Concerned Friends are... Concerning

July 07 2014: Illyana corners Bobby to talk about a mutual friend. Usually these kinds of conversations aren't so alarming.

Xavier's Institute Reading Room

A wide room lined with bookshelves and featuring a bay window with a prime seat. Perfect for late night thinking and guitar fiddling about.



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<Spinnin', laughin', dancin' to her favorite song. A little girl with nothing wrong is all alone. Eyes wide open always hopin' for the dawn and she'll sing a song to anyone who comes along. Fragile as a leaf in autumn, just fallin' to the ground without a sound. Crooked little smile on her face, tells a tale of grace that's all alone.>

It's not the music room. It's one of the reading rooms actually that's got a nice bay window in it. It's late and few people are up and this one is far from people who might be woken. Bobby is strumming and picking as he sings Norah Jones softly, relaxing and thinking at the same time.


While Bobby hasn't been at the Institute long, he got a crash-course in meeting Illyana recently when they went to Nova Roma. Not that they really talked or anything, but he'll at least probably recognize her power signature when the stepping disk flares in the middle of the room. He'll probably also recognize the blonde with the long bob that it leaves in its wake. Wearing aggressive boots that climb up to her knees with silver skulls for buckles, low-riding leather pants and a tight corseted top that continues down her arms to spiked forearm guards, it's a far cry from the Nova Romani attire of earlier. She fixes him with a hard, blue gaze, like deep-sea ice.

"Bobby, right?"


Bobby keeps strumming though that's more because his brain hasn't told his fingers to do anything else and they're continuing on autopilot. That's… certainly the last thing he expected to see. The surprise is evident on his face - most people here still don't actually know his name - and it takes him a long moment to get his brain in gear.

"Um… uh, yes, that's me. And you are… Illyana?" He only really saw her the one time, memorable as the incident was. He doesn't really breathe the same rarified air as the veterans and alumni for the most part.


Illyana doesn't really drop by the school much, either. Not with Piotr being Away. She only went on the trip because Amara's one of her few friends. She walks over towards Bobby, the tread of her boots heavy and if her attire wasn't intimidating on its own, being the subject of Illyana's attention just might be. Especially when she stops, hand on hip just out of arm's reach of him and looks him over with a slow down-and-up.

"What was it? Snowcone or something?"


Yeah. She's smaller than he is but… there's no way her regard is not the slightest bit intimidating. And her attire too. Then she calls him Snowcone and he just… laughs a little.

"What? You want one? Just Bobby is fine. I don't have any kidn of fancy code name. I'm not even on the 'team'… though allegedly someone's supposed to talk to Scott about that. I'm just a guy whose here to help out and take a few classes." The strumming finally stops as he can't keep his mind on the tune just at the moment with this frankly mildly frightening woman this close. At least he's not edging away in fear. She does command attention though.


Slowly, Illyana's lips curve into a smirk. "Alright, 'just Bobby'."

Her tone is amused, but it doesn't hold the mocking that seems to lurk in her eyes. She steps over, reaching out to give him a slight push to make room for her and she wedges herself in next to him.

"So. You know Nancy, right? Snarky, little grumpy, screws with your powers…?"


The seat Bobby's on could hold two, maybe three people but as he'd been alone he'd been sitting off center with one leg thrown up to support his guitar. The push rocks him a bit and then she's wedged right up on his right.

"Um. Hi."

Illyana doesn't do personal space does she? His skin is cool to the touch, even through his shirt. Not cold, but also not the normal temperature.

"Yeah, Nancy. I know her. She's a friend." He smiles, remembering the first blonde and then dark haired little gothling.


Illyana quirks a brow upwards as he calls her a friend with that goofy little smile. Of course, it's Bobby. All of his smiles may be goofy.

"Anyhow. Something's up with her. I figure you're here at the school and she seems to like you, so keep an eye on her." Illyana doesn't ask. She just seems to assume that Bobby will fall in line.

Illyana isn't keen on other people touching her, or invading the rather large bubble of personal space that she normally claims but she doesn't give other people the same consideration. Apparently having decided that she wants to sit here no effort is made to avoid touching Bobby or otherwise giving him space. In fact, her commentary is briefly distracted as she notices his cooler body temperature, pausing to put her hand on his forearm. And then taking it away. And then putting it back.


