July 05, 2014: A most peculiar explosion happens outside of Central Park…

Central Park

It's big, it's central (more or less,) and it's in Manhattan.



  • A few nameless civilian bystanders.

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Central park the day after the Fourth. It's a mess, to say the least. Public Works is in full gear with their garbage collection, and there is a small army wielding little poky-sticks and wearing bags.

This also means, of course, that tourists are dragging their heels and not quite leaving. It is the Weekend, and there are still little bands of celebrations going on, from small acting troupes to buskers to, well, anything. Picnics. Games of catch. Add to that food carts on the trails and food trucks on the corner and one has, yes, New York City on a normal day.

It's been a long week for Clint Barton and it threatens to become even longer. Work is beginning to consume him, long nights pulled, and the agent is forcing himself to get out, to walk away from it all if only for a couple of hours. Sun, coolness after the rains… not a bad day to be out.

And so, Barton sits upon a park bench, phone in one hand as he expertly navigates the screen with a thumb.. poking, swiping.. no one notice he's got 'Fruit Ninja' on.


It's a beautiful day for a walk in Central Park. Yes, Inara is here on business, but with it being Central Park, she decides to take this oppertunity for a walk. As usual, the animals have felt her presence and while they are respecting her personal space today, it is an unusual sight as they try to follow her all the same. Inara is in her work uniform for the Bronx Zoo, a clipboard in one hand.


The last time Simon Williams was in Central Park, he ran into a wolf-god and the wolf-god's daddy, who was a complete jerk. Anyway, he's incognito, as much as one can look like he does and BE incognito, as he runs the running-path. It's not quite exercise, more like meditation. Red eyes covered by mirrored sunglasses, torso covered by Gold's Gym muscle-tee, and wearing a pair of basketball shorts. His cell-phone is in one of those arm-mounted holsters and he's talking on a bluetooth headset.

"No, Murray, I don't think … No, Baye said we were done and it's in post-pro, it'll take 'em a month at least. You know this, so what's on your mind? … No, I don't need to get more publicity."


The Fourth has been good for a lot of people, for a lot of reasons. In Talia's case it involved a full day, and a full night, of playing some truly harsh music at uncomfortable volume levels in various clubs and bars all across the city, depending upon which ones would let them perform. She spent the night sleeping in the van along with the rest of the crew, which made it a very tight fit with their gear also stuffed away inside.

Blurry-eyed, quite possibly somewhat hung over, and still in her Industrial garb and spiked out hair to match the other chrome-lined spikes adorning her dark blue person, she drags herself along for a 'morning' walk in search of coffee, food, or anything possibly edible which she is currently able to catch.

She's a lot more care-free about her appearance than most of the people around her. Some ignore her, others stop and stare. She's so out of it that she doesn't even notice them anymore. Though she does notice mister Uber-Fit that comes jogging along nearby, talking into a headset.


Lines are vaguely longish around lunchtime, at the carts, at the trucks. Voices rise as they call out to friends, to family, "You want catsup on that? Sauerkraut?" or grouse at the employees that are there day after day, "$3 for a bottled water? What the hell? Import it from France?" to which the answer is invariably, "No, those bottles are $5. You want one of those too?"

Suddenly, it seems that time stands still before a *WHOOOSH*BOOM* goes up from one of the trucks that's parked right at the side of the park, and a ball of flame and smoke goes rising into the air. People are tossed, flames jet out and catch on clothing and on the ground as the truck goes from eatery to inferno in a heartbeat.

Pineapple.. orange.. apple.. goddammit, bomb..

The moment the screen 'explodes' and causes Barton to lose the game, the push from the actual explosion shoves him forward, causing a quick, instinctive roll— tuck and roll! He's up in the next second, hand reaching for his sidearm when he catches exactly what the hell is going on…

"Someone— you!" and Barton points to a random passerby, "Call 911!".. and he's off towards the conflagration.


Inara is just stopping off at a vendor to buy a bag of peanuts. There is no way the animals will let her live it down if she doesn't feed them something before leaving. While most animals have a very short memory, she seems to be the one thing they always remember. So, it's best to keep them happy. She is walking away from the vendor, bending down to actually hand a squirrel a peanut when the explosion causes her to start and the contents of the entire bag go flying.

