Rescue in Chinatown

<July 3, 2014>: Stargirl rescues Jamie from a gang

+-[ Chinatown - New York City ]---------—+

The streets of New York City are rarely empty. It is a bustling,

vibrant city and the nation's busiest port of call.

This room is part of the New York City Zone and still needs to be

properly described. Its purpose is:

With an estimated population of 90,000 to 100,000 people,

Manhattan's Chinatown is also one of the oldest ethnic

Chinese enclaves outside of Asia, consisting primarily of

Cantonese and Min-speaking residents, although there are now

some Mandarin speakers. It is one of six Chinatown

neighborhoods in New York City and eight in the New York

City Metropolitan Area, which contains the largest ethnic

Chinese population outside of Asia, enumerating an estimated

735,000 individuals.




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Note: The first bit of this log was lost..hence the recap.

It was your typical day in Chinatown, lots of people about, tourists, locals, Jamie fleeing through the crowd from a small gang of Asian street thugs. Unbeknownst to them all, a young woman was in the crowd. She was blonde and blue eyed and seemed about as threatening as a kitten. She watched the prey run into an alley before being shoved aside by the pursuing predators. She was having none of that and proceeded to take down three of them before the gang got smart and fled. Now she stands, looking quite embarassed as the Chinatown shoppers try to figure out what they just saw "Nothing to see here." she said hand to the back of her neck as she sidesteps once or twice and tries to blend in with the crowd.

Jamie Madrox blinks at her, "Uh…" he looks around, eyeing the crowd, then her, then the guys who's current vocabulary seems to consist of moaning sounds. Another blink. "Uh." he states, clearly taxing his own eloquence. "We should go." having said that aloud, he nods emphatically, "With the quickness."

Oh, it's the guy that was being chased. Courtney notices when he starts mumbling in shock "Right, I have that affect on people." when he finally finds his tongue and suggests leaving quick she has an OH Right! moment "Let's!" there is no hesitation between her agreeing and moving. One moment standing the next Jamie finds his arm being grabbed while she darts down the alley he had fled originally. Thanfully she isn't going superfast, she doesn't want to end up dragging him or have him struggling to keep least not to much of a struggle.

Jamie Madrox moves along willingly enough as the girl snags his arm and tugs him about like wheeled luggage, "Dead end!" he explains to her as she darts down the alley he himseld made the mistake of darting down, "Different way!" he looks around chewing his lip as if in thought.

"I don't do dead ends." Courtney's free hand lifts in the air and after a moment a long hooked staff phases into it. Then they are up, Courtney hanging from the odd golden staff, her holding onto Jamie's arm and the ground is falling away. "Up is always an option." for her at least.

Jamie Madrox squeals like a girl. There is likely a more manly method of describing the high pitched keening squeak that escapes him as he's suddenly yoinked skyward, but it would, frankly, be a lie. Girly is very adequate. Like a little girl. Possibly in pigtails. Halfway through said squeal it drops two octives and becomes a more manly roar of surprise, obviously over compensating for its earlier pitch.

At the squealing Courtney glances down doing her best to stifle the giggles the reaction causes. Biting her lip only does so much. Thankfully the buildings that line the alley aren't as tall as those in other parts of the city, ten stories at best. It isn't long before she is letting him go, his feet firmly resting on the black tar paper of a low income apartment building "Sorry, should have warned you." she says with sincerity as she lands nearby.

Jamie Madrox instantly begins straightening his coat and looking very very nonplussed, "Nope nope." he says reassuringly, 'brushing' himself off, "Used to that sort of thing, just you know… not from random blond girls in chinatown, though now that I think about it that makes perfect sense. Because it makes no sense. And that's the sort of thing that makes sense now. That make sense?" he asks.

Courtney grounds the end of the staff into the rooftop, leaning against the staff casually as the older man does his best to act non-chalant "Not even a little." she replies as a smirk tugs at her lips. With the danger passed she takes a moment to actually look at the person she has rescued "So, you really but the sand in those dude's vaseline?" she jerks her head back in the direction of where the altercation went down.

Jamie Madrox shakes his head, "Uh… not really um…" he shiftyeyes a bit, "It's complicated. They don't like my kind and I sorta let the cat out of the bag an-" he stops talking, "It's not important, needlessly complicated." he thrusts a hand her way, "Jamie."

The comment is enough to have her giving him a confused look a moment, "Your kind…right." she's not sure if that is a beleivable story, but despite the odd, explanation that really wasn't he seems harmless enough. Hard to be scared of a guy that you've seen squeal like a little girl, "I try not to do complicated either." leaning forward she'll take the hand in greeting "Courtney.

Jamie Madrox shakes the hand with a nod, "Thanks," he says looking around agian, "You uh… you are gonna get me down from here when we're safe right? I mean, you're not one of those flying sorts that's all like 'hey, congrats you are safe now! Bye, I'mma go be a bird!' and then leave me up here without realizing I can't get down again… are you?" he sounds like this has happened in the past. Often.

"Well not /now./" Courtney says as if that has her plan all along. She glances around and then moves around the edge of the roof, looking along the sides "There is a fire escape two floors down that goes to the ground." she does a back a forth between looking over the edge of the building and back at him, "But it is a bit of a drop. Does that happen often?"

Jamie Madrox nods his head as he walks over, "Yeah. There's a building code in New York that requires all fire escapes be high enough that you can dri-oh. You meant the flying thing. Really more often then I'm comfortable with." he clarifies not at all, "I mean really, thanks for the save and all, but what kind of jerk just… leaves you someplace. That's like 'Hey, glad I saved you from that killer back at the gas station, but get the hell out of my truck here in the middle of the dessert so I can drive away waving at you. And your welcome.' I mean who /does/ that?"

She nods, of course that's what she meant "Everyone that has saved your ass in the past apparently." she sits on the edge of the building, kicking one leg over to dangle over the side. "And that last one sounds like the beginning of a low budget horror movie." the staff is laid across her legs.

Jamie Madrox nods his head in agreement, "Which is not unlike what it's liked to be dropped atop a roof in a random part of town while someone flies off waving." he points out.

"Desert middle of nowhere or a rooftop in the middle of the city." the question is thoughtful "I'd take here, at least you get good cell phone signal" she pulls hers out of her pocket, glances at it "Four bars, see." she holds it up. One wonders if she is being annoying on purpose

Jamie Madrox chuckles at that, "Fair enough." he agrees, eyeing her phone, "So uh… what's with the big goldie stick thingie? I mean, I was trying to think pu some small talk that was less obvious but-" he shrugs. She's holding a high-tech flying broomstick.

"Ever watch Harry Potter?" there is a beat "It's nothing like that." Courtney jumps to her feet "Hey the danger should be all clear now." she takes another glance down at the fire escape below "I'll get you down, but after that you are on your own." this time she offers her hand instead of just grabbing him.

Jamie Madrox takes the hand that's offered, "Liar." he says as he grins, "It's exactly like that you just don't want me to make a Quiddich joke." he counters as he eyes the glow stick, "Why a hook at the end? That seems… random."

She steps off the ledge, a translucent forcefield forming under her feet as she does and she pulls him over the ledge at onto it then drops the hand "No clue. I inherited the staff. You'd have to ask its previous owner." like an elevator the forcefield lowers to where the fire escape starts. She'll wait for him to get off "See ya 'round Jamie." the staff will then pull her up and she swings on it sitting sideways and flys off..but not into the sunset, cause that's just cheesy.

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