Diamonds And A Girl's Best Friend

July 4, 2014: After finding out about Nancy's secret stash of stuff, Bobby comes up with an idea

Nancy's room at Xavier's Institute

A very neatly kept room at the end of the hall.



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Sitting in her room, Nancy has decided to take some time off from her usual schedule. Why, cause that backpack from Partisan has things in it that need caring for. Sure, she's not used the weapons, but that is no reason not to remain familiar with them and care for them. Her bed is laid out with all the items that were in the backpack, while she sits at the desk, cleaning the gun.


Bobby seems to have finally settled into a routine, being at the institute now at fairly regular and predictable hours. So he's a bit surprised when he doesn't find Nancy in the music room practicing on her cello. She's fairly rigorous about her practice - which makes sense considering where she goes to school - so not seeing her there is enough concern him just a bit. Well, okay, quite a fair bit. That's why he's made his way up on over to her room. There's a knock at the door.

"Hey Nancy? It's Bobby. Mind if I come in?"


Nancy pauses when the knock comes. She bites her lip and looks behind her at all the stuff on her bed. No one actually knows she has all this yet. Doug sorta knows, but he doesn't seem to care. Probably something to do with his being a zombie. Hey! He was dead and now he's not. He's a zombie, just like Jesus. Still… it's Bobby and he seems pretty cool. She puts down the gun and heads over to the door, opening it a crack.

"YOu can come in but only if you can keep a secret. Deal?"


Bobby's eyebrow quirks a bit. "Secret?" What in her room would be a secret? "Yeah, sure."

He's in casual clothes for once, and not just arrived from work (Or prepared to head out there. Well, it is a holidy after all.) There's a guitar soft case slung over his shoulder. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Didn't see you in the music room and you're never not practicing y'know?" It's clear he'd been a bit concerned that something was amiss but… she certainly looks okay.


Opening the door enough so he can come in, she closes it behind him. She herself is wearing black skinny jeans and the mesh shirt and lacy bra combo she got from Illyana the night she took her dancing. And the boots. The high heeled boots have become Nancy's new favourites. More then her Doc Martens! She chuckles as he mentions that she is never not practicing *something*.

"Well, I sorta am still practicing. Just not something I think I can do around the others here. They all seem pretty… non-violent, which don't get me wrong, I am totally happy with. But Parti would kill me if I ignored my gun, so I thought it best to just take care of it here in my room. With no prying eyes. I don't plan on using it. But, you know… in case." She chuckles, looking nervous. "Please don't think that I'm some sort of killer." She goes to reach for one of her lollipops in a glass like a bouquet and then pulls her hand away. "Keep forgetting I'm trying to cut back."


Bobby looks over the guns, the grenades and other emergency gear laid out on the bed, first aid kit and such. That's… kind of not what he expected to see. He figured maybe more a stash of alcohol… though she mentioned she doesn't really drink. Certainly looks, well, very well prepared.

"If you were gonna hurt them you could have done that by now in so many better ways than with a gun." Bobby chuckles as he finds himself a seat, leaning his guitar on the wall and watching her. "I mean, if you're gonna have the stuff it makes sense to take care of it. Kinda like I never hope to have my car catch on fire but still check my fire extinguisher out regularly." Yeah. He has a fire extinguisher. Better in some cases than just trying to ice something.

Bobby watches the disassembly and cleaning with some interest. He's shot before and owns a small target gun for 'plinking' as shooters sometimes say, but he's not really had as intensive a study of this kind of thing as she apparently has. When she mentions she's trying to cut back he gives her another look over… it's not exactly like she needs to lose weight.

"Oh. Good for you?" His eyes narrow briefly as he thinks of something but then he shrugs and goes back to watching.


"Just let me quickly finish this and then we can go down to the music room." She sits back down and does exactly that, quickly finishing the cleaning and then reassembling the gun. Everything gets put away neatly, the gun cleaning kit, the gun in a soft case. She goes to put them back in an army surplus backpack, along with the other weapons, including a taser and a pair of extra cartridges for it.