As happy as the animals would normally be for this free for all, the loud noise, fire and resultant smoke cause them to flee. She looks over to the fire, blinking. A bomb? In the park? But why? She gets out her phone and starts to dial 911, even as some man yells at other passerby's to do so as well.


Simon does notice the blur-furred girl — but not being rude that way, he wouldn't stop to bother here, except that, well, she's someone he kind of recognizes. Right! The teleporting girl from the Mole Hole.

"Murray, I'm hanging up now. No, don't set up … Fine. I'm turning OFF the phone now, Murray. Bu-bye," and Simon taps the earpiece and then mutters, "Simi, turn off now."

He returns to where the blue girl was, as he overran, and says, "Hey, I think we've met but I never got to exchange names… oh hell…"

Of course, that's because the food truck explodes, and Simon has to abandon his line of gab to go help with the conflagration. He turns and sprints over at about 120MPH, vaulting over people and generally not stopping. First things first, stop the fire! If he can find the cause.



Talia paws at her eyes as someone approaches her - Big and Fit the jogger dude - though she's not one hundred percent there. "Oh wait - Sonic Boom, right? Hey," she says with a light smile as that three-fingered hand comes away from her eyes to instead be offered in greeting.

Then she's sent flying through the air as a concussive wave throws her like an errant piece of paper.

Across the street there's a fairly hysterical *THOK!* as the blue mutant hits, and sticks to, a store window with all four of her limbs, and her face pressed to the surface. "..Ow." Next comes the *wrrrrRRRP!* as she slides back down to street level, now rubbing the top of her head as half of a watermelon strikes the sidewalk beside her and leaves a wet splotch in its wake, splitting into several smaller pieces. "Holy tossed fruit salad, Batman..!"


Crawl, crawl.. and sprint.

People are running away, flames threatening to engulf the entire area- people are on the ground, rolling about.. and by the time Clint gets to the immediate area (he's not a super with super speed, but in times of extreme emergency, he's quick!) and tries desperately to put the flames out on one of the victims that was very near 'ground zero', trying to pat the flames out with bare hands first, then.. anything he can get his quickly blackening hands on.

Barton doesn't catch the flying blue-tailed punkstar that soon after attaches to the cross-the-street window, but he does have to take stock in the situation and look at resources.

Pointing back at one of the vendor carts, the archer yells, "Do you have an extinguisher?" Sadly, however, the owner of said cart is in something of a state of shock, and he's -staring- at the scene before him before he grabs his stuff and pulls it from it's mooring to depart the area.


As she is on the phone, Inara runs over to the victims. Yes, her training is as a veterinarian, but people don't need to know that. Unless of course they notice the Bronx Zoo embroidery on her shirt.

"There are … well, I can see 6 victims on this side of the truck. Burns, shrapnel. Yes. Well, no. I'm a veterinarian? Almost. Well, right now, I think that's the closest thing we have to a medically aware person here. Just hurry."

She leaves her phone on so they can use the GPS to locate her exact location and also give them more details as she has them. She looks around. No animals. It's a very odd feeling for her, leaving her feel a little hollow. But that's another matter, right now there are people, hurt. She might not be able to talk with them, but she can certainly do her best to help their suffering.


Landing at the firey food cart, Simon ignores that it's burning his clothing. The propane tank was what blew up; the second tank is still feeding the flame. So he reaches in, ignoring the fire, and cranks down the feed to "Off" , then removes the tank from the cart so it can be put down at a safer distance. He didn't get a chance to look inside the cart for people.


Oddly enough, finding an extinguisher is the very thing on Talia's mind. Aside from the ringing and the vertigo. There's a fire hydrant not far away but the angle would be wrong, she'd have to find some way to direct the flow. It's a good thing that she's resourceful!

"Hey - Sonic Boom ..darnit, what was - Wonder Man! Point five seconds of your time, good man!" Hopefully he can hear her whilest sprinting about and with all of the other commotion. "Hydrant at my eight, can you open the valve for me? I'd rather not break it!"

The store that she got plastered against is a bakery, she's seen the place before. Rather than teleport through the front window..she takes the front door. "Giant plastic frosting bucket, get me an empty one!"

They always have giant plastic frosting buckets to spare.

