Dinner Conversation

July 06 2014: Amara Bobby, Jacky and several Jamies eat and discuss matters both present and future after the trip to Nova Roma

Xavier's Institute Kitchen

A kitchen large enough to support a few tables for eating and several bake-happy Jamie Madroxes.



  • Monster the Kitten

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The trip to Nova Roma is over, if a bit more adventurous than initially planned. But after the adventure, there were feasts, and baths, and celebrations of their new heroes. Everyone came home with gifts of souvenirs, fine woven goods, jewelry, armor. Whatever struck the fancy of the people who stood up to the unexpected invaders. Amara herself has been quiet since the incident; for all the excitement of the fight, she's still thinking about the future and what it's likely to bring. She's also been spending more time in the danger room, which explains why she's actually in uniform as she makes her way into the cafeteria, lost in thought.


Bobby… didn't feel like he did anything that really merited reward… which isn't to say he didn't come back with stuff as he was too polite to refuse the sincerely offered gifts. Ah well. He's making - drink in the irony, Bobby certainly is - a smoothie. He doesn't even need to blend the ice much. Mmmmm. Delicious fruit smoothies. And a sandwich. He turns toward the unusually quiet Amara (That's been going around lately hasn't it?) and waves.

"Hey Amara. Practicing again?" Huh… uniform. Don't think he's seen that before…


Jacky's in the cafeteria making a snack. Being a mutant, in general, tends to give a better metabolism, and being just 18 makes it even worse; Jacky Winters is assembling something involving brownies and ice cream in ridiculous amounts. He has a kitten in a box next to him on the prep counter, and he's talking to it.

"How much ice cream do you think it will take to make you taste good, fuzz face?"


Jamie Madrox is cooking. Well. Jamies are cooking. Who the hell knows which is actually 'Jamie-jamie'. That might be why the whole place smells yummy, like lasagna… A Jamie in a pink frilly apron (which is to say the same apron they're all wearing) walks past and swats at Jacky with a spatula.

"We don't eat kittens here. Have lasagna. I'm making plenty."

Which is true if the four entire pans on the counter are any indication. A Jamie currently is cutting each one, and each is different.

"Hey, who wants to guinea pig my new cooking lessons?!" he asks around the room, eyeing everyone at once… cause you know, he has way too many faces.


In the fashion of most of the X-Men uniforms, it's pretty skin-tight. On the other hand, when Amara goes into a fight and goes molten, it isn't as though there's anything hidden, so…No sense in loose-fitting uniform, right?

"Oh, hello, Bobby," she greets, looking up with a small smile.

"Again, yes," she admits with a low laugh. "Going home was…interesting. And a little bit unsettling, I am afraid, with the way things turned out. How are you? You did well in the fight."

Jacky's conversation with the kitten gets a curious tilt of her head, but then there's Jamies offering lasagna before she can say anything about that.

"How experimental?"


"I'll try some." Bobby volunteers, sipping on his strawberry banana flavored drink.

"The whole mercs thing did kind of put a damper on the trip home, mmmm? Sorry Amara. I guess even out there, some things don't change. At least you guys were on hand to make 'em knock it off."

He smiles and waves off her praise.

"Thanks, but I didn't do anything but plug a gun and call down some hail. Oh and make you a bit steamy. That one didn't work out quite as planned. Sorry."

He takes another long pull at his smoothie, leaning on the counter and watching Jacky and the Jamies.

"Why, Jacky, do you want to eat a cat?"


"Ignore them, Monster, they don't understand how it is with kittens," Jacky says in an annoyingly gushy voice to the kitten. He takes one of the slices of lasagne though, not particularly caring which. He also takes a little condiment-prep bowl and puts a teaspoon of ice cream (vanilla) in it, and puts it in the box.

"This is the Monster," Jacky says in a normal voice.

"He showed up on the fourth. Someone dumped him at the front door of the vet where I work. Jerks."

Monster has a bandage on his tail and both hind paws. He doesn't have a Cone of Shame because he's too small.


A different Jamie points to each pan in turn, "Three cheese Vegetarian."

"Chicken and white sauce."



And another Jamie carrying a pan fresh from the oven with still bubbling cheese on top sets his down and 'whews' a bit, tossing the oven mittens off.