"This is my bug out kit from Parti. When I told her I was being hunted, this was for me. I think she had hoped I would use it to join her permanently. But… I just couldn't." As she talks, the playful spark about her just seems to be not as bright today. Maybe she has a lot to think about. The first aid kit goes in next and then she grabs a velvet pouch. One of two. "Wanna see something cool?"


"Parti…" There's something about that name, a connection he feels like she should be making but… eh. It's probably not that important. "Sure, Nancy." He smiles. His still maybe a bit concerned, but hey, everyone has off days right? And it's not like she locked the door and told him to go away so… probably just one of those things. Bobby leans forward in the chair a bit to see what she's got.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Nancy lets the contents of the velvet pouch spill out into her palm. Diamonds. They sparkle in the sunlight that streams into her room, looking like chips of ice. "Aren't they beautiful? I've never even seen a diamond upclose before and now I own all of these. I don't even know what to do with them!"


"Oh wow…" He leans closer to look at the tiny cut gems. "I guess for a bug out kit that was supposed to be… you know, money in non money form. But just wow… it's like looking at a couple dozen tiny Jacky's…"

For a moment he just sort of watches the gems and the streams of colored light they throw about the room. "This Parti really wanted you to be prepared eh? That is really neat Nancy."

He leans back and smiles at her. "Too bad you can't add to the collection by taking little chips of Jacky or something, mmm?" Bobby says with a wink.


Nancy looks down at the gems and nods. "Yeah, they really are. She gave me kougerrands as well. 12 of them. And the money, and a credit card with my new name. Oh, yeah, my ID all says I'm Tabitha Greene, so if you see me out and about, try to remember to call me Tabby. And I'll try to remember to answer to it." She laughs softly and shrugs a shoulder.

At the mention of Jackie, she smirks and nods. "I keep threatening to come after him with a chisel, but right now he keeps converting to flesh when I get close, so it won't work. His nail clippings would be worth a couple grand each!"


"Tabitha?" He gives her another look. "Oh, right, right. In hiding. Tabby it is then. Are you planning to be out and about more?" He really thinks that the older guys went a bit overkill on the whole thing, especially considering the location that they're 'hiding' her, but really it's not his call and Nancy seems like she can handle them.

when she starts talking about Jacky though. "Well… wait… no one knows you have these, right? And… making fake ones would be easy enough. Watch." He closes his right hand into a fist, and then opens it again, revealing another dozen or so tiny diamond shaped ice shards. "I'll bet we could convince him you've somehow been chipping away at him…"


"Well, see, I get the whole wanting to hide me thing. I don't know how much you know about Hydra, but they have their fingers in a lot of pies. World domination and all that. But, Parti told me that the upside about them is the different branches don't really talk to each other and so… since the branch that is looking for me is looking for me in Europe… I should sort of be safe." She chuckles then, pouring the diamonds back into their bag. "You could always smuggle me out in the trunk of your car though. You know, if you wanted to help me have a night life again."

As Bobby comes up with a bright idea of a way to troll Jacky, Nancy starts to smile. "Oh, that would be fun. But… he converts to flesh when I'm around. So, how would we say I get them?"


Bobby laughs at the suggestion of smuggling her out in his trunk, though by the gleam in his eye he's clearly got few problems bucking the system. Especially when he thinks it's being a little silly.

"Well, from what you were saying to Amara, seems like maybe you had some other ways to get out, but I'm sure we could figure out something if you wanted some help going for a night out." Having an independent job and place to live means that Bobby fears the wrath of the instructors a lot less than some might. Really he just wants to help out here, and if he can take some classes that's great too.


"Mmmm. Jacky… Well… no one really knows how your thing works, right? Maybe we could convince him that you figured out a way to make it work backwards…" He suddenly grins. "…When someone is asleep."


