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June 20, 2014: Late at night, Nancy and Jamie meet for the first time. Far too similar for their own good, an unspoken challenge of who can out sass the other seems to be laid on the table. (Warning: lots of sexual innuendo)

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It's late at night. Most people have the good sense to be asleep. Nancy isn't most people. She's got a lot on her mind. And when she has a lot on her mind, she cooks. Well, she makes candy. She's already made a batch of fudge which is cooling on the counter. There is a soft 'bampf' by the counter, a little chibi Nightcrawler about to stick his finger in the hot confectionary. "I wouldn't do that, if I were you," the bottle blonde warns.

There is a yelp, a second 'bampf', a yelp from Nancy as the imp pulls her hair in retaliation for it getting burned and then it's gone. "I think I hate those things," says Nancy as she goes back to stirring her batch of sugar syrup, watching the thermometer inside it carefully.

A young, and strikingly average, man hurrys straight past Nancy, "ohshitohshitohshitoshit-" he's saying over and over again as what must be his twin brother comes in directly behind him emphatically stating a simpler, "shitshitshitshitshitshitshi-" while the third of the triplets(?) hustles in after the other two with a very smooth, "fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuc-" all three huddle around the oven and, hopping foot to foot, yank open the door and peer inside…

The first guy causes Nancy to look over her shoulder, smirking at his mantra and chuckling softly. Then there's the twin. Okay, they are both a little high strung. Make that triplets? Nancy looks ceilingward, mouthing a soft 'Thank you'. She keeps stirring her candy, though looks over her shoulder from time to time. "Leave something in there?"

From the doorway the fourth of the men sighs heavily and eyes the triplets, "Yeah, they left the damned pies in there." he says, "Lemme guess, burnt?" he says, just as a giant gout of black smoke billows out into the faces of the thriplets, sending them coughing in different directions. Guy Four nods, "Yup." he says, tossing an orange wedge into his mouth. "Burnt."

Four? Nancy has to cover her smile. Hallelujah! She might have found religion! Okay, not really, but it's fun to think it at least. She tries to not let the cloud of burnt pie distract her, not wanting more burning going on. "Okay, how did I not notice those in there. Sorry. I would have pulled them out. Guess I've got more on my mind then I thought." She takes the syrup off the stove. "Maybe we should open a window before we wake up the whole mansion?"

Jamie Madrox shakes his head, "Naw, I shut off the fire alarms in the kitchen before I started." he says, "I'm very /very/ self aware. This was inevitable." he watches at the three run about in perfect poise, one pulling out the trio of burnt pies, one faning the smoke with a coat, the third opening a window. He pops another orange slice in his mouth, "Damn. Thought I had it that time."

Nancy now takes time to actually watch the proceedings, turning off the stove. She watches the three practically dancing in perfect synchronicity. "You might be self aware, but are they? Oh!" Her eyes grow wide as she remembers. Not everyone knows about her yet. "Ummm, don't come any closer, by the way. I turn off powers, so if you need yours to breathe or anything like that, just stay about as far as you are now." She waves, looking sheepish. "Nancy, by the way. Or Tabitha if you look at my ID."

Jamie Madrox shakes his head, "Naw, I'm good." he says, not at all bothered by her commenting about turning off powers as he too watches the three hop about 'solving' the problem. He holds out the orange half to her in offering, "Jamie. Orange?" he asks, continueing to watch the madness, which is remarkably well coreographed for chaos.

Taking the offered orange, Nancy pops it into her mouth as she start to pour the liquid sugar into the lollypop mold. "Are your brothers always so… energetic? They act like they got into my candy supply." She chews the orange slowly, focussing more on her pouring then the eating. Finally done, Nancy sighs with accomplishment and heads over to the sink. "You know, if you guys had asked," she says to the chaotic three, "I would have taken them out for you."

From the three comes, "You gonna tell her?" "You should tell her." "Can I tell her!?" asks one, eyeing Nancy, "I'm the prettiest." the other two glare at the third one in unison, "Ignore them." Jamie says from the doorway, "And the whole point to learn, not have someone else do it. Chicks dig a man who can cook, so I'm working on learning." he munches another orange slice, "And I have an ADHD thing, no big. Side effect is abundant energy, you know, when I'm not being stupid lazy."

Nancy arches a brow as the three start to argue, smirking. "Yes, you're the prettiest. I'll get you a tiara," she tells the third. "You're working on learning? But you're making them do all the work. How is that… you learn through osmosis or something?"

Jamie Madrox quirks a brow at that and as the three pies each find their way into the bin door marked 'compost', Jamie walks over and as he walks past each of the three in turn sort of step into him like he was a doorway and disappear, leaving him standing along holding a trio of pie tins, which go in the 'aluminum' bin. "Exactly." he states.

