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June 22nd, 2014: Rant is instructed in self-defense by one of the world's great masters, Richard Dragon. Catwoman's present as well.

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Eventually Rant had to learn a few things, and tonight is the night Selina set up for her to do just that. Rant is hired for a simple few jobs, and paid quite well for them, but she is not expendable to Selina due to her… Resume.

So from Selina's Club, Rant is given a small piece of paper with an address written inside of it for her to go to. What it is or even why is not given, just that she is expected to be there.

Arriving before Rant, the door to the dojo slides open, booted footfalls not even crossing the threshold as the strapped leather coverings are already heel-toed off and set neaatly aside - this time more respectfully. From ankle to crown that leather suit embraces her form in a second skin fit, split only where the zipper cuts up the center to dangle a loop at the base of defined jaw line. No goggles cover her face, instead just that covering topped in the twin point of ears.

"Knock-knock. I left my goggles…" And am bringing a pupil, but let's wait that one out.

That dojo couldn't be called such a thing from without. To a passerby it's this warehouse that's seen better days. But within where Selina enters, it is a different thing entire.
The floor is hard and wooden and recently swept. There's the light from the halogen lamps high above, and there's that small shrine for a wizened old man in its proper place on the far wall. A single tendril of smoke wends its way upwards from the small cone of incense set burning beside the portrait of that old man, giving the room a scent of sandalwood.
Yet all of those things are barely worthy of remark. What might draw the eye is the silhouette of the reddish-brown haired man settled in a seiza upon the middle of the training area. His hands rest light on his thighs and then his head lifts as Selina enters. He cocks his head to the side as she remembers her shoes, this brings a small smile to his face. "Ms. Kyle."
There's a small wave towards the seties of cubby holes where students place their shoes. The goggles are apparently within one of them, their strap peeking out just enough. "How may I be of service?"

Rant really couldn't enjoy a good bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with Keith watching. She sat far away enough from the big burly man, but still that one ugly eye was upon her even as one of his buddy brother minions delivered the note. She didn't feel like looking at it yet, she was adamant about eating her bowl of sear-e-o, until a large grunt by way of.. 'get the hell out of here' was had by the minion and the note was quickly opened, and she was on the move. It was sort of like being on call. A doctor of sorts, a mini-doctor house, with tiny little bugs that crawl and fix everything that need be.
It really didn't take her that long to arrive at the broken down warehouse. Her nose wrinkling as she glances outside to see that there were no cameras were about. Just to be sure, she spreads herself, starting with the 4g signal that enimated from her phone and into the tunneled network, out into the streets to find the only camera nearby.. was blocks away. Great. She made it a point to keep herself hidden when meeting Selina. Not that the woman wasn't great company, but she didn't want her face out there in the news or in the cops hands. It would make daddy angry. Snapping herself back inside, she heads on towards the warehouse, backpack on her back, head hung down to stare at her feet as she kicks an idle pebble or.. ant! Step on it! .. rock so that sensitive ears would know she's coming.
It takes her a moment to figure out how to open the door, duh, it slides! And so she does, stepping in and closing it behind her with not so much of a struggle. Seeing Selina ahead, speaking with a guy who's seated, her nose immediately wrinkled as she assess the situation. What in the Sam Shit is this? She wasn't supposed to go to any jobs…

Catwoman's pace is slow, a saunter that bears a sway of confidence and regality, and keeps each footfall silent; a mere whisper to those wisened to her presence or listening for it. The other sound that is tell tale is the sound of that whips hilt swinging and landing in light pats against the curve of her hip, untouched or even gestured for as she heads for the cubby that bears the limp discarded straps to the goggles.

"I just needed these." Catwoman states as she plucks the strap between fingers and then seats them atop her crown. "Not ,any like this out there, can't just leave them hither and…" Rant's entry curls her lips into a small smile, the gesture narrowing the set of sapphires to a darkening shadow. "… Yon."

