Nancy's Night Out

July 07 2014: Nancy and Jeri text as they do every night… only to be interrupted by Illyana.

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Nancy knows that Jericho knows it's her. He's got that fancy dancy heads up display thingy that tells him everything. She starts to pull down her bed sheets and climbs into bed, her nightly ritual of talking to Brother Wolf helping her to shut her mind down and get to sleep.

<How's mom?>


It's her and yet it's not her. It's really… really weird. And somewhat worrying but he's been too busy dealing with Anabeth's situation to drop on by and find out if everything was okay. Which is probably for the best, really. He suspects he'd get, at best, a rather frosty reception.

<Hey Nancy.> He greets her in return.

<She's doing okay. Better day for her, sudden move notwithstanding I think. How're you doing?>


<Meh. Wake up, eat breakfast, practice. Practice. Lunch. Work out. More practice. Free time. Dinner. More practice. Free time. Bed. I think I need another vacation.>


<You're sounding like it Nan.> Jericho sighs inwardly.

<Don't think you've been this laconic since I've known you. You sure stuff's not bothering you?>

That's about as hard as he's willing to push this right now. While he does enjoy his nightly conversations with Nancy… the past couple days’ worth have been a bit worrisome.


Only Nancy will see the see the portal wink open, but she doesn't get a whole lot of time to react as it drops Illyana down to her bed next to her in an already reclining position. The mattress dips and bobs but Illyana's already reaching over to pluck Nancy's phone out of her hands.

"Wow. This is as bad as that Twerker thing. 'Ate a bagel.' 'Walked to the kitchen.' 'Took out the trash.'" No, she doesn't realize it's Twitter. Illyana, dressed in decidedly not-PJ-attire looks over at Nancy and then gives a slow grin.

The Russian doesn't have the fast fingers of most of today's texting champs, but she can still manage to text at a decent rate.

<Nothing that some of your sweet, sweet loving couldn't fix. I need you baby. I need you so bad.>

Grinning like a wolf, she hits SEND while undoubtedly working to keep the phone away from Nancy. "Who are you talking to, anyhow?"


Nancy sees the flash of light and knows what it means, but doesn't seem the least bit bothered by it. She doesn't even fight Illyana taking her phone. Just letting her.

"I talk to Jericho every night before I go to bed. So he knows I'm still alive and safe."

Nancy isn't even hugging her stuffed owl, who is sitting on the other pillow of her bed. Ignored. Poor Archie.


Jarring doesn't even begin to describe how that text strikes Jeri. That… could be some of her trademark humor but she's never been even remotely like that with him… and in fact it sounded before like it weirded her out.

<Ummmmmmmmmm… … … Nance?> Remote possibility that isn't her. Well, isn't the not her he's been talking to in the last couple of days, even. Otherwise… um…


"Huh? Jericho?" Illyana peers over at Nancy. "You text him *every* night? Why don't you just *talk* to him?"

Kids and their newfangled technology. "You know, with your mouth." Illyana uses one of her hands to make 'talking motions' before texting again.

<Why haven't you saved me yet from the monsters holding me and keeping me from your sweet lips!>


Nancy sits up in her bed, still making no effort to get her phone back from Illyana. "Initially, it was for security reasons. But now it is mostly just habit I think." She shrugs her shoulders non-commitedly. "I was just going to get some sleep. Do you mind?" There is no snark, her question seems mostly to gather information.


Not in the least bit helpful, as far as clarification goes.

<Um. Nancy, do you need help there?> That is perhaps the one thing he would take, very, very seriously. <Really, do you? Because I seem to recall that my fitness and, by extension, my lips, were not a thing you.>

Jericho would be texting but he doesn't use a phone for this. So instead he's staring at his HUD, which is to say leaning over the kitchen counter staring at absolutely nothing, his closing of the blinds so Mrs. Kurkiewicz doesn't do anything untoward quite forgotten now.


Mrs. Kurkiewicz has a new toy. It's for bird watching! Or at least that's what she told the nice boy at the store. It's one of those parabolic mikes and she has it trained on Jericho's window with one hand, her binoculars in the other.


