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June 27 2014: Jericho and Nancy text back and forth in the aftermath of his visit to Anabeth, as they do every night.

Xavier's/New York City Streets

Just a text conversation between friends.



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And as happens every night around this time, Nancy texts her friend.

<Hey brother wolf. How's things. Was it visiting night tonight?>


Jericho grins. Brother wolf. Ever since that one conversation early on.

<Hey Nancy! It was. Went pretty well tonight… well I think. She's got a new social worker. Nice. Considerate. Helpful.> God he feels like a jerk. <Not sure about her. How's everything with you?>


Nancy lays in her bed, getting ready to sleep. She does this before sleeping, setting her mind at ease. <Good. You're taking good care of her. A new one? Nice and helpful? When does that ever happen?>

She sighs softly and smiles. <You gonna look into her then?>


<Almost never. There are reasons you never hear about happy government workers. Yeah I'm running a background check now.>

He smiles as he heads back toward his Harley.

<And yeah, I'm taking care of her. I promised you, didn't I? She actually said something nice about you tonight.>


<You don't think she's with THEM do you?>

As Jericho looks up Julie, he finds that she is exactly what she says she is. She is a social worker, she has three cases and visits them twice a week. She's been working with the government for only 2 years now, which would explain why she hasn't burned out yet.

<Mom said something nice about me? Good grief. How drunk was she?!>


<More sober than usual. New social worker took her booze away for the duration of her visit. Said you were gonna be famous one day.>

He doesn't mention the rest.

<Damn. Looks clean. Well never let it be said that it stopped your Brother Wolf's paranoia. I mean, maybe, Nancy. I've got no evidence. She looks pretty squeaky clean here… it's just a feeling. Learned not to ignore them. Maybe I'm just getting a bit used to not trusting anything. Dunno what that says about me exactly.>

He pauses to give the Harley a once over, making sure no one's stolen anything while he was away.

<I may have a line on something that could help with the mess. Getting close to zeroing in on this Mark guy. Hopefully the info is worth the effort. Anyway, so everything's peachy keen there, mmm?>


<Mom said I was gonna be famous? Jer, knock it off. That's not funny. My mom thinks classical music sounds like cats having sex. And yeah, don't let your paranoia stop. It's keeping me alive.>

Nancy yawns as she starts to wind down. The nightly talks have started to become part of her pattern, so she starts feeling drowsy as she talks to Jericho.

<I hope you find him. I mean, okay, I'm still pissed at Paul, but it sucks his boyfriend is being held captive.>


<She said that too, wailing cats, but I wouldn't joke about something like that Nan. I know how many awful things she's said about you. Honest, she said you were gonna be famous. To the new social worker.>

Sheeeee doesn't need to hear the rest.

<Yeah, it does. And don't worry, I'll stay alert. Doubly so now that Mama Wolf has some friends in town.>

Friends that tried to kill him a couple of days ago.

<Ugh. As if I needed more people who didn't like me, right? Anyway, kinda glad you're where you are right now. Safe there, anyway and it sounds like they're treating you well. Oh! Talked to Hank today about something unrelated to your situation. Used my name, so you may hear about it from him.>


Nancy sits up in her bed, awake now and confused.

<Why would she be saying anything nice about me. She hates me. Maybe her crazy is getting worse.>

Nancy wrinkles her nose. <I shouldn't have said that. That was mean. Maybe she's getting better? Wait… Mama Wolf has friends in town that don't like you? What are they? Retarded?>

She doesn't mention that she didn't really like Jericho until he saved her life.

<You talked to Hank? Really?! What did he say? Did he talk about me at all? What am I saying? Of course not.>


He starts the bike and gets moving, easing out onto the streets.

<Maybe. There's a doctor I trust that's taken a shine to her. He knows Hydra's involved. Knew Paul too. Long story, but I'm thinking of asking him to look in on her when I'm not in on visiting night. He's not a regular doctor, so maybe he can help. And Mama Wolf's 'friends' want her dead too. They were just gonna ice me first and put it on youtube for her to see. Lost puppies of hers, I gather. One reason I'm glad you're not out here right now. Might have gone after you too.>

He makes a left turn, still picking at loose data threads as he thinks and chats with Nancy. He actually really enjoys talking to Nancy. One point of normal human contact for him to look forward to (Partisan is only mostly normal, good a friend as she's been to him).

<He did talk about you a bit. I mean, not details, but mentioned you a few times. Thought I was calling to try and contact you at first.>


<What the hell! What sort of friends are these? I'll shoot them myself! God damn it! I want to help with this Hydra thing so I can get the hell out of here and do something, other then being a bird in a gilded cage. Even if the gilding is pretty cool. And the other birds in here aren't too bad to look at. Sorry… I'm going a little stir crazy in here. Wait, Hank talked about me? What did he say?! Spill it, Jer. I want details!!>


<The kind of friend that gets hired to kill you and is sufficiently mercenary to make a go of it. Don't ask me where Hydra finds these guys, I don't know. And you don't have to apologize to me about that. Heh, even if it is kind of amusing to hear. Hank was being protective, wanted to keep your location hush hush. I don't think he really knows that I'd only try to find out if you asked for help. Otherwise he can keep his secrets. Wouldn't be terribly surprised if he talked to you about me. I don't thiiiiiiink that'll be a bad talk, but if it is I'm sorry.>

Another pause. <As for helping, just do what you think is best. You want to come back out here, I'll support that. Just know that it's hot out here right now. With any luck some of these leads'll pan out and we'll get these snakes off your case for good.>


<Wow. And one of her old students? If I had trained for longer, I so would have been willing to kill him. Well, actually no. Maybe just shoot his kneecaps. Lets face it, this is me. I actually suck at the bad ass stuff. It was all just a big fat lie. Actually, these guys are doing me good. I have lots of time to practice. Music, power, my workout from Mama. Yes, I'm still doing all the stuff she taught me too. My power is getting really good though. I can pull it down to half all on my own now. Okay, I need to really concentrate on it and it makes me feel a little queasy, but I can do it. And Hank was being protective? In a big brother way like you or… you know… in the way I *want* him to be protective?>


<More than one. More like twelve, I think. And it's not for everyone Nan, but I'm glad you got something good out of it and that they're doin' you some good. About time something did, right? As for Hank, he was being really guarded so I don't know. Be real honest with you Nan, romance isn't something I've got a head for. No experience, y'know, so it's not like I know unless he was being obvious about it, and he was pretty damn guarded the whole conversation. Can't blame him since I gave him about the most mysterious request for a conversation ever. Didn't want anyone snooping in on it.>


<That so sounds like Hank. To be honest, I still have no clue where I stand with him. Keep in mind, it wasn't just me he's protecting. There are other people here. And we're only safe if we're secret. Hell, I shouldn't even be telling you this, but… I trust you. Even if I only met you twice.>


<I think there's a fair amount of just they don't trust me involved, but I can't really fault that… even if it makes me fairly certain that blond girl who showed up in my bar was sent to check on me by them. Said she knew you so I didn't get all defensive. Illyana, I think the name was. And thanks, Nancy. That actually means a lot to me. You should get some rest, I suppose. Looks like about that time, right?>


<Did I forget to tell you that Illy was gonna check on you? Ummm…. sorry about that. That was when I still didn't trust you completely. I mean, you were just a guy who mentioned Mama Wolf who had broken into my apartment and told me Hydra was after me. Sorry! Hope nothing bad happened. And yeah, morning comes too early and I'm working on Paganini Caprice 24 right now and I'm hoping to conquer that bad boy before September. Night Brother Wolf.>

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