"Oh! Also, I have a pupil." One gloved hand flicking out towards the new entry in an introductory gesture. "She at least needs to know how to cut and run before she gets folded five ways and left for a," Pausing Catwoman curls her fingers inward, a slight glimpse of those hooked nails poking out at fingertips and disappearing. "Cat. Toy."

Rising slowly from that seiza, Dragon's expression is not quite as at ease now as it was a moment before. Rant won't recognize it, but Selina might. That subtle shift that takes him when he becomes all the more the Master, that hint of formality to his manner, authority entering his stance.
Stepping out of those shadows he moves towards the two women, hooking his hands behind his back and looking curiously between them. As for him he's wearing naught save a pair of grey sweat pants, his powerfully built chest bare and befurred with reddish hair. A set of livid lines trace down the curve of one pectoral muscle, perhaps an injury sustained some small time ago. The rest of the scars upon him giving him a certain look of latticework to his rugged flesh. Blue eyes fall heavily upon Selina, then over towards Rant. He cocks an eyebrow.
"I had not known I was seeking a student."

Oh, oh this was total bullshit. Mels was bamboozled, she was going to pitch a fit right then and there, internally of course. Luckily, as far as she knows, Selina couldn't read minds. Her face remained straight as she was spoken about, until her brows knit together once the man stands. "Hey." She finally blurts out. Totally informal. "I know how to run. Duck and dodge even. I'm a Master at Run-fu. No one can run better than I can." Save for those who shall not be named.
Though, it seemed as if it were something that she couldn't talk herself out of, until the man speaks, that is. A brilliant smile comes upon her face at that instance as she begins to back towards the door, keeping her eyes upon the two as if they were about to pounce at any minute. "See. He's not looking for a student. If that's all, I have a raid to run in about an hour and I need to get my supplies. You know, Mountain Dew, a hoagie, more Dew, probably some Skittles, maybe a bag of M&M's.." Through her talking, or ranting, as she would call it, her hand reaches back to find that crack in the door so that she could slide it open, and slide on out. In fact, she imagined herself moonwalking out to Thriller only to turn upon heels to run away. As she said she was a Master of. Watch and see.

That stance is known well enough, Catwoman's gaze following Richard as he approaches, a stillness in those oceanic depths, but one tha is still to pick up on every other movement and catalog it, analyze it to be sure her pose is fitting for the situation. The weight of his gaze gets him the return of a half-cocked grin, that only lifts onee corner of her lips, opposing shoulder rising and falling in a small shrug in non-chalance.

Selina's eyes then fall upon Rant as she starts to speak and back away slowly. "You did a damn good job of fixing me up the other night, I figured.. Who better to teach you to avoid such things then the man who did it, himself." Mischief always seems to come to Catwoman's eyes, at least just at the corners when she smiles and sets forward to match pace with Rant and her attempted retreat.

Movement became a blur, one moment her feet were on the ground, the other she was moving with an acrobatic ease from one support beam to the next to land precariously on a bracer just above the sliding door, reaching down to keep Rant from opening it further and slipping free.

Like a liquid melting of shadows that black-clad form rolled down in suspension to hover just beside and above Rant by the hooked and anchored grip of clawed hand on the beam. "If you do not wish a student, then perhaps correct me in my teachings instead. Otherwise, I am sure out of it you can teach me patience." Oh, let's not list the virtues Selina /lacks/. With the final word that sliding door may just get slid back shut rather audibly.

With such casual aplomb, Dragon watches the sweep and flow of Catwoman's movements. He's seen her ply her tricks before, knows her manner, her approach. A faint sardonic half-smirk touches the older man's features as he looks to her, then back down to Rant. For a time he looks on the younger more earthbound woman and she might get a subtle sense of judgement, as if her very worth was being gauged. There's something terribly clinical in the Dragon's manner, so easily able to dissect an individual's value to him by simple things such as their stance, their outlook, their energy.
He holds up one hand towards Selina, "What will you offer in exchange for me taking this one on as a student?" Dragon turns around, walking away with an easy step back towards the middle of the practice floor. He turns to look between the two of them, partially over his shoulder. "This is not a home for the wayward. Though I admit I at times take in those with need." He cocks an eyebrow at Catwoman, as if to remind her of the past.