"And this is my 'Three meat, five cheese, fuck your diet' Lasanga." he says proudly. Then he glances around.

"You can't have any. It's mine."

That comment earns that Jamie a whap with wooden spoon upside the head.

Jamie-That-Likes-Cats-Apparently awwwww's as he walks past holding a soda and plops down.

"Cute little shit," he states as he cracks open the can. "Dig in, lemme know how badly it all went."


"That does not explain why you would want to eat him," Amara points out to Jacky with a flicker of a smile.

"Anyhow, Bobby, you have nothing to apologize for. It was just a shock for me to realize that, without Selene…Our legionnaires are not much of a match for modern military equipment."

She eyes the options of lasagna, then points toward the unshareable three meat, three cheese, fuck your diet option.

"I would like to try that one, please."


Bobby raises his hand.

"Make that two slices, if you would?"

He likes meat in his food. Carnivore is he. Nom. Speaking of carnivores, Bobby eyes Jacky carefully and considers the application of more ice if he seems serious. Still, his smoothie is good and it's not that worrying, just yet.

"Is that why you've been practicing so hard? Thinking of going back maybe? Protector of the city? I don't know how that kind of thing works…"

The tousled young man finger-snaps.

"Ah, that reminds me, we had meant to practice together at some point. Still sounds like a good idea at least on this end."


"Yeah, he is cute. The receptionist said she could just eat him up. We had a long discussion on what it takes to make kittens edible."

Jacky turns two-thirds-diamond so he can eat the molten cheese slice without blistering himself, and there's ice cream if it's still too hot, right? Cheese and ice cream. Three-cheese vegetarian, that's fine as long as it isn't fake vegetable-based cheese because soy-cheese is the worst. Meanwhile, the kitten is going to town on the vanilla ice cream, purring like a sawmill.

Well. A small one.


Jamies all about frown.

"If everyone eats,"

"The same one-"

"Then how-"

"Will I know which-"

"Ones are any-"

"Good!" says each Jamie in turn exasperatedly… though he does dish out the requested portions onto some smallish sized plates and slings them down the bar like table at whoever ordered what


"I don't think going back is the answer," Amara shakes her head to Bobby. "Not in the long term. Not for our future. I won't live forever, after all. But there will need to be a solution eventually. And of course, we will practice together," she agrees with a small smile.

"Tomorrow. Today, I have worked very hard. As has Jamie, apparently," she adds as she looks at the slinging.

"That is still strange to me," she admits as she eyes the multiples, taking one of the diet-killers.


Bobby… actually likes this lasagna. "Mmmmm. Well I dunno about the others, but this one's a cut above store-bought frozen." Which, being a recently graduated college student, he has a lot of experience with, even if he does cook.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah. Like, which one is the original? Or… does it even matter?"

Just for mischief, he ices the counter, causing Monster and his ice cream to slide toward the sink


"OK, give me a little of each," Jacky says. "But they all smell great."

He stops the slide and gives Bobby a LOOK, shaking his head. He takes the empty bowl out, though a certain Monster wants to hold onto it.

"No, it's time for your hydration, little beastie," the diamond-kid says. A syringe with a needle, Jacky fills it with neutral saline from a sealed bottle and rubs an alcohol pad on the kitten's scruff, then injects it slowly under the skin. Monster squawks in protest.

"Got to keep him hydrated, fireworks burns are nasty," Jacky notes. "Tha's why he's here. Good lasagne!"


Jamies look up, "That's a very-"

"Zen question-"

"For a popsicle to-"

"Ask." They point out with super creepy perfect timing. And people think the Cuckoos are weird. Amateurs. Frauds. Poseurs. Jamie looks around the table at everyone and sighs before scooping out his own helpings, one of each of the others and one with a double helping of Fuck Your Diet lasagna.


"Fireworks burns?" Amara echoes, brows rising. "That is…awful." She starts in on her own lasagna, watching the antics as she eats. All of that practice takes it out of her, there are calories to be replaced.

"And that will always be a little bit strange," she adds with a wry smile for Jamie.


Bobby feels a shiver run down his spine as the Jamie quartet answers his question like creepy horror movie twins. Twin twins? Whatever.