Nancy O'Neal watches the walk of reabsorbtion and looks like a kid in a candy shop. Well, she's surrounded by fudge and lollipops, so it's not too far off. "That is sooooo cool. Oh… wait. You're not quadrulets?" There is a momentary pout and a softly muttered 'Damn' and a snap of her fingers. All for show though, since she wasn't hiding her reaction. "That would be so handy. I could get so much more practicing done. I don't affect you though. You're not a mutant then?"

Jamie Madrox waves a dismissive hand as he walks towards the fridge, "Nope. Easy mistake to make though, happens all the time." he digs about for a bit then comes out with a second orange. "And no, I'm a mutant, but that was less of a power and more of a turning one off thing I guess." he shrugs, "Or I was outa your range, who knows. This place is filled with the weird." Jamie is unaware that his 'mutant' status is in some… debate. With the only person who knows Jamie's weirdly unique. Jamie nods at her, "What's with the fancy ice cube trays?"

Leaning against the counter, the blonde watches Jamie carefully, studying him. "Well, I have been working on trying to shrink my area of effect. I guess I was doing better at it then I thought." She walks over to Jamie and takes the orange out of his hand, that playful smirk on her features as she steals his food. "They're candy molds. I'm making lollipops. I got a super sweet tooth. Probably be diabetic before I'm 40. It's cheaper this way, makng my own."

Jamie Madrox scoffs as his orange is taken, "Cheat." he says before he walks over to eyeball the molds and stuff, "You should cut that out, you'll lose a foot or something to that. Saw it once on the learning channel." he threatens to poke at one of the molds with a fingertip.

Nancy laughs as she is accused of cheating, peeling the orange as she walks over to the compost bin. She sticks out her tongue and crosses her eyes at him. "Whatcha gonna do about it?" Popping an orange slice into her mouth, she nods. "I know. But it's like my mom and cigarettes. I know I should stop, but I also know that it's not gonna happen. And yeah, even though I know it will kill me, I just ain't got it in me to… You touch that and I will throw this orange at your head."

Jamie Madrox leeeeeeeeeeeeeeans over the molds, "Spank you publicly." he states matter of factly when asked what he's going to do about it. "It's not like I'm at a want for manpower." he points out. He wiggles one of the lollipop sticks in it's mold, "Gooey." he states before leaving it where it was. "You're a bit old for the school, how'd you end up ehre?"

"Don't threaten me with a good time," Nancy retorts, smiling. "Four against one? I like those odds." The wiggle of the stick causes her to pull back, getting ready to throw, but she doesn't bother. "I suck at sports. I'd probably miss." Instead, she walks over, closing the distance once again and hip bumps him. "Get away from my sweets or I'll bite you," she says, arching her brows in a manner that almost begs him to doubt it. "I made friends with Doug. He's the one that found me. Mind you, if he hadn't tried talking to me, it would have gone unnoticed. We don't actually know how long I've had this. Need another mutant nearby for it to show up. Anyway, turns out I'm some sort of science experiment by a group calling themselves Hydra. And they sorta want me back on the slab now that I've displayed a talent. So, I ran to Doug and he called Cal and Scott and they brought me here."

Jamie Madrox snorts, "Four? What am I? Making a pop band? Sorry sister, I'm more of an orchestra kinda guy." Jamie is bumped and he stumbles to the side off balance at the hit and he looks surprised by it for a moment before his face settles again knowingly, a wry grin crossing his lips, "So that's what that's like." he mutters under his breath. "Huh." but he nods along with her story anyway, "Yup. So it's like a Tuesday here then is what you're saying." he quips. "If HYDRA comes for you here at the mansion I want you to know that I will run and cower away from them like a champ and in no way protect you from their Nazi Zombie Robots Ninja Pirates Who Are Also Vampires Horde. Just so we're clear on that."

What is it about this place? Ever since coming here, Nancy has smiled more nd laughed more then she can remember having in a long time. Must be something they put in the food. Or the air. Nancy arches a brow with some interest. "An orchestra, huh? Tell me you play an instrument." It's now her turn to offer up a slice of orange. "Well, it's good to know that you have my back in no way whatsoever. I feel so much safer now. Jerk."

Jamie Madrox shakes his head, "I don't." he says as he takes the slive of orange with a grin, "I play eight." kinda sorta but not really. That's what the lessons are for though right? Yup. Exactly. "Hey, we can't all be heroes lollipop lady, some of use are just guys who wanna waste our lives away with an XBox controller in hand and a decent Black Keys album on."

Nancy O'Neal nods her head. That seems to be an answer she can respect. "So, here's a question for ya. You play with yourself on the XBox? And if so, can you beat yourself?" She pauses for a moment and then rolls her eyes. "Sorry. I meant that totally innocently, I swear. Often, but seriously, that did not come out the way I meant it."

