After the Rally

July 9, 2014: Jacky and Nancy recover from the FoH Rally and Bobby shows up. Also, Bamfs.

Xavier's Institute - New York City

Nestled in the northern corner of Westchester County, Xavier's Institute for the Gifted sprawls across acres and acres of property containing a multitude of buildings and grounds. Far enough away from the hustle and bustle of City life, the lights and sounds of the Big Apple are never truly too far for day trips.

The institute itself is a walled complex with subtle and hidden security stations. Coming up the main approach, it looks collegiate; the shrubs and bushes are carefully and expertly pruned, and all is in place.



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During the rally, when the evil blade wielding bitch attacked and murdered a half-dozen protesters and nearly got Jacky, he ended up blocking her slices with his arm, which wasn't completely diamond yet.

On the way back from the rally, Jacky tried to stay as far as he could from Nancy, but it didn't work, he was shoved too close at one point… and something freaky weird happened. His injured arm didn't change back. Instead, it went solid-diamond and Jacky nearly fainted. But when they got back to the school, and he was out of her range, he managed to shift it back, and somehow, the injury - about six cuts, an inch deep - went away completely. And now he's sitting in the pool, a little bit freaked out.


Nancy is sitting on one of the lounges around the pool, watching over Jamie carefully. She looks worried.

"I am really sorry, Jacky. I can only pull it in so far and I was doing my best. Are you sure you're alright?"

She is keeping herself well and truly out of range of him, sitting on the lounge sideways and leaning on her knees.


"It's not your fault, Nancy," Jacky says again, since this is probably the fourth or fifth apology. "Really, it's not your fault. I just, it felt so weird."

He looks over at her.

"I only ever went completely solid once. They said not to do it because it creates cleavage planes, like in natural diamond, and if I tried to move I'd break."

He doesn't remember this very well - the Professor, or Jean, hid it from him until he could handle it, and he can't really handle it yet, apparently. Back in his first days at the school, he was training, he made his left fist go completely solid, and hit something, and it cracked into three pieces. The terror was immense. But he managed, somehow, to rejoin the shattered pieces, and his hand was restored as if it were never hurt. Still, the trauma was sufficient that his teachers decided to blur it from his memory, to let him discover it in a less drastic way, once he was older and more emotionally stable.

The half-flashback hits again and he shudders all over, and everything goes diamond and back quickly. He pants, hyperventilating, then holds his breath. Calm. Down.

"….. ppffgah! OK. What happened where you were?"


Nancy's hand goes over her mouth. Her brow is knit, her eyes filled with concern. She can't even enjoy a lolly right now and it was the one day she was letting herself break her diet. Dammit. She swallows, hard, watching the diamond boy in the pool.

"You… you were just all diamond for a minute there and then not. And… please don't die, Jacky. Do you want me to get Jean or Hank or one of the other doctor types?"

Good job, Nancy. Killing one of your few friends. Excellent! This power has once again gone from 'You know, this power ain't so bad' to 'My power sucks big hairy balls!' in a matter of minutes!


"No, Nancy, I'm not dying, this is me freaking out, I'm outside your range, I can feel it. At the rally. Where you were. What happened? I was off to the side with a bunch of nice people and …" Jacky is still a little freaked out, because he goes all-diamond again. And he doesn't have a heartbeat to go crazy when he's diamond.

"OK that's better. Did you see what happened?"


Nancy starts to stand and pace at the poolside. Worried she might be too close, she backs away and paces over there.

"I was in the front row, so I could be as close as I could to Creed. Keep him in my bubble. I got distracted by one of the SRD trying to hit on me."

When Jacky goes all diamond again, Nancy whimpers, grabbing a lolly. God she needs something sweet right now.

"You went all diamond again. Like that first time I met you and you were in the water and I couldn't see you while you were swimming under water."


"Really? Hitting on you? That's … kinda funny. I'm sorry, Nan, I'm gonna be all over the place. I was kind of getting into the vibe with those protest guys, I was going to have them start singing Give Peace a Chance, and then that blade-woman bitch attacked and cut them all up and they died and …" he looks at his arm.

"I felt her cut me. Just as I was putting the whammy on her."


"Do you think maybe her cutting you while you were all 'Do what I tell you and I'll make you love me' might have done something to you?"

