Helluland 3 - Betrayal

June 30, 2014: The Baffin Island expedition faces foes both supernatural and natural.

Jaws of Winter - Barnes Ice Cap - Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada

Cold. Very Cold.



  • The Ijirait (n. Supernatural Creatures)
  • Lady Vic (f. Mercenary)
  • Unknown Goons (m. Mercenaries)

The Crew

  • Giles Everett (m. Mountaineer and Survivalist)
  • Mackenzie Denton (f. Field Medic, Former US Army)
  • Carter DuBois (m. French Canadian Inuit History expert)
  • Henrik Berger (m. Swedish Historian focused on the Icelandic Sagas)
  • Sigrid Hansen (f. Swedish Archeologist, specialist in Vikings)
  • Bobby McGee (m. Canadian Archaeologist, specialist in Artic Culture)

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Lara's foreboding words get swept aside as she shouts, "Right, let's get going. Time to be professionals, people!"

The lights get set up by the crew one by one, and flood the area with their brightness. Crates get loaded with artifacts big and small and placed on the sleds. Sigrid approaches one of the alcoves with her video camera, and she reaches up with a gloved hand to touch the skull above the doorway. "This is amazing. It looks like it's human, not a carving, but the dark paint might be…blood?"

That's when it begins. Shadows move where none should be. There is a bristling sound of fur and the scrape of claws. Rumbling comes from deep inside invisible throats, the sound of bear or wolf echoing against the icy walls. The sound of wings comes from overhead with the sharp cry of the raven. Some of the shadows are man-like, yet not.

The first to fall is Sigrid, as her video camera falls to the ground, along with a fountain of crimson where her wrist is slashed by something unseen, four gashes, claw marks too big for a wolf. Polar bear? She screams and Mackenzie rushes to her, the medic immediately putting pressure on the wound.

"Get her back to the other side of the cave mouth!" Lara cries out. "Everyone not currently armed go with her, bring the sleds, and keep them safe!" The tomb raider pulls out her own bow, a compound with all the high tech add-ons one would expect. "Aim where the shadows spawn!" she calls to her hired guns. She looses an arrow at where one wolf-ish shadow's paws start with the thwip of tension released from the bowstring. There is an unearthly howl and a glow from the eyes of one of the skulls over the alcoves just before something unseen leaps at her and knocks her to the ground.

From under the red mask, Matt Murdock focuses on his senses and reaches out with what he can: the sounds, smells, and movements of air on his skin to build a map of his surroundings with black and red swirls within his mind. Once he hears Lara's command, it takes milliseconds for him to spring into action.

His red hand grasps the billy club on his thigh and with an expert flick of his wrist, one of the halves screams out towards the center of the spawn area. Just as quick as it flew out, he rips it back and leaps into a mid-air summersault, bringing his clubs down upon the area he believes the closest spawn lies.

And, this is where Hawkeye earns his pay, so to speak. He's on the path, in the back, watching. It's all he can do to keep the awe out of his face and to focus on shadows, to focus on things that might be moving, or things that might move, given the fact that the hair on the back of his neck is rising. Biting the glove off his left hand, there's a bad feeling about the room; particularly in that blackness.

Setting himself against a wall (or a convenienct stalagmite), he's got an arrow out the moment the shadows begin to move. One target, the next.. each time, the tip of his arrow moves with a flicker of the lights. It's the scream that brings Barton's aim around, and with the command to aim at the spawning sites, the archer's got something else in mind.

An incindiary arrow is loosed in the direction of that glowing-eyed skull.. and another is followed up before a third arrow is nocked and loosed just above Lara, where the physics of weight decrees this 'unseen force' should be.

Like Clint, Roy's reaction is to go for the shot. Rather than resort to the various arrows he has at his disposal, Roy's first reaction is to grab for his crossbow, the quicker to fire at the sound of the flying thing. "Don't TOUCH anything else!" he shouts, even as he switches to Lara's direction. With Clint covering the wide-area spots, Roy was quick to take advantage of aiming at anything that came out of the spots, whether with quarrel or throwing knives.

"Certainly is 'funky,'" Domino mutters when the giant fish is given a proper name. "So we've found the world's biggest piece of sushi. Good luck getting it out of here." Not that it stops her from taking a selfie next to that frozen gaping maw, when else is she going to get that kind of opportunity?