Jamie Madrox doesn't even blink, "Oh I beat myself all the time, in fact it's almost an hourly occurance, how else would I get better at it?" he asks, his expression entirely deadpan. He's a guy that multiplies by punching stuff, if she thinks she's even the one billionth person to offer him a masterbation joke in his life she's under selling it.

Offering up another orange slice, Nancy smirks that playful, impish grin of hers. "Well, you know what they say. Practice makes perfect." She pops another slice into her mouth, satisfying herself with natural sugars then refined. "So, not the hero type then? So, won't be seeing you out with the others saving the world? You could sit with me in the back of the bus. It's where all the cool kids hang out."

Jamie Madrox nods his head, "I know, you didn't notice you've been sitting in my hard earned butt prints back there?" he asks curiously, "I go when I'm needed but I'm not everyones favorite mutant. I'm a bit mouthy and Scott's big on dicipline which…" he makes a face, "It's a whole thing."

Leaning over, Nancy bumps shoulders with Jamie. "Someone else that doesn't get along with Scott. Seems I'm in good company. I think he would like to stuff me into some deep dark hole and forget about me. And I was wondering why that seat back there was so comfy. You and I can be the bad kids together. Gotta have some of us to make the good kids halos shine more brightly."

Jamie Madrox wobbles off balance again as if he was unused to being bumped, and makes a face at her for it, "Scott's okay deep down. Really deep down. But on the surface, and all that distance between the surface and the deep deep down okay, he's an apple polishing duty Nazi. Seriously, he's about two seconds away from a savior complex and I think the only thing stopping him is that the Prof is still kicking. Comes from a good place though." he steals another orange slice from her, the last one, and pauses to split it in half, offering her one of the two, "I don't do bad kid crap, I don't do good kid stuff either. I do me," he holds up a finger, "pun intended, I don't have time worry about what others think, not really anyway. The ones whos opinions matter know, and they know me." he shrugs. He is what he is and he's okay with it. He did mention being self aware didn't he?

Nancy chuckles at the description of Scott. "You know, I'e heard that a lot. Not quite put like that, but similar." She takes the half slice and pops it in her mouth. "Am I throwing off your balance or something? You keep stumbling. Should I not touch you?" She smiles and shakes her head, closing her eyes. "Pics or it didn't happen. Though it's cool that you are that comfortable in your own skin. Me? I've still got a lot to figure out. I'm a little worried that I've drank the kool-aid this place has to offer."

Jamie Madrox shakes his head, "Part of my power, I don't really get pushed around much, at least not from a bump like that. Never felt what that was like before." he admits freely, "Keeps catching me unawares is all." he munches his half of the orange, "I have to be okay with me, I was the only company I had for years. You get used to it. As for this place, it's a good place to be. Safer then most Army bases, quiet, educational, nonjudgemental, I mean sure there's a touch of the militant crazy creeping around the edge, but it's protective in nature so you let that slide. All in all its," he looks around, shrugs, "home."

Listening to the unmistakable affection that is held for the place, Nancy smiles softly. "It does feel nice here. But I feel guilty. I left my mom back in Queens. She doesn't even know where I am, or if I'm alive. I figured that was safest for her, with this whole Nazi terrorists out to get me. My trainer hates that I'm here. She would rather I was with her. But, I need to be around other people with powers, people who can advise me. I've learned more about my own power while here then I ever did with her. I just wish I didn't feel like a first class heel for leaving people behind to protect my own sweet ass." She stands up and starts walking towards one of the exits. "Come on. There is a couch calling my name and yours too."

Jamie Madrox nods his head understandingly, "When it's over you can always find them again, appologize or whatever. People that care will get over it, those that just viewed you as a tool, won't. Easy peasy." he follows along idly enough, not looking to be in any sort of hurry one way or another.
Heading into the tv room, Nancy flops onto the couch. "Let's hope that yer right. You know, I was really never much of a joiner, but Cal made an offer that almost seems too good to be true. For the first time in my life, I don't know if I actually want to do what I've dreamed of being ever since I first played my cello."

Jamie Madrox chuckles, "Careful with Cal, he'll wanna do what you do and then just hang out all day every day. Clingy." Jamie says with a nod of his head as he hops the back of the couch and slides down into a seat.

Nancy lays her slippered feet on Jamie's lap. Yes, bunny slippers. The goth wears bunny slippers and pastel striped jammies. She was in a rush when she ran away and packed in a hurry. "He can't do what I do. If he gets close enough, I turn him off. I turn off a lot of guys, it seems." She winks playfully. "Damn, shoulda brought the fudge."

Jamie Madrox snickers at that, "Funny. Bet that's driving him crazy." he says leaning forward to pluck a controller off of the table in front of himself and pressing a button on it to fire up the Xbox. His hands complete with controller rest on her slippered feet, "So what's your big future plan?"