Yep, she is still pacing and twisting the lollipop in her mouth as she thinks. Then she stops and looks at Jacky in the pool.

"What you mean that's kind of funny? I am totally hot, I'll have you know. I could have each and every one of you if I wanted."

She crosses her arms over her chest, grumpy about her implied lack of sex appeal.


"No, what did something to me was her murdering all those people while I was in their vibe. I felt them go. That's why I could whammy her so hard while I was half-diamond."

Jacky's voice goes a little vicious as he growls, "I hope she doesn't wake up for a year."

He looks at his arm again and shakes his head. Looks over at Nancy again.

"So he had to be pretty hot to distract you from what you were doing."


"Do you want me getting closer to stop you going back and forth? Or should I stay back here? You sure you don't want a doc or something?"

She goes back to pacing, not offended for very long it would seem. She takes a deep breath and nods.

"I can understand feeling like that, mad at some just killing without thinking."

Rolling her eyes, Nancy shrugs, "He was okay, if you like the GI Joe, muscles all over sorta type. Not sure about him though. He had this moustache that was just a little too Freddy Mercury for him to playing for my team, if you know what I mean."


"It's OK. I promise I won't freak if you come over here and give me a hug dammit."

Jacky looks up with unnecessarily sparkling eyes. He pokes at his arm to see if he can tell where the cuts were, but he can't.

"So, like that Paul guy you were talking about? Do you attract them or something?"


Nancy kicks off her boots and shimmies out of her clothes before diving in. Still wearing enough that she could maybe convince the young ones that are still around the mansion that it's a new bikini, she swims over to give Jacky the hug he mentioned.

"I am really sorry if I did that. I would never try to hurt someone like that."

She laughs and gives him a poke as well.

"Paul was only my friend cause he worked for Hydra. I doubt I have 'Gay Guy Safety Net' written on me. Unless I do. Nah, cause then Cal and I would be waaaay better friends then we are. Well, not *that* way better, but you get what I mean."


The diamond goes away when Nancy gets close and Jacky's completely visible again. He returns the hug hard. Then he pokes at his arm again. It still feels the same, uninjured.

"Yeah, Cal's really kind of a Diva, though, not that I blame him. Captain Anything-you-can-do? Anyway I doubt Paul was only your friend because of Hydra. He'd have to be a total asshole, and he doesn't sound like one. You should totally set him up with Cal."

Jacky hiccups. And sighs.

"Nancy, you didn't hurt me, I was just surprised, I thought my arm would go all bloody but instead it went solid and I couldn't feel it. That was weird."


Nancy chuckles as Jacky complains about Cal and hugs him again.

"Hey, he can't do what I can do," she says with an impish smile. She considers setting him up with Cal and grins.

"Maybe when I get out of this place for more then just the occasional X-job, I'll see what I can do. Cal doesn't strike me as being into the 'Fabulous' sort of guys though." Nancy tosses a hand in the stereotypical effete fashion. "Mind you, their egos are about the same size."

Nancy can't help but grin, hugging Jacky yet again!

"Yes, I have to agree, that that was weird. Only part of you changing and going all solid and stuff. Mind you, if you ever end up going all solid like that again and you don't get out of it, I call dibs on taking you to the bank to pad my account."


"NO, I meant Captain Hero-Stache, not Paul. Paul is too Fabulous, it's gotta be a mutant power, nobody could be as bad as what you've described. And we don't need Fabulous Cal," Jacky says. He gives her a raised eyebrow about the 'put your corpse in the bank account' thing.

"You do know that diamonds aren't really that rare, they're an artificial market created by the deBeer family, right?"


Nancy and Jacky are in the pool together. Nancy must have gotten a new black bikini. And was wearing it under her clothes, because there are her boots, pants and shirt on one of the lounges. Nancy is sucking on a lolly as she hugs Jacky while they talk.

"Well, I doubt I'll ever see Backblast1 ever again. And he wasn't even a mutant. Seriously? What normal person would call themself that. It makes it sound like their power is shooting fireballs our their butt."

"So, you're sure you're okay now? Cause if you die on me I'll be pretty pissed at you."

She laughs and rolls her eyes. "I know, but a girl can never have too many diamonds. Hey, if you cry in diamond form, are your tears made of diamonds? Do they stay diamonds? Might be a way to make a quick buck."