Illyana's peering has gone to narrow eyed consideration now. The phone is tossed to the bedding as Illyana reaches up to feel Nancy's forehead to see if she's sick. This *is* the girl that went off on the teleporter for invading her house, right?

"Are you possessed? Because I can deal with possessed. Or maybe you need to *be* possessed." Illyana snaps her fingers and she just teleports the whole damned bed, with the pair of them on it, next to Jericho's. Dropping down into a comfortable slump with her jeans and boots and a corseted top she looks towards the kitchen where Jericho's glaring at nothing.

"I think Nancy's sick." She calls over.


Nancy lets Illyana put her hand on her forehead, not protesting in the least. No fever, so that's a good sign at least. "I don't think I'm possessed. I think Amara would have warned us if that was a possibility."

The bed falls through the floor of the Institute and lands with a THUMP into another bedroom. Nancy looks around, but once again it seems to be to gather information then out of shock or surprise. When she sees Jericho, she smiles a little. "It's good to see you again."


Jericho jerks in surprise at the thump and spins, halfway to pulling his sidearm when. "Oh. Illyana. And… Nancy?" He blinks, shakes his head and make sure he's not abruptly hallucinating, then blinks again. Once convinced they're real - it doesn't take long - he deliberately reaches over and shuts the blinds. "Nice to see you too. Both of you."

He walks over with a concerned expression on his face toward the bed that is now occupying the bulk of the space between the couch and the television. "Sick?" He also puts a hand on her forehead, canting it slightly when it's not warm. "Hrm."

The hacker pulls his hand back and sits down on the edge of the bed. Now that he can see her she does look… blank.


Illyana makes no move to get off of the bed, just crosses one booted foot over the other and folds her arms back behind her head as she watches Nancy and Jericho. "Yep. I already did that. Seems physically fine, but her fire's kinda checked out." And Illyana's been all about poking that fire.


Nancy's eyes follow Jericho as he goes to turn down the blinds. Across the street, Mrs. Kurkiewicz frowns. He's up to no good again, she knows it. Now he has two girls in there and a bed in the living room. Pervert. She should call Superman. Maybe he'll take her seriously that this man across the way needs to be stopped.

Nancy sighs softly as her head is felt again. "I feel fine. Really."


Jericho nods. "Yeah, I believe you Nan but you're not acting right…" He glances over to Illy. He needs to test something and leans over to whisper.

"Gonna prod her, mind if I use you as a prod? I just need to see how she's reacting to things." He's processing everything he's learned about the N13 project particularly in the last few days, trying to figure out what has changed to cause the change in behavior.

Illyana lifts her shoulders as she maintains her reclining position. "Feel free. I was trying to it earlier. I struck out." The blonde could have just moved on to greener pastures (ie, someone who would actually get bothered), but she brought Nancy to someone to look at. Maybe she likes the would-be-gothling after all.


Nancy pulls her feet up to sit cross legged in her bed, still under the covers. She looks at the pair on her bed, disinterested.

"I'm not? How am I acting then?" Sadly, most of the notes from Anabeth about N13 were while she was getting the shots. It's about the questions she was being asked, the dosages, how often. There is no mention of any behavioral changes, with the exception of the fact that she seemed to notice her own behavior changing over the years.


Jericho leans back from Illy and watches Nancy very carefully. "So, if I were to tell you that Illyana and I were together now…" A few days back the very idea would have sent her into spams of disgust.

Jericho pulls up those notes in particular and compares them to stuff Angelo has been telling him about how the stuff works. Alcohol and… making her compliant. Hrm… "I wonder…" He mutters…


Well, he warned her. Or at least, Illyana assumes that was what he was warning her about. Jericho get's a faintly arched brow his way and she notes over to him a low tone, "You really have no idea how to poke someone, do you?" That was probably the lamest attempt to illicit a reaction she has ever seen. Someone needs to learn to Troll.