"You mean Illy? Yeah. But it's not fair to be asking her all the time. Even if she does create me snazzy clothes when she does." The rest of the back is packed and she thinks about the Jacky situation. "So, as long as someone is sleeping, my power doesn't work on them. Only when they are awake? That's funny. Cause you wouldn't have any way to prove it. Unless you video tape it, but by the time he's doing that, we've had our fun." She laughs, putting the backpack in her closet and then hops back on the bed with the sort of exhuberance of a child on a trampoline. "Okay, so do you want to approach him? Make me the big bad guy who is sneaking in his room at night to steal his… People would notice toe nail clipping. What could I take that he wouldn't notice? His hair is like threads of diamond, so that won't work."


Bobby grins. Practical jokes… are not something he's done in al ittle while, but he's done them a lot in the past. "We'll just say you take little chips off him. I'll say he looks like he's lost a little weight. You'd be surprised how little attention people pay to their own bodies sometimes. Yeah…" His grin has grown to cheshire cat proportions. "I'll talk to him. I don't suppose you have a chisel and hammer actually around somewhere?"

He cants his head at the second recent mention of Illyana the Mysterious. "Created clothes? Huh, that's a hell of a power. Must be pretty nice. And yeah, I understand. We can make something work. Maybe something a bit more comfortable than the trunk. Though I suppose you wouldn't have to be in it for that long." He nods, thinking for a moment and then glances up to her with a grin, the incipient mischief clearly more than a bit amusing to him.


Nancy is loving this idea and shakes her head. "I don't, but I'm sure I could find one. Hey, his back and stuff. People never look at their own backs." She flops down, laying on her side as the pair talk. "Okay, so I get a chisel and hammer and leave them here somewhere semi conspicous with the diamonds. And you get to play conman. This is gonna be a hoot."

"Oh, Bobby, clothes making is like the least of what she can do. That was mostly cause I was in my pjs when whe wanted to go out dancing. She does this teleportation thing with portals. And she's got magick. Which, by the way, I don't affect at all." She stretches and yawns, her whole body stretching like a cat, from toe tip to finger tip. "And yeah, go a block and then let me out so I can sit in the front seat. Go visit my mum. Parti. Jeri. Do something for my 21st birthday."


"Birthday, huh? Yeah, I mean, look you know the risks better than I do, but if you're willing to take 'em, I certainly am." Quixotic? No, not in the least.

He watches her stretch with a chuckle and a smile. "Let me know what you want to do, we'll find a way to make it happen 'kay? I'm sure your friends would help too, right? I mean, they gotta miss you. Can't figure how they wouldn't, really."


At the mention of friends, Nancy sighs. "Well, here's the thing. Before this? This whole power thing? I was a bit of a bitch. Huge chip on my shoulder. I was mad at everyone and everything. Didn't really have a lot of friends. The one person I thought was my friend, turned out he was a spy for Hydra and was just keeping an eye on me. I didn't let people get close, cause I was so mad at myself that I sorta felt I deserved to not have friends. But it turns out mutants are a real stubborn lot and I can't seem to push you guys away no matter how hard I try. So… now, I got friends. Whether I want them or not." She gives Bobby a poke in the ribs as she grins.

As to my birthday? I don't know. I don't drink. No real desire to. Got my stomach pumped once and never again, thank you. So, I don't know. Really, other then the drinking, what can I do at 21 that I couldn't do at 20?"


"Uh, legally get into places where you might drink but don't have to. Like clubs. Though, seems like you don't have too much of a problem with that anyway." He says with a grin as she pokes his ribs. "Yeah well, what can I say Nancy? I'm glad you came around 'cause I think it not only it would be a shame for you not to have friends, but it'd be a shame for other people not to have you as one." He winks. "Whether they want it or not."

Bobby stands and stretches a bit himself. "Wanna get some music in? We can do it up here if you'd rather not head down to the music room."

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