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June 27, 2014: Inoculations are given for those traveling to Nova Roma, and some questions are answered for a new arrival.

//Xavier Institute - Infirmary //

The School's known infirmary.



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Nancy was originally going to see Hank. He's who she knows, so he's who she sees. But he's not around. Can't expect him to be here at her beck and call. So, she looks around for a medical facility. There has to be one around here. There is just about everything else in this place.

Doctor Jean Grey is in the Institute's official medical lab, the one where she acts as the school doctor. It's not nearly as awesome or interesting as the one in the underground X-Facility, but it's her day job. She has been updating records for the students staying over the summer holiday, and sits at a desk with a pile of paperwork in front of her. Being as it's summer, she's is a breezy, sleeveless white blouse with khaki capri pants and sandals. Her hair is back in a bun at the nap of her neck.

For better or worse, Lunair is here over the summer. Probably has to do with her giving up her posh apartment to resist taking more mercenary jobs. Or something. Also, NYC commuting is heck on a good day. And she didn't even want to think about parking. Still, she can't just pick up short term housing at will. So, here she is. Doing Lunair stuff. Sometimes she shops, gardens, trains, whatever.

But she isn't seeking anyone. She didn't even put her eye out, shoot herself in the foot, take a geranium to the cranium or anything like that. Nope. She's just passing through with some bags of seeds in hand. And she might doubletake on spotting Nancy. Good thing she wasn't drinking anything at the time.

Nancy O'Neal finds the infirmary and smiles. Yay! She found it. She herself is wearing dark blue tights that are covered in a swarm of colourful jellyfish and a sheer black tunic with a black undershirt to keep her modest. Seeing that there is indeed someone in the infirmary, Nancy takes a deep breath and concentrates, shrinking her field of nothing down to almost half. Sure, it makes her feel a little woosy afterwards, but it means people aren't so uncomfortable around her. "Umm, hey?"

Preparing to head to Nova Roma because -politics- and 'welcome to the 21st Century, Village that was basically hidden from the world and that was based on 1st Century Rome', Doug stops by Dr. McCoy's office to inquire about getting caught up on his vaccinations. Unable to do so, he heads towards the medical lab, pausing briefly to greet Lunair. "Hey Lunair. What's up? Me? I'm heading to the lab, see if I can get some shots for the trip to Nova Roma."

Nancy O'Neal herself is wearing dark blue tights that are covered in a swarm of colourful jellyfish and a sheer black tunic with a black undershirt to keep her modest. She seems a little grumpy, but really that's normal for her. Missing is her almost ever present lollipop. She once again wishes this place had maps on the wall or something. In the time she's been here, this is only the fourth time she's gotten lost. She hears voices. Voices are good! It means people and people can give directions. She takes a deep breath and concentrates, heading slowly toward the voice so she doesn't break her concentration. Sure, shrinking her aura like this makes her a little woogy afterwards, but it means people aren't so darned uncomfortable around her.

Jean looks up at the brush of minds outside. Douglas, Lunair, and…a blank spot. The new arrival who is sheltering there perhaps? The woman gets up and heads for the door, poking her head out. "Need your vaccinations, Douglas?" she asks cheerfully, with her usual motherly expression.

Lunair pauses. Smiles, waves to Doug. Although, he might notice a fearful tic at the mention of shots. "A trip to Nova Roma? Neat!" She tries to distract herself a moment. Lunair has a phobia. Oh yes. And then JELLYFISH TIGHTS! Erhmahgawd. She spots Nancy and her awesome tights, then wa— doubletake. DOUBLETAKE. "Wha— HI!" Oh boy. Then Jean! Lunair manages a smile and nod to her, too. But still, she looks pretty stunned.

Oh he definitely notices the fearful tic, all right. "Well, it's to make sure that I don't either get something -or- spread something," he begins, before eyeing Nancy approaching. "

Oh he definitely notices the fearful tic, all right. "Well, it's to make sure that I don't either get something -or- spread something," he begins, before eyeing Nancy approaching. "Hi, Nancy!" he greets, before Jean comes. "Oh, um… yeah, I need vaccinations, Ms. Grey," Doug replies. "We're set to go to Nova Roma."

More voices? Hah! Okay, Nancy might not be near the infirmary, but at least she can ask directions. She heads over there, still walking slowly so as not to break her concentration. She looks up when Lunair greets her so energetically and her own surprise at seeing the girl with the guns blows her concentration out of the water, her field going to it's full size. "Woah! It's you! Okay, I shouldn't actually be surprised, but … wow! Oh! Dougy! Hey!"