Nancy looks to Jericho and then to Illyana and then back again. "If you two are enjoying each other's company, that's fine. You both deserve someone in your life that makes you happy." Nope, not a flinch, not a twitch. She actually sounds like she means it. Well, if you ignore the whole lack of give a damn.


"Yep, there's something wrong." Jericho says getting up. His files are rapidly corallating any references of behavior modification or alteration. In the meantime he disappears into one room and comes back with an olive green bag with a red cross on it. Old Army Combat Lifesaver bag… with some modern additions. He fishes out one of those portable blood lab machines that Critical Care Transport teams use along with a clean lancet, some gloves and an alcohol pad. Yes, he's not remotely medical, but he does have to maintain his own cybernetics so there's a bit of overlap.

"Illyana, has anything about her changed in the last week or two?" He glances over to the blonde Demon Queen.

"Nance, give me your hand please? Just wanna take a quick sample. Won't be more than a little stick. Promise."


"That was still an awful attempt at prodding her." Illyana says. She doesn't make room for Jericho, just expects him to work around her since she's comfortable.

"And of course there's something wrong. I *said* something was wrong didn't I?" Illyana gives a huff of annoyance.


Nancy just hands her hand over to Jericho when she is asked. "There has been no change to my pattern," she volunteers. "I have changed my diet to eat less sugar, since Dr. McCoy expressed concern for my teeth." She just watches and waits.


Jericho uses the lancet to prick Nan's finger, now, going over her medical files, if any to see what her usual bloodwork looks like: ph, hemoglobin, blood sugar, etc. He doesn't know what half of it means, really but it gives him a good way to tell if anything is out of whack.

"Changed your diet mmm?"

He looks to Illy and smiles. "Yeah, sorry, I just had to test for myself. I was just asking if you'd noticed any changes in pattern for her beyond the obvious. Y'know, trying to figure out why she's doing a Lunair impression."

He pauses. "Sorry, someone else I know who doesn't really emote. It's not quite the same. She's blank. Nancy's just… sort of listless."

He pauses. "And rather suspiciously compliant." He pulls his conversation with Angelo back up in a hurry.


"She could be a zombie." Illyana points out from her spot lying down next to them playing doctor. The inflection of her words is very similar to a certain child implying a malicious growth from an old movie.


Unlike Anabeth, who becomes more compliant and reasonable with her vice of alcohol, Nancy is the opposite. The lack of her vice is proving the problem.

"I'm not a zombie," she replies, just watching as she has blood taken out of her. The bloodwork says that everything is normal, except her blood sugar. It's low. Very.


The hacker frowns. "Huh. Blood sugar's off…" It's low for a normal person… and wwaaay below her usual bloodwork.” Which makes sense, as she did have change her diet recently.

"Mmmmm. Hey Nan, when did you last eat and what was it?"

He chuckles at Illy's suggestion. "Nah, she's not trying to eat my brains yet." Low hanging fruit here, of course, is the suggestion that there's nothing to eat.


"I suppose not. If she was jonsing for grey matter she'd have jumped the moment I appeared." Illyana says, affecting a smug tone.

"So can you fix her or what? Because she's totally boring like this." And that's all that matters, is that it's boring Illyana.


"I ate at dinner. Chicken, fries, salad. Just stuff. I'm trying to eat healthy, just cutting out my candy habit. No sweets. Can I go to sleep now?" Nancy looks to Illyana and frowns. "I am sorry that I am boring you, Illy. You're fun to be around."


Jericho shakes his head. Low blood sugar. That's significant. He's positive. He's just not sure how and he's not nearly medical enough to be experimentally screwing around with it. "Maybe. I have a few ideas but I kind of don't want to risk doing anything until I know what I'm doing." He frowns. "Would you mind doing me a favor, though, Illyana?"

When Nancy says Illy's fun to be around he actually smiles. Why yes, she is. Or at least, interesting to be around.


Illyana tilts her head to the side a bit so she can better see Jericho and arches a brow. "Mmmmaybe?" She says, not committing herself before she hears what it is that he wants. Nancy gets a glance and a smirk. "Yeah well, you might not be sorry if I decide to take steps to un-boring you."