Bobby comes strolling through whistling, up the back of the pool so he isn't actually in view until he gets quite close. Then he rounds the corner and sees the school musicians, both looking quite lively (which is something of a relief) and grins. He's in — for once — a tee shirt and board shorts rather than something business related or practical.

"Hey you two!" Hey says with a smile and a wave as he sets his towel down.

"I see I wasn't the only one who had this idea."


"No, I don't cry in diamond form," Jacky says, a little exasperated. "Seriously, I have to be solid before parts of me can be broken off without extreme force, and then it's not like I … Hey, Bobby."

The occasional diamond, sometimes musician and not-exclusive school mooch (there are several others, many of them Jamie Madrox) waves and drags himself and Nancy to the shallow end.

"I want to try something, Nancy. It's a bit of a trust exercise, though."


Casually parting with Jacky, Nancy gives a wave to Bobby. "Come and join us."

She is about to swim into the deeper end of the pool when she is pulled over to the shallow end. She chortles around her lolly and gives Jacky a wry glare that is mildly suspicious.

"If I lose my bra, you are a dead man," she warns him.


Bobby takes a moment to pull his power in so he doesn't slowly but surely make the pool colder, loses his shirt and slides in about halfway to the deep end, watching Jacky and Nancy with a mixture of curiosity and amusement.

"What's this now?" The chuckle in his voice is pretty evident as he treads water away from the edge of the pool.


Jacky clambers out of the water - he's wearing a pair of boxer-style trunks made out of the same unstable stuff that their costumes are made from so it turns diamond when he does. He walks about 12 feet from Nancy, across the pool from her, and says, "OK. I'm going to go solid. I want you to come into range when I am. I want to know what happens."

This should be interesting. Jacky lies down on the concrete and relaxes, then <gleam> he's entirely diamond, and not moving.


Bobby is incredibly tempted for just a moment to freeze water beneath Jacky until it is sufficiently thick to float him to the top… but doesn't. His penchant for humor doesn't translate into an obsessive need to troll. Though, heh, he thinks about it a lot more than he should if he's honest with himself. Old habits die hard.


Nancy is grinning and smiling. So different from the way she has been since Nova Roma, back to her old self. She pulls out her lolly as she talks, popping it back in after she's done.

"Well, if it's anything like Hank, you'll just revert to normal. That's what he does. But it's always good to know. I've figured how these power things never seem to work the way you expect them to."

She takes a moment to swim over to Bobby, giving his side a tickle.

"Hey there, Frosty. Where you been all day. You missed the fun."


Jacky continues to lay there. Not moving. Like a rock. An expensive one.


Swimming over to Jacky, Nancy keeps an eye on him. She is curious about what will happen to him as well. Maybe the sciency types are rubbing off on her. She swims to the edge of the pool, right up to Jacky. And… ?


Jacky continues to lay there. Not moving. Like a rock.

He's still diamond though.


Bobby reaches about the middle of the pool and holds there, not wanting to either distract or interfere. When she gets close enough to disrupt him he makes an interested noise.

"Huh. Didn't force him back. Wonder why it works on Hank and not on Jacky."

Now he swims on over for a closer look. Once he gets inside Nancy's radius he relaxes a little, not needing to concentrate on holding the cold in.


Normally by this point, Jacky would have reverted. He has every other time Nancy's gotten close to him.


Jacky hasn't reverted. Hey! That's awesome! She must be getting better at controlling her power… only, she hasn't been letting it pull in. It should be… Nancy gets a worried look on her face.

"Jacky? Ummm… are you… oh hell."

She pushes herself off the edge of the pool, quickly getting herself away from him.


Bobby follows Nancy's line of thought immediately. But he doesn't suddenly push back because… well he doesn't need to and on the ooooooof chance Jacky just doesn't pop back he doesn't want to have to swim back across the pool to get to him.


Once she's away, Jacky reverts, at least, far enough to move. He feels his arm then his face.

"Woah. That was bizarre," he says and sits up. "I was fine, being solid, I could see and hear and everything but when the field hit, everything went all grey and blurry."


Nancy looks horrified, even when Jackie reverts.

"Great! So you're telling me my power can now turn you into a statue. That I can basically make you a big hunk of rock. How is that going to be useful to us if we have to go out on a mission again?"


Bobby nods, his suspicion confirmed, and then chuckles when Nancy flips out.