Need a bucket? Have a bucket! TJ pops the top free by sticking a palm to it and lift-throwing it aside. Then she blasts a hole in the bottom with a Hex Bolt. Now she has a means of directing the flow of water. "Bonus points for recycling, thanks guys!"


The proprietor of the truck hasn't made it out- he's slumped and the outline of the man can just be discerned by looking in. There are many others that are caught up in the flames; some trying to help themselves, and some that are just not able to as they've lost consciousness. All told, yes.. about 12 in various states between dead and lightly crisped.

Clint's dealing with the woman, completely -forgetting- the fact that he's one of those people that -needs- his hands for his work? Blackened and tender, it doesn't much matter at the time when he's able to douse the flames of a young woman.. and set her down in wait for the ambulance to arrive. Blue eyes search the area- his hands flexing and causing him to wince slightly. This is gonna hurt when it's all over. Lots.

Veterinarian? Vaguely medical.. "Hey.. help over here?"


Inara hears Clint's call for help and comes over right away. She looks to the woman at his feet and looks to the extent of her burns. "Could you find out how many people there are? Injured? I have dispatch on my phone." She looks again to the woman, concentrating on her. People are just a higher form of animal, right? So… treat them like she would an animal? Maybe? "The ambulance is on their way, miss. Can you tell me your name? Do you know where you are?"


Someone calling him by name, must be the director — wait, no, not a movie. No stunt backups. Simon looks over and sees the blue-furred girl, then drops the propane tank (about 30 feet from the fire) and sprints over to the hydrant. A second to figure out how to unlock it and he twists open the cap on the side pointing to the park, then turns the valve on the top to get the water flowing. He waits for her to come over in case she needs help directing the water, or getting the bucket in place correctly with the stream already flowing.


"Thanks man, you rock!"

The only problem with fire hydrants is that they're very high pressure, meant to fuel entire tanker trucks as quickly as possible. What this means for a woman of a hundred and twenty-five pounds with a slightly depreciated bucket is that she can barely hang on once she tries to harness the flow.


Both of Talia's feet plant against the back of the hydrant as she crouches over the top of it, clinging to her world anchor and the bucket alike as she fights against the pressure to sweep the makeshift water cannon toward the burning inferno that the fruit truck has become. Yeah, Simon's help would go a long way until she's 'settled.'

In the process she pans right over where Hawkeye is positioned. "Oh..-crap- I'm so sorry! I - mein Gott, that was Hot Arrow Guy, wasn't it… Oh man, I just shot a SHIELD agent with a water cannon." Swallowing once, she calls out "I owe you a burger!"


Perfect. The help is exactly what he needs in order to get all the informa—

In the next moment, Clint's hit with that rush of water, almost flattening him. At least he's got some distance, but getting hit with a spray of highly pressurized water from a hydrant still soaks him and pushes him back. He's stuck fighting his way from the rush of water with a step, two steps, and when he emerges, he's drenched head to foot.. water dripping from all parts of him.

Not something Barton expected- not by a longshot.

"What the hell—" and searches the immediate environs to catch the blue-furred girl from the shop (and UN drop..) "Oh.."


"Aim it higher, let it come down on them like rain," Simon advises, having had to do this any number of times with pyroclastics on the sets of Mickey Baye's movies. He helps tilt the spray, aiming it to come down from above rather than being a hard impact… if it'll reach that far. Once he's sure she's got it he says, "Going back to get people," and he heads for the burning food truck again.


Hey, on the upside Hawkeye won't get burned as easily now! Talia's doing him a favor, sweartogod. The woman nearby trying to help guide the bucket hydrant is given a quick salute snapped from her brow with the tip of her tail, it being the only limb still free. When someone drops the T-word a part of her wants to swing the makeshift cannon back around to help -them- cool off.

"Dude, not helping! Stop spreading panic and do something useful or so help me I will launch this bucket straight for your tuckus! Criminey, some people…"

Once more Simon lends a helping (and useful) hand, the somewhat soggy mutie making and holding the adjustments as best she can. This guy does know his fire. "Have at, Tiger!"


Now.. now it's raining. Soaked down to his sneakers such that he can not only -feel- but hear the *squish*squish* as he walks, Barton runs a hand through his plastered hair and shakes his head to get rid of any water before he's… rained upon.