"That's… so very, very uncanny," he finally says with a shake of his head whilst munching on his lasagna. "Fortunately it is more than made up for by delicious Italian food. You're not a culinary major by chance are you?"

Bobby's actually noticed the amount Amara is eating with some fascination. He is at some level a scientist and the flow of energy - calories is derived from the word for heat after all - is his specialty.


"In theory, chicken white sauce is ok, but I like tomato based better," Jacky says, putting away the used syringe and bottle in a zipper-pouch that's in the box with the kitten. He goes on to taste a bite of each of the pieces — there's enough for two bites of each — and nods as he tastes them, eating ice cream between.

"OK, the three cheese is best, then the vegetable, then the chicken and the diet-breaker are both equally good, but not as good. And the vegan just tastes weird," Jacky says.

Of course, he's clearing his palate with brownies and vanilla ice cream with cherries on it. So who knows.


A couple of the Jamies look up at her and grin, "Naw, you get-"

"Used to it."

One tilts his head to the side, "Eventually?" The last word sounds more hopeful, as if no one else has gotten used to it yet, but he still hopes they will.

Unlike Bobby who's interest in Amara is scientific, one of the Jamies is simply staring at Amara's boobs, which are currently teaching him a lot about gravity and the ability of unstable molecular fabric structures ability to defy said fundamental physical force. He's sure if he looks long enough he'll be struck with the inspiration for a paper. But, it's just one Jamie in a dozen or more, he's easy to miss.

"I've got a guy taking some classes. Chicks dig a dude who can cook so…" that all came from one Jamie, which is a nice break, another one speaks up, "I've got guys in all sorts of classes."

"I'm gonna be a lawyer!"


"Nutrionis-Blargh!" that last Jamie makes a horrid face.

"Don't eat the vegan one…" he pauses, looks up at everyone that's not a Jamie and offers a wan smile, "I mean everyone should eat the vegan one! It's delicious…"


Amara hides a smile at the vegan lasagna commentary, continuing to eat. She's neat about it, but she's packing it away.

"You are staring, Bobby," she notes after a moment, amused. Poor Bobby, getting the flak that rightly ought to be going to one of the Jamies.

"The people who study attention deficit disorder would have a field day with Jamie, here," she points a fork toward one of them.

"If they could get one brain to work the way the many Jamies do, productivity would explode."


Bobby blinks. "Er, sorry." He seems to mean it but he doesn't offer any explanation other than that because 'I was watching what you're eating' really isn't any better than 'I was ogling you semi-discreetly'.

"Yeah, they could. Do we have any psychologists in house?" Bobby grins. He's joking but man, Amara's absolutely right about that.


"Soy cheese," Jacky says. "Invented by the evil conglomerates to convince people who can't eat milk that they're not suffering for the loss. But it lies."

He takes the second bite of vegan and chews it slowly, then swallows. Ice cream! That's better.

"No. It's still weird. What spices did you put in that? Anise and dried basil? Because it tastes like licorice."

The kitten curls up and starts purring, and Jacky scritches it gently on the head as it falls asleep.


Jamie Madrox starts to stand, or at least a few of him do, and they begin doing the dishes. As if in jest, they start to sing the Dwarf song from Hobbit and tossing baking pans and spatulas about. The Jamie with the Fuck Your Diet food looks up.

"If anything breaks I'm not going to be held responsible!" he calls out.


Amara's smile flickers at Bobby's question.

"We ought to," she answers, amused.

"Telepaths are one thing for understanding what a person is thinking or feeling, but we really should have a professional here to actually evaluate and respond. With so many teenagers and young adults coming to terms with so many things?"

She shakes her head, continuing to eat until her plate is clean, then stealing another plate of the three cheese.

"It should probably not be someone attractive, though, otherwise she'll have eight hours of Jamies a day."

At the purring, she looks over toward Jacky and the kitten, smile faint.

"Very cute."


"Only eight hours?" Bobby grins. He's gotten the sense already that Jamie's a bit flirty. In fact he thinks he maaaaay remember him from a few years back… or maybe not. His memory from back then is a little fuzzy. Kind of like that kitten.

"D'awwwww." He says very quietly.

"Maybe you can convince Scott to study Pysch for that purpose."

He's not really interacted with Scott, but the man has a reputation around the Institute that is… not hard to hear about.


