Wild Things

June 20 2014: Fenris, Inara, Tommy and Amara all walk into a bar. No… really.


Not affiliated with any organization at all, this Armenian restaurant/bar caters to mutants and tourist types alike.



  • Yasmin - Restaurant Owner

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It's… fairly late in the day. So it's odd that the X-Factor, a bar with no connection to anything in particular which caters to both mutants and 'tourist' types, isn't even open for business. It should be. The little place, a bit off the beaten path and not far from the M-Town park, is in the dinner and late night crowd business. Or was until last week when… something strange moved in, something that's been scaring away customers with a hideous laugh and generally making a mess of the pantry. It's gotten so bad that Yasmin, the proprietress, went to see the odd, slightly frightening man who lives a few blocks over to ask him to help. He's the go to guy when something weird happens, but he's pretty… grumpy.

Rather surprisingly, when she described the problem, he agreed to come over right away and take a look. So now he stands in the main room/bar area, looking over everything with a frown whilst Yasmin stands outside nervously, holding the door open so she can talk to him.

"Well? How bad is it?"


Tommy Monaghan had some business in M-Town himself. Even if you have, say, tentacles coming out of your head and smell like a wet horse, you can't go around sucking the life out of local merchants. Luckily (well, maybe not LUCKILY), some of those merchants pay protection. Officially, it's listed as garbage collection and legally, it might technically be called extortion, but the fat guys in the Italian suits and the fettuccine breath called it protection. And Tommy was a guy they called in to 'protect'.

Having 'protected' four bullets into the spongy skull of the tentacle head in question about three blocks away, very nicely, through a pillow, Tommy now wanted a drink. And now found himself standing outside the bar and wandering up to stand next to Yasmin.

"Yeah, how bad? And can you bring me, like, a bottle of Johnny Walker? Maybe some Stoli? I'll take a couple of beers, too!" he calls.

He lights a cigarette and looks over at Yasmin, his eyes concealed behind jet black sunglasses, "How you doin', toots?"


Inara Bahrami sits on a park bench, studying. When she's not working, she tends to do that and today is no different. Her park bench looks like something out of a Disney movie, surrounded by animals and birds. The light is starting to fade, though really still light enough to read to, but maybe she should get home and get something to eat. But that's when she spies Jeremiah Wolfson. She arches a brow, wondering what he up to. Turning to a pigeon, she smiles.

"Could you go say hello to Mr. Wolfson for me."


Amara had some friends to visit in M-Town, a few former classmates looking to catch up on recent events. Once that was done, though, it was still early enough that she was in no rush to head out of the city again. It had been some time since she visited the X-Factor, so when she arrives to find it largely empty, she seems surprised, trying to peer around Yasmin and Tommy as she approaches.

"Is everything all right in there?" she asks. "This place used to be so busy."


Yasmin looks equal parts exasperated and worried. "Some'ting moved in." She says in slightly accented English. "It's been getting into the meat and…" A loud Hyena's laugh rips through the building, loud enough to be heard from the park here Inara is sitting. "And doing that… it's scaring my customers! And ME!"

Fenris looks up from his investigations and reaches over to grab a random beer and toss it to Tommy. "Consider that my fee." He says to Yasmin.

The woman blinks, finally registering Tommy's comment. "Toots?" One dark, middle eastern eyebrow quirks up.


Tommy Monaghan catches the beer, raising an eyebrow, "Hold that thought. My brain parts need lubrication," he says, popping the top on the nearest available surface and taking a long swig.

"You prefer 'honey'?" he grins at Yasmin. "Hot stuff? Puddin'? Okay, not the last one. Bad associations."

He peers up at the building, "Any idea what this thing looks like?" he asks, taking the presence of a non-human and apparently hyena-based entity in stride as he starts to scan through the building with his X-ray vision.

He doesn't linger on Yasmin -too- long.


Inara Bahrami looks up at the laughter. A hyena? Here in the middle of New York? Did one escape from work and follow her here? That would be bad. She gets up, telling her animal friends to stay put and not follow her. She walks over to the bar and nods her head to Fenris. "Good evening, Mr. Wolfson. Did I hear what I thought I heard?"


Amara blinks at the laughter from inside the building, looking to the others near the door. "I'm not entirely sure what I think I heard," she says slowly when Inara approaches. "But it didn't sound like the usual background music in a club or a restaurant. Did anything change lately, ma'am?" she asks Yasmin, staying back from the door a bit.


