Domestic Terror

June 30 2014: Loki shows up to interrupt dinner at Fenris' apartment. (Follow up scene to dinner plans)

Fenris' Apartment

A small, two bedroom apartment in M-Town near the park. One room has been converted into a study.



  • Cora the Hyena Girl - NPC

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Inopportune moments are just like their cousins, opportune moments, to the God of Chaos and Deception. Well, okay, perhaps they're juuuuuuust this side of a lot more fun, given the surprise factor (if not the annoyance factor). And, true to form, the Asgardian Prince rarely fails to make a show of his appearance… anywhere. (Mostly. Just ask SHIELD. They should have a nice little video library by now?)

It's in a shimmer of air that the form and figure of a gold and green clad Loki appears. (Sorcery allows for so much!) He doesn't appear to be armed, but appearances are always deceiving when it comes to the Asgardian. "Oh, how absolutely heartwarming," comes dryly as he steps forward. "Is this really what you've become? Really? Because if it is, I think somewhere along the line, I've failed you."


Inara chuckles softly. "Well, I've gotten used to explaining to people that I talk to animals and like them better than most humans I have met. And I've recently had to add to that that I seem to have adopted a magical hyena spirit who is also a seven year old girl. I'm sure that adding the fact that my boyfriend… I …my best friend… who is also a man… is a wolf from another planet that we now about in legends from our own is something I will get used to in no time at all."

The sleeping hyena between them, the words spoken are quiet so as not to wake her, but the shimmer of air and sudden appearance of another person definitely gets Inara's attention. This is *not* in her range of things she knows how to cope with, so she just simply stares, wrapping a protective arm around the young hyena.


Fenris eyes narrow on Loki and he gets up, growling low. "Loki. Why am I not surprised?"

He regards the tall, dark haired man. "What. Do. You. Want." The words are almost tired, as if he expected to be saying them at some point but really had hoped it wouldn't be (in all places) in his own home. "Inara, stay close. I do not think my father will be badly behaved, but I long ago gave up trying to guess his mind."


Loki chuckles softly and brings his hands to clasp fingers behind his back as he takes a step or three forward, sparing a glance to the girl and the hyena. A hand moves forward, then, and waves, and from hyena, the child appears in Inara's arms. "There." He just wanted to see who it was, minus the fur.

"You are not surprised because you know better."

Quirking his head, the hint of a smile remains, though it is completely devoid of humor. Brows rise, "What do I want? Wasn't I clear in the park?"

Flickering his attention towards Inara, Loki's smile widens, but it's still lacking warmth. As if he's certainly considering his options… "It's true. He can't guess my mind."


Looking to the large black wolf next her and the man in the gold and green, Inara nods her head, stunned into inaction. Her eyes widen when Fenris claims this man as his father. But he's so young! Oh… yes… that whole from another planet thing and the long life. Yes, that would account for it. She isn't sure that she will be able to get used to this Asgardian thing, let alone her parents. Cora transforms in her arms without any effort on her part and Inara pulls her in protectively close, her eyes narrowing at the man that has suddenly showed up.

Cora grumbles, starting to rise, Inara kissing her forehead and whispering soft words of comfort. No need to have a wildling flying off the handle. Outside of the window, crows, pigeons and sparrows start to line the wires on the street, making it look like something out of a Hitchcock movie.


Fenris lets out a slightly put upon sigh. "What do you want right now?" He clarifies.

"I know you wished me to meet someone, but as I do not see a guest with you, I suspect that this is not going to be the occasion for that meeting."

The large wolf, whom it must be said even at seven feet long and four feet at the shoulder isn't nearly as large as Loki knows he can be, quirks a half smile. "Or did you come for a family dinner. Chicken Salad and melon perhaps?"

The wolf's stance is wary. Loki is unpredictable and he knows it, but there's no hostility in his stance or voice, only wary mistrust.


"Not, not yet. But the time will come when you will meet her." Loki waves his hand dismissively on the first part, and instead chimes in, "It was that other bit." Where he wants Fenris to join him, to work with him.

