Bearer Of Good News

June 24, 2014: Cal seeks out Scott to give him some information. Some how, it turns to dating advice.




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Scott Summers is doing some repairs to an old 50s restoration. A baby blue Chevy, he's got a long way to go, including scrapping out many of the old parts under the hood. It's a labor of love, and currently, Scott's on a rack, slid under the hood and working away with a wrench.

Since Scott's not in his office or suite, Cal just roams at semi-random till he picks up a fresh scent. This leads him out to the garage where the odor of oil and fuel makes him wrinkle his nose. Enhanced senses has a downside. "Hey Scott."

Scott rolls out from under the car, wearing a white undershirt and jeans. He takes a moment to wipe some oil off his hand onto a rag as he looks up at Calvin, "Good afternoon. What's going on?"

"Not much." Cal answers. "Just wanted to fill you in on some things. Can wait though if you need to concentrate on that." he nods toward the car. "You need a hand?"

Scott shakes his head, "I kind of like it specifically because I don't need to concentrate. I should be fine, but if I need something I'll be sure to ask. Lot easier than getting out the lift." He rolls back underneath and begins cranking away at something, the soft ratcheting noise lower than the sound of his voice. "Some things. Sounds interesting. What things?"

Cal nods and walks closer to lean against a wall. "You remember when I first came to this reality? I asked where Logan was and none of you had any idea who I was talking about? I finally found him."

"Oh yeah?" Scott asks as he sets the wrench down. There's a bang of metal on the floor and he goes to pick up one of the bolts that are on the ground. "What did he have to say?

"Get out or I'll kill you." Cal admits. "Or words to that effect. He's not the easiest man to know and if his history here is anything like what I know about the Logan I knew, he has reason for it. I gather a clone of his is also in the area."

"Sounds like a real friendly dude," Scott says, obviously chuckling beneath the car. "So, you're going to have to remind me about why this Logan has your interest again. What happened in your time period that had to do with him?"

"He was an X-Man." Cal explains. "And the one I mimiced to get my claws and healing factor. You couldn't ask for a more loyal friend even if he is gruff and a bit crude. He saved our asses more than once and would make an invaluable team member."

"Sounds like he'll end up taking a little bit of work," Scott says flatly. "What makes you think we'll be able to change his mind?"

"It had to be changed in my reality too." Cal notes. "And in a couple others I was in as well. Aside from being a mutant, he was also a test subject by Weapon X so has had a hard time of it. He's justifiably paranoid. But he's definitely worth the effort." He considers the legs poking out from under the car then adds "You two always butted head in my reality but that's not guaranteed here."

Scott chuckles, "So, what you're saying is that you want my help to give myself another headache." The chuckle turns into a laugh, "Well sign me up." After a brief pause, "How do you want to go about it?"

Cal grins at Scott and shakes his head though the other can't see it. "Well, I'd mostly just meant to fill you in on him and the clone but since you put it that way… I don't know. The Professor had a great deal to do with him coming to us. My hunting him down here and recruiting him is an entirely different situation. He suspected I was a member of Weapon X sent to retrieve him."

"Sounds like a tough nut to crack, then. He's going to have his walls up. I recommend the slow approach," Scott explains. He rolls out again and sits up. "We slow play it, show up and gain his trust, gradually getting him to reconsider. With Cerebro, getting to him shouldn't be any big deal. Getting him when he's in trouble might take a bit more of a trick."

"I haven't tried to contact him since." Cal agrees. "He's stubborn as all hell and pushing him will just make matters worse. I gave him my number but so far he hasn't chosen to use it." He shrugs slightly. "But now we know he's in the area,.." Pausing, he silently debates a moment then says "Scott, you know our realities are different in a lot of ways. My Jean, fo instance, died during the whole Phoenix affair. And people aren't quite the same, of course. But one thing you and Logan butted heads about… Well, he was… very attracted to Jean. And it wasn't one sided. Things might be different here but you might want to keep that in mind."

"You're preparing me to invite a guy into our top secret paramilitary group of mutant freedom fighters while knowing with good evidence that he'll probably take the girl of my dreams from me. You're just a bearer of great news, here, Calvin." Scott throws the rag at Cal. "Jean can date who she wants. She's not dating me and if she never does, that'll be her decision."

"Maybe." Cal puts in and catches the rag. "Different realities. But if she is the girl of your dreams, Scott, now's the time to make sure she knows that. Lay your claim, so to speak. It is her decision, yes, but she needs to know all the facts to make it properly." But that is Scott's decision. And who knows, maybe this reality's Logan is gay.

"I don't think there's any doubt in Jean's mind regarding how I feel about her. I've never flaunted it, and I've never hidden it. If she felt the same, you'd think she would have said so by now. I'm of the belief that what will be, will be." Scott chuckles, "I appreciate the heads up, though."

"Some people like romance, Scott. They like to be wooed. Or even chased." Cal points out. "They want to be asked. Logan? He goes for what he wants. In both personality and mutation, he's very primal. That's part of what attracted my Jean to him. He made his feelings very clear and was persistent. He didn't just sit back and wait for what will be. I don't want to see you hurt, Scott so get off your ass and lay claim to y our woman if that's how you feel."

"I appreciate you trying to play matchmaker, Cal, but this issue is far deeper than asking Jean to be my girlfriend. I'll take your recommendation under advice." Scott looks at him, but from behind his glasses it doesn't really feel like he's looking at him—somewhere farther away most likely.

"It's your decision, my friend. I'm just letting you know what's happened in other places." Cal walks over to clasp Scott on the shoulder. "I'll let you know if I run into him again or the clone. I'd guess her name is Laura but…" Different reality. And who knows just how many survived in this one.

Scott nods, "I appreciate the concern, Cal. I do." Scott raises his eyebrow, "Clones? WHo cloned him elsewhere?"

"Weapon X. He escaped but they had - have? - his DNA. They tried to make more." Cal explains. "The one I knew was trained to be an assassin and had some nasty programming in her head till the Professor helped sort her out. Her codename was X-23. Numbers one through twenty two might be alive here. Or they might even have an entirely different line."

"23 different clones. At least," Scott says with raised eyebrows and a whistle. "Must be a rather important mutant. And this Weapon X program sounds pretty nefarious."

"They wanted a perfect killer." Cal tells Scott. "They did their best to make one. He had other ideas. I really don't know much more than that. He was never a chatty sort and I respected his privacy. As for Weapon X… Yes. They kidnap and experiment on mutants to make them into weapons. I wasn't entirely sure they existed here but obviously, some of their results are." Logan, Laura, others.

"So, in your reality Jean Grey falls for 'the perfect killer' or someone close to it?" Scott says with mild surprise. "Either your reality is very different, or Jean is very different from the one I know."

"Or you don't know her as well as you think you do." Cal points out quietly. It surprised 'his' Scott too. "Make the effort Scott. Don't sit back and just let events happen. The spoils go to the victor, not the spectator."

"She's not a possession, she's a person. And this isn't a game or warfare." Scott seems to grow more and more weary of the topic's dead horse quality. "So, when do you want to move on this "Logan" character?"

Well, he tried. Cal thinks a moment then shrugs. "I don't know. Play it by ear I guess. The computers are keeping track of news and social media, looking for certain key words. That's how I found him here. After my visit, he moved." So says the lack of fresh scents when Cal went back to check. "I don't know if he's still in the area but if he is, he's bound to be noticed if he does anything out of the ordinary."

"I'll talk to the Professor about using Cerebro. If nothing else it'll allow me to get a good look at the competition." Scott gets to his feet and looks back at the old car. "Thanks for the talk." And without another word, he leaves abruptly.

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