"Might keep him alive. You have to figure Nan there might be things out there that can force him out of his Diamond state. Being able to lock him in it has applications in emergencies."

He turns and rests his arms on the edge of the pool so that he's facing inward, leaning on the wall.

"Using most abilities, mutant or not, is largely about being imaginative with them."


"No, silly," Jacky says. "It means I don't need to be afraid of you messing me up if I've gone solid from injuries!"

He walks over to the pool, once again in range, and returns to flesh and blood as he edges the damping-field, climbing back in.

"This is a good thing! It also confuses me, because I didn't realize I was doing anything special to be able to move around, but I guess I was."


Yep, Nanc is acting like her usual over emotional gothy self again.

"So, I freeze him into diamond and along comes some guy with a great big hammer and makes Jacky Bits. How is this a good thing?"

The two men show all the ways that its a good thing and she doesn't look entirely convinced but sighs softly as she frowns.

"Fine. I'll trust the smarter people."

She swims over to Bobby and uses him as support so she doesn't have to tread water.


Bobby does not appear to have any problems with this arrangement.

"Take a pretty mighty person to do that with a hammer. Course… not like those don't exist. Anyway, Jacky doesn't seem to bothered by it." He observes.

"Oh, Jacky. How's Monster? He back at the office or did someone adopt him or something?"


"It's not you freezing me, Nancy. It's me doing it. It's just that you don't kill me by coming close, which yeah, I think this is a good thing."

He thinks about the injury thing and pokes at his arm again. Nope, still no pain.

"Huh? OH, Monster's doing OK. They think he'll be ready for adoption next week," Jacky says. "I'd bring him here if they would let me but I'd have to get permission from the school first."


"Monster? We have someone here named Monster? What sort of power does he have?"

Yep, Bobby has been delegated down to human resting post. Nancy folds her arms on his shoulders, forcing him to hunch forward a little, her knees on his hips to put herself in an odd sort of piggy back. She's learning all about personal space from her friend Illyana.

"And okay, just so long as I'm not hurting you."


"Monster's a kitten he was taking care of the other day. Got burned with fireworks or something. That was it, right Jacky?"

It takes both of Bobby's arms to keep him stable against the wall, but again, he doesn't seem to mind. It's not as though in the water it's any huge burden. And yes, Bobby does make that connection now, having actually met Illyana the Queen of No Personal Space and seen her at work. He's also not been up to the third floor male restroom since that night. Don't ask.

"No pets without permission. I suppose that makes sense yes." He takes in a breath.

"Feeling a bit more lively today, I see. I don't think I've seen you use the pool for a week or so."


"Monster is a rescue kitten. I brought him in while you guys were gone, so I could keep giving him his meds and stuff while the vet office was closed for the holiday," Jacky explains. He pokes at his arm again, and gets out of the pool.

"Be right back," and he walks quickly to the door, going inside the dormitory.


Nancy says, "Well, I think we should totally adopt him anyway. Keep him in my room. Xavier can't see in there even if he wants to."

She nods her head to Bobby.

"Yeah, I wanted to give Jacky a hug cause I thought I nearly killed him, and he was in the pool, so I had to get in the pool with him."


Bobby blinks. He hadn't noticed any to-do around the school. Or damage. Or…

"Um. Almost killed him? What'd I miss?"

He's not sure yet if he's happy or not that he missed… whatever it was. There's only so many applications for ice, previous admonishment about imagination notwithstanding. Especially considering he apparently has a lot to learn about control.


Jacky returns with a first aid kit and a rather sharp looking box-knife. He sits down, takes a gauze pad from the first aid kit, and clicking the box knife open, stabs it into his leg, then drops the knife, swearing, and puts the pad over the injury. He looks over at Nancy and Bobby, and says, "Don't try this at home?"


"The Professor said we needed to go to the Friends of Humanity rally. It sucked. And then things got weird. People showed up trying to be all killy. So we stopped them."

She watches when Jacky comes back and proceeds to stab himself.

"Oh my god! Jacky! Have you gone out of your mind."


"Friends of Humanity? You were at that mess?" Bobby sighs.

"That's what took me so long to get there. They had traffic snarled for miles. I had to take a detour. Did… anyone get hurt."

His eyes widen a bit.

"J-jacky? What the hell are you doing to your leg?"