Home free, or so she thought. Hearing that -this- was the man that caused Mels to work hard to fix Selina was pretty damn unnerving. She always thought as the woman as tough as nails, and seeing her like that and knowing that this man does it? Her world just got a little bit.. bigger. And she thought tech was the only thing that made it so. The door slides open, yet the fluid gracefulness of Selina stops it. She didn't want to show that she could have easily ripped the door from the hinges and bolted, that would have been rude. Shitting where she eats, is something that she doesn't do, so her fingers release, her eyes upward, her footwork almost like a little clumsy dance that took her further away from the door and unwittingly following the mans footsteps. "He teach you to do that too?" She had to ask, cause this was totally not fair. But it was cool to see Selina in action though!
"Seriously, you pay me enough to be safe and to stay out of trouble. I don't think.." And then they were bargaining. Or at least he was, was she going to join in? Gah. Was she invisible right now? Screw it. With a little huff and an idle shrug of her shoulders, she slings her backpack off with a swift movement, then settles down with it in her lap. She might as well get comfortable until the bidding over who's going to whup her ass is over. "And I'm not wayward.. I got a home and stuff. And like.. I don't need much at all.." Though, she was mumbling those words to herself.. so it was likely they didn't hear her.

Dropping down to the ground when Rant gave up her desire for the door for now, Catwoman walks up behind her, keeping close so as not to let her guard down and have her slip out and be gone from -this- attempt to get her a bit more expanded in knowledge.

Leaning down as Rant takes a seat her lips quirk, though amusement seemingly left them with Richard's final words that serve as a reminder… "I pay you enough to stay safe, but I've learned.. Harshly.. That that does not always succeed, or end well." Though to Rant's question on teaching her the acrobatics, her head shakes lightly as she rises, her eyes now following Richard's movement and locking on him as he peers back over to them, beginning the bargaining phase.

"I have the home bit covered where she may not," Glancing back to Rant briefly, Catwoman pauses and then continues, still not asking and leaving Rant to her own secrets. "I can offer quite a bit, Dragon - though I do not recall you being one to demand too much of the…materialistic. We can work that out later, if you insist. I am not who I was then."

Looking back to Rant, Selina gestures to her shoes and then thumbs over her shoulder to gesture where her own were placed before. "He's picky." Smirk.

The tall man's nose crinkles just a touch as he replies to her easily enough. "I am not picky," Drakonovski turns back to fully face them and as he moves it's almost as if his steps were barely touching the grain of the wooden floor. His motions are silent, no trace of his passing is visible where he walks. "I prefer to be considered as having a discriminating nature."
As he says this he waves a hand to the side as if brushing past Catwoman's initial protestations. He looks between the two of them, hands easing onto his hips and his gaze narrowing just a touch. "If I am to be saddled with one cause, then why not two?"
He moves towards them again, looking from each in turn. Finally his lip curls a touch, a hint of amusement lighting his features. "I will accept you both as students." A hand uncurls slowly as if offering for them to take the very words from him.
First to Rant, "You, so you will be able to survive and fill what role you deem you must."
Then to Selina, "And you, to continue the training you abandoned in pursuit of this new visage you have become."
Then he opens his hands and spreads them wide, wiping the moment clean. "If one of you quits, then the training for both ends."

