Giant Robot Attack

June 12, 2014: Supergirl, Arsenal and Stargirl tackle some giant robots

Downtown Metropolis

The view from above downtown Metropolis is as if a giant-child dropped all of his grey legos and mapped them into a perfect grid with varying heights and then sprinkled in gleaming glass towers; architectural masterpieces, the shapes of which are only and specifically created for America's greatest city: The City of Tomorrow.

During the day the general feel is grace, elegance and business. At night, neon seems to spring from every corner-the halogen so bright you'd swear the sun never set. Each corner you turn seems to have hidden a pulsating feel that echoes: progress, progress, progress.



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It's a late afternoon in the city. The streets are busy with both cars and foot traffic as people commute from their place of work to whereever it is they go when they punch the clock at the end of the work day. As far as crimes go its been quiet all day as well. Maybe the nice weather has all the criminals at the pool or picnincing with each other.

Down amoung the pedestrians is a young woman, hair blonde, of average height and athletic build. The typical all american girl if you will. She moves with the foot traffic, backpack slung across her shoulder and her pink tanktop saying she is the Property of the MET U Cheer Squad.

And high above in the sky, there's another blonde teenager who is enjoying the nice weather and lack of crime so far. Supergirl is out flying among the clouds and the birds, smiling and soaking up the solar radiation as she moves at a casual pace. The Girl of Steel is showing off a bit, twisting and turning as she flies, keeping pace with a flock of birds, and waving to the occasional stunned jet pilot when she keeps pace with a plane leaving Metropolis. It's days like this that kara really appreciates her new home and new life here on Earth.

Having only been in the city for a couple of years the novelty of it still hasn't worn off, so Courtney still frequently looks up at the towering buildings. Sure this could mark her as a newbie and a target for the criminal element, but that hasn't stopped her yet from doing so. As she passes one of the tall glass buildings she looks up to admire the futuristic architecture of it. In doing so the movement in the sky above catches her attention. At this distance she can't make out more than it's a human shaped figure, but the curiousty it causes in her moves her feet to follow the flying person.

Courtney isn't the only Metro resident to notice the flying form now. People look up and squint pointint at the shape and wondering if it's a bird, a plane, or something else. her super-hearing picking up the sounds of the crowd below, Kara smiles and swoops down lower. The indistince figure gorws alrger for the people on the street, and the blue and red colors of a costume can be made out. Soon, Supergirl drops low enough and flies slow enough that everyone can see her smiling and waving to the folks below. And most of the pedestrians are cheering and waving back to Superman's cousin, or have taken out cell phones and are taking pictures of her. With a park nearby and nothing else going on, Kara decides to land on the grass and do an impromptu meeting with the citizenry. Soon, there's a huge crowd fomring around her, trying to get autographs or pictures.

Courtney has been in the city long enough to recognize the uniform, if not the young woman wearing it as she descends, flying into view of the pedestrians below. The crowd that forms around Supergirl as she lands in the park isn't suprising to her, she has seen it before, with other famous figures. Courtney doesn't join the fangirls and fanboys though, she hangs back, hands around the backpack strap on her shoulder, "Watch it there." she says politely to a couple of people that jostle past her to get thier chance to see Supergirl

Supergirl isn't doing this to feed her own ego, like some might think. She's doing it becasue it takes no real effort on her part and it makes a lot of people happier. If Kara has to take a few minutes to sign things and smile for a camera, it's a small price to pay to see others smile.

Unfortunately, the good feelings don't last for long. Off in the distance, there's the sound of an explosion and smoke starts to rise above the skyline. "Okay, folks," Supergirl says. "Sounds like a job for Supergirl. Everyone stay safe and don't try to go see what's happening; I'm sure you'll get a better view on the evening news. And you won't be crowding police and firemen." And after making sue the crowd gives her space, Supergirl zooms off into the sky towards the source of the explosion.

Maybe she is waiting for the crowd to die down before approching the famous heroine or maybe she is just there to watch the people act silly with thier admiration, either way the reason is moot as the large explosion goes off in the distance. Her eyes narrow as smoke begins to trail upward and into the sky. As Supergirl zooms off, Courtney moves quickly away from the crowd and into a deserted alley. She is not seen leaving, at least not on foot and not in what she was wearing previously. Stargirl, in her own star spangled costume takes to the air Star Rod in hand

He'd been grabbing a cup of coffee on break from filling out paperwork at Stardoe's.

The nearby explosion, however, draws more concern. Since nominally he was still on duty, and still wearing the field uniform, 'Agent Harper' of Checkmate looks at the just-paid for cup, looks at the barista, and sighs. "Here, take it, enjoy."

And then he was heading towards the site, crossbow in hand.