Bobby doesn't make any move to stop Jacky because the guy doesn't seem deranged, but he's clearly wondering.


Jacky's going diamond as she asks that. He's about 12 feet away, and he looks over and nods.

"I think so, a little," he says. "We're all mad here, right?"
The leg goes solid, rigid, and Jacky closes his eyes and does something that makes a heat-pulse.

"Woah. I can't believe that worked," Jacky says, and lets his leg go back to flesh. There's no blood, scar, no sign of injury at all.

"Now I'm kind of hungry."


Nancy starts crunching at what is left of her lolly, nodding her head to Bobby.

"It was a total mess. It'll be on the news. Some mutants killed some innocent bystanders. I'm worried it was a set-up, to make mutants look bad. And… it sucks that a couple of months ago, I would have bought it."

She hugs Bobby from behind and watches as Jacky works healing magic with his thigh.

"Woah! That is… okay, just wow! We should get some food in you. I was gonna make cookies for Hank… if you want some… "


"Hungry huh?" Bobby chuckles, as this relates to another conversation. "I guess physics isn't being completely broken. Shall we go to the kitchen then and get something in you. Cookies sounds pretty delicious."

Home made cookies are a thing that should never be turned down offered, even if you are a man made of diamond.

Bobby shifts slightly to offer Nancy a better angle at the 'ladder' out of the pool to his right.


"Yes, please," Jacky says. "Yeah, I hope I'm not on the news. I'll get in trouble at work. The people who got killed were the ones I was with, I wasn't able to stop the blade-woman from shredding them. And it's so very convenient that the ones who died were the ones who were peacefully protesting in favor of mutants, too."

Don't think Jacky didn't notice THAT bit of not-coincidence.


Nancy swims over to the ladder and climbs out of the pool.

"Okay, I'll meet you guys in the kitchen, cause frankly I am not going to the kitchen in my underwear."

She gathers up her clothing and starts to run into the mansion.


Bobby has a very handy trick for getting himself dry. Once he clears the pool he freezes all the water on his body and brushes it off with his towel. Then he replaces his shirt and ambles on down toward the kitchen.

"Do you need to change too Jacky?" he asks over his shoulder as he starts off, whistling a bit.

"Underwear?" Jacky says. He's still in his U-M boxer-style swimsuit. Because it's designed to reduce drag and such without crushing.

He picks up the box knife, wipes it on the gauze and zips it back into its protective sheath, and closes the first aid kit. The bloody gauze will go into the medical waste bag, to be atomized or whatever it is the school does with mutant body-part samples. But because it's a bit chilly out, Jacky decides to go diamond again. Not solid, just shiny.

Jacky Winters follows. "No, I'm fine." He's happy to go eat in his swim-suit.


Nancy O'Neal laughs and pokes her head back out the door.

"What, you thought I just happened to be wearing a bikini under my clothes. Here's news for you. I don't own a black bikini."

She laughs and runs to her room. Not long later, she comes back down, fully dressed in pj bottoms and a t-shirt that says 'Talk Nerdy To Me'.

"Okay, so what is your favorite type of cookie, bestie?"


Bobby actually laughs at the shirt and goes over to the refrigerator, whistling. He's not a suuuuuper good cook. But he can cook and he's kinda hungry. It's time for… let's see… skirt steak… tortillas… onions… bell peppers… time for fajitas.

"So, going all diamondy heals you? I take it this is something you've had to… utilize before?" He kind of hopes not, but…


"Well YES," Jacky says, when she gets back. "Black bikini with that lace thing, that's pure gothic hot chick."

He tilts his head sideways, and says, "My utmost favorite cookies are toll house chocolate chips, but I also like sugar cookies with a bit of lemon. Or peanut butter if they're not super greasy.

He's digging in the fridge for a box of coconut milk.

"This is the first time I noticed that going solid heals me. Just being diamond like I am at the moment, not enough," Jacky says. "And it's more like, when I'm solid I can make the broken parts go back where they're supposed to be. I guess that if I ever have to do the "donate a toe" thing that would be the time to do it. I don't know if I could replace it though."


Nancy just laughs and shakes her head.

"I hate to burst your bubble, Jacky, but there aren't exactly a lot of decent goth bathing suits out there, so a lot of goth girls just wear matching underwear. Black and lacy. And yeah, most guys don't notice the difference."