"Did you need anything, Lunair? Miss O'Neal, I presume? I don't believe we've met. I'm Doctor Jean Grey. Did you need anything?" The disturbing sensation of the void in telepathic and telekinetic sensation around the girl sets Jean's teeth on edge, but she maintains her easy smile. She's used to feeling power loss. When you've been an avatar for the Phoenix, then not, that drop is like losing a limb.

"I figured," Lunair looks amused. Then she sort of boggles at at Nancy. "I probably shouldn't be surprised by you, either," She admits. Lunair seems briefly belooped. She shrugs and smiles. "And not in particular, ma'am. I was passing through with my seeds. Thank you, though." Pause. She looks to Doug. "May I ask who all is going? That sounds like an intense place to go to."

In an epic happenstance of deja vu, Scott Summers happens to be walking by as Lunair asks who is going. He passes by the doorway, only to back up and walk fully into the room holding the group. "Funny you should ask that, Lunair. I was wondering the exact same thing."

"Whoever can help this weekend, I guess. Not everyone can go, but I think we can figure out some things depending on the timing," Doug replies, rubbing the back of his head. "Though… you probably should get your shots first."

Since Doug is here, Nancy tries to resume her concentration, pull back that field of nothing that he hates so much. She waves a hand over to Jean. "Hey, couldn't find Hank and was just thinking I should ask him about something about my power." She arches her brows at the talk of Nova Roma. "Isn't that where Amara is from? Is she okay?"

"Vaccinations are vital, not to keep you from contracting anything from the residents of Nova Roma, but to keep you from infecting them with our new world viruses," Jean explains. "They have existed in a contained ecosystem, untouched by outsiders until recently." She gives Scott a small smile. "I was pondering whether or not I should accompany the group. Do you think the school can spare me for the trip?" She turns to Nancy before he can answer. "What questions do you have Miss O'Neil. I'll answer them the best I can."

Lunair is touched by the wild ways. She heard it once from a six armed woman who probably gave the best hugs and totally owned at Mario Kart. She thinks. She's not sure. Lunair pauses, then smiles politely at Scott. "Hi there. And oh?" Then a look to Doug. "Um. I - don't have plans this weekend, but shots, huh." Oh boy. Lunair is so not a fan. At Nancy's questioning, she awaits an answer.

"I guess if they need help, I can accept shots." She's just not gonna look. So not gonna look.

"It's funny, I was going to ask you the same question Jean. I'm planning on going, and I'd really like to have some company at the adult table. I was hoping you'd consider going." Scott tilts his head, considering, "I'm sure that Ororo and the Professor will be able to hold down the fort in an effective manner."

"If it helps, Lunair," Doug replies. "You can always pick up more seeds from down there. Though you'd probably have to get them checked out to make sure they don't carry anything."

Looking back at Scott, Doug opens his mouth to point out that everyone involved were older than 21, but then again, they always -did see the New Mutants as kids. Eh. Not worth the hassle.

Instead, he glances back to answer Nancy's question. "Amara's just fine, we were just going to see if we could do something about getting Nova Roma acclimated to the 21st century. It can't stay hidden forever."

Nancy arches a brow when the adult table is mentioned. She shakes her head to herself, keeping her comments to herself. See! She is learning! She just works on that whole concentration thing, keeping her aura as close to her as she can. "I have noticed that I feel a little kweezy when I pull my power in. Was just wanting to check if that was normal or cause I'm still new to pulling it in or what." She chuckles then over to Doug. "Why not? Staying in hiding is working fine for me. Mind you, it would be cool to get out and about again."

"All right then, count me in. Now, let's get those vaccinations taken care of," Jean quips. She shoos everyone into the infirmary and goes to a cabinet to draw out vials of the appropriate vaccine mix, along with disposable needles. "If Miss O'Neil can keep her distance while I do these, I can ensure they don't hurt," she says comfortingly towards the clearly nervous Lunair. She ponders a bit over Nancy's concerns and hms. "Well, I'm going to give you a little bio monitor to wear for the next week. It goes on your wrist and monitors basic vitals. This way we can get a baseline, and figure out what is going on with your heart and circulation and such when you're pulling your power in." She slides open a drawer, checks the number on the back of the monitor, and logs it on her laptop before handing it over. "Doctor McCoy can do some bloodwork as well."

"…" Pause. "Well, it's not the pain so much but that'd be nice." Lunair has a full blown /phobia/. Still, she's doing pretty well keeping it tamped down and trusting Jean. She smiles at Doug. "That'd be cool. I'd be glad to help you." And Lunair's 19. Totally at the kid's table. But it's cool. She gets free crayons and ice cream.