When the packing and documenting commences she does her best to not get in the way, on all fronts. She doesn't want to be a part of the videos or pictures and she's not about to be responsible for any damage to any of the artifacts, so she simply doesn't touch any of the stuff. She's just a hired guard after all, right? So long as none of the artifacts get an attitude and lunge at any of the explorers her part in this should be pretty easy.

"You just -had- to say something," she says with a sigh. Some militaries disallow soldiers carrying any weapon that's already been chambered. She doesn't adhere to such guidelines, which is helpful as her off-hand is already reaching for Sigrid to help drag the fallen woman off to safety. What're the odds of the murderous greyhat being the one to pull the civvies out of harm's way -before- pulling the trigger?

Then again, she can do both at the same time. Amidst the bows are some carefully placed suppressed rifle shots, the albino keeping close tabs on her background. "You heard the lady, asses in gear people!" The thought barely has time to leave her tongue when Sigrid is released, her off-hand quickdrawing a 9mm sidearm to aim and fire (loudly) at the creature that took Lara down.

A pair of thin, silver disks appear in the Widow's fingers. Reacting instantly to Lara's direction, she sends them spinning through the air to the base of a nearby shadow, electricity triggering between them to create a taser arc even as she's pulling a pair of Maks and firing at the likely spawn points. Her eyes seek briefly above, as well, looking for higher spawn points that might foretell an aerial assault.

Daredevil's acrobatics strike home and his clubs connect with something massive and furred. The sharp tang of Sigrid's blood is on one of its paws, definitely a bear. He also smells something deeper, its own personal smell, which is echoed somewhere not far off, near one wall. Can it be in two places at once?

Hawkeye's arrows detonate and blow the skull off its perch over the alcove. It lands with a crunching sound, but holds together perfectly, despite being so old and allegedly brittle. Something roars its displeasure very near Daredevil as the ancient bone skids into a corner.

Roy's crossbow bolts cause a cacophony of flapping and screeching in the air, the sound of angry ravens.

Domino's bullets also seem to strike and anger any number of things, but the strangest thing of all is that there is no blood. Just the glow of eyes from the skulls.

Widow's disks make something shriek in protest, and the shadows everywhere seem to shift and move and change around them.

Lara struggles beneath the unseen weight above her. She feels fur in the grip of her hands, and her brain protests feeling something it cannot register visually. Teeth, sharp and large, sink into her shoulder through the heavy arctic gear and she screams, even as her brain calculates. Not heavy enough to be a bear, so likely a wolf. She jabs upwards with an arrow in hand, and gets an incorporeal yelp for her efforts. Then Hawkeye's other arrow strikes it followed by Domino's bullet. Whatever is on her bounds away and she rolls to her feet, just catching the brief glow of another skull's eyes above an alcove. "The skulls!" she hollers. "Throw them into the hole, send them back where they belong!"

Giles draws out his pick axe, used for mountain climbing, as he skids in front of Mackenzie and the wounded Sigrid, putting himself between them and danger as they make their retreat. He reaches down and sweeps up her fallen video camera as they pass it. Sigrid's blood leaves a bright crimson trail against the cool white packed ice of the floor. To her credit, she soldiers on with the field medic. Carter and Henrik grab hold of the sleds holding the artifacts, and race with them out of the cavern, back towards the bridge. Bobby stands for a moment, gape-mouthed, at what's going on, with his video camera rolling, before he dashes past all of the crew to run for his life.

Most men would be afraid of bears. They're quick, strong, and ferocious. And more than normal men at all three. But Daredevil isn't a normal man and has the bear on the quickness. While others fight the invisible, Daredevil can see his adversary easily. He hops around with a ninja's grace, even sliding up a wall into a back flip at one point as he takes the bear on with his billy club, now fastened, and being swung at the bears eyes and nose, what Daredevil believes to be its readily available weak spots.

It's before Lara's call to the gathered regarding the skulls that Hawkeye sends out a measured whistle towards the Russian. Should he gain her attention, there's a nod towards the skittering skull, and lifting his gaze, he's got the others sighted. In order to get them off the shelves, well… it's time for a little target practice.

"Used to be great at this in the carnival," comes as an aside.

Switching his aim once again, the fingers in his left hand begin to ache just a little from the cold. Breath clouds exit the SHIELD archer as one arrow after another is plinked, ready to be seconded by Widow, should she take the shots.

"Heads up, they're coming down."