"Lady, I've been keeping safe for a very long time. I've been through worse." Her nanites ate cancer, so actually, she hasn't. She just got lucky, and a bald head and no eyebrows, but that's for the birds. But she remains silent, fiddling with her bag all the while. But, once Selina motions about leaving her shoes? That's when the realness starts. They were about to learn why she was called Rant, she could go off on a tangeant about nothing at all and continue on to another subject entirely that probably does or does not link with the current issue at hand.
"Really? My shoes now?" Guh, she removes them to reveal bare feet, not one to wear socks.. and showing this was embarrassing. In fact, it started to show upon her feet and her face, the only visible parts of her skin that showed. The little nanites beneath sparked to life like little tiny firebugs that flash beneath her skin. It looked like fireworks and thunder, often times connecting and forming a striken path as she walks her shoes towards the cubby hole to carefully, and she means carefully, slam them in. Little known fact, she has a hidden temper like no other.
The mans decree about said roles and shoes to fill and other crap had her rolling her eyes and yup, there goes that temper. There goes Rant, true and through, total bitter and lacking any social cues which told her to shut the hell up and just listen. "Oh gee, great. Go on and lay it all on my shoulders because I'm the one who's most likely to quit. Because.. oh gee, she doesn't know how to Bruce Lee or stand up for herself so she needs to learn how to mash fists with cheeks and chins and shit and if she quits, she's going to let boss lady down and whaddaya know, I won't get piddy-paid. This is total bullshit. I didn't ask to be trained, but you know what, I'm going to show you two something."
Rant. That's what she does. She puts foot in mouth when she Rants and doesn't know when to quit. Ask Pa. She cussed him out so good that she was on punishment for three months after she was healed, and an extra two for making Ma cry. "I'm going to show you two that I don't need this bullshit. That's right, I said it.. bullshit!" Her skin was crawling now, the nanites seemingly a little larger, causing her skin to roll like liquid, which is actually a little bit gross.
"I'm going to beat both of your asses." Ayup, she's dead.

The tall man with the reddish hair looks between them and then at Rant and her bold declaration. He smiles to her finally, perhaps pleased at her enthusiasm as he lightly gives a clap of his hands once, as if signalling the beginning of some sort of ritual.
"Excellent," He says, resting his hands upon his hips as he considers the both of them. "A sparring match between students, very good. Best to do these things properly." And as he says this he gestures towards the small changing area towards the back of the large warehouse. It's little more than an alcove with a paper screen slid before it to offer some measure of modesty. "If you both will be so kind as to change, we can begin."
And with that he turns his back on them both, walking across the way towards the other end of the hall where the small shrine is present. For now the women are forgotten.

Rant going on and on has Selina looking at her gloved hand as if inspecting finely manicured nails, though Richard's proclimation of 'finality' has a look of obvious annoyance rooted in place on her facade that has yet to fade. If only the ears on her hood laid back, they would be doing so right now as the words from the girl drag…




Fingers curl slowly, reticulating in and almost to bite nails into her palm just before those slivers of hooked claws protrude forth with the birthing of a sly smile, barely the flash of teeth evident between the slitted part of lips..

Selina is cut off by the order to change and she nearly looks crestfallen. "I hate those things."

Rant was all but jumping in place. She was doing that little bounce, you know when you see girls START to fight, jumping in place, taking out their earrings and greasing up their face with that tiny tube of vaseline they took -everywhere- when they knew there was a chance that shit was about to go down and they'd need it? That was Mels. She didn't grow up in the hood, but she was damn close, and y'know what, she was 'bout to put them paws on 'em!
But, the order to change made her really uncomfortable. She didn't like wearing anyone elses clothes unless she had to buy them.. and wash them there after. Cause, really.. who's ass has been in this? She's been sick for too long to be extra careful about her health, which is possibly why she thinks that learning to fight where there would be no conflict on her end was absurd.
"Ugh." Resolve. Down. She was about to hit the denial stage yet, then possibly grief, then the windmill phase, and crawling into a ball and crying.. whatever. It was bound to happen, possibly in reverse order.

"No objections," Are two words offered over his shoulder, and there's steel in them. He will not allow defiance, not so early at the least. Again he turns right before he reaches that small shrine and gestures with one hand sharply to the side to the small alcove. "If I must hear your complaints let them be tempered with the sound of your bodies striking each other. Now move."
And with that he turns back and kneels before the shrine, shaking his head to himself as he offers a prayer to an ancient Sensei to give him strength.

Selina is taking one moment to stare at Rant as she 'fires up'. One brow rises wwith the up-tilt of her chin, staring downward over the slopes of her features with incredulity at the nanite-riddled /gangsta/.

