The Right Thing

June 20 2014: Fenris and Inara discuss the possible fate of a feral little mutant girl in the aftermath of her 'recovery.'

Inara's Flat

A first story apartment located not far from the M-Town park. It's small and a bit cramped but Inara still makes room for any stray beast that wishes to come.



  • Feral Mutant Child

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Inara Bahrami is in her apartment. Her tiny apartment, with the young girl she saved earlier that evening. They are sitting on the bed, the girl's head in her lap as she tries to explain that humans have names. No, animals don't, but the girl wasn't just an animal. The bath was worse than this though. In spite of Inara's calming effect on animals, the girl was having none of it. Now though, she is clean, her hair combed and soft, and wearing a lovely Persian chemise in fine linen.


There's a shadow by her window. That of a tall man, though without his usual long coat. He has others to be sure, but hey, it's arm out. Then comes the knock at the door. He'd hesitated before coming over. The girl clearly doesn't like being near him and he's got a fairly good idea why, but he decided to look in on Inara and her new houseguest all the same. Make sure, if nothing else, that Tommy's bullets hadn't done permanent damage.


The girl that is more beast then girl starts at the sound of the knock.

"Shhh. It's alright. Humans do that when they want to come in to the lair of another human." She slips off the bed, being as calm as she can since Inara knows when she isn't calm neither are the animals around her.

"I told you I would protect you, and I will. I gave you my oath. Now, the man that is coming in is my friend. He listens to me. I am in charge, okay?" Well, not totally true, but Inara is playing up on the girl's hyena nature, where the females are the stronger.

Inara opens the door and sees Fenris and shyly looks away. "You came for your coat? And here I was thinking I could keep it for myself," she says, teasing softly.


That draws a smile from the tall, lean man. "I said you could keep it, did I not?" He teases back. Though he was serious about her keeping it.

"How is she?" He waits for her to step back before entering so that he doesn't appear in the girl's eyes to be forcing his way in. He's scary enough, he knows, with his predatory Aura without adding apparent aggression.


Inara Bahrami backs up into her house and heads back to the parted off section of the room where the bed is. That big bed that takes up the whole room and just like last time it is covered in cats and a couple of stray dogs. Her kitchen/dining/living room floor is lined with pet food dishes along the wall. The girl initially gets on her knees, taking on a stance of fear, but Inara goes to her with hands outstretched.

"He is in *my* lair. I will not let him hurt you. I am in charge here." In spite of her gentle nature, she turns to give Jeremiah a look that says he better not dare disagree with her, almost a predator in her own right.


Ancient predator though he may be, Wolfson has no interest in scaring little mutant girls. So instead he gives Inara a deferential nod and inclines his head, speaking in the girl's language. "No harm will come to you in her lair, nor will I challenge her here. You are safe, little cub."


He looks over to Inara. "She was shot during the confrontation. I wished, partly, to ensure that she needed no attention in that regard." And also to see how Inara was getting along. He's sensed she's not ordinarily confrontational in nature herself.


Inara Bahrami sits on the bed and resumes the position she and the girl were in before Jeremiah entered. The girl is curled up next to her with her head in her lap. It's downright maternal.

"The shots didn't go into her too deeply. Her hide is thick in her other form. I pulled out the bullets. There was no internal damage, so nothing like the coyote you brought me." She pets the girl's hair. Fen's coat is hanging over one of the two kitchen chairs.


Rather than go retrieve it he sits down at the edge of the bed, not so close as to spook the girl. "What do you think you shall do with her?" He asks quietly. She seems not precisely in a position to raise the child, despite being in an excellent one to help her at this moment. "I do not think she will get along well in the child care system set up by the government. They will not understand her, nor be able to control her."


Inara Bahrami shakes her head as she continues to sooth the wild child by stroking her hair. "The other woman, the one that turned into fire. She says she knows of a school for children like her. That is one option. The other is … if she can't cope with human society, I can add her to the hyena pen at the zoo I work at. They have a good strong female there, so she would be cared for."

She sighs softly and looks down at the girl sadly. "This may likely be the closest I come to having a child of my own though, so… I'm tempted to just keep her."


"Do you think that would work? The Zoo is fairly public. Seems like someone might notice a little girl in a hyena pen." Fenris watches her. Maternal instincts are strong. "Would you wish to raise her, though? I know humans disturb you and having a child would bring you more human entanglements." Of course, having her in the girl's life probably isn't a bad idea if only because there are likely to be few others who truly understand her upbringing and what appear to be her instincts.


Inara Bahrami says, “She wouldn't be a human child in the hyena pen. It means she would have to live as a hyena. I will let her decide. Give her a little taste of both. See what *she* wants." With the way the child cuddles her, it seems she prefers the option of staying with the lady that feels so nice.

"It would be complicated. People would expect her to go to school. Have identification. This is going to take a lot of thought before a decision is made."”


"Yes, it will. Which is why it should not be made hastily… and why her feelings on the matter should be considered. Do you know, perhaps, if the other lady will be insistent? She seemed… compassionate enough, but I do not always read well." Fenris reaches out and touches the tip of the little girl's hand in a comforting manner, if only to get her used to the idea that his presence does not mean danger.


Inara Bahrami shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head. The beast girl has started to doze off, the purring of the cats and the petting of her hair causing her to drift into slumber. "I can never tell with people. If she was being genuine, then I think she just wants to help the child. But humans are so duplicitous. No offense, though somehow… I don't think you would be."


"I'm like few human's you've known, I imagine." Because he isn't, but this probably is neither the time nor place to have that talk.

"I dislike deception, even if I have found some necessary to live in man's world. I am always as honest as I can be, though prudence sometimes dictates that this is less than I'd like." He places his large hand over the girl's small one, murmuring a quiet reassurance that she's quite safe.


Inara Bahrami says, “I can honestly say that I have never met a human like you. You are most strange. Don't be insulted. That wasn't meant as an insult." She nods her head in slow agreement.

"Yes, most people find true honesty uncomfortable. Like when they ask how you are. They don't actually want to know. So why ask? But, it's part of living with humans." She smiles as she watches him rest his hand on the girls. She is sleeping, but his smell is near and hopefully she will associate that smell with safety.”


"Humans are creatures of habit. And their habits do not always make sense." He lets out a long, slow breath and looks back up at her. "And I am not insulted. If one cannot hear the truth without taking offense, one is in a very sorry state indeed. I am not like humans. Partly because I am much less human than most humans." Which is true. He's precisely 0% human.

"I shall look in on you again soon. Be well until then, Inara." He gives her a smile and then stands and makes his way quietly out.

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