If the fact that Fenris is so large is meant to intimidate him, it obviously doesn't work. To Loki? It's chest thumping for which he has absolutely no time. "You don't need to eat. Why pretend with such paltry meals?"

The gathering of the birds is given a notice, and he actually chuckles as he crouches down to look at Cora at eye-level. "Your friends? So helpful, aren't they? Smarter than what people give them credit."


Loki doesn't argue 'my father', obviously, and is actually amused to see Inara's reaction to it all. Her eyes widening in .. is that fear? Surprise? Ah… protection. How quaint.

"Domestic bliss. I'm afraid one always has to deal with the in-laws."

Rising to her feet, Inara leads Cora to a corner of the room. The girl stays calm with the animal whisperer so close, but it's best to have the added benefit of arms around her as well. Inara looks from the wolf to the man and back again, rubbing the girl's back as she snarls at the man like the beast she is.

Inara shakes her head to the man. "They aren't hers to call," she simply states. The street is amassing more animals, cats, dogs, rats, squirrels. It's a veritable zoo out there.

Inara blushes and shakes her head. "It's not like that. We're just friends." She looks over to the wolf, shrugging, not really sure what to say.


The size of the wolf is certainly not for machisimo. He can be larger, if he wishes but trying to intimidate Loki is rather like trying arm wrestling Thor. It's a futile exercise at best and only leaves you tired and him grinning.

"Why do they throw feasts and drink mead by the barrel in Odin's halls? Because they enjoy it, do they not? Ah, so you're here to recruit me." Fenris sighs, rolling his eyes a bit.

"I've little interest in ruling Midgard and none at all in returning to Asgard for any reason." Left unsaid is the fact that doing so would probably involve a great deal of fighting. He's not over fond of his fellow Asgardians nor they of him for the most part. In fact the only one he feels even vaguely bad about is Idun… but he was young then.

"Though I assume you're going to try to convince me anyway."

The god-wolf glances back to Inara and Cora to see where they've gone and then faces his eyes front on Loki. There's no point in standing in front of him. Appearing to protect them would only pique his interest and in any case, he can teleport and project illusions.


"You never listen, do you? I said 'paltry'. 'Chicken salad'? I don't even know what that is." Loki isn't too terribly concerned about his ignorance of Midgardian food. "Feasts are for purpose. Singing, drinking, making merry. How exactly does one make merry around 'chicken salad'?"

Now, the Asgardian Prince grows his smile and rises once again from his crouch with Cora, facing Fenris. "I believe you had said something about wishing Odin and Thor gone? With them gone…" Still, he's not sounding like he's truly trying to convince his wolfish son. "Try, perhaps not. I think showing you that your time here alone is misspent is of more value."

There really isn't any point to standing before the girls. Should Loki wish it, there'd be next to nothing that could keep them safe- it'd be a messy fight. Very messy. "Not hers to call, hmmm?" Loki saunters towards the window and looks out rather theatrically. "Yours then, Inara?" He got her name from Fenris, and he's keeping it for future reference. "Interesting."


Inara was willing to accept that Jeremiah was a wolf. And if believing himself to be a wolf of legend from Asgard made him happy, she wasn't going to argue. But as the two men argue, Inara starts to believe more and more that these two might not just imagining themselves as Asgardian gods. There is too much certainty in their voices. Her mind races with what this means. Really means. Gods walking among men. Does that mean that her own god is real and walking around as well? All gods? Or are these the only ones?

Still holding the snarling girl, Inara holds her head high. "Yes. Mine. In as much as any person can lay claim to owning someone else. They are my friends." She blinks, realizing that Loki has been talking to her in Farsi this entire time, and she back to him.


"Mmmmm. And how were you thinking of showing me that? If it's by burning down my den, I may be less than amused." He says, his voice dry. He turns and gives Cora a calming look.