"Did it sound like a hyena to you?" The man called Wolfson asks Amara. "Then yes. It was exactly what you thought it was." He paces the main floor looking about. "Ah, Ms. Bahrami. Hello. Good of you to drop by."

Tommy can see, now that he's using his x-ray vision, that there is something rather amorphous and indistinct in here with them. It keeps flitting around every time the tall, coated man who tossed him the beer looks at it.

Yasmin sighs. "I… Um…" She's distracted from answering Tommy's question by Amara's. "Well yes. Last Monday packs of wild dogs started to go through our dumpsters. So we chased them away. The things in there, they are not good for the dogs anyway. The following day we heard this for the first time. And it's only been getting worse."


Tommy Monaghan drags on his cigarette, blowing smoke in the air and looking over at the other girl as they're joined.

"Huh," he says, not giving away his X-ray vision right away. "Did you, like…I dunno, are you sure the pack of dogs wasn't just a mutant who…y'know, turns into a pack of dogs? That could be a thing, right?" he says. He's not sure exactly what that thing he sees is, but, just to make himself feel a little safer, he pulls a nine millimeter out from his shoulder rig.

"You're not a vegan or anything, right? I am allowed to shoot this thing if it pops up?"


Inara Bahrami says, “It sounded like the distinctive laugh of Crocuta crocuta. There are several zoos around her that have them, but there were no reports today of any escapes."

She listens to the proprietress and looks puzzled. Those two things don't sound like they should be associated. Hold on a moment. And don't be upset. All restaurants have rats, this isn't a slight on you. The Persian woman kneels down and calls out. "Come here, my friends. I need your help."”


"If it is truly a mutant who turns into a pack of dogs, you should perhaps not shoot," Amara suggests with an arch of her brow at Tommy's gun. "I doubt it would be appreciated."

She crosses her arms loosely over her chest, watching the others as they search, and tilting her head as Inara goes about the search her own way. If nothing else, this is certainly more interesting than going back to the school.


"I think it's a bit more complicated than that… It is quite clearly throwing off magical energies, but not in the manner I would suspect a Bouda to, which was my initial guess. Now, I rather suspect that it is indeed a mutant. One that can in some manner channel magical energies. Or…" He frowns. "Perhaps one that can do something that looks to my sight as magic."

He turns to Yasmin and then frowns, regarding the others assembled. "I'll need salt… and I think with the rest of your assistance, perhaps this can be resolved immediately."

Yasmin points. "The salt is in the kitchen, top shelf, if he hasn't gotten into it."

Animals flood to Inara, rats, pigeons, dogs and cats all come running to her.


Tommy Monaghan shrugs to Inara, "I don't wanna shoot it, but I don't need teeth marks in any of my bits. Rabies shots are no fun," he says, flicking the safety off with his thumb, then looking over at Wolfson's explanation.

'Oh, sure, salt, why didn't I think of that? If we're going to season this thing to death, it's at least go up to paprika or cumin. Nobody fucking likes cumin," he says, following the thing as best he can with his inhuman eyes as a pack of animals come running in towards Inara.

"Oh, great, I'm teamed up with Gordon Ramsey and Dr. Doolittle. Fantastic."


Inara Bahrami looks at Tommy, scowling. She turns to Fenris. "Why is it everyone assumes I must be a vegetarian, just because I talk to animals?" She looks to the flock that arrived.

"Thank you for all coming, but I just need the ones that live in here." The cats, pigeons and dogs leave, looking a little dejected. "Have you seen what it is with the high laugh, my friends?" Tommy gets another scowl, as she starts muttering something in Farsi.


"You," Amara informs Tommy, "Are being unpleasant." Because she's the model of friendly behavior, right?

"What is it you need help with, sir?" she asks Fenris as she moves to step inside the restaurant, uncrossing her arms to rub her hands together.


'Wolfson' has by this point come back with a large container of salt. "The creature is in this room with us. I am going to attempt…" Another loud laugh rips through the building. Yasmin flinches. "…Attempt to force it to become material. It will likely become upset when I do. Between the three of you, perhaps it can be safely subdued… without destroying Yasmin's bar."

The prospect of that last bit seems to make Yasmin nervous. Dunno why.

The animals begin to describe the creature to Inara. Large, like a man, but with spotted fur and gaping jaws that crack bone. Always surrounded by wild dogs. Dangerous. They don’t like it one bit.


Tommy Monaghan looks over at Amara, "I'm not unpleasant! I'm actually very likeable. I'm practically cuddly. I just would like to be able to have a god damn drink without having to murder ghost hyenas to get to it. But, y'know, you do what you gotta do." he says.