The first time she touches his arm Bobby is, rather understandably, a bit confused. Then she does it again and the light bulb goes on. "Ah, yeah. That's my, um… nature. It's a bit different from a lot of people's. I have to work to keep it in rather than having to work to get it out. I don't usually bother making my skin feel normal unless there's a good reason to do that."

He seems mildly amused at her curiosity as much as he's mildly bemused by her 'personal space? what's that?' approach to things.


Illyana makes a small sound of… acknowledgement? It's hard to tell. Curiosity apparently having been satisfied she leans back against the window frame, pulling one leg up to rest her heel against the edge of the seat.

"Yeah, probably not a big deal. So. Nancy." She arches a brow, as if to say 'well?'


Bobby is fairly attached to the girl, and has of late been concerned about her, but been fairly at a loss about what to do. He's only heard Illyana's name in connection to her a couple of times. She apparently sneaked her out of the mansion to go clubbing.

He arches a brow in return.

"Yes, Nancy? You're her friend too right? Did you want to talk about her?" His lowers his voice, rather unnecessarily as there's no one else up. "Is it about her acting a bit… off?"


Illyana hitches a shoulder in a small shrug when he asks if she's her friend. Noncommittal is Illy. When he mentions she's been off though, she peers at him.

"Have you talked to anyone about it?" She doesn't have Jericho's sense of outrage there, that people must not care if they didn't notice. Illyana spends a lot of time watching people, and people tend to ignore things outside their own little bubble.


Bobby shakes his head. "No. I mean what would I say? She seems kind of down? Or off? I figured that must be it for a while, but then we came back from Nova Roma and nothing changed. I just… wasn't sure what to do but watch and make sure nothing happened." He looks a bit frustrated.

"For all the good it's done." He starts struming again, a minor key, just sort of formless, melodic plucking.


"Well, I definitely think something is wrong beyond her having a bad day. Tell Hank or something."

Because Illyana doesn't tend to be around enough to run into Hank. Sure, she could just pop in on him but he's always surrounded by a metric ton (literally) of tech that makes her skin crawl. Also, there was that one time she surprised me and there was an Accident… Yeah. Not someone she likes visiting spontaneously.

"If he gives you any grief about it tell him to call me."


Bobby nods slowly. Hank is someone he knows and trusts, so that's not hard, though tracking the guy down might be a trick and a half. He tends to bury himself in his work. Emphasis on bury.

"Sure, I can do. Anything I should tell him other than just 'something's wrong'. Huh. For that matter is there anything I should be aware of?"


"That she's acting like a zombie." Illyana answers. "Not like, a real zombie. That I could do something about but y'know, no emotional spark?" His question gets one of those small shrugs. "Use your best judgement. I'm not sure why she's acting all weird. Hell, for all I know that's really her normal state but you don't normally go the gothling route when you're that emotionally dead." If anything, goths are the other extreme, all emo and overemotional.


Bobby nods. "Yeah. Nan doesn't exactly have a shortage of emotion, that I've observed."

He chuckles, thinking for a moment and then looks concerned again. "I'll dig him up. Soon as I possibly can. Promise. Was there anything else?"


Illyana smirks at him then. "Hoping to get rid of me?" She teases, and then shakes her head. "Nah. You have my number, if you need anything? I think the school keeps a database of us. You could try calling my name three times but that's kinda hit or miss."


"Uh, I'll look it up in the records if that's okay. Unless you prefer to pop in on me from the third floor bathroom mirror by candlelight. I mean, to each her own." Bobby smirks back. Banter. He knows how to banter. Still intimidating though, no question. Something about the eyes. He stretches a bit and picks up his guitar again.


Illyana's smirk pulls into an almost feral grin. "I'll keep that in mind." Her words are a slow, amused drawl. She claps his shoulder as she moves to stand up and move a few steps away from him.

"I'll catch you later, Snowcone." Light blazes at her feet and then the flat disk of light moves upwards, leaving nothing below it. A moment later, it winks out, leaving him alone again.

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