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27 June 2014: Data shared between Oracle and Kara


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After the hack into Abbot Labs, Supergirl needed to get what she found back to Oracle. Once she made sure all the data to be transfered had no hidden tracers or data bombs, Kara sent a message to Oracle, setting up a time. And as Kara sits in an internet cafe in Rio, the sounds of World Cup parties going on all around her, she boots up her laptop and logs in through the farious proxy servers to await a message from Oracle. The blonde Kryptonian bites her lip a little, her thoughts going once again to the chilling information she found.

It doesn't take long, the ever vigilant Oracle symbol appearing on her screen within a few moments. "Hello." Brief, a greeting from the digitalised voice that covers Babs' own, as she sits in her tower. Her hands are folded on her lap, sitting back in her chair, considering the sight of Kara from her own camera. "This is Oracle. What do you have?" Straight to the point.

Once the connection is made, Kara puts in her earbuds and clips the cord microphone onto her t-shirt. "It's not good," she says, her voice being digitally altered as well; only Kar's voice sounds like Cortana on Oracle's end. "They're doing some serious genetic work, including processes to induce activation in laten mutants, or suppress metahuman powers completely; possibly even removing them. I have several hundred gigs of files and documents; shipping manifests, subject transferes, inventory control numbers compatable with Federal government inventory. It will take a while to drop off a clean drive with all the info; much, much longer if you want me to transmit it via broadband. Or, I can just send you the highlights for now."

Babs drops her hands, considering the information she has just received, her hands dropping down for an instant. Then she straightens, pulling the keyboard towards her, the screens lighting up her face. "Send me the highlights and then a link to a dropbox, I can pull it down." The brisk words are businesslike and she adds with a touch of wryness to her voice, "You got in and out cleanly? No problems?" The question is an important one, and paused only as she takes a sip of tea.

"Mostly," Kara says. "I went in around midnight, East Coast time, but they had at least one active sysad." She chews her lip in frustration some. "No possible traceback, my signal ended in Sydney. I left as soon as I was startign to get noticed, but even before that, they were destroying files. I got as much server data as I could; origins of delete orders, partial copies, all of that." Kara opens up her Dropbox and dumps the 'highlights' file into it, sending a share invite to Oracle. The much bigger folder, the one that's around 500 gigs…that one's taking a while to load into a torrent server for Oracle to access. "I think it's time for the ninja option. I can coordinate some heavy firepower as back-up, but I'd need a physical communication link for coordination."

Babs frowns, her face thoughtful as she slips through several servers to take up that invitation, grabbing the folder easily, quickly. The other is also collected, the download begun. "What do you intend to do once in there?" The quiet question is momentarily distracted, as she replies to another message, patching some data to someone requesting it, her frown brief as she pushes her glasses up her nose. "If the data is gone, most of the evidence is surely destroyed unless we are very fast."

"The data may be gone from Abbot," Kara replies. "But it's not gone from other sources. The off-site disposals and testing. The records of the Federal Government. We can backtrack and find redundancies. Someone's going to a lot of work to develop a method of creating metahumans at will. Not to mention a way of neutralizing any that stand in their way. This is something that needs to get stops and exposed as hard as possible. So, I'm open to suggestions from you as to what we can do about this."

Babs moves quickly, gathering data on those locations, her fingers flying over the keyboard. "Yes, that makes sense. We get in, we get out with the data." A rapid decision made on the fly, but with the information on her screen. "The information is on your server. Which target do you prefer? What backup do you require?" A plan begins to form.

Kara thinks about it for a while. "The off-site disposal and testing in New York," she decides on. "While I have no doubt that we could find assests that could break into a Federal building, I'd rather not antagonize the government. We expose all this and let the Federal Government deal with whats going on, knowing that the world is watching them. Like I said, I can provide some heavy firepower, but I don't know the kinds of people that could sneak in. We need somebody, or a small group, that can sneak in, avoid detection, and do things like plant datataps or grab paper files. I can help guide them through any building they need to go to, but you said you're the one with the ninja on speed dial."

Babs' nod is brief, approving and she glances between the screens, considering the options, and she types a few words. "I think I can summon the ninjas to support you. I'll get the plans, the data we need." A momentary pause and she adds quietly, "Give me two hours and I'll be back." The words come before she closes the connection, the avatar vanishing. Babs reaches for another connection, one that brings a smile to her lips.

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