Illy generates portals, so once she makes them, they stay," Doug notes, after nodding agreement with Cal's suggestions. So they were stated, so let them be done.

"Actually, she summons them. They're part of Limbo and occur naturally. If such a word can be applied to Limbo." Cal clarifies. "I'm sure she's thrilled at being the only one who can move her around but we all have to make these little sacrifices." Oh, yes, he's amused at that.

"So she's affecting our abilities to reach our powers when we're within her field of influence, rather than nullifying the power itself? Or Limbo is, as in so many things," Amara rolls her eyes, "The exception? Never mind." She waves a hand without really waiting for an answer, taking another sip. "It's a moot point if there's already a solution, I suppose. I am assuming that this Hydra is not a many-headed beast requiring cauterization in order to be properly killed, yes?"

"Actually, it kind of is," Doug responds, as he thinks about it. "And I don't think Illy's thrilled, but then again, I was… uh, busy in the kitchen when those two were talking about how Nancy was getting around." And by 'busy', Doug meant -hiding-.

Cal just nods, though at what isn't really clear. General agreement perhaps. "So Doug is wondering what to do with his life. And Amara is wondering what to do with her life? I am so glad I'm no longer young. So Doug, X-Men? Amara, X-Men? You'll have to impress Scott of course but it's certainly doable."

Amara arches a brow at Doug's dodge, but she doesn't press. "I am thinking I may take a year to see," she answers Cal, bottle dangling between her fingers. "I didn't apply to any graduate programs in the fall. The truth is…" She glances to Doug, as though searching for some confirmation. "This is the life it seems I've always known. This, or Nova Roma, and neither are what anyone here would refer to as the 'real world.' If I'm entirely honest with myself, I'm not certain how well I'd deal with that sort of mundane life."

Leaning back, Doug considers. "Yeah. This life is what we've known for a long time. But the question I was just asking Calvin before you came in was … is the X-Men the right -fit-? Or is there something else out there that might fit better?"

"Nothing says you can't do both." Cal points out. "It's not like the X-Men are busy 24/7. So long as you're available when we need you, or most of the time since conflicts are bound to occur now and then, I don't see a problem. And it's certainly more rewarding - and fun - than being an accountant." he tells Amara.

"Political science," Amara corrects, though there's a flicker of a smile that crosses her features. "Illyana went with religious studies. It could be worse." She drinks again, looking to Doug once more. "What do you think would fit better, Doug?" she asks her classmate. "I mean, I know you haven't always felt…You're a little differently equipped for a fight than some of us, I suppose."

"I don't know, Amara," Doug notes. "For you, you can always go back to Nova Roma and be queen. I mean, if I were you, I'd already be thinking about how to bring Nova Roma into the twenty-first century before the rest of the world stomps into it." Doug considers that, and then laughs. "If you need a consul…"

"Though it might be worth thinking about how to keep Nova Roma out of the twenty first century - mostly - despite the rest of the world stomping into it." Cal tells the girl. "While I've never been there, I assume there's a lot of good things about it you don't want to lose and that's very difficult to do when the rest of the world intrudes."

"Nova Roma has a senate, Doug," Amara points out with a wry smile. "It's even slightly less obstreperous than the one here. And the issue of coming into the twenty first century is a very complicated one," she sighs. "Brazil, for example, is not particularly thrilled with our claims to sovereignty. Most of our people are woefully under prepared for the things that exist here. It isn't as though we aren't intelligent, of course. But the world is completely different."

"Right. Wrong Roman reference," Doug grins. "Still… it's your call, right? Or your dad's? Either way, what will you do about Brazil?"

Musing, Doug looks over at Calvin. "I've always figured archaeologists would have a field day, but a lot of things depends on who Nova Roma will let in… or whether they even have a choice of who to let in, if Brazil suddenly decides to send an army."

Cal can only shrug at what Doug says. He's no expert on politics and happily so being completely unsuited to it. He considers Amara a moment then waggles his fingers at her. "Bibbity bobbity boo. You are now the ambassador from the sovereign nation of Nova Roma. Tomorrow, I will introduce you to Wonder Woman, the ambassador from Themyscira. You will open diplomatic relations between your nations and then you will petition the UN for official recognition. Screw Brazil."

"That," Amara says quietly at the talk of armies, "Would be inadvisable." She's doing her best to look as though she isn't threatening the birth of a new volcano when Cal makes his suggestion, which startles her into a blink. "I'm quite certain she has better things to do. Anyhow." Is that a blush? What about that situation would make Amara blush? "I've certainly been feeling out of practice lately."

"Oh, yeah, we know, you'd make things rough on them, but that's assuming they don't storm in while you're not there…" Doug muses, before he blinks at her reaction to Calvin's suggestion. There's a wide-eyed look at Calvin, followed by a quizzical look. No, she couldn't… could she?

"I'm quite sure she'd be happy to meet you." Cal counters. "And it's the best thing for your people to have allies. Who better than Themyscira? They certainly know what you're going through. I'll send her a message later." As far as he's concerned, it's a done deal. Doug just gets a small, noncommittal shrug.