She starts getting out the ingredient for chocolate chip cookies, working on dessert while Bobby makes dinner.

"Hey, if you ever wanna try the toe thing, my bank account, just sayin'" She gives Jacky a wink. He should know by now that she's kidding.


Bobby starts to heat a skillet and get out some seasonings for the meat, which he sets up to cut into strips far enough away from Nancy's baking preparations to not be any kind of hazard or obstacle.

"I'm just sayin', Jacky, exotic pet dentistry. That'll find it out for ya real quick."

Bobby winks as well. He hasn't been around as long but they were talking about this the other day.

Bobby did know, though, about the goth bathing suit thing. That's primarily, though, because he graduated from UCLA and had been down, for example, the Santa Monica Pier.


"So that explains why goth girl bathing suits are so nice," Jacky says. He takes his coconut water and walks past Nancy, giving her a hug in passing, and reverting back to diamond as he gets to the far end. He's not cooking, because there are two people cooking.

"I'd totally give it to you if I could spare it," Jacky says. "Might start a new trend in jewelry."


Nancy leans against Jacky as he hugs her. She finds she likes this whole hugging thing. And people being nice. And wanting to spend time with them. And them wanting to spend time with her. She looks at the two men as she mixes the cookies, not even needing to look at the recipe, and smiles. Whatever this whole mutant thing has done, it's given her a new perspective.

"Don't worry about it, Jacky. I have more then enough money. My schooling is paid for with scholarships and my mentor gave me a lot of stuff before I came into hiding here. I'm not actually hurting for cash. But thank you for the offer of a severed toe. The goth in me finds that adorable."


Bobby chuckles a bit and starts to heat the fajita meat.

"How do you like your meat, Jacky? And do you want any, Nan? Dunno if either of you had lunch. I didn't so…"

Bobby grins. Yes, he saw her little collection but he really doesn't think he should mention the other things that are in it. Like the firearms. And the explosives, and the various forms of cash, though she sort of mentioned that already. It was quite the impressive little emergency kit, the more so for her knowing how to use most of it so well.


"Medium rare," Jacky says. "Didn't get lunch, was going to do that before the Prof sent us to supervise … Oh, I met two Brotherhood of Mutants jerks today too."

Jacky thinks about that a bit. Could probably tell what they were, he got their vibes… "One of 'em, I think, had fire powers. The other one, something .. can't really tell."


"I would love something to eat, but first… do we have any of the fudge I made last week around? I am craving sweets like you wouldn't believe. I decided to go off my diet for just one day a week, cause this no sugar thing is killing me." She starts rolling balls of cookie dough in her palms and puts them on a cookie sheet. "So Bobby… you can chill things down… can you pull the cold out of something and effectively heat it up too?"

"Yeah, I met them too. Tazed one of them. That was fun. You should have seen them trying to do their thing in my field. They were waving their hands like some sort of voguing gone wrong."


Bobby nods, both to the meat requests and Nancy's questions.

"I think it should still be in the 'fridge. Well. Half of it. I heard some odd bamfing noises down here a while back. Not really Nan. I can do some weird tricks by using my own body as a heat sink, but a lot of those involve messing with things like air pressure. Which isn't really heating things so much as it is cheating. A lot.

"Brotherhood of Mutants?" Bobby quirks an eyebrow. "I heard of them… sort of way back when I was here the first time, but only in passing, you know? Never had a run in."


"I think Magneto was there too, but he dissed them," Jacky says. "At least if that's who the old guy was. He felt dangerous."

The diamond kid thinks for a moment.

"I hid a half-box of brownies in the second freezer behind the ice cream," he says. "You can have those, they're really good frozen."


Nancy goes to the fridge and finds herself the last piece of her maple fudge. Well, she made it.

"Dibs!" she says before putting it in her mouth and murring with contentment. She finishes the cookies and pops them in the oven, having preheated it when she first started getting the ingredients together.

"How is that cheating? And you can tell what their powers were, Jacky? That is cool! How do you tell that? Oooh! Brownies."Having gone off her diet for the day, Nancy is really making up for lost time. If it has sugar, she's eating it.

The meat is done and Bobby deftly plates and cheeses it before passing out a large plate to Jacky, who had professed to be ravenous, and then making a couple smaller ones for Nancy at himself. Task done he leans on the counter near Nancy as the three talk.