Glancing at Richard she turns on heel and heads towards the small changing rooms, though in her pace every muscle is being caefully checked, like a large feline slinking its path around someone with quietly speculating pouncing or leaving them be…

Yes, she will leave him be, more chances will come in the future for this itchy attire he is putting her in.

With each and every step she is prying a finger free of the gloves, slapping them down at her sides with an emphasis that resounds a loud *CRACK* of that synthetic fabric meeting its mate that is stretched over her hip. "Why.." Ziiippp. The loop of her zipper is tugged down. "The Hell.." Huffing as she is writhing shoulders free. "Do I do this crap?"

Turning and uncaring of who sees her brassier covered and bandaged torso she "slams" the flimsy door shut.

Denial. Yup, she was at that stage as she heard him and the crack of the glove against spandex. Her head hung down as if she were scolded, and turns upon her boots to clunk her way towards the changing room. There was nothing graceful about it. She looked like an autistic child who would rather play in dirt than to go with the ol' pow wow.
The changing sheet thingy was met with a reserved sigh, and with a look at her hand, she then presses against it to push the door open. Inside she goes, shoes already gone, what was left to be removed was the ratty attire she wore even though she could possibly wear Dolce and Cabana on a good day. Thankfully, once denial hit, her skin stopped that wicked crawling and fireworks glowing, she was all nerves and full of shakes.
"What if I just say okay, I'll take the training. I don't feel like fighting." Masking fear for laziness, good job! Maybe they'll bite.

Luckily, for her, Dragon pretends he did not hear that as he offers another small prayer at the small altar. The incense is lifted and moved through a smooth progression of motions, before he lowers his head and offers a bow there. Then it's placed back into its holder beside the image of the wizened old man.
The next moment, Dragon regains his feet and turns to step out onto the hard wood training area. His hands rest at his sides and there is no a formal air to him, his movements are precise, his manner is restrained. And he awaits them for them to join him.

Selina does not emerge, not from the door of the small stall at least. Let the fun begin..

From the back her figure can be seen swinging up to the top of her changing room, balancing on bare feet and hands along the precarious edge to perch like a human gargoyle above the entry to Rant's changing space.

Looking down she is just as still as a portrait, her smile unreadable and much akin to the Mona Lisa, but those sapphire eyes flash from the door she is waiting above to Dragon and back. Not anything acknowledging… Calculating.

Not on queue, Selina is going to try and start training well on her own and if Rant comes out of that changing room door unsuspecting she is going to be met with an assaulting grip on her shoulders, followed by an acrobtic flip up-over her smaller body to gain momentum and throw her towards the Dragon…


Rant has no clue how to wear that thing she was wearing. Though, it did feel like pretty good pajamas. It made her nanites feel all tingily! Maybe it was static. She holds the belt up, clueless, then tosses it aside to settle for tucking the flaps of the outfit into her pants. Hiking them up high enough, she looks down at herself with a frown and a little twist of her lips. All she needed were glasses, she'd be Urkle's daughter. She pulled them out of her pants, then grumbles, turning and kneeling to shift through her pockets to find a safety pin. Yup, never leave home without it, you'd never know who would need a computer or a phone reset manually!
She pins her top together, then gives it a little tug. Right. She looks okay for now. Stepping outside the door to join the Dragon, she really didn't notice Selina hanging above her, until she was grapped and tossed like last weeks left overs.. y'know, the one with the mold growing on top. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeee!" Is heard coming from her as she sails, then flops upon the ground with a loud *THUMP!*, followed by a roll and a dead stop near the feet of the dragon. "Ow…"

"The first lesson, is to be mindful of one's surroundings." Dragon's voice is serene, peaceful as he offers this tiny tidbit of advice to the now fallen Rant. Dragon looks so judgemental peering down at her and all upside down and stuff. But then he turns, hands clasped behind his back as he starts to walk around the edge of the training area. This just so happens to grant Selina a perfect angle of attack should she so wish to pursue her prey.
"You will learn to identify points of importance. You will learn to dominate the center line and to force your opponent to do as you wish them to do." He then lifts a hand and waves it to the side, "This, however, means nothing if you are not willing to fight. Or are afraid to do so. So now, we shall overcome that fear and any objection."