Nancy just gives up on the conversation and sidles down under her sheets. Archie is left on the pillow, unloved. "Maybe I will be less boring for you tomorrow. Can we put my bed back in my room before morning?"


The suggestion that maybe she'll do better tomorrow meets with a sigh. "Nancy, could you sit up?" Pause. "Turn to the left?" He watches what she does and sighs. "Okay, thanks. Just wanted to see something."

He looks over to Illyana, rubbing his temples to stave off an incipient headache. "Would you mind keeping an eye on her? I'd really like to avoid someone taking advantage of that while I figure this out." There's a short pause as something occurs to him.

"Are you the first person to notice she's been acting strangely? Or just the first person to do something about it?" He rubs his temples and mutters. "Ai ya… some friends there…"


As expected, Nancy sits up and turns to the left and then just sits there. Waiting. She closes her eyes, breathing slowly, pulling her power into herself. On the upside, Illyana can feel that Nancy has much more control of her power like this as Nancy's field grows small enough that Illyana could likely summon a portal right on the bed with her.


Illyana gives Jericho a shrug. "I dunno. I'm not watching her 24/7 or anything. I just drop in from time to time." OK, so she had to blow her 'I am all knowing' charade. When he asks her to keep an eye on Nancy she gives him a Look. "I'm not following her around." She warns him. "I could keep her with me if it's a big deal. She should be safe enough where she is, though."


"Nance you can lie down if you want." Jericho says when he realizes she's waiting.

Illyana gets a chuckle and a wry grin.

"Wouldn't ask you to do that, just knowing someone's keeping an eye on her is nice. I trust your judgement. If you think she'll be okay, that's fine, I just can't do it myself and with her in this state, someone has to. I'll get a line on this pronto and let you know what's going on." His eyes narrow. "Since you and I are apparently the only ones who can be bothered to care."


"Bobby cares," says Nancy as she goes to lay down. "He's been asking me if I'm alright too." She rolls onto her side and looks at Illyana, her breathing still slow and regular. She is very much like Lunair right now. "He was asking on our holiday."


Illyana sits up then, bracing herself in a half-reclining position as she gives Jericho a steady look. "And most people probably just figured she was tired. Or was having an off day. Because most people don't amuse themselves by trying to wind folks up." Illyana says in mild defense of those at the Institute. "And maybe it was just my impression, but Nance doesn't seem like the sort that makes lots of friends *or* makes them very easily." Because Nancy's like Illyana in that.


Jericho nods and takes a deep breath. "Yeah… yeah, you're right, Illyana, sorry."

He cants his head slightly at the mention of a 'Bobby'. "Mmmm, well there you go. Maybe he'd help keep an eye out."

He stands up and stretches a bit, eyeing the kitchen and then glancing back, finally leaning back and relaxing, a familiar - to Illyana at any rate - wry smirk creeping back on his face.

"So I take it you were bored. You two staying a bit longer? Or headed back?" It takes a bit of a mental effort to push the recent injuries and attempts on his life out his mind, but he does manage it after a moment.


Admittedly, since being in the school, Nancy feels she has more people she would call friend then she has ever had before, but that's still a pretty small number. Now that she's allowed to lay down, Nancy closes her eyes and tries to go to sleep. Her breathing is slow, relaxed. There are hypnotists that would kill to get their subjects this relaxed. Her field of nothing rests a few inches from her skin, the closest to herself she has ever gotten it before. Shame she doesn't care about it right now.


Illyana looks over at the sleeping Nancy and finally rolls off of the bed and onto her feet. "I think I'll send Nancy back to get some sleep. I'll see about tracking Bobby down to keep an eye on her." Depending how she's feeling, she might talk to Jean as well, but telepaths never seem to like talking to Illyana…


Jericho nods and takes a deep breath. "Gotcha. Hey, thanks for bringing her by. It was nice to see you both again." He smirks "I'd say call me if you need me, but knowing you, that won't be a problem." She'll probably call when she's bored. Or feels like it. Or… well, could be anything really.

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