He looks over at Wolfson, "Is this an episode of Ghost Hunters? Are we gonna get some EVP? Just bring the bloody thing out already and lemme plug it."


Inara Bahrami relays the information to the others. "So, not a man, but not entirely animal either. I don't know if I can actually help here." She shoes off the rodents now. "Go, make sure you're safe," she tells them as they scamper off. Rising, she nods to Amara.

"Thank you, you are most kind. And yes, he is most unpleasant."


"Oh." Amara looks around the bar when Fenris explains his plan, then promptly starts to push some of the tables and chairs toward the walls. "In that case, I imagine we're going to need more space. How do you think ghost hyenas feel about fire?" she asks in a matter of fact manner, as though it's normal conversation.


"I imagine they disapprove… once they're made solid." Fenris salts every exit to the room, including the windows and then closes his eyes. There's a sudden sensation for everyone of an ethereal shove and then…

And then… well then there's an 8 foot tall musclebound hyena man in the room. He laughs and it's even louder now. What's more, Inara can feel him calling every dog in the area to defend him.

Outside Yasmin is watching with eyes wide. "Pleasepleasepleasepleasedon'tburndownmybar…"


Tommy Monaghan pulls out his other pistol, too, "That's a big fuckin' dog," he says and he doesn't really do much in the way of preamble. He just starts to shoot, aiming for center mass and making sure he has a good idea of how far the door is behind him so he can dive out of it if it comes down to it.


Inara Bahrami looks over to Tommy and shakes her head. Guns. Of course. But it's the call to the animals that really gets her attention. She lets the hyena summon them, saves her from having to do it, but when they come she lets her own need for protection call them.


Amara is startled enough that she doesn't immediately try to stop Tommy from shooting. She's also startled enough that she promptly - to all appearances - burst into flame. More accurately, she turns into liquid Magma in roughly her own form, but it's not the sort of thing people usually quibble about. Blessedly, she doesn't seem to be setting the place ablaze, either. At least not from standing there.

"I don't suppose there's any chance of taking this outside?"


"Wise." Wolfson says, producing an oaken rod. The thing really doesn't like being shot. It's hard to tell how much the 9 mil is hurting it but… the way it's cringing, it must hurt quite a bit.

"Break the line of salt and drive it into the street. Yasmin, Inara, you may wish to not be by the doorway. I suspect this will be… rough."

The creature is already headed for the front door, trying to get the hell away from Tommy's bullets and the strange burning lady.


Inara Bahrami nods to Mr. Wolfson. Outside she can do. She heads out, kicking the salt out from the door as she goes. She watches as the animals come to her, flocking to her side, but turns then to the hyena man. "Friend. Calm down. Talk to me. What has upset you?"


"Minimizing property damage would be ideal," Amara agrees with Fenris, moving slowly and carefully around the hyena-man. It's a careful flanking motion, one meant to continue to herd him toward the door. And despite the fact that she hardly looks like a hardened warrior, there's something very practiced about it.


The Hyena man bolts, headed up the street and out of sight of Tommy, who is still in the building. "Keep him from moving back this way."

There's a flash of light and in an instant Fenris has ceased to be in the shop and is standing directly in front of the thing's path. The Hyena man scrambles backward and ends up staring at both Amara and Inara as they respectively look very menacing and try to talk it down. A low, animal whine comes out from it. Pitiful.


Inara Bahrami says, “Shhhh. It's okay. We don't want to hurt you. I know. You're scared and confused. Talk to me. Tell me what you want, what you need." The Dolittle as she was called, tries to reason with the hyena man hybrid. The dogs and other animals flock to her side. "Talk to me. Please. I'm a friend."”


Amara is surprised when Fenris disappears and reappears, but it's hardly the first time she's seen teleportation. And besides, there's still the issue of the hyena-man to deal with.

"We can help," she says in agreement with Inara's offer. "But lingering around the restaurant and frightening people is no longer an option."

That's the nice way to say it. She does glance over her shoulder to make sure Tommy isn't going to interrupt the detente with gunfire, positioning herself in the doorway of the X-Factor both to stop any bullets and to keep the visitor from going back inside.


The hyena-man-thing stares from one woman to the other… then begins to shrink, contorting in on himself. Or should we say herself because as the form resolves it turns out to be a young girl. She couldn't possibly be older than ten and is an obvious mutant, her long, unkempt hair patterned in the same manner as a Hyena's.

"That was… unexpected." Wolfson seems a bit nonplussed.