If Rant even looks back to where Selina once was, she is gone. While Rant was taking a flight lesson with arms 'coptering to no flight avail, Selina had taken that moment to use the belt of her gi like her whip, lashing one end over a rafter and jumping up to grab the other and ease herself into the rafters.

While Dragon speaks she moves amongst them, centering herself above them to wait for the right angle, one that when she leaps downward her legs are angled, one drawn in and tucked, the other outstreched to use the ball of her foot and 'clip' Richard's shoulder, hoping to send him into Rant.

Two birds, one stone, if all goes well and she gets her cheap shot in..

This was troublesome. All of the money in the world couldn't make Rant get off of her ass and fight. She was probably with two of the best, so she figured that she at least would have to put the effort into it, else she'd look bad. What's Selina doing so wrong in her life that would blow back onto Rant anyways?
As Yoda spoke, Rant huffed and puffed and got herself to her feet. She looked around, ignoring Richard for just a second just to see where Selina went. She closes her eyes and tries to spread herself but.. yeah, no electronics. Fucking place. It was time for her to keep her distance, and so she did, taking a few skeps forward to look all around until..

And as that hurtling Cat comes flying out of the rafters, without even looking the Dragon twists just so. A turn of the shoulders, a blur of movement as a hand clasps that terribly delicate ankle and suddenly the motion is arrested, turned, and the lithe cat burglar is sent hurtling towards the ground in a tumbling heap aimed to leave her in a place before Rant much as poor Rant was thrown before Dragon himself. He ends the movement, one leg far forward, the other tucked under his rear. One hand is pointed upwards almost like a matador and the other is forward in the direction that Catwoman was sent flying.
Yet through it all he does not stop with the conversational tone, "Be ever ready for your moment, your opening. You will not know what fate has planned for you."

Selina notices that movement as he makes it, even the slightest shift is taken in but she is in mid-flight and no position to chage her pace now, though she can alter one thing…

Once the grip is felt she is tucking inward and just as he shifts his weight to use her own against her she straightens and much like a cat contorts her body to land in a neater roll just before Rant, though her body hitting that mat resounded a sound that vibrated through the place. It sounded like it would hurt far more then it did, at least by the way she made herself land some of that impact was absorbed.

Rolling to her feet she remains in a crouch, balanced on her toes just in front of Rant, one long exhale made to not give away the wind that had been knocked from her to begin with. Though, suddenly like a break dancer she leans forward, shifting her weight to her hands, one leg sweeping out and back behind her to sweep out and attempt to take Rant off her feet.

Rant was amazed. It's almost like he knew she was there without even looking. That was some serious Man of Tai Chi shit. "Woah.." Is all she could say, it was like watching it all in slow motion. Selina was tossed and rolled like an expert, which causes Melody to take a slight step back. She didn't want to fall.
"Ha!" Mels shouts out, even going so far as to point towards Selina with a slick little grin.. that was until she took a leg to the leg and fell right on her ass. Yup, she was tired of this already. Instead of conforming to some Matrix type style or falling into a Jet Li pattern, she just gets up as quickly and as best as she could to try to barrel towards Selina. Even if she was on the ground or no, she was going to dive for the legs or .. where it hurts, the ribs.

Straightening up and out of stance, once again Dragon begins to orbit the two engaged fighters. His hands rest upon his hips and his gaze is distant as if he were considering some terribly far off matter.
It's only when they reengage that he looks back at them. "Do not take your opponent lightly, even in practice." Of course he is not going to go to the extent that he had to when O-Sensei made this point with him ages ago. But he relates as he can, "The initial hesitance of conflict is where most of them are won or lost. You must make that decision to give of yourself to your opponent, give that effort. If you are training then they deserve such from you, and likewise you from them."

It is fast, as Rant hits the ground Selina is already straightening back to a stand, not expecting Rant to go from a sulking 'child' undesiring of such a thing as fighting or defense to flinging herself at her.