The sound of the angry raven was what Roy had to lock on, then, and even as the shadow shifts, Roy's eyesight follows the shadows, trying to locate and lock into it.

The shout from Lara, though, catches Roy's attention. "Cover me!" he calls out, moving towards the alcove. He, for one, was going to take the chance of grabbing the skulls, even as Hawkeye picks them off, and toss whatever he could into the hole, crossbow at ready.

"I've really gott ask which carnival had you dodging pissed off bears while you put your pride on the line for a stuffed animal," Domino calls back to Hawkeye while lunging into a sidelong roll beneath a diving creature. Shots are taken seemingly at random, keeping track of where two guns are pointed at once isn't easy even when they're both pointed at the same target. Somehow..she makes it work.

Help from the SHIELD archer isn't going to be ignored, it saves her the trouble of having to knock one of those skulls down on her own. Instead, when the one nearest to her gets plucked from its perch the wiry merc throws herself into an odd roll/flip that allows her to slam an armored foot into the skull to kick it toward the hole while continuing to fire on the shadowy creatures, allowing her instinct to fully play its part in the confrontation.

Hawkeye's whistle, a quick glance, and Widow is on the move. They're both ahead of Lara's shout, it seems. This time, she lifts a fist and a line zips out of her wrist gauntlet, slicing through the air and impaling itself into the wall above the row of skulls. She leaps, the line activating and reeling her airborne. A flip, she swings, and moves in on the skulls from end of the line opposite the end Hawkeye begins to fire upon. She runs along the ledge scooping skulls and tossing them — either to Harper or Thurman to further toss or towards the abyss itself. For all that, one hand remains wrapped around a gun, the other on the line, the skulls send flying with a swift kick or a well-placed barrel.

Bullets and batons, blades and arrows, all seem to strike true, but other than causing pain to the unseen creatures, they don't seem to cause any damage. Their semi-corporeal forms seem immune to injury. At least as long as the skulls remain in this world. That was what Ila meant when he said break the ties.

The hole is more than a hole; each of them can sense that. It's a portal, a rip in reality's fabric, a doorway between worlds. Those who walk among the living and the dead are here but not here… tethered, so to speak, by the last of their mortal remnants. The skulls are those of the Ijirait in the cavern, and it is the blood of their victims painted on them, shielding them from harm while they are in this world. The other world, that place of not-here inside the hole in the floor, is wrong, evil, and alien.

Hawkeye's arrows fly true, knocking skulls up into Widow's reach so she can toss them to the other hired guns,. As Roy lobs the first skull into the pit, one of the moving shadows vanishes, and the weight in the room seems to lessen by a small amount. However, something or some things, begin to scream upward through that blacker than black cyclone. The same happens when Domino tosses one in.

"I need to close that portal!" Lara shouts over the wailing din of souls screaming upwards from that swirling pit of wrong. "Before more come through!" She grabs an arrow from her quiver, and affixes a rope to the end, raises, and fires upwards. It lodges firmly into the ice in the ceiling. The serrated arrowhead is designed to do more damage being pulled out than going in, so it becomes very secure where it's stuck. The adventurer slings her bow onto her back and looks to the others. "Get all the skulls inside!" she calls out.

Nimble as a gymnast, Croft climbs the rope, hand over hand, swiftly, pulling herself up to the ceiling beside the giant stalactite of ice. She slams her own pickaxe into the base of the huge formation and begins digging out three holes, equidistant around it.

For the most part Daredevil does a nice job against the large invisible bear he's facing. He cracks it upon the face over and over and despite not vanquishing the beast, he is dealing it some severe pain. But as he leaps over one of its arms he gets put on the defensive as the other comes swiping through.

In the air he has nothing to bank against, nothing to push off of, and takes a glancing blow to the midsection. A loud 'oomf' billows out as the air escapes his lungs and the Man in Red begins to slide along the ice, dazed from the strike.

His path takes him towards the large hole, and the black abyss below.

His legs go, then his hips and his chest. By the time he's gone over, only his billy club stuck to the ice wall prevents him from falling all of the way in.

Clint's on the ground; it's not a place he likes, but he's there for the moment, until all the skulls are down. That done, his head whips around and blue eyes rise even as Lara begins to climb the rope that is attached to her arrow. He grins lopsidedly and shrugs, "Gee, wish I thought of that.." and spinning around, lobs another arrow off to follow suite. He's not quite as good looking when he goes up, but it certainly gets the job done. He'd noticed the stalagtite entering.