Nancy shrugs. "If it is, he has shown no signs of it." She doesn't object to the using of her feet as a place to rest his hands. She's using his lap, after all, as a place to rest her feet. "Well, I'm in Julliard, getting my Bachelors. After that, I wanted to tour the world, play in all the great halls. But, like I said, I'm worried I went and drank the kool-aid, cause the idea of being useful to people with their powers all outta control, that sounds pretty good. It's not like my music is going to go away."

Jamie Madrox seems to consider that as he sifts through the various game options, "I could see how that would be a tempting offer. I didn't get the same gig. I got the 'you could help contain a riot and clean up after a big fight between Superman and Juggernaut' or something to that effect. My sales pitch wasn't quite to nice as yours. I was like eleven at the time though so I suppose one has to consider that." he picks something super colorful with cartoon knights fighting wee evil soldier types.

You say, "Oh hell. Is that all they gave you? You could be an army of one and they give you clean up duty? That sucks!" She shifts on the couch to watch the game, not much of one for playing them herself. "What is this?"

Jamie Madrox says, "Castle Crashers. You save the princess, standard video game, only with a cute flying pet to help me out on my shoulder. I'm fond of the wee ram with the giant horns personally." he considers for a time, "Army sure, but I'm still just a guy. An army of 'guys' is nice and all, but not when you're up against people that have laser eyeballs or poison gas breath or whatever. Could get very corpsey very quickly.""

You say, "Not every problem needs to be solved by a super hero. Sometimes just a guy is all that's needed. My trainer taught me that. She said that my talent shouldn't define me or what I do, that I could change the world without one. But, as much as I wanted to for her, I am just not Punisher material. I'm too much of a softy.""

Jamie Madrox blinks and eyes her, "Punisher?" he asks, pausing the game with a button press, "That dude is way hardcore." he sounds concerned, "And also batshit crazy." he adds almost as an after thought. "And you're right, I do those jobs, mostly clean up related. It makes the school a good bit of side money too so you know, it's all good."

Nancy nods her head. "I know, right? I mean, great, I know how to clean, load and fire a pistol, shotgun and rifle. And the differences between types of grenades. But call me hokey, but I think I would rather do the non-lethal type of crime fighting. Or just being there for people. Being needed. Wanted. That just gets me stoked." She pokes him with a foot, nudging it on his thigh. "If I pull in my aura as tight as I can, think you can send one of your spares to get the fudge? Before those little buggers come back to see if it's cool enough yet?"

Jamie Madrox eyes her as she lists off her chatter about knowing guns and explosives, "And here I was telling you about the militant people here, well all right then Annie Oakly, I'll let you know if zee Germans are invading at any point. You can hold the line and what not." he considers, "Possible, depends on how tight you can pull it." he points out.

"Hey, you spend a couple months with a Punisher style terrorist and you learn a few things. And like I said, I don't want to do the whole killing people thing. Makes me feel kinda ill." She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. Her breathing slows and her expression goes flat. She opens her eyes to half mast. "Try now," she says softly.

Jamie Madrox eyes her for a moment, "Terrorist." he says flatly, "Uh-huh. Remind me not to fuck with you." he says simply. He waits until she says go, then he stomps the ground, and suddenly there are two Jamie's and Nancy finds her legs from thighs to feet sitting on a pair of laps. The new Jamie… or is it the old one? Brow waggles at her, "How you doin'?" he asks cheekily.

Nancy O'Neal rolls her eyes. "My trainer. Not me. She just wanted to make sure I had all the tools at my disposal, should I choose to be a gun toting maniac." She watches calmly as he works his magic. "Sweet! I did it! That was so awesome. I've never gotten it that tight before." She smiles at the new Jamie. "Hey there. You the one I'm getting the tiara for? Do you all have your own personalities?" She then looks to the pair of Jamies. "You know, if I was more of a lecher then I am, I would totally say how useful that power could be. But I'm not. Cause I'm not that sorta girl." She snorts then, not even able to keep a straight face after that line.

Jamie Madrox snorts, "You have no idea." he states as he patpats her leg and one of the Jamie's hops up and heads out towards the kitchen while the other stays there playing the game, unpausing for now, "I'm amazing in the sack."

Nancy O'Neal blinks at Jamie as she lifts her legs off of the pair of him. She laughs. "Well, I'll have to take your word on that. Hrmm, is it called a threesome when two of the people are still you?"

Jamie Madrox shrugs, "I've been calling it a two and two thirds some. I figure it's a bit more fair." he says with a sage nod… "Also stops any potential confusion."

Nancy O'Neal is having far too much fun. The cheeky banter that will likely get her in trouble, each trying to see if they can make the other uncomfortable first. "Well, we wouldn't want to confuse people." The pair talk till the morning light starts spilling into the room, each trying to get the other to hit their limit of how lecherous they can be first.

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