"Great." There goes his day.. but once again, into the breach and with the truck truly engulfed by flames, he's not going to get too much closer. And thankfully, the sirens in the distance are getting closer. Those striken are identified, and those just on the outskirts of the conflagration have the less serious injuries and can walk themselves to the nearest ER.

Terrorist!!! is called out, however, and it takes Barton a moment to try and figure out 1., who said it and 2., about whom? Because at the moment, it's not looking like a terrorist att— ooooh.

Swinging around, the SHIELD agent stares at the man, and he's ready to go after him but for the fact that there are others that still need the help.

Soon enough the ambulances and firetrucks will arrive.


Inara closes her eyes, trying to feel any animals nearby. Nope. Nothing. Even the little ones underground have tried to escape the boom of the explosion. Inara simply shakes her head at the man that called her a terrorist. Sometimes, she hates New York. She tries to get to the man still in the food truck, though she is pretty certain that it is far too late to save him.


Simon's back at the burning food truck and he tears the side open to reach the man, and remove him as gently as possible to the grass. It may well be too late. But there are other injured, and others who aren't dampened yet, and that's the next goal; Simon goes for the next trapped person, then the next, using preternaturally sharp hearing to detect the sounds of breathing or talking or whatever moans of pain might guide him.


Talia just continues to make it rain. She'd sing something about it if it wasn't such an awful situation, with people getting injured or worse even she reels in the comedy to more respectable levels. Morph may have taught her some bad habits back in the day, having something to joke about makes bad situations that much easier to handle.

She can tease Clint about getting drenched later. And perhaps wait to admire the view for a little longer, as well.

So long as she's actively trying to extinguish the fires she's counting on those responding officials to not give her too hard of a time. It's quite clear that she didn't have a part in causing this mess!


It's a mess.. and the food truck's fires sound a loud hiss as water hits the flames. Smoke begins to cover the area, and the first of the emergency vehicles begin to roll in.

Clint's got his eye on the woman at the truck, and with the bits of superheated vehicle being torn off on the other side, it's a little easier to see right through. "Hey! Over here— " where he's found a couple more people. While not in such dire straits, they're still covered in burns. "Can you help— "

Minutes pass and with each passing, the victims are taken over by professionals one by one, hefted upon gurneys one after another to be taken to hospitals around the city. Firefighters slide in and begin to train their hoses onto the flames, yelling at Simon to get out of the way (if he was in the way to begin with!)..


As buff jogger guy brings people out of the wreckage, she points to where she wants them. She starts going over to each one in turn, seeing the extent of their injuries. On her phone, she tells dispatch what they are going to be getting in terms of the injuries and their severity. Of course, it's not before long that the ambulances and firetrucks are there and she defers to them. She explains the extent of her knowledge and helps as she can, but they are definitely in charge. People tend to get offended when they find out that a vet that never finished her degree is the person that helped them medically.


Simon's probably in the way at least when they get there, but he quickly moves aside for the professionals, offering to assist if they need it. His clothes have burned off and he now goes somewhat purple and ionic because it's better than public nudity which gets all the WRONG kind of attention. So it's pretty clear that he's not a normal combustible human.

He finds the fire chief and explains what he found, and asks for a pair of pants, because PANTS. Sing the praises of pants! Fortunately they have a spare set of firefighter canvas on the truck, and Simon gratefully pulls them on, and is able to return to human-looking. But now he's at loose ends, so he returns to the blue furry girl.


Once the actual firefighters arrive TJ's all too happy to let them take over, she can't possibly imagine what it's like for those closer to ground zero but from the overspray alone she's pretty drenched and feeling the chill.

One of the first to respond eyes the hydrant then the tiny lady beside it, a bit surprised. "How did you…"

"I had help," she replies with a friendly smile. "Pretty sure nothing's broken."

She's done what she can. That she doesn't have to immediately drop everything and run into hiding is ..somewhat unusual, and a good feeling, though she's rather not sure of what to do with herself now!

Simon will find the furry blue one leap-bounding over to that 'terrorist' lady. "Hey, you alright?" She seemed to be having some trouble out there before. Simon, on the other hand, is offered a raised fist to bump as she sees him approaching.


As the rush begins to happen around him, Barton takes the couple of moments to talk with the one that takes charge of the scene before turning away and patting his pockets. One pat.. two… oh… crap and immediately, Clint starts looking around on the ground for his phone. Where the hell— and there, lying on the ground, screen cracked and in a pool of water is his phone. "Awww.. hell."