"Peace, Cora." He mumurs in beast-speach, knowing it will register more with her than English might."

He sweeps his gaze outside at all the animals gathering before turning his gaze back to Loki. "So then Father, what sort of demonstration did you have in mind? And why me and not Sister dear or your other son? They were always more amenable to that sort of thing."


"Owning, no. Having sway and having them at your beck and call, that is something completely different." Loki's smile turns benign, almost.. fatherly before a soft chuckle sounds.

"Tell me you haven't taken a delight in having their aid in a fight of any kind."

Spinning around to face Fenris once again, he stalks towards the wolf-man and stops just short, ignoring Cora now. "Demonstration. That will come in time, and oh, you'll know it when it comes. As for why not your siblings, you have to admit they're a bit busy. You are the only one with a great deal of time on your hands."

Paws. "How long have you been here now? Ooooh, yes," and Loki glances towards Inara, another laugh sounding, but this sounds a little more… harsh.

"Quite some time. Time enough for you to learn that you can run but there isn't anywhere in the Nine Realms that you can truly hide." Now, the God of Chaos takes a step back, and drawing his dagger, has it shift into something more spear/halbarad-ish.

"Not from anyone."

With that, then, the air shimmers, and the green and gold clad Asgardian shimmers into nothingness. Here and gone.


Sister? Other son? They are either both incredibly deluded or this is very, very real. She holds the girl close who is starting to giggle in her own fashion.

"Wanna bite," the girl answers in her own version of animal speak. "Scaring Nara. Protect her." It isn't a request for Fenris to do so, so much as an observation that the girl herself will."


The fact that this man has been speaking in Farsi the whole time only causes Inara to wonder if it adds or detracts credibility to the fact that these two might indeed be the genuine article. The man might have noticed her looks and assumed. Farsi isn't that uncommon a language. However, the amount of Caucasian people she's met that speak it has been… well, this would be the first.

Inara shakes her head. "I don't fight. Usually the presence of so many animals is enough to drive any mugger away." As Loki brings out a weapon, Cora grows to her full hybrid size, causing Inara to lose her grip. The werehyena barks threateningly and takes a swipe at open air as the Master of Lies shimmers into nothingness. Cora is beside herself with anger, starting to tear the place apart to find the man.


"Cora." Fenris says calmly. When she doesn't respond he raises his voice a little, not in anger, mostly so he can be heard above the crashing bookshelf. "Cora! He's gone!"

Fenris shimmers and takes on the form of Jeremiah once more, looking at Inara, his face carefully neutral.

"My apologies. I knew he was back in town but I did not think he'd grown quite bold enough to confront me in my own den. Do you still wish me to live with you and Cora?"

What plans exactly the Lord of Chaos has for him or this realm Fenris has no idea. Nor at this point does he particularly care, though he must admit to being a bit irritated by the man's relentless theatricality.


Cora is snarling, angry, slaver dripping from her maw as she sniffs about. His scent still lingers, but doesn't move from the one place. Inara sits in the closest chair, knowing that the girl will calm down in time.

"So, you really are a god. Not just… I… " She looks at Jeremiah as if seeing him in a new light. "I … I don't know. It's not that I mind having you as a roommate…. I just don't know if… well, if the in-laws visiting, as he put it, would be a good thing."


Fenris lets out a long, long sigh. "Yes, I certanily understand that…"

He moves forward and touches Cora's arm gently. "There… he's gone. I promise. You're safe for now."

Turning back to Inara he just looks a bit resigned. "I cannot promise that he will leave you alone if I am not present, though I can promise that my presence will draw him back. I shall still help you to find a place, though if you'd prefer I remain here…"


Cora shrinks down to her human girl form, still sniffing and crawling about the floor. She grumbles at the comment about safety, almost looking like she is pouting.

"Wanna bite," is all she says. She notices the food and goes over to it, shoving her face in the melon and eating in her rather messy fashion. So much for Inara having socialized her a little.