"Chip the bottles and burn the corks, That's what Bilbo Baggins hates, so carefully, carefully, with the plates!" Jacky sings along with Jamie. The kitten protests as the vibrations travel through to his fingertips where the kitten is trying to sleep, and he grabs them with tiny claws.

"Hush, Monster, singing is good for you," Jacky says, and the kitten sighs, curling up. Jacky looks up at Amara.

"Yeah. He's lucky, the burns weren't too bad. Sometimes they can't recover."


Jamie Madrox snorts at Amara, or one of them does, another voices the snort worthy thought out loud.

"Yeah, because how attractive the Doctor is will decide how much of my brains she wants to pick," he says in a dry tone.

One of the dish tossing Jamies pipes up, "I start psych courses in a month!"

Another Jamie waves a hand at Psych Jamie as if in acknowledgement while another says, "See? There you go. Wish granted. Soon you'll have dozens of shrinks wandering the halls, judging your every action, breaking down your motivations and inner thoughts."

Boob Staring Jamie grins at something and two more chuckle idly. Well someone just told a /very/ inside joke. Dishes Jamies beam at Jacky and continue their song, various kitchen debris hurtling through the air.


"Staffing solutions solved," Amara declares with a gesture toward Psych Jamie and a shake of her head.

"What do you mean about Scott, though?" she asks Bobby, taking another bite of the cheese lasagna.


Bobby grins. "Well, I only met him the one time. He seemed okay, but folks around the Institute seem to have certain opinions of him. I was figuring maybe Jamie wouldn't be on him all day every day if he were the school shrink."

More Italian goodness follows. Vegetarian looks… interesting. Not vegan. No. Not that.


Jamie Madrox just shakes his head at the mention of Scott, "Dick."


"I like him!"


"He's okay sometimes," say the Jamies at the bar like counter. It would appear someone's of multiple minds on Scott.


"He can be…rigid," Amara summarizes. "But he has the best interests of the school in mind."

Finishing the lasagna, she starts to stand.

"I should go and get cleaned up, though. Practice tomorrow, Bobby?" she confirms, taking her empty plate to Dishes Jamie.

"Good to see you again, Jackie. And your little Monster."


Bobby hangs around the kitchen a bit longer, chatting, eating, playing guitar and watching the madness that is one-or-more Jamie Madroxes…


Jacky continues as well, waving to Amara.

"Monster will be back at the office tomorrow, hopefully."

He has no negative opinion of Scott - tends to idolize him a little bit - but that's because the guy helped him figure out the whole 'foster kids' thing without becoming a complete jerk. Partial jerk, maybe.

Anyway there is still ice cream to be eaten, but it's melting.

"Hey, Bobby? Could you put a bit of the chill back on my ice cream? I wasn't expecting the Lasagna Quiz."


Boob Watching Jamie seems sad that his study into fundamental physics is getting up to leave, and he pokes at his lasagna in protest. Then some of the other Jamies rise as well, and the singing dancing dishes take on a more sedate normal tone as the song comes to a close, though a few still hum under their breath.

"Well, the attractive one is leaving and all there is left in the kitchen is clean up," the speaking Jamie looks around, "Which means it's time for me to go."

He grins at the remaining mutants, "Well, some of my anyway."

A couple of Jamies filter out for the doors while the speaking one picks up what looks like a recipe pad and pulls a pencil from his pocket, which he instantly begins to chew.

"Where'd I go wrong…" he mutters as he too leaves the kitchen.


"So Jacky," Bobby says as the clean up Jamies… clean up. "You're working at a vet's place?"

Jacky had introduced himself originally as the school mooch so… learning that he has a job is actually kind of interesting. That and he's apparently pretty good at it.


"Yeah. I actually don't want to be the mooch forever, so, I started working as a vet's assistant. Lots of emptying cages, cleaning up poop and barf and all that highly charming stuff."

Jacky swallows another giant mouthful of ice-cream-and-brownie, becoming less diamond so he can enjoy it better.

"I kinda like it. Taking history and animal husbandry. I'll have to choose one or the other, probably go to vet school or something."


Bobby wiggles his fingers in Jacky's direction in an exaggerated fashion, refreezing his ice cream enough to make it more cream and less cream-soup.