She's also catching up on an awful lot. So sometimes she seems more youthful in general. She looks to Nancy. "I believe it is bad form to guess a lady is older than she is. If you do, I would suggest wearing armor maybe…" She ponders this. She tilts her head, listening for her part. Well, seems like nice people are going.

Scott elbows softly in the side, sensing that the New Mutant got the joke before he settles in to get his blood drawn. He also notices Nancy shaking her head to herself, but decides to let it go. It's not the weirdest thing she's done since he's met her. He unbuttons the dress shirt under his sweater and begins to roll up his sleeve.

Jean's probably good at just making people think they're somewhere else while getting shots, so it's a good thing to just have her hand out shots. "Don't worry about it, Lun- she'll take care of everything." Likely as not, the only people to stay out of Nancy's range were Doug and Jean, anyway - it wasn't as though Lunair and Scott needed their abilities. "We're flying down, though, since Magik's not coming," Doug points out to Nancy.

Nancy nods to Jean, backing into the corner and closing her eyes, slowing her breathing. She pulls her aura in like a blanket, wrapping it around her as best she can. She holds out her hand for the monitor and puts it on. "He's been doing the blood work. He's the reason why I know I have a half point in the first place." She chuckles over at Lunair. She remembers her from the fiasco at the mall. "I never did get a chance to thank you. Glad to see you got out safe. And don't worry about guessing my age. I ain't a lady. And I turn 21 in a month." She frowns when told the way they are going down. "So… no Nova Roma for me? My loss. Okay, I got to get back to work. I promised myself I'd have Paganini's caprice 24 perfected by the time I get back to school, so … well, you know what they say about Carnegie Hall."

Jean watches Nancy depart with a concerned expression. "She's caught between two worlds, that one. Now then, who gets stuck first?" She grins and moves to Scott, swiping his arm with antiseptic and rerouting any pain sensations for him before she sticks the needle in. Jean gives the best shots. Pain free shots!

Lunair nods. She smiles faintly at Doug. Lunair doesn't really need her abilities, and she tends not to use them indoors near friendly people. Unless they need fireworks, glitter bombs, flower petal poppers or equally silly potential weapon. She seems amused and doesn't look at Scott as he prepares to get his blood drawn. She smiles at Nancy and nods. She remembers too. "I see. I am not sure why you're thanking me. You were very heroic. And I did! Oh. Hmmm." Happy birthday. She'll have to think of something. Nevertheless, she looks a bit puzzled by Nancy's comment about her loss.

A beat. "… what's a caprice 24? And I can go whenever." She doesn't look though. Boy she doesn't look.

"She's an interesting one all right," Scott says but leaving it at that. As he's pricked with the needle, Scott gives an intake of air, still expecting to feel something, but feeling nothing. "It's nothing Lunair, you literally won't feel a thing."

"A music song," Doug says, nodding to Nancy as she departs. "Well I'm next," the young man says, reassuring Lunair as he rolls up his sleeves and settles into the seat once Scott gets up. "Anyway, Jean, Lunair, Amara's going to give people a crash course in speaking Latin. Better find her together, since she's going to need a telepath to do it quickly." Pause. "And Scott too. Might as well go with Jean." See, Scott, helpful, right?

Jean repeats the process on Doug, and having no pain with shots is infinitely better than being soothed with a post jabbing lollipop at a regular doctor. "Well, I know some Latin. It's a bit of a pre-requisite for medical school," she notes.

Lunair nods. "I believe you," She smiles faintly. Stupid. Phobias. She really does believe. "And really? That'd be handy," She agrees with Doug. She listens, for her part. "Oh. I didn't know she's into music." Well, she'll wait her turn. Thankfully, she's wearing a short sleeved shirt. She trusts Jean, but phobias are annoying that way. But she's a good patient thus far.

Scott flexes his arm as he holds a bandaid against the wound. Once the bleeding's stopped he begins to fold down his sleeve. "However is fine," he says about the Latin thing. It's starting to get a little thick in here, he fears. "I'm not even sure how one goes off and learns another language on the fly like that. But whatever works."

"It just is," Doug replies. Of course, -he- was the linguist, so that kind of made it a bit different for him. As he gets his shots and holds his arm up in the air to keep circulation moving, pressing the bandage down to stimulate clotting, Doug grins at Lunair reassuringly. "It'll be fun."

Fortunately, Jean can block the phobia. For all Lunair knows at the moment, she's on a tropical island, lounging in a perfect lagoon full of friendly fishies. By the time the fantasy ends, moments later, there's already a Hello Kitty Band-Aid over the injection site and no needles visible. "Well then, I have a ton of paperwork to get back to, now that everyone is all up on their shots." She shoos everyone back out of the infirmary so she can get back to work.

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