When Kara arrives at the scene, she hovers in front of the gaping hole that's been knocked in the MetroBank branch. People are running away, screaming, and the sound of heavy machinery and hydraulics are echoing from inside. Soon, a pair of 25' tall robots emerge from the rubble, dragging the bank vault with them. "I'm only giving you one chance here," Supergirl says and she hovers defiantly in front of them. "Surrender now and maybe the judge will go easy on you."

The robots turn their heads to look at each other, then look back at Supergirl and give her thier answer in the form of energy blasts. One of them clips the Girl of Steel and sends her flying back into a nearby building.

It isn't long before Stargirl arrives on the scene, in time to see Supergirl get blasted into the building, but not in time to do much to stop it. "Oh you like to play with energy beams!" she exclaims to the large robots "So do I!" she hovers in air held aloft by the rod in her hands which she aims at one of the robots as its own beam of energy fires from it. In this case a Heat Beam fully capable of melting steel. Now she just has to hope that's what these things are made of.

In general, Roy's not the sort who shoots first and ask questions later. Just find out what the situation is, and then sort it out.

A 25 foot robot that blasts a Supergirl clear into a building, however, means stricter measures has to be taken.

Right then. Crossbow, no. Bow, yes.

Maintaining a careful distance, Roy notes the flying girl with the rod in her hands tackling one, which meant the other one…

Explosive arrow time, at where the explosive beams were coming from…

In one swift motion, the Checkmate agent plucks the arrow from the quiver, aims, and fires.

Stargirl's heat beam hits her target, starting to melt some of the chest away. The robot responds by firing a cluster of missiles at the heroine. Arsenal's arrow flies true, sticking into the gun barrel and exploding, blowing off a good chunk of a robot arm. And then a minigun pops up and starts firing hundreds of rounds at Arsenal, tacking the archer's movement.

It doesn't take long for kara to recover from that hit, she was more stunned than seriously hurt. "Right," she mutters to herself. "Tear the weapons off the robots before asking them to surrender," she says as a note for next time. She flies back into the fray, swooping up and punching the robot attacking Stargirl in its head, sending the metal theif stumbling back. Supergirl follows up with a flurry of uppercuts until she knocks the robot's head off, sending it flying a few dozen yards before landing in the Hobbs River.

Stargirl lets out a cheer as her attack hits and begins to melt the chest plate. The cheer suddenly changes though into a an "Oh craaap!" as the missles are fired toward her. The rod spins in her hand a spherical shimmer surrounding her but she knows it won't be enough to stop a missle so she is going to have to outrun them and/or try to fire on them to get rid of them, that is if the follow her when she strafes to the right and flies upward, flipping around the rod in her hand and dropping onto and leaning forward to make herself more aerodynamic.

"Oh craaaaap!" is echoed on Roy's end, as the gold-and-black Checkmate agent makes a run for it, bow clutched in hand. That he happens to go flying behind a car as missiles explode behind is pure skill, really, not a fluke. He totally -meant- to be diving there. It's just -helped- along, that's all.

And then up he stands, crossbow in hand. Got to force the minigun to jam and commit fraticide until he has time to grab an ice arrow out of his quiver.

The missiles do indeed start following Stargirl, banking and following the heroine's heat signature. Roy's crossbow bolt does hit the spinning barrels, but they're apparently made of much stronger material with a high amount of torgue in the barrel rotation as the bolt is snapped and flumg away while the mini-gun sweeps back towards the archer.

But before the hail of bullets reaches Arsenal, there's a blue and red streak that forms into Supergirl standing in front of him. The high-density bullets bound off her invulnerable body as Kara shields Arsenal. And for good measure, she sweeps the missile cluster trainling Stargirl with her heat vision, exploding them away from her."You guys take 'em down," Supergirl shouts, sounding just happy to be plaing defense here.

Bank left, strafe right , zip up, Stargirl is fast and manuverable as she flies around to try to shake the missles, with no such luck. If she were more expereinced with fighting robots tha shoot missles she would just fly toward one of them and then quickly strafe at the last minute and let the missles do the work of destroying the robot…but robots are a new thing for her. Glancing back over her shoulder as the missles are blasted from the sky, she lets out another cheer, this time not so enthusiastic. She doesn't have to be told twice, she flies up and over back toward the robot. Another energy beam comes from the rob, but this time it forms a large mallet which with a hand movement on her part is used to slam into the robot in an effort to knock it over.

"Hey! YOU! Girl with the Star Chest!" Roy shouts out. "Take that … oh nevermind! And you… with the S Chest, uh. Thanks!"

Getting down to business, then, Roy now has the ice arrow about and out, and taking aim at the footing on the other robot. Sure he'd run the risk of having said robot smash into buildings, but judging by the speed and strength of the S-girl, he had a feeling it wouldn't matter too much. And for the *-girl, well… he can just come back to help out with another ice arrow if needed!