Leaning over to pick it up, he straightens slowly, checking it all. Figures.. there's the icon for a missed call lying under the shards of glass that was his screen. With a exhaled sigh, Barton slides it into a wet pocket before he approaches the one figure he actually knows- the blue girl.

"Thanks for the water," is given with something of a deadpan. "Worked.. " Beat. "Thanks for your help, you guys."


Inara averts her eyes when Simon is briefly naked, before he goes purple and glowy. That's much better. She still keeps her back to him though, keeping a hand on one cheek to hide the blush. Nope, she is just going to keep herself busy with the medics. But they don't actually need her help. They are a well oiled machine, practiced at this. She steps back, staying out of their way and is approached by the blue woman.

Inara looks Talia over with great interest. This is not a species she has ever met before. She tries not to stare. People find it rude. An animal never would, but people are so… different. "I'm fine. Thank you. That? Sadly, happens more often then I care to admit. People are still tender after 9/11. It was a fear response."


Fistbump exchanged, and back to the lawn with Blue Lady. Simon wasn't listening for freakout people yelling 'terrorist' because that's just stupid, but he does nod hello to Inara. Simon sees another person who looks familiar, and glances to his arm. Miraculously, the leather sheath holding his phone actually didn't burn off … though he's not sure if the phone inside is useful. He pulls the tab to release it and slides it out, and it seems to be working.

"Need to borrow a phone?" Simon says, offering his to Hawkeye.


Alright, that sort of interest in the other woman's look isn't expected. Talia's used to surprise, confusion, and even awe, so it's not -that- peculiar. She writes it off without much thought. "People can be real inconsiderate at times." She's got some experience there, as well.

As Talia she there she can hear the *squoosh squish squock* of footsteps coming up behind her, causing solid yellow eyes to widen and her back to straighten out that much further. (Oh, crud.) When she turns around to look at Clint she's got her hands neatly tucked behind herself, standing all prim and proper with -such- a bright, friendly smile about her.

Of course, actually seeing what became of Hot Arrow Guy has her between wanting to snicker and wanting to look at places other than his eyes. "Mister Barton, so nice to -see- you again..!" (Very nice, in fact.)


Shaking his head, Barton seconds it with a quick lift of his hand, "I'm good. Just need to sneak it back to work and get the screen fixed without the boss noticing." Which is probably unlikely, but he can always hope. And it sounds good. "And might have to uninstall one or two apps.."

He looks to Inara and presses his lips together in a tight smile. "Sorry about that ass. But don't make excuses for bad behavior. If it weren't for the fact we had our hands full, I would have .. re-educated him." So says the man whose day to day is dealing with terrorists. Well, and asses.

"Miss Wagner," Barton turns slowly towards the blue-fuzzed girl and looks as if he's about to say more but the breath escapes him in a sharp exhale. "It's been a little while since you've pointed a ray gun at me. Water.. nice touch." Though he's honestly grateful for the assist, he's not above teasing her about it.


Nodding politely to the people that start to gather, Inara takes a step back. Smile. They're just people. Okay, you can't feel them and they act strange, but you are technically one of them, so… just relax and this will work out fine! They are just another type of animal. That you can't feel. Inara looks from one to the other, trying not to fret. She brushes a bit of hair out of her face and letting the others make introductions.


"Well, at least you have a good reason for it breaking," Simon answers. He tilts his head to Inara. "Hi. I'm Simon Williams."

You may know me from classics like "Transformaters, Robots In Explosions" and "Uberman Returns - Director's Cut". No, he doesn't say that part out loud. He has names, now, for the two fellow Mole Hole alumni. Barton and Wagner.


"Just helping cool you off, what with the all…" TJ awkwardly replies before thumbing over a shoulder. "Weren't any rayguns handy." Ahem. Serious face. "How bad is it..?" Ewww, broken phone. "You were being so awesome at heroing..that your phone broke under the pressure." Yeah, that's it!

She's not far behind with the introduction ordeal. "Talia Wagner. I also respond to TJ, Blue Chick, and Fuzzy Lady." Pause. "This afternoon's not off to a great start, is it."