"Vet school sound like it might be nice. Hey, with that ability of yours you could even do exotic pets pretty safely. Kinda hard to chomp a Diamond's arm off. Or… I dunno, do Telepaths frown on influencing animals? Be real handy telling them to calm down and go to sleep."


"It's actually easier to calm down an animal. They don't necessarily do what you tell them to - instinct is stronger sometimes - but when they're in pain or fear it's easier to block those. Easier than with humans."

Jacky shrugs, "But the more diamond I am, the harder it is to do that. Inconvenient, huh?"

Monster makes a cute noise in his sleep, and Jacky strokes his head.

"It's ok, little guy, you're safe. You know, he's partly deaf from the fireworks."


The ice nerd comes a bit closer and reaches out, very slowly so as not to wake the kitten, to pet it.

"Poor little guy. You usually bring your work home with you?"

He scratches the top of the kitten's head very lightly wondering why on earth people can be so dumb and/or cruel.


Jacky hands the now-empty ice-cream-feast bowl to a passing Jamie with a thank-you, and it's chucked into the dishwasher.

"Only when they have to be treated every few hours, and there's not anyone overnight at the office. Our usual overnight people are on vacation, and I didn't want to leave Monster at the other office where they have the kennels. It's a lot noisier and I didn't trust them to remember to keep him hydrated. I mean, they're not bad, they just don't do medical stuff very often."

The kitten stretches, and wakes up a bit. It squeaks. It's hard to tell how old - maybe 2 months tops.


Bobby nods.

"Fair enough. Are you a… animal person? I mean, common stereotype. I mean I'd think you'd need to like them at least a little to do this kind of work but…"

But, you know, it's not nice to assume and hey, maybe there's a story in here somewhere.


"Yeah, no, sometimes," Jacky says. He fetches a large glass of water. "You want something to drink?"

He returns with whatever's requested and continues.

"My folks died in a mudslide when I was ten. No other relatives, so I was chucked into Foster Care. Sometimes the only people who would listen were the animals, but sometimes I had good foster parents. I really owe the school a debt of gratitude for getting me out of it though."

He opens the zip-bag and gets out another syringe, this one without a needle and with the end cut off and melted smooth. He puts a bit of some kind of paste from a baby-food jar into the end of the syringe then a tiny yellow pill, then a bit more paste.

"This is the fun part. Monster kittens hate taking their meds. So we hide them in a food bolus."

He goes about half-diamond and very gently pushes the food-filled end of the syringe into the kitten's mouth, forcing it open, then SQUIRP the whole thing is in its mouth, and it's licking frantically and swallowing.

"There ya go. That was terrible, wasn't it?"


Bobby chuckles, leaning on the counter with one elbow and occasionally getting elbowed in the back by Jamies still cleaning up.

"Ooops. Sorry. Ooops. Sorry."

He's starting to think at least one of them is doing it on purpose.

"Does that… cost you anything? You know, make you hungry? Tired? You don't have to answer, I'm just kinda curious."


"What, turning diamond? I dunno, I never thought about it."

Jacky tries flipping back and forth quickly. It seems to be fairly effortless, but there's a tiny pulse of heat that comes with each transition that Bobby might be able to sense.

"Not hungrier. Of course I did just eat like a pig."


If it's not too tiny, Bobby can probably see it with thermal vision. Okay, that part of his power is kinda cool, and really, really handy in dark rooms. Makes everything look kind of strange but… there you go.

"Huh. You heat up slightly, er well, you release heat slightly when you do that," Bobby chuckles.

"Sorry, I'm a physicist who specializes in Thermodynamics. Mutant powers are pretty interesting because they seem to break a lot of rules… which is usually a sign in physics that our rules are not very good."


"Useful to know," Jacky says. "I never did figure out why the diamond thing happened. I mean, the ESP and the push and teleporting, that's all classical psionics, right? But being able to turn into carbon crystal that moves around like it was OK to do that? Weird. I guess I was exposed to something radioactive, because they found contamination on my clothes. But why that means 'turn into diamond' is just … ?"

Shrug. There's some serious rules of physics being broken, yes.


"I mean maybe it's all psionics. I've read some papers that speculate that a lot of 'physical' mutant powers are just 'biokenisis'. Y'know, mutants affecting their own bodies with their minds. Sounded like an interesting idea."

