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June 19, 2014: Oracle contacts Supergirl

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Once she got her bearings and learned more about earth, Supergirl was always looking for ways to help out on her new homeworld. The most obvious way was being a superhero like her cousin, but Kal kept her heroing times strictly regulated. So, Kara looked for other ways to help, and found herself drawn to the world of computers and cyberspace. Coming from Krypton, Kara found most of Earth's computers to be horribly primitive, and thus eas for her to master quickly with her limited knowledge. As she discovered more about the Internet and things like online crimes, she began thinking of a way she could make a difference and help the authorities. And once she learned of the concept of 'white hatting', Kara knew exactly how to contribute. And given the advantage that she could travel to anywhere on the globe and link into a wireless signal with a laptop, she was able to keep anyone from possibly tracing her to the Fortress, or Metropolis, or most importantly, Smallville. For the past few months, Kara had been making a name for herself in the hacking community, using the handle KZE. Malicious code had been broken, botnets shattered, and various computer crimes brought to light with what seemed like astonishing ease to the online community in the know.

Today, Kara was enjoying a late afternoon in Paris, connecting to Cyberspace from the wi-fi connection of a sidewalk bistro. Instead of her full 'Kara Kent' disguise, the Girl of Steel was dressed in civilian clothes without the brown wig and wearing a pair of glasses; ones different than what Kara Kent wore. She took a sip of the cappuccino she had ordered as she checked her email and chat connections with her laptop.

In a certain tower in Gotham, a figure in a chair before the computers studies the multiple screens in front of her. Red hair falls around her face, her green eyes framed by glasses that she habitually pushes back up her nose, a tiny pucker between those eyes as she concentrates. Her fingers, released from the need to type, drop to the wheels of the chair she sits in, absently readjusting the position without thinking. Then she draws the keyboard back towards her, typing swiftly, a route to send Kara a message, a route found into the other's computer, and a message pops up on the other's screen. "Hello, Kara. I am Oracle. Can we talk?" A simple text box, the avatar attached a green head-shaped glowing one. The message delivered, Babs rests her elbows on the desk, her chin resting on her clenched hands, her gaze on the screen, waiting…

Of course, Kara had heard of Oracle; anyone in the white hat community with a decent amount of skill had heard of the infomerchant that worked on the side of the angels. Kara looked at her message screen for a bit, biting her lip and wondering if this was real or just a faker. With a few keystrokes, she activated a tracer program and piggy-backed it onto the messenger output. "Sure," comes the typed reply. "It's nice to chat with you, O. Heard a lot about you."

The smile that appears on Oracle's lips is pleased, and she tilts her head, considering her next steps before she types, picking her words carefully, "I liked your entrance into the Origin Foundation, and the work you did there." A carefully mentioned hack, one Kara never took credit for. A second message comes shortly afterwards, "I wonder if you care to do a few little projects together sometimes?"

Kara looks at the new message and thinks for a while. The fact that this person knows of a hack that she never took credit for eases Kara's mind some in regards to the possibility that she's chatting with the real Oracle. And the negative response on her trace adds more evidence. "I think I could be convinced. What did you have in mind?"

The grin on Babs' face suggests she just won a victory she wanted and she leans back in the chair for a moment, easing her shoulders in a roll, before she pushes the glasses back up her nose, beginning to type, "I am looking into Abbot Laboratories." She leaves that there, letting Kara come to her with ideas, a test perhaps. In her tower, Babs leans back into the chair, waiting, watching the screen, her hands absently dropping to the wheels of her chair.

"Heavy biotech," Kara types in. "Maybe investigating the X-gene, but they have any research into that under glacier ice." Kara takes another sip of her coffee, rubbing her chin in thought. "What do you think they're up to that's illegal?"

Babs tilts her head, considering before she types slowly, thoughtfully, "I hear rumours of Hydra." She leaves that there, waiting for the response, another test, or perhaps all the information she has. She lifts her glasses from her face, her other hand rubbing her eyes, before she replaces them, settling with her elbows on the chair's arms, her hands clasped before her, her green eyes on the screens once more.

That bit of information brings Kara to bite the corner of her lip in worry. "Major bad if true," she replies. "I'm interested, but wouldn't SHIELD be investigating this?" While Kara has some admiration for the men and women of the Whatever The Acronym Stands For Today, she knows they take an extremely dim view on outsiders meddling. Superhumans are barely tolerated by them, so hackers would probably have a ton of agents dropped on them. "What's the plan?"

"If true." The agreement is cautious and Babs types slowly, thoughtfully, "I want proof before I start that process off, and I think a collection of unattached actions will be more subtle in finding evidence." A carefully thought out reply, "If the rumours are right, we might need more than SHIELD." A stark comment on the seriousness of the threat.

Now, it's Kara's turn to think cautiously about this. The reality is that she could tear Abbot Labs apart in about 30 minutes and turn over every stone there, but it would leave a pretty big mess. If HYDRA was involved, Supergirl could be called for, but not necessarily the best person fro the job unless things went south in a big way. "I can pass along info to certain people," she types in. "But they're not subtle. If an orbital strike is needed, we're covered. Ninjas might be better, though."

Babs' smile widens, and it seems a test is passed, as she begins to type once more, "Super Ninjas would be better, even. We need to sneak in, from many directions." She glances up, considers another screen, before she types, "Skill over speed, in this case." The suggestion hints at other operations, other actions they could share, if this goes well.

"Can't help there," Kara types, sighing some as she realizes her lack of connection to certain folks in Gotham that would be able to pull this off. "You and I can penetrate computer security. On site penetration is a no-go." With a smirk on her lips, Kara adds an extra reply, trying to break the tension in her mind. "Unless you have a ninja clan on speed dial :P"

Babs laughs, her green eyes sparkling, the mood broken, the smile continuing as she replies, "I may have some up my sleeve that could drop them a visit on site, if we find evidence worth the trip. I'm not sure they do the thing with wearing black though." She considers, before adding, "This is a link, if you need to contact me. It will work for you alone. I will answer."

"Okay," Kara types, smiling a bit to herself. "You want to attack the system together or just have me probe?" Additionally, Kara figures she could do some high orbital scans of her own to see if there's anything strange afoot at the lab. A few minutes of sweeping with telescopic and x-ray vision might turn something up.

Babs' gaze strays to another screen and she frowns, straightening in her chair. Her reply is brief, a little rushed, "Probe away. Got to go, nice talking to you, Kara." Then the communication is shut down, a departure as abrupt as her arrival, Oracle slipping from the system, and turning her mind to the events on the other screen, her voice echoing in the large room as she speaks to someone near there.

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