"Found some?"

He's not really run into the Bamfs yet, but he's heard the noises and knows that there is something out there that has a serious sweet tooth… and likes booze.

"So did you decide what kind of cookies you're gonna make?"

One bite in and he decides that, really, this needs sour Cream, so he leans past Nancy to fish a tub of it up from the fridge door.


"I keep telling you I, like, have ESP. Sometimes I just get, stuff, about people. Like from their vibes, y'know?"

It doesn't help that Jacky says this in a total surfer-dude voice. But he's definitely telling the truth. Totally. And there is FOOD in front of him, so he returns to flesh and blood to properly appreciate (and digest) it. Because today DID burn a lot of energy that he needs to replace soon.

ONF NOMF "Oh this is good."


Nancy is getting herself a brownie when Bobby leans in, pinning her to the fridge. She smirks and threatens to bite his ear, her teeth clicking dangerously close.

"Makin' chocolate chip, just like he wanted." She butts Bobby out of her way and has dessert before her dinner. "I know you're all psychic and stuff. I just didn't know that people normally think about their powers. I mean, I don't go thinking 'Hey, my power is that yours won't work'. I more think 'Ha ha! You suck! Your power just got pwnd! Oh god. Did I just say pwnd? I have been playing on the xbox with Doug WAY too much."


Bobby laughs, the laugh coming out in a bit of a rush when Nan butts him out of the way. But he does get his sour cream and spoons some on his own food before offering some to Jacky.

"I don't actually think about my power much at all. Like I mentioned to Amara, I think if I didn't use it so much at work, I'd forget I had it."

Bobby eats a couple more bites.

"To answer your question, Nancy, if you drop the air pressure off a pot of water, it boils faster because you need less energy to overcome the weight of all the air on top of it and turn it into steam. But that doesn't actually make it any hotter, it just makes it boil at a lower temperature."

The ice nerd grins.

"Pwnd. Yes, you did say that." He grins. "Though I'm glad you're using it in this context and not applying it to me on the practice mat." Which… she could.


"Well, now that you know what it is, you think about it, right?"

Jacky grins before engulfing another large bite of the peppers and steak in the tasty tortilla. Nomf. Sour cream, you are too delicious. He looks up at the two.

"I kinda have to think about mine. It gets in the way if I don't. I mean, I end up using it without noticing."


Nancy leans on the kitchen bar, eating as she talks with the others. She listens to Bobby and smirks, giving him a poke.

"Hey, I already have a thing for one wordy nerd guy in this house. Don't go making it worse." And yet, she's wearing the t-shirt that is basically asking for it.

She dollops a bit of sour cream on her plate, dipping her fajita.

"I mostly don't think of it at all. If I do, it's usually telling myself to pull it in and keep calm so it's smaller. See, that's how you could totally tell I'm not a guy. No man would go this far out of their way to make something of theirs smaller."


Bobby almost chokes on his fajita laughing.

"Fair point. I used to think about mine a lot, yeah. Like I was mentioning mine is always kind of leaking out and if I don't concentrate on it, it does it's own thing. Appearing normal takes effort, but I'm so used to it now it just kind of doesn't register except when I relax a bit, which is really only when I'm using it."

He pauses to get another big bite in and dips more sour cream onto his delicious bachelor food. He's no chef, but what he does know how to cook…

"Actually the first time I really noticed in a while was when Nancy was demonstrating her field to me. The pressure pushing out just suddenly vanished."


UNFAIR! Definitely choking on the fajita! Laughing - ok, Jacky goes diamond and manages to huff the pepper and beef out of the wrong part of his throat, and waits for a second. Gradually, turning back to flesh, he swallows, and looks at Nancy.

"I dunno about that, Nancy," he says. "I knew a few guys who wanted to make their beer guts smaller."

He sips the last of his coconut water and then eats some more fajita. He's feeling better, like the sudden sense of 'hollow leg' is easing up.


Nancy smiles and leans over to ruffle Jacky's hair.

"Okay, so beer guts, but that's about it."

She goes to the oven and takes out the tray of cookies, looking for a cooling rack.

"Really should have done that earlier," she says softly.

BAMF! Out of nowhere, a little blue imp appears, trying to grab one of the cookies on the tray.

"NO! They are still hot!" Nancy cries, but it's too late. With a yelp and a BAMF the little blue guy is now in the rafters above, swearing at her in German.