It's fairly clear when she stares at him, wide eyed and back away, toward the two women, that she doesn't understand a single word of English. She does seem to understand Inara though, somehow.

"Hungry… so hungry. Just wanted the people to go away so I could eat." She says in that way that animals do.


Inara Bahrami doesn't seem to notice Mr. Wolfson's teleporting trick. Mind you, she's seen it before. She is focused only on the hyena man. She holds her hands up, showing that she has no weapon. No animal has ever hurt her. She's trusting on this as she starts walking closer to the beast… no, the girl. This surprises her, Inara's jaw dropping.

"She's hungry. It's all been about her being hungry." She opens her arms, welcoming the girl to come closer. "I think we can get you fed, little one." She looks to Fenris and beckons him over. "Jacket please? For the girl. Now."


"Oh, sweetheart." Amara sighs softly, and just like that the liquid flame dims as she turns back into herself, a last few flickers of flame licking along the ends of her hair and her fingertips. She looks between the girl and Inara, sympathetic. "Do you have any idea what she's speaking?"


Fenris takes off his coat and tosses it, careful to keep his distance. The little girl clearly doesn't like being close to him at all. She's not making… well, she is making sounds but just as much she seems to be communicating with Inara via gesture and eye contact. One curious look goes to Amara.

"She… safe? Pretty fire… didn't burn." No schooling at all. No socialization… she may have grown up without any substantial parenting.


Inara Bahrami smiles to Amara and nods. "She is still speaking in her animal tongue. I understand it fine."

She kneels down to pick up the coat and covers the girl, nodding to Fenris with a smile. "I will take her home with me for now. See if I can't find a place for her."

She leads the girl over to Amara. "Yes, her fire was lovely, wasn't it. And it didn't burn." She strokes the girl's hair. "I don't think she's ever been around humans. Or at least not much. Hyenas are matriarchal. She'll trust us more than them," she says with a nod to the men.


"Most are apt to be a bit skittish about me in any case." Fenris says matter-of-factly.

Yasmin is staring wide eyed. "So… it was just her? Oh… please… tell her I'm sorry. If I'd have known… I would have given her something to eat. And all of you, thank you so much. Please come back. I'll make sure there's always a table for you."

Fenris nods to Yasmin and then turns to Inara and Amara. "Her care I will leave in your hands. She'll come to no good either with me, or released back onto the street. Sadly I know little of what… options are available."


Amara crouches down when Inara brings the girl over, making herself a little smaller, at least. "Home with you is probably for the best right now," she agrees after a moment, nodding once and offering a small, close-mouthed smile toward the girl.

"But in the long run? Professor Xavier is used to dealing with lost, young mutants. And Doug, at least, should be able to talk to her. Aside from the telepaths, of course." She looks up to Fenris, nodding politely to the man. "Thank you, sir. I doubt without your help we would have been able to reach this point, even."


"Of course Miss." He nods politely. "Either of you may call on me if you have further need of my assistance. Ask the locals for Jeremiah Wolfson. They know who I am. And Miss Bahrami knows where I live."

With that he turns and walks away, pausing after a few yards to call back over his shoulder. "Keep the coat."


Inara Bahrami looks over at Yasmin. "Well, since she loves your food so much, would you be willing to spare a meal tonight for the girl?" She holds the girl close. She smirks for a moment and speaks in Farsi to Yasmin.

"The one with the gun. He loves cumin. Make sure he always gets extra."

She looks confused to Amara. "Professor Xavier? I do not know this person." She shyly looks away when Mr. Wolfson tells them that she knows where he lives.


"He's someone who knows about these sorts of things," Amara explains with a small smile. "He runs a school. And he's helped any number of people like us. I don't think he has it in him to turn away someone in need."


Inara Bahrami listens and nods. "Let me have her for a little while. See if I can get her used to the idea." The three women enter the bar again, treated to good Armenian food.

"My name is Inara Bahrami. I work at the Bronx Zoo. I'll give you my number. If this is a good place for her, I don't see why she shouldn't go there. But as she is more animal then person at this point, I need to make sure it is the best place for her. For all we know, she may be happier at the zoo with other hyenas."


"And if that is the case, then perhaps it is for the best," Amara agrees with a dip of her chin, watching the girl.

"But I think you are right for the moment. Let her settle in with someone who already understands her, without changing her environment too much. Once she understands that others aren't out to hurt her, perhaps she'll be ready to consider joining us. I'm Amara," she adds, pulling out a cell phone to start exchanging information.

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