He grins a lopsided grin.

"'Course I'd be lying if I said I understood half of it or would know if it were sound science or complete bunk," Bobby chuckles and shrugs.

"So how long have you been playing?"


"Started when I was thirteen," Jacky says. "My favorite foster family was into music. But they were moving abroad and couldn't adopt all of us, and the other two were brother and sister, so… We keep in touch though."

He smiles, and closes his eyes. He knows where the six-string lives in his room and he calls it … and it's in his hands. He starts playing House of the Rising Sun because it's another classic overplayed folk song.


The guitar is Bobby's constant companion, though today it's the twelve string Yamaha and not the Fender. Hopping up onto the counter after retrieving it he sits and watches the Jamie squad, strumming a counterpoint to Jacky's melody.


Every folk song can be done to this tune. It's evil. Jacky sings (still to the House of the Rising Sun) …

"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip …
That started from this tropic port
Aboard this tiny ship.

The mate was a mighty sailing man,
The skipper brave and sure.
Five passengers set sail that day
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour."


Bobby grins as he starts in on the lyrics of the 'Gilligan's Island' theme. Once he finishes his verses Bobby starts in on a different set, weaving the two songs as one.

There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And God, I know I'm one."


Jacky stops. "OK, we have to make this into a real arrangement so we can inflict it on Nancy at the very least."

The kitten mewps and Jacky has to put his guitar down for a second to give the beast some water, and to clean up its OH MY GOD IT'S KITTEN POOP. The substance is teleported into a baggie. Because that way he didn't have to touch it, but he did need to save it for the doctor in the morning. Although he did have to "ESP" it, which is … still gross. He makes a face.

"OK, Monster, that was really unkind. For that you deserve more ice cream."


Bobby keeps strumming as he laughs.

"Alright. We'll do that."

He suddenly smiles. Nance is feeling a bit out of it but… no reason not to… "Say, man, are you losing weight?"

He looks Jacky up and down as if not entirely certain.

"You look like you've shed a pound or two."


"Uh, no, if anything I should be gaining, I've been hitting the weights," Jacky says, wondering what brought that on.

He looks at Bobby and gets the faintest sense of mischief being managed. Huh. That's how it is, huh? Trying to scam the kid with ESP? Well. Sure, let's see how far it goes.

"What makes you think I'm losing weight?"


Bobby is playing a slow game. He's not a master prankster but… he been known to make a just or two in his day.

"Nah, maybe nothing."

He looks at Jacky is if trying to confirm what his eyes are telling him.

"Maybe you just dressed a little looser today."

Under ordinary circumstances that'd be a seed planted that he could dig at later. Mild gaslighting, but mostly harmless.


"Sure. Well, maybe I'm lowering the bodyfat or something," Jacky says, putting a tiny dish of ice cream in the box with Monster.

Yeah, that's vaguely possible … mutant metabolism, he's in the 10% range, but it's possible to improve on that. Just look at Scooter, or Cal. Or one or two of the Madrox thumptuplets, the ones who are all about the training. Man, that's cheating.


Bobby laughs.

"You know I could probably stand to spend a bit more time in the gym… just… between work and school and wanting to actually have a life, I'm not really sure being that cut is worth all the time I'd lose enjoying it, y'know?"

He glances back at the Madrox set.

"It seems like he cheats at everything… which I would too, to be fair."


"Yeah, me too. Well, you control heat, can't you use it to control your calories? Or does it work that way?"

Jacky picks around Rising Sun and Gilligan a bit, fumbling back and forth to find a good place to bridge between the two songs.

But then his wristwatch buzzes at him and he says, "OK, time for me and Monster to get some sleep. We should work out tomorrow sometime. Or hit the Danger Room, that's always so much fun."

Jacky picks up the guitar in one hand and the cat-in-box in the other and heads towards the dormitories.


Bobby shakes his head.

"I wish. I can regulate body temperature but that doesn't affect my metabolism for some reason. Just more rules being broken," He shrugs.

"Catch you later, Jacky. I'll be about in the Danger Room tomorrow. Promised Amara we'd figure out if fire and ice really could be hot stuff."

Bad pun. Baaaad Bobby. He winks and waves as Jacky heads off.

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