"Well, I tried to warn you!"


Bobby looks up at the blue imp.

"Ah yes. Bamfs. They don't… get a whole lot, do they?"

He's polished off his plate by now and after rinsing it off for later washing he returns to leaning on the counter, one leg crossed over the other.

"And some of them are Jacky's too." He calls up, his eyes glinting in mischief. "So you'll have to ask him about them. He might plan on taking some up to his room."

Did he do that on purpose? Why yes. Yes he did.


"Hey, c'mere, lemme see your hand," Jacky says to the Bamf. It BAMFs and appears with an unfortunate smell effect next to him, and he looks at the injury.

"That's not too bad," Jacky says. "We can put a bandage on it if you want but I think it'll be better in the morning. You want a bite of my fajitas?"

The Bamf makes a 'Pbbbt!' and shakes its head.

"They don't eat meat, today," Jacky says. "It's OK, little dude, I'll share my cookies with you, but you gotta let me have one of them to myself, OK? The rest, we split up, even pieces."

Jacky looks over at Bobby. "I had little foster brothers and sisters. They're kinda the same as Bamfs."


Smirking over at Bobby for teasing the Bamf, Nancy just shakes her head and smiles. The cookies are put on the cooling rack and then she goes to finish her dinner.

"Oh, they won't be nearly as interested in the cookies if they can find where he's hidden the whiskey."

Well, that was just not very nice of Nancy. The litany begins and soon the room is full of Bamfs, all yelling their favourite word and trying to find it. Nancy smirks over at Jacky, giggling. Bad. Bad Nancy!


Bobby might have to bow to a superior troller here. Yes he can play a good prank but… hoo boy.

"I have some chips ahoy in my dorm if you need." He winks at Jacky. "They can go to town on that."

He keeps anything he doesn't want the little blue devils finding in his apartment. Which is very not here. Also, he doesn't really drink aside from the occasional beer. So there's that.

"How many of these damn things are there?"


"Guys, guys, stop. I don't have any left. We drank it last week remember?" Jacky says, giving Nancy a 'you will regret that' look.

"BAMF?" one of them insists, while another one eats part of his fajita. Not ALL vegetarians today. He takes a bite for himself, and swallows.

"I told you. I can't get any more until I'm 21. And I won't be 21 for another three years."

There's a mass "awww" and a mutter of 'whiskey' by one last bamf and most of them disappear. In a BAMF that leaves a really eye-watering cloud.

"I think of them as being plus-one," Jacky says. He swallows the last piece of his fajita.


Nancy is giggling so hard at this point, she is needing to hold her sides. She knows those Bamfs will be in and out of his room all night, along with that sulphur smell. She will pay. She knows it.

"Tell you what. I turn 21 in about a week. I'll be sure to get some just for them and see if I can't make it up to you." She nods to Bobby at Jacky's comment. "It's best to think that there is always one more then you think there is. No matter how many you think there is."


Bobby can't keep from quietly laughing and maybe smirking ever so slightly.

"I'll keep that in mind. Too bad you can't send them scavenger hunting in exchange for the stuff. I'll bet they could turn up damn near anything if they put their minds to it… course… they may not have gotten it exactly legally, so there's that I suppose."


"When we finished my last travel bottle last week they slept on my bed like cats," Jacky says. "It would've been cute if it wasn't so hot out. I slept in diamond form, or I would've melted and all they'd have found would be a puddle and shed blue fur."

He looks at Nancy. "Now that you said that while this guy's here, they'll hold you to it," he says. The little bamf with the slightly burned hand is looking at Nancy with BIG eyes. And nodding.


Bobby watches, both impressed and maybe a little intimidated as the promise gets the cloud of bamfs (irritation of bamfs? cacaophony of bamfs? sugar rush of bamfs? He'll figure it out later) well and properly worked up by the promise. Oh. Wow. Well… if he ever has to make them happy… he knows how to do it.


"And that's my cue," Jacky says, taking several cookies with him, in addition to the one he eats fresh.

"I get to go share these with my little blue buds, and then I have to get up early so I'm gonna crash."

He waves, a small blue cookie-chomping critter on his left shoulder. The others - whichever ones wanted cookie sections - are likely gathered in his room already. Hopefully they remembered to open the window like he asked last time.

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