"That's-" Amara pauses. Accepting help isn't something she's ever been very good at. "Thank you," she finally says, with a very formal dip of her chin that's only slightly marred by the swallow of ale she takes afterwards.

"Well, at least that's -one- person who's going to make things a lot easier to help you defend Nova Roma," Doug notes. Sipping his bottle, Doug searches Amara's face, before coming to a nod. "Don't worry about it. You'll do fine. Just be yourself."

"You're welcome." Cal says with a smile. "Consider it part of the Professor's dream of us all living together in peace. Just how do your people consider mutants?" he asks curiously.

"Complicated question," Amara shakes her head to Cal's question. "We didn't have many. Or at least public ones. Selene terrorized us. In hindsight, I expect that her…feeding probably drained most of the gene pool of mutants. When my power manifested, I was terrified of it, and terrified that I'd turn out like her. On the other hand, there were people who worshiped her. So you can see how it might be complicated." There's a small smile for Doug's reassurance, though she doesn't say anything.

Now Doug falls silent at the mention of Selene. That… that might not have been the best name to mention where Doug was concerned. Still, at least, the young mutant drains the remainder of his bottle, before raising the empty bottle. "Hey, Calvin… may I have another, please?"

"Sounds like your people need some good examples and public displays as well." Cal notes. "If you ever want to take a road trip and give it to them, let us know. I'm sure a lot of us would be willing to play good will ambassador down there and get a vacation at the same time." At Doug's request, he glances over at the fridge and another bottle floats out to him, the door opening and closing behind it.

Amara reaches out to set a hand over Doug's at the moment of silence. "Good examples couldn't hurt," she agrees with Cal. "And a vacation wouldn't go amiss for anyone, I'm sure," she adds with a swift smile. "How do you boys feel about togas?"

Wrinkling his nose, Doug makes a so-so gesture. "Depends, I suppose. Do -everyone- have to wear it?"

"I have great legs." is Cal's answer to that. "You can start working out now, Doug. By the time we go, you'll look good in one too."

Amara laughs at the responses, shaking her head at both of them. "Togas will not be required. Although they would be polite," she adds with a look to Doug, half joke and half threat. "Although we don't have much in the way of computers. Or wifi. You might want to bring something along so you don't go into withdrawal."

"I'll wear one if you wear one, Amara," Doug replies gallantly. Yes, yes, he was channeling a certain -someone- a bit, judging by the grin he's flashing Amara, before his expression shifts at the mention of lack of computers/wi-fi. "I'll bring a smartphone or a tablet, don't worry. Along with a signal booster," he replies, face clouding. God forbid.

"Or you could spend the time learning about the people." Cal suggests. "Think of it as a new Sim video game. Sim Real Life or something. In any case, it sound like it'll be fun. I'd like to see your home. What language do you speak there? Latin or Portuguese? Or one of your own?"

"Latin," Amara answers Cal with a small, almost apologetic smile. "But we've been picking up English and Portuguese in the last few years. Doug should be all right, at least, and I'm sure there will be translators available. And of course I'll wear appropriate attire," she sniffs at Doug, chin rising sharply.

"Oh good." Now Doug perks up. Not quite the way certain other boys might, but it's fairly easy to tell. He slumps a bit, though. "Yeah, translators available. Me, basically, right?"

"If you don't object, I can learn Latin directly from your mind." Cal tells Amara. "And I'm sure the Professor or Jean would be willing to teach it to anyone else who wants to go. You won't have to be on duty, Doug."

"I meant citizens," Amara clarifies at the sad look from Doug, smile crooked. "Honestly, do you think I would be such a poor host that I'd make you spend vacation time working? You should know better." She arches a brow at Cal's offer, curious. "You moved the bottles earlier, as well. What is it you do, if I may ask?"

"Maybe? I haven't been there before," Doug notes. Amara had joined before Doug had, and then before he'd had the chance, he'd… had a temporary interruption in life-flow.

Perking up, Doug nods at Calvin. "Or you could just copy my powers." Though really, Calvin probably didn't need to add the ability to process and translate information into any language to -his- repertoire.

"I could." Cal agrees, nodding to Doug. "AThough it's always useful to know another language for those times I'm not." To Amara, he explains "I mimic other peoples' powers. In the case of telepathy and telekinesis, Jean. Though I've been a telepath many times and have used the technique before. But they're stronger and better at it."

"So you would be reading the meaning of the words from my mind?" Amara asks, setting the bottle aside. "As they were being spoken? Or do you have the fine control necessary to lift the knowledge of the language completely?" Doug's cheerful offer gets another look, the sort one might give an overenthusiastic puppy.

"I always figured he'd get -your- knowledge of the language, and not necessarily complete knowledge," Doug observes, leaning back. The look Amara gives him in turn is returned with tongue stuck out, the sort of behavior one might give a childhood friend.