Inara wraps her arms about herself, deep in thought. "No. I suggested it and… I'm not going to let some god with a skill for seeding distrust ruin our friendship. For all you know, from all the things I've heard about your father, that is maybe exactly what he came here for, to take away an allie of yours by making me fear for my safety by associating with you."


That makes Fenris smile a little and he picks up Corra (and her messy melon) and turns to face her.

"Thank you, though those concerns are quite reasonable, so I would understand. I will, however, do what I can to prevent you from being dragged into all of these more than necessary."

He chuckles and puts the child down at the table where she can eat more easily. "The both of you. I promise."


Cora is too busy eating to worry about being picked up, just grabbing the other melon so she has them both now. She sits down, reaching over for any other food that is within reach. Inara watches this and chuckles. It's hard to be worried or upset when you have a hyena girl to deal with. She takes a deep breath and approaches Fen, taking his hands in hers.

"That is not a promise that you can keep, Jeremiah. Your father is a god. If he wants us, there is nothing we could do to stop him."


"I cannot promise that you will be safe." He says with a squeeze of her hand. "Only that I will do what is in my power to keep you from harm." A faint smile plays across his lips. "And I would have done that for you in any case, Inara."

He does not think it was an accident that they met. The purpose for their meeting he does not presume to guess, but he does very much enjoy her company and is quite serious about promising to protect her and Cora as he can.


Inara looks into Fenrir's eyes and squeezes his hand in return. She isn't sure what to say. She just knows she likes being around this man, that he feels like no one else she knows. And now she knows why. She is about to say something when Cora needs to put in her thoughts on the matter.

"You gonna kiss Nara?"


Fenris quirks an eyebrow, looking first right at Inara, and then past her to Cora. "Do you think I should, Cora?" He says with an indulgent smile and a wink to Inara. Kissing is not an exclusively human activity, so he's not surprised she knows what it is. Granted, he is a biiiiit surprised that she might voice the question. Ah to be young and wild and completely without a filter.


Inara blushes hotly, palming her face as she laughs at the spontaneity of children. Cora nods her head earnestly. "People in park. They kiss when they look like you and Nara. You should kiss her." Inara is shaking with laughter in his arms, what a situation that girl keeps putting her in.


Fenris chuckles and winks to Cora before turning his attention back to Inara. "Well, we know what she thinks now."

He says, his own voice quivering with laughter. "What do you think, Inara?" He's maybe… just a bit closer now, and smiling and perhaps even faintly blushing though he clearly finds Cora's straight forward analysis to be quite amusing.


Inara shakes her head, pulling away. Her hands go to her cheeks, trying to hide the blush. "I think I'm not quite ready for a kiss. Maybe next dinner?"

Cora pouts and goes back to eating the melon, grumpy that her maternal figure seems so resistant to what is perfectly natural in her eyes.


He chuckles. "Next dinner then. If you'd… feel safer, you and Cora can stay the evening. I can sleep on the couch. I've done it often enough."

He makes a placating gesture to Cora and gives Inara a simple hug, then steps back. "If you'd prefer, at any rate. I do not think Loki will return tonight, though I am positive that the wards on your apartment will do little more than amuse him." Fenris sighs and wishes for a moment that a more potent magician were at hand.


Inara is about to mention the wards when she is told they will do about as much good as a kleenex for Superman. She sighs and nods slowly, seeing the logic in it. "I doubt I'm important enough for him to bother with, but perhaps sleeping here tonight would be for the best. And we won't keep you from your bed. That would be terribly rude. The couch will be fine for us." Cora disagrees and lets her opinion be known. "I want the bed!"


Fenris chuckles. "There is a bit more room on it, but whichever makes you feel more comfortable, Inara." He steps forward and lowers his voice slightly. "Though really, Inara, it's fine…"

He squeezes her hand and then steps back and lets go. "I'll go get some bedding while you decide. We'll need some out here in either case." He walks back down toward his linen closet in the hall, smiling and whistling as he fetches pillows, sheets and blankets.

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