Breakfast at Xavier's Redux

June 30 2014: Nancy and Bobby converse a bit over breakfast.

Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning

The common kitchen, the one where folks typically gather for breakfast.



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It's first thing in the morning, and Nancy is shuffling to the kitchen for her morning coffee. She definitely in zombie mode at the moment, scratching her short blond hair and yawning as her fluffy bunny slippers whisper along the floor. She gets to the kitchen and pours herself a large coffee, spooning sugar into the cup over and over till one wonders if she likes a little coffee with her sugar.

"Morning." says a yawny voice from nearby. Bobby looks… like he spent the night at at the Institute… without really any of his things. He's a bit more tousled than usual.

"How'd ya sleep?" There's a frying sound that is at once both bacon and pancakes. Breakfast seems in the works.
"Just got up?"

Nancy nods her head, grumbling softly. She sips at her coffee, her eyes closed. She doesn't bother holding in her power right now, too groggy to give a damn. "Good." she answers, her words gutteral in their monosyllabic next. "Yeah."


Fortunately, Bobby doesn't need his power to cook. Rather the opposite in fact and it doesn't seem to bug him. "Well take a seat. More than enough batter here for the two of us." He takes sip of the orange juice on the counter beside him. He smiles over in her direction. "Not really a morning person are you, mmm."

The pancakes are taking shape, a pile of them growing on one plate while a pile of bacon grows on the other. It's only about five minutes or so before there's really more than either of them need and he flicks the griddle off and steps over with fresh breakfast.


Nancy goes over to the table and sits, not arguing but just doing what she's told. Mind you, she is still half asleep. She sips at her large mug of coffee, grunting in answer. Nope, not a morning person. She winces at the sunshine that is streaming in and pouring into the windows, filling the kitchen with natural light. The food arrives and is greeted with another yawn. Nope, this is not the animated, snarky bubblegum goth that Nancy usually is.


The kind of radical shift does have Bobby interested, that's for sure. After a moment he fills the plate and pushes it toward her with a bottle of syrup. "Have a late night? Eat up, maybe it'll make you feel better." He starts to eat himself, though slowly as if intending to make sure that she's just groggy and not actually not feeling well.


Another big yawn and a stretch and then Nancy takes the plate and drowns the bacon and pancakes in syrup. She eats slowly, but as she eats she starts to gear up and become more lifelike. "Nah, I'm just not a morning person. Until my morning coffee, seriously, don't even bother trying to talk to me. If I ever do join that team thing, I just hope for their sake we never have morning missions."


Bobby chuckles as she starts to get some life in her. "Maybe they can make sure they have energy bars or something on hand. You're not the only one who doesn't do well just woken up and on an empty stomach. Not my favorite thing either, for sure."

"So… you and Hank? You don't have to tell me but I know Hank, kind of. He was one of my two primary instructors for the eight weeks I was here."


Nodding her head, Nancy dips her bacon in the syrup before eating it. "It's probably a good idea. Or maybe just keep a small pack of them with me." As she eats her breakfast, drinking deeper of her coffee as it cools down, Nancy snorts softly at the question of her and Hank. "There's really nothing to tell you. I keep throwing out the line but he ain't takin' the bait. It's totally one sided. Besides, there is no fraternization allowed in the mansion anyway, so it's not like we could do anything about it even if he wanted to. Besides, as he himself has pointed out, he's 8 years older then me."

"Huh." He'd known the part about fraternization though it's not like it ever came up in an empty mansion in eight weeks. The thing about Hank? He can't really claim to know the man but he's not that surprised somehow.


"Well sorry to hear." He says around a mouthful of pancake. He seems to be more a butter fan than a syrup one. Crunch goes a bit of bacon. Seems Bobby likes his bacon crispy. He eats in silence for a few moments.

"Still, not all bad right? You seemed pretty in your element when I walked in the other day. Found a home here maybe?"


Nancy winces as Bobby asks her if she found a home. "I like this place. A lot. I could see myself living here and doing that whole 'helping the new kids' thing that Amara and Cal talked about. I always thought I wanted to be a cellist, but I'm realizing that that was just for me. Being here, using my field to give kids a safe place where they don't have to have their powers for a little bit… it's not about me. It's about helping someone else and… that would be pretty cool too."

Munch. Munch. Munch. Each bite is heavily soaked in syrup. "But, I feel bad. Enjoying it here so much, I mean. I should be home, taking care of my mom, but instead, I'm hiding in here in my nice little gilded cage. Partisan was right. I've let myself be imprisoned. I'm no more free here then I would be out there with Hydra."


"Well…" Bobby scratches his scruff for a moment. "I mean no one says you can't have both, right? Cal was telling me just yesterday that the team thing doesn't have to be a full time gig and it sounds like Amara's actually been on it before and quit, and is just now thinking about getting back to it. And Hank, I know Hank publishes in journals and studies and does things that aren't related to this place. Which is, for me anyway, a nice thing to hear. I'm not so noble, Nancy, that I'm willing to sacrifice my self and dreams for some nebulous notion of the greater good. Help out? Yeah, if I can find a way to help out sure, but I'm not a martyr by a long shot. Maybe it could be the same for you. No one says you can't be a world class cellist who just happens to also sometimes help people out."

He shrugs after a moments’ thought. "But that's for you to decide. As for your mom… I mean, there must be family taking care of her right? If you're feeling trapped here… well, I mean most decisions in life are about freedom versus security in some way. Seems to me that if you wanna reevaluate your decisions on that you're free to do so. And if you're not free to do that here… than these aren't the people I thought they were when I came back.


Nancy shakes her head. "I'm the only family my mom has. She … she's a paranoid schizophrenic. With alcohol abuse issues. She's unpleasant to be around. Scared off more social workers then I can count, but she's my mom. I have always taken care of her. I have a friend of mine checking in on her now, the same one that saved my life and told me that Hydra was after me, but still. She's my mom. My responsibility."

She finishes her breakfast and goes to refill her coffee, once again loading it with enough sugar to make a person cringe. "I don't want to leave here till I know it's not going to hurt all these people if I do. I don't want to basically be leading some Nazi terrorists right to the door of this place. That's just not being a bad house guest."


"Fair point." He pontificates with his fork. "But frankly, they run that risk often enough themselves. Still, if that's what you think you should do it seems pretty reasonable. Guess it doesn't ease the frustration of feeling trapped, though. Have they told you that you can't leave or is that a decision you made on your own?"

Bobby might have offered to look in once she mentioned that she as her mother's only family but once she mentions that the situation is covered he just nods.


Nancy O'Neal gets up from the table, taking her plate and cup and taking them to the sink to wash and dry them.

"They have asked that I stay here till things are settled more. We are hoping it's just for the summer. It's why I wanted to go to Nova Roma so bad. Just to be somewhere where I can just go out and do … anything! And not have to worry about being hunted or that I'll be hurting people that are being kind to me."

She finishes cleaning up and smiles over to Bobby, her eyes bright as she usually is. "Thanks for breakfast, Bobby. And the talk. This place really is like a family."


"Any time." He says, though he has a slight frown on his face when she mentions they'd asked her to stay. "I'll see you 'round, I hope." And with that he gets up to clean up after himself and make sure the kitchen was as he left it… if perhaps a bit more rich in pancakes.

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