"Don't underestimate the carnivals I've been to," is called down. "Those stuffed animals were a bear to get."

Once up, there's very little to grab on to, so a small area is dug out for at least a foothold with a knife that looks very much like business. After a couple of stabs, at least Barton's got some balance. "Noise shock.. that should do it, Ms. Croft?"

It's when Daredevil starts heading over the side that he yells out, "Man overboard! Grab him!"

The impromptu throw-relay of the skulls continued, Roy taking aim directly at the hole.

And then Daredevil is about to fall, and Roy spins around. With the presumption that -someone- was going to go after Daredevil, Roy disengages his own bow as he dashes forward, pulling forth his own rope arrow, and then falling to his knees just a distance beyond, gliding forward to a stop and firing a line just below Daredevil, as he comes to a stop before a stalamite, feet propped against it and bracing.

Close the portal? Good idea in theory, but… "Can you even -do- that?!" Dom yells back as the carbine in her hand gets flipped about, using it as a makeshift bat to swat another skull toward the portal. (Please tell me she isn't going to drop the ceiling on top of it…) "Whatever you're doing up there better not include personal sacrifice!" She's not been fully paid for this gig yet!

That part doesn't get said as the air comes rushing out of her lungs, one of the big nasties slamming into her and sending her across the icy floor. It causes one of her rifle shots to go wild into the space above them all, clipping a stalagtite in just the right place to break it free and send it point-first into a slightly softer area of the ground. Right within Daredevil's reach.

"Your pun is killing me down here, Barton..!" (Though I have -got- to ask him which carnivals he went to.) With her shots being slightly less than effective and potentially more hazardous if they miss she scrambles back to her feet to try and give Daredevil a proper hand out of his current predicament. "Hang in there, Horns!"

Widow scoops the last of the skulls by the jaw, hooking it on the end of her barrel. She leaps off the ledge, swinging towards the portal and the abyss with the skull. She watches Daredevil begin to fall, and sees both Harper and Thurman heading to save him. That is the only reason she doesn't immediately shift her momentum to dive toward him. Instead, as she swings over the pit, she releases the skull, letting it fall. Then, she releases the line, tucking into a ball and letting her momentum carry her toward the other side.

Underlying the screams of the phantom Ijirait is a song, a song of their story, which drifts to each person in the cavern. They were human once, Inuit once. They went too far, chasing bird or bear or wolf, and were lost. The first of them died here, and their spirits let something else cross into this plane, with the promise of eternal life. He became the first of the shadow people, and began luring others to their death and bargaining. Six were needed to make them what they are, and six they became.

It is no wonder the Vikings fled this place. They could not fight ghosts. And Matt feels the chill alien throb inside the confines of that hole, like gravity has grown much stronger it tries to draw him down. He can feel, somehow, that something is coming up, trying to bring itself fully into this world, something that should not be here.

"I sure as hell can try!" Lara finishes digging holes and tosses something to Hawkeye - small, explosive devices meant for clearing rockslides and the like in the event of a cave-in. "Even better, I brought booms!" she tells him with a grin. She begins stuffing some into the holes she made. "Hurry! Get Daredevil out of there!" she hollers to the others. "Get everyone away from the portal!"

As the last of the skulls is thrown in by Widow, an eerie, -non-light begins to seep up from the portal, accompanied by screams that no mortal ears should ever hear.

Muscles straining, billy club slipping. Just as he's about to reach Domino's hand, the club falls out from the perch in the wall and Daredevil slips away from Domino; surely he's a dead man.

But his feet catch upon Roy's arrow and his foot is close enough to the point where the arrow meets the wall that it doesn't immediately snap. Reflexively he leaps, as high and as hard as he can and goes into a flip up and over Domino, landing behind her and going down to one knee, still smarting from that shot from the bear.

Hawkeye grins in response to Domino's call up, but he doesn't spare a glance down. Nope.. instead he slings his bow over his head and reaches out to catch the explosives as they're tossed to him. A low whistle sounds, amused. "Not bad."

Punching them into the ice and stone, making sure the fuses are face out, he finally calls down, leaning over to check on things down below. "Now would have been a good time to have that detcord you always seem to have on you, Widow!" That, of course, is followed up with, "Fire in the hole in three.."