Stargirl's energy construct smashes into the robot, shearing off the arm from the already semi-melted chest portion. It's also missing it's head, so it's starting to stagger around in confusion. Roy's ice arrow hits the left leg of his robot, encasing the leg in an ice formation that goes up to it's knee.

"It's Supergirl," Kara says over her shoulder to Arsenal. "As in Superman's cousin." As Stargirl brings the hammer down on her target, Supergirl cheers for her. "Nice job!" And with the other robot frozen in place. Supergirl sees an opening. "Be right back…" And with a rush of air, the Girl of Steel flies right at the robot, hand out in front of her to deflect the stream of bullets. IN the blink of an eye, she's smashed through the mini-gun mechanism and then almost instantly circles back to punch through the robot from behind. The robot's chest blossoms open as Supergirl punches throuigh, carrying a sparking power core with her.

At the shout Stargirl smirks, breifly looking in the direction it came from. When nothing else is forthcoming and Arsenal now shouting at Supergirl she quickly turns her focus back to the robot. With the robot now staggering Stargirl makes another hand gesture, which probably isn't all the necessary, and the mallet comes up to swing again. This time the robot's chest is her target, if she knocks it over great if she just creates a hole that's great too.

And… woot!

"Nice job, S-g… uh, Supergirl!" Agent Harper calls out, before his attention shifts towards the Stargirl's robot.

And another arrow is fired quickly, this one aimed at the robot's feet. Gotta make it nice and easy for the, uh… Stargirl!

The ice arrow hits, but isn't really neccessary; Stargirl's followup strike smashes the robot in half, and the mechanism ceases to function. Supergirl looks really pleased, smiling from ear to ear. "That was great, you guys. I don't think my cousin could have handled this any better." She floats over towards the archer and looks up at Stargirl. "So…yeah. I'm Supergirl. I know I haven't been in the papers much, but I'm sort of just starting to do this hero thing full time now." She glances between the two, and there's something familiar about Arsenal…

The mallet dissapates as the robot goes down. Stargirl throws her hands in the air "Good guys one, terrorizing robots zero!" she exclaims triumphantly. Scanning the ground below she grabs the Star Rod with a hand and leans over falling from it so she is hanging by one hand as she descends to where the other two stand "That. Was. Awesome!" while she probably recognizes Supergirl from perhaps a recent news article or somewhere she isn't sure about the uniformed man, but she gives them each a grin anyway.

Roy, for his part, hasn't met either of the two girls. Definitely not Supergirl -or- Stargirl. Though the impression he gets of the two of them is that they're either quite new, or have somehow managed to keep their excuberance. "No problem. Name's Agent Harper. Checkmate. So the S-girl is Supergirl, and the star girl is… lemme guess, Stargirl. Anyway, let me call in clean-up, give me a minute…" he says, as he starts to dig his cellphone.

And when Kara hears Roy speak, it clicks in her mind that she's met him before. The voice, the build, the facial features…Kara manages not to laugh or smile when the connection was made. INstead she turns back to Stargirl. "Tha's really incedible what you can do with that rod. It's almost like a Green Lantern power ring, right? It must be really cool to just create things out of thin air like that." Yes, the Kryptonian girl with the laundry list of powers is actually jealous here.

"Yes Stargirl. Kinda obvious really." her accent, much like her looks immediatly pegs her as a west coast girl. As Arsenal makes his call she turns to Supergirl "It is great isn't it." she isn't humble either "I guess it is kinda like the Lantern ring. Never really thought about it." her glance goes to the fallen robots "Thanks for taking out those missles on my tail." she probably could have dealt with them but it would have resulted in a few buildings being damaged, at the least.

"Uh huh… well, yeah, giant robots. They were neutralized by me and a couple of girls." Pause. "You're watching this on the news?" Pause. "… well yeah, so they did the heavy lifting. Look, can't we just get someone to take away the robots already?"

Closing the phone, Roy smiles at the other girls. "So, nice job."

Supergirl smiles back at Roy, nodding. "Hey, you did an awesome job as well. You took out an energy cannon and froze those robots in place, making it easier for us to handle them." She smiles encouragingly at Roy, meaning what she said. "And it sounds like you work with the authorities, so…." Kara turns to Stargirl, smiling wide. "How about if we let him talk with the cops? I've never met another meta that's my age before. Wanna fly and chat?" She lifs up off the ground a bit. "Are you active here in Metorpolis? Becasue having another hero to talk to besides my cousin would be just awesome."

Stargirl can't help but cover a snicker as Arsenal talks to his crew though she does nod in agreement with Supergirl "Nice shooting." it doesn't take more than a moment of thought "I'm good with that." she looks the man up and down "He looks the proper authority figure to deal with it. Let's fly." she will then fly off with Supergirl.

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