That said, Selina feels the vibrations of Rant's approach a bit too late due to taking her /too lightly/. Just as she turns to meet Rant she has that smaller attachment flinging herself at her and catching her at the midsection, making Selina cringe and clip her teeth together to bite back any sound of pain.

To take the brunt of the blow Selina quickly begins to turn, stepping back and sweeping one arm outward, the other gripping into the loose lapels of Rant's gi and using it to twist and hold her in place all the while falling forward, attmepting to manipulate Rant's body to be the 'cushion' for her fall.

Whelp! That was kinda fun! She actually landed a hit but landed right upon the flat of her back. It knocked the wind out of her most definitely, but it didn't stop her from ultimately, playing dirty. She knew exactly where she patched Selina's 'wounds', and so those hands immediately went up to try to grab and push, hell, she was even doing a little side windmill type thing just to get Selina off of her. If that didn't work, she'd go right for the headbutt, cause a good ol' fashioned headbutt is always needed in a fight.. when playing dirty that is. And.. cause Rant's a hidden asshole, just 'tween us girls.

With that begins one of the more grueling hours for Rant, though most likely not for Catwoman. It is a time spent moving about the dojo, being tossed, thrown, slapped, punched, kicked and in general tormented. All the while having the occasional sing song comment tossed their way as Dragon critiques their approach to the fight, criticizes their technique, and does his part to offer what small bits of wisdom or insight might aid them in their progress.
It's only after that hour has passed that Dragon slaps his hands together again, signalling the cessation of hostilities as he gives voice to a few words. "That is enough for today. You did well, the both of you. Now change and get out, I have wasted enough time with you." As he says that he smirks a touch, Rant might not be able to catch his sense of humor yet, but Selina might what with knowing him from ages past.

With those moves, Rant is going to now find out why Selina comes back as broken as she has and will in the future. The blows to the ribs do not stop her, and if it means her ribs or a possible weaker approach, she will still accept the blow to the ribs, weak spot or not she bears down and plunged through it just to land another blow or accept one just to get Rant back on her ass.

When Richard's call comes forth it is almost cartoon-like when Selina stops, like an old bell rung that makes her freeze frame mid-hold of Rant's hair and slide one.last.poke in to her side like a charlie horse attempted to her ribs, whispering. "How's that feel… Bitch." Though all the while saying that between the veneers of a fake smile at Dragon, looking dead at him and finally relinquishing any hold on Rant or proximity if she did not already for her.

Rocking forward Selina rolls to her feet in a smooth motion, glancing to Rant as she pivots and turns away from Dragon, passing her a smirk and a wink, though inwardly her ribs ached so bad her breaths are coming in shorter pants to keep pressure down. Good tactics at least for starters!

Glancing back at Dragon though he gets a wider grin with a bat of dark lashes. "You've just had enough of the show, now you must go 'reflect'." Both brows bob at that and *poof* Selina is quickly slipping into her changing room.

Rant was probably bloody. Hell, knowing Selina, she was probably scratched all up and just torn to shreds. And.. usually, Rant prides herself on not being a cryer. But today? Exceptions were made. Rant probably had a face full of snot and tears and blood and such from the whuppin that she took. But you know what? It felt good to get all of that inner aggression out.
The call to fight was ended and that last jab probably dislocated a rib even further or something, possibly by the way Rant looked and the irritable grunt she made through tears. "Asshole!" She weakly mutters out, her head flattening upon the floor as she quietly cries out the pain of her nanites getting right to work. If she were deflated, they would have breathed life back into her. If she were broken, they probably would have fixed her. And it looked as every bit of painful as it sounded. Cuts? Healed.. skin stitched back together. Bruises? Psh, remain. They don't care. Snapped ribs with bone debris? Fixed and possibly consumed for fuel, science is nasty after all.
It took her a moment for her to gather herself, while her body took care of her, she would take care of it.. by putting back on her most comfortable clothes and her boots. With all of that said, she knuckle drags her ass back onto the booth to change clothes and cry a little. The Claire Danes ugly cry, that is.

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