Releasing the line as soon as he sees Daredevil's safe, Roy does as suggested. "Dammit, I want a boom!" he replies, even as he clears in a hurry, moving to help Daredevil as he was down on one knee, ready to help him get the hell away and out in a hurry.

"I think we need something a bit more definitive than 'try!'" comes the next few words of 'encouragement' from Dom. ..Wait. 'Booms?' They're standing inside of an icy cavern..and she's talking about explosives. (Ah -hell,- she's going to drop the ceiling on top of it.)

The involuntary shudder that works through her spine isn't from the cold, her armor makes sure of that much. The screaming, the portal, the absolute -wrongness- to the whole situation, she's not well prepared for any of this. Very few people are, or so she'd like to think.

She's already planning to grab a handful of Daredevil's stylishly red costume when he flips right over her head. That..earns him a stare. It's a pity that he'll never know it. "If you're done showing off we've got places to be that aren't here, work those legs man!" Mobile as he is, she'll still steer him in the right direction if it's needed. Heck, he does a great job of hiding the fact that he's blind.

"We're surrounded by ice, blasting this place to Hell doesn't sound like the smartest idea to me!" (That said, fire in the interdimensional hole.)

"You need to start carrying your own detcord," Widow retorts, rolling across the ice and regaining her feet well clear of the maelstrom and dark maw from which it spawns. She spins towards the abyss as Daredevil launches himself out of the pit, over Thurman's head. Though it doesn't show on her face, inwardly, she lets out a sigh of relief. Her eyes snap up towards the pair on the ceiling. "Harper, Thurman, Daredevil! Fall back to the tunnel, now!" she calls. Like they really need to be told?

She then lifts her fist and fires up another line for the pair high above — just in case — and launches herself on it to swing around the outside of the abyss once more, seeking to get to the far side and provide an extra line for them in the process. Because, seriously, being buried under tons of ice doesn't sound like a fun way to die.

Lara jerks her head at Hawkeye to indicate it's time for Elvis to leave the building. She hitches up her rope beneath her legs and uses the tension to quickly send herself back to the floor in a controlled descent. She dashes away from the portal and towards the tunnel, skidding to a halt beside the others. And then ducks and covers just in time for the detonation of the charges.


The massive chunk of ice makes a cracking sound like thunder as it detaches from the ceiling, and falls down into the hole like the world's largest cork. With a horrifyingly loud crash, the formation lands, filling the hole, and leaving a slightly raised dais five feet above the floor. The screams and the non-light are instantly cut off, leaving everything silent for a moment. The weight of the room seems to be suddenly normal, and the air more breathable in the quiet.

For a few moments.

There is a rumble through the cavern floor, which reverberates up the walls and through the ceiling overhead. The sharp snap of cracking ice echoes loudly, and fissures begin to appear in the floor. Chunks of ice begin raining down from the ceiling. "It's all falling apart!" Lara hollers over the din which sounds like a train derailing. "Everyone out, fast as you can!" She rushes towards the tunnel leading back to the bridge, ushering everyone else past her first before she joins them.

The bridge and the walls to either side of it are crumbling rapidly. Most notable, the side where Predator X was frozen, has vanished into a collapse of icy rubble. The ancient reptile is no longer visible and may now be somewhere down in the abyss below them, lost so soon after it was found. Massive chunks of deadly ice and rock fall down around them from the ceiling, some sharp enough to impale them, others heavy enough to crush them beneath their titanic weight. Dodging them will be a task.

"GAH!" Daredevil reflexively brings his hands up to his ears and tries to gather himself. They feel like little pinpricks on his brain, each crash on its one might not be a big deal, but all of them together strike his senses as large jabbing, burning knives.

He nearly blacks out and goes slack, and he becomes dead weight on Roy who has graciously just helped him to his feet.

"And put it where?!" is called down even as Hawkeye sets himself on the line graciously donated by the lovely Natasha Romanoff, and slides down; letting go and rolling the momement before he hits that anchor. It's not the next second that he's beginning his sprint from that half-crouch, rising in order to get full momentum that the explosion echoes in the cavern around him. Cursing, one hand reaches for the hearing aids, and he rips them from his ears. (Damage is done, and his head is ringing. This headache is going to be a bitch.)

Along the way, Barton will give the civilians a hand; particularly the wounded, but there is absolutely no chance of stopping and looking back at the destruction like they do in the movies. (As it is, it seems like they should have the theme from Indiana Jones behind them..)