Flexing his hands, now that the adrenaline rush has dropped, Hawkeye hisses and looks down at the blackened fingers. "Oh, crap.." He relies upon his hands, and right now? A -little- sore. Burned. Not quite charred. "This is gonna hurt."

"You'll excuse me if I don't shake your hand, but…?" Barton has heard the name, however, and he straightens, brows rising, blue eyes lit. "Really? Were you in 'Creature from the Haunted Sea' a few years back?" He's possibly a fan? "Oh, sorry.. Barton. Clint Barton."

TJ, however, gains a -look-. "It's dead," is given in a deadpan. The SHIELD agent can sound so serious, so somber when he wants to. "Like.. really dead." Shaking his head, the archer offers a sigh and finally pulls the t-shirt from against his skin, letting it hang and dry. "No. Not a chance." Good start? Good finish?


Inara dips her head to Barton with a smile. "Thank you. The funny part is, I was born here in America. Some people don't see passed the skin colour." And this is why I like animals more goes unsaid. She takes a deep breath and nods politely. Simon Williams, Ms. Wagner and Mr. Barton. Sadly for Simon, his name seems to have no more impact on her the the other two do. "I suppose we have to stay here for questioning by the police? Oh… ummm, introductions. I'm Inara. As you probably figured out by the name embroidered on my work shirt." There is a moment of awkward silence and then she smiles. "Hello."


Creature from the … "Yeah, I was in that, but not credited," Simon answers. He smiles to Inara.

"You may earn some internet fame over this, helping all these people. New Yorkers don't forget that kind of thing."


TJ catches the corner of her lower lip between pointed teeth and glances down and to the side when she hears the fate of Clint's phone. It doesn't last long before she frowns slightly and quickly looks back up to the archer. (Hey, wait a minute…) "Water wouldn't have shattered the screen."

Back to Inara she grins with a "You tell 'em, sister." Beneath that thin blue fuzz of hers? Blue skin. She must be half Smurf.

The comment from Simon brings a slight nod, and smile, into play as she's quick to agree. "No kidding, there's probably a minimum of eighteen smartphones trained on us right this second. Best side forward, this is probably all over the news already."


"Inara," is repeated in order to remember it. Simon's, well hell.. it's easy to remember. "I remember seeing it in a drive-in," not too long ago. "Loved it." Barton is a fan of z-grade movies, it seems?

"About those smartphones.. should probably duck out now. Time to go. Thanks for the help, and …" he looks to TJ, "Stay out of trouble."

It's far from a 'heroic' exit, what with the *squidge* in his step thanks to sneakers full of water, but he does the best he can. At least a little dignity is maintained.

A little.


The Persian woman raises a hand, shaking it and her head. "No no. No fame for me, thank you. Then again, if it brings more people to the zoo, that would be lovely." Now that things are starting to settle down, the animals start to return. The squirrel from early scampers over to her, sniffing at her leg. Bending down, she scoops up the rodent and lets him sit on her shoulder. "I'm fine, yes. No, I don't have any more nuts. Yes, look in my hair since you don't believe me."

Turning to the one that introduced herself as Teej, she tries not to let her curiosity get the better of her. "I have to say, I have not seen anything resembling your physiology before. Are you an alien? If you don't mind my asking. I'm sorry. I tend to forget my human manners." As Barton starts walking away, she tries to think of what to say. Oh! "Don't forget to visit your local zoo!" she says, hoping she doesn't look as awkward as she feels.


"Yeah, I should get clothes and return this to the fire department," Simon adds, going all purple-energy again. He makes a mental note to visit the zoo. "Nice to meet you, Miss Inara."

He rises from the ground to zip off to the northeast at high speed, vanishing past the trees and buildings beyond the edge of the park.


Well, Arrow Guy's making a hasty retreat. TJ can't blame him. Besides, Inara here is much more interesting at the moment in that she doesn't act ..all that normal… Personality quirks are one thing but watching the squirrel come right up to her then come up onto her shoulder, and that she starts -talking- to the guy as if having a legitimate conversation…

"Alie - no, no no," she cuts herself off with a sheepish smile. "Nothing like that. I'm mu-ah-meta..metahuman," she then catches herself. There is a difference in this reality and 'meta' seems a bit more socially accepted than 'mutant.'

And there goes Wonder Man! "Suppose I'd best get this over with. Bronx Zoo? I'll keep an eye out for ya," she offers with a smile.

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