"Sort of a combination of the two. My Professor taught me how but as I said, he and Jean would be better at it since they're stronger telepaths." Doug gets a nod. "Exactly. If she doesn't know it, I can't learn it."

"Pardon me," Amara rolls her eyes at Doug's clarification. "As complete a knowledge as someone who was raised with it and has been speaking it most of her life may have. Language snob." Says the woman who speaks fluent Latin. And is not, at the moment, volunteering tours of the inside of her head. "It is an interesting concept."

Now Doug raises an eyebrow at Amara's eyerolls, before saying something in a completely different language. One that was expressively understood only by Amara, created -just- for her. Which was as follows: "Anything you can say, I can say better."

"It's completely painless." Cal assures Amara. "And I'd learn only your language, not any of your thoughts or memories. If you'd prefer a more skilled telepath, Jean would have an even easier time of it."

Amara smirks at Doug, just shaking her head as she drains the last of the bottle and sets it safely aside. "Let's see how this whole trip plan pans out," she says after a moment. "I assume it isn't exactly a time-consuming process? If not, we can always take care of it on the way. It isn't personal, of course," she adds with a small smile for Cal. "But I am…cautious of my own mind."

"Yeahhhh, it might be easier to just take my power," Doug replies, returning the smirk with a smile, but only too quick to cover for Amara. She -did- appreciate her own privacy, it seems. "You won't have to go into her mind. Or mine, for that matter."

"I can't teach it to others." Cal repeats in case that wasn't clear. "I'm not that skilled. So I could learn it in the jet but not anyone else unless Jean or the Professor went as well. Though I bet Hank knows Latin." he muses then shakes his head at Doug. "I could but I'd rather learn the language. You have a very useful ability, Doug. A very powerful one for certain things. But it would take up space that could be more useful in a fight."

"You were planning on teaching others enough Latin to get by in the next few weeks?" Amara asks at Cal's clarification, arching a brow. "I'm sure we'll manage. There are enough scholarly sorts among our numbers, after all." She reaches up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear, letting out a slow breath. "I suppose it would be all right."

Now Doug quirks an eyebrow. "It'd probably be more useful to you than to me," the young blond notes. "At least you've got a body that'd react as fast as you'd read someone's body language. It's just a matter of, well, finding the right power."

Cal shakes his head. "I wasn't, no. I was thinking of asking Jean if she would. Though now I think of it, she might know Latin too. I'll have to ask her and Hank. Though given your seclusion, I'd think it would be a dialect of Latin by now since languages evolve." As Doug explains, he furrows his brow as he considers it. "Your file does mention something about that. I never really thought about how it would apply to combat. I should try it sometime since you're willing."

"Doug can do some surprising things," Amara nods to her classmate. "But it certainly wouldn't hurt if you knew the language and its nuances. I…would be willing to share the knowledge."

"Yeah, so would I," Doug chimes in. Stretching a bit, the young mutant pops open the second bottle and then takes a swig. "Just try it right now, get a read off Amara, and then see what your body will tell you and how you should respond."

There's no visible sign as Cal drops Scott's powers and mimics Doug's. He looks at the two of them then slowly nods. "I see. It's like an advanced form of combat awareness. Reading posture, tension, etc. And while you say you're willing to share your knowledge of your language, I can clearly see you're a bit reluctant and wary. Interesting."

"Does it also make you a little bit spacey, or is that all Doug?" Amara asks with a faint smirk, though in the light of Doug's powers, it's clear enough that she's deflecting the observation. "I've always wondered about that part."

"Oh, that's me," Doug raises a hand. "Trust me on that." A faint smile… and then Doug grabs the empty bottle, and flings it at Calvin. He could have feinted, but tsch… the demonstration -would- be enough to point out to Calvin how he could tell the different between feint and genuine commitment to a move.

The bottle disappears with a BLINK and Cal nods. "You're right Doug, a very useful ability. But I think it could be one I'd come to rely on more than my own senses and judgement. If and when I need to drop it, that could end up being a problem."

"I would not recommend trying mine," Amara suggests with a small smile, looking between Doug and Cal as though searching for some sort of visible change in how they're seeing things, as if seeing Cal in comparison to Doug will explain something she couldn't pick up before.

Now Doug just regards Amara with a curious look, before looking to Calvin. If Calvin can read that look, and he can, it's a 'You want to try and talk to her in -her- language?'

"All abilities require practice to perfect." Cal agrees, though Amara didn't quite put it that way. "If I did, I'd go to the desert before experimenting." At Doug's question, he shakes his head and stands. "Which I'm not inclined to do at the moment. I do though need to take care of a few things so as bad a host as it makes me, I'll shoo you both out."

"Oh!" Amara flushes slightly again, hopping down. "Forgive me, I should have thought. I am sorry to have intruded." She reaches for the empty bottle left behind, turning back with a small smile. "It was nice to meet you more properly," she adds with a formal dip of her chin. "I look forward to seeing you again."

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