Half-dragging half-carrying Daredevil, Roy mutters, "Dammit!" as he hunches his head against his shoulders. Not that it'll do much against the loud explosions for his ears, but there was -no- time to spare, and if he has to half-shove Daredevil at Domino to get help carrying him along in a hurry, that's what he'd do.

And given the fragile nature of the bridge they're about to be on, Roy is already trying to one-handedly set up the grapple line in case they're going to need it.

Thurman… -Thurman.- The redheaded Russkie knows her name, and openly used it. Guess who has a pet peeve? "Don't call me that, you bi-!"

The rest of Domino's demand is lost to the sound of the explosion, the shockwave pushing the albino off of her feet to continue along in an uncontrolled slide right down the icy tunnel.

Then there's cracking reports from behind them all. "Didn't I JUST say..!" she snaps back, once more fighting for balance. Now's the time for guns to be put away, particularly in that Arsenal is now flinging a nearly unconscious Daredevil her way. "Thought I was hired to look after the civvies," she mutters while grabbing the other side of the downed guy's side.

Seeing the grappel line that Arsenal is bringing out, she calls out "I hope that's rated for three!" If the bridge gives way it'll sure be nice having a Plan B. If the cave collapses around them before they've gotten all the way out…

It'll be just another roll of the dice.

Given the supersoldier technology coursing through her veins, Widow is likely faster on her feet than many of the others. Nevertheless, she is last out of the cavern, save only for Lara, who seems determined to risk her neck more than anyone else. Piss poor bodyguard she'd be, though, if she let the bosslady take all the risks. (Besides. Someone has to save Thurman's pay cheque, and since the albino's saving Murdock, it seems a fair trade.)

Large chuncks of ice come slashing down, the bridge beginning to crack and groan dangerously. Like Harper, Widow is already arming another grapple — yet another filament in her gauntlet. "Time to fly!" she tells Croft, reaching out a hand towards her. She glances back at her only briefly, her focus returning forward as she looks for the best place to launch that line. Watching the lances of ice slicing through the air towards them, she knows timing will be tight and she's slinging her line just as the ground gives way beneath her feet.

Lara spins and slides across the expanse of the ice bridge, reaching for Widow's hand but stopping as she reacts in a split second to use her axe to stop her momentum and avoid getting speared through the torso by a massive icicle which shatters in front of her. The icicle explodes, shredding through layers of clothing with frigid shrapnel and drawing blood from a hundred tiny wounds. She rolls out of the way of a massive block that crashes beside her, and then leaps through the air as the contact of the massive block sends a massive section of it down into the blackness. She flails and just manages to sink the axe into the remaining side of the bridge, hauling herself up onto it with an exhausted grunt. She helps anyone within reach as she staggers towards the opening of the Jaws of Winter.

The rest of the crew are waiting for them in the small cave on the other side, save for one. Bobby is nowhere to be seen. "They're outside, Lara. McGee must have tipped them off," Giles spits out, disgusted. He's crouched beside MacKenzie, helping the medic work on keeping Sigrid from bleeding to death. Henrik and Carter have upended one of the sleds in front of the cave entrance, creating a barricade to shelter behind from the intermittent gunfire that pelts it.

"How many?" Lara asks Carter, pulling her pistol out of its holster and checking the ammo with the sharp smell of gun oil and the click of the magazine locking back into place.

"I count eight goons, plus McGee and some crazy woman in a silver mask. I swear she's holding an old Webley-Fosberry revolver and a Maasai spear!"

Those mercs and law enforcement officials among them likely know of one mercenary who tends to work with the criminal elite who uses such antique weaponry. Lady Vic. Most recently in the hire of one Roland Desmond, aka, Blockbuster. It might be the best bad news they've gotten all trip. It means the adversaries on the other side of that sled are just human mercs. And with how cranky this crew is right now, they picked the wrong group to harass.

As Daredevil becomes more used to the litany of sounds assaulting him, he struggles to get his feet moving and becomes partially successful and provides at least some assistance to those who are helping him.

As the trio ride the grapple line out of danger, he's recouped enough to hold his own wait now with gritted teeth and the pain still coursing through him.

Aw, hell.. though thankfully, Clint has his own grapple line; with bow in hand, and his sprint, he nocks and looses another arrow, and the mechanism within opens with a whirr and click, the end landing in a nice, safe, anchored spot. He twists around, protecting his face and hands as the ice shards fly, only a couple of them truly landing, cutting up his coat and embedding into flesh. A hiss escapes the man who is now, essentially, enshrouded in silence once again.

Rolling and landing, Hawkeye is back on his feet, his expression pained but resolute. He's not saying much, if anything, though it doesn't require sound to get an idea of what the hell is going on just beyond the entrance, what with the barricades. Slow jog gets him towards the front, back against the entrance wall.. an explosive arrow is nocked, though he doesn't yet return fire. Instead, he shoots a glance towards Widow, brows rising in askance.

"I don't even know if the line will hold all of us. We're going to need a lot of…"

And then there was -no- choice, and Roy had to fire and…

"GEROOOOOOONIMOOOOOOOO!" and a whole lot of other native american names were taken in vain as the trio swing over.

And whether by divinity or some sort of insane luck, they manage to survive, as Roy lets go as soon as they're clear of the bridge.

Gliding across the ice on his back, Roy manages to flop from back to knee long enough to at least look TOTALLY like he meant to do that, just in time to catch Lara's inquiry. "… we got more people to take care of? So hey, do we get a bonus, boss?" he asks, as he readies crossbow.

"Oh, -Hell.-"

Swinging three people across a mighty big ice chasm on one mighty slender piece of wire is exciting, though not particularly fun. Or advised. But..effective. Who knew? "Whatever you paid for that, it was worth it," Domino offers while catching her breath. "Though let's not do it again."

Not much further and the femme shooter is sliding in a much more controlled manner behind some cover, swinging the carbine off of her back and swapping out mags. "Eight, that's -it?- Did these idiots even -try- to gather intel beforehand?" The description sounds rather familiar. Either way, it's just another target. Bonus - "I like bonus, bonus sounds like a great idea," she seconds while edging around cover to try and draw a bead on one of the baddies. Chances are they'll be making more noise over there than she will with the suppressor yet in place. Called shot!

Widow curls into a tight ball as she swings, protecting herself from the shards that make ribbons out of her white parka. Thank God the suit underneath is both extreme condition resistant and proof against many forms of piercing and ballistic attack. She lands in a roll, scrambling back towards the edge of the chasm just as Croft hauls herself up. The gunshots attract her attention now, as does the sitrep the Englishwoman receives. She glances to Barton, and then marks where both Harper and Thurman are moving. Glancing up, she sees a nice little sniper roost amidst the 'teeth'. She gestures towards it, directing Hawkeye's attention to it. He's always better up high, and the chances are the bad guys won't expect that. "We got this," she tells both Croft and Carter. "You actually mind if we clean up, or do you want to parlay, first?" Because, really, she's all for extreme prejudice, right now. And she'll follow Barton high, bouncing between stalagmites and stalactites to a sticky roost of her own, if she can.

"Lady Marsh-Morton. A longtime thorn in my side I'm afraid. As is her boss." Lara smirks at Roy, though there is the strain of pain at the edges of her expression. "This was the expected trouble," she quips at him, before she moves to peer over the edge of the sled and fire off a few shots. The goons outside scatter. "It wouldn't do to have to fill out all sorts of paperwork regarding the death of another British lady, so let's try to leave these jokers alive, hm?" she implores the mercs.

She flits Domino a smile. "Oh they had intel, but not true intel. I made sure McGee didn't know I hired on extra help before we departed. I suspect he used some sort of GPS device for them to track him here, but long range comms are useless out here." She gives Widow the go ahead nod. She'll stay back and protect her crew. This is what she hired these people for.

Daredevil can 'see' them. He can smell their breath and hear their heart beats. The sounds of voices pave the way and his irritation at completely falling apart there conjures up a bit of anger that clouds his normally stoic judgement.

So he vaults in towards them with reckless abandon, because come on, that's what he does.

As gunfire begins coming his way, he dodges easily, almost as if he's able to preemptively see the shots coming at him. Half the billy club fires out, knocking one man out straight away, when it's flipped back into Daredevil's hands just as quickly. He leaps and flips behind another thug and begins to choke him out with the line, using the man as a shield as he faces the other foes.

Clint catches the look from widow, and rocks his head back as a pained smile creases his face. With some renewed vigor, he starts to take the wall, hopping from one post to another until he's happily set in his nest. It's then that the archer will make the first warning shot in a salvo of many within the span of seconds. Accurately, 16 arrows in 30 seconds… but that'd take all the fun out of it for others!

Looking down to see where 'Tash is, and where Domino is, there's another smile that creeps onto his face and he exhales with a small chuckle. "Payback."

The first arrow is an explosive one, and it lands right in front of where they're set up on the outside, though now, he's cursing up a storm quietly over the fact he's got to keep from shooting the guy. His first arrow is a warning shot, to be sure.. but the ensuing two arrows are accurate to the man…

… and each of them headed towards targets just before the albino mercenary can get a sight in and shoot them herself.

The only thing he can reply to Domino, not quite having a sure idea -how- they'd come through, was a shrug. Besides, they had more urgent things to do.

"Only eight. Well, it's kind of insulting, really, Ms. Croft. I mean… you could have just let -them- bring enough," Roy replies. True to his usual style, his shots are aimed to wound and immobilize, quarrels aimed at taking out the weapons in their hands, as many as he can. It's usually enough for other people to get close enough hand-to-hand, the way they'd prefer. Case in point: Daredevil.

Did she just say-

"-Alive?-" Domino promptly repeats, hesitating enough to very nearly (but not quite) pull her aim away from the sights. "Come on, Croft. We're in the middle of nowhere. By tonight their remains will be just another lost, frozen footnote in unwritten history." Pause. Pale eyes narrow. "You -do- realize that every goon we leave alive is just one more person to stab you in the back later, right?"

Sigh. Kneecaps and shoulders it is. Oh look, and there goes Daredevil! Ballsy. But the guy can dodge gunfire. Good to know, that.

(Odds of bicep incapacitation-arrow. Odds of hip inc-arrow…) "Goddammit Barton, quit taking my shots!" (Oh fudge this.)

The merc takes her first shot, almost completely unaimed. The slug glances off the side of another's pistol, which then gets thrown wide to strike another goon in the side of the head, dropping him into the snow.

The -next- shot she takes goes up into the icy ceiling, passing very, very close to where Hawkeye is hiding in his roost. So close, in fact, that the impact causes a fresh dusting of snow to fall toward his head.


The go-ahead given, Widow launches another line and springs, bouncing from stone tooth to stone tooth until she's found a rocky surface fairly clear of ice, to which she can easily cling. Bracing against it in fine wall-crawler style, she unshoulders a longarm and starts feeding tranqs into it. Apparently, the Widow can 'blow kisses' at her foes, as easily as she can stun them face to face with them. The knock out drug in the darts is potent. It could drop a charging elephant. She lets Thurman bicker with Barton and simply lines up her shots. Pop, pop… Pop.

Finally, she sights down on the lady with the spear and the old Webley, studying her. Given the Maks on her thighs, the Russian can respect the use of older model weapons. She can even respect Croft's desire not to kill a fellow peer. But, the tomb raider won't mind if she give the other adventuress reason to nap, will she? Her finger relaxes on the trigger and then gently squeezes.

"I realize," Lara replies to Domino. "But I also don't want to sink to their level. Call me old fashioned, but I quite fancy myself to be one of the good guys." The tomb raider begins loading the crates that were taken off the barricade sled onto the other one for safekeeping, silently hoping Ila is all right at that Lady Vic bypassed the original campsite in favor of coming at them where the prize was.

Goons go down hard, losing their weapons and being pummeled with non-lethal arrows, bullets, and blows. Lady Vic rolls aside from Widow's shot and comes back to her feet. She growls at the false information about the expedition party and she heads for her own snowmobile at a quick clip. "You were woefully insufficient to the task Blockbuster gave you, Robert," she snipes at Bobby. "He wants a refund." She fires her Webley and shoots the turncoat in the head, dropping him instantly, before she takes off. She may not be the best merc out there but she's a smart one, anyone trying to pursue will find that she's yanked a spark plug out of each of the expedition's snowmobiles, and remotely disabled the ones her goons rode in on.

The fight is swift and over in a flash, and Croft removes the barricade to let them out of the cave. "Round them up and secure them in the back of one of the Cat's. Everett, get the vehicles up and running. Carter, help MacKenzie with Sigrid, please." She steps over to the corpse of Bobby McGee, not quite as fortunate as the subject of the Joplin song he was named for. She crouches down and sighs. "There will be paperwork afterall."

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