Recce Run

July 10 2014: Jericho and Partisan recon the hospital where the N-Series subjects are being kept and make plans

New York Skies

The city that never sleeps has skies that never empty, all under the watchful eye of Air Traffic Control



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The text comes early the next morning. "Birds have arrived. Two of them. Need photos of the helicopter serving the hospital in question, paint and so forth as well as radio call signs for it when in operation. Meet me at the den, kits are installed and go. Reading manuals and memorizing checklists in addition to installing pintles, will be flight capable upon your arrival."

So yes, Nick fury did in fact come through. Part has gotten the UH-1Y taped up and has begun painting, but then again she's been busy for a while. She's cranked out a flag, stencils, uniform patches and already gotten things prepped. She even went and bought helmets, and got the paint brush out because it's been awhile since she's had a bird she intended on keeping. That deserves nose art, right?


Jericho had a bit of a 'to-do' list today. Picking up supplies for fixing the Den. Spackling over bullet holes, replacing windows and so on. He's also been hard at work trying to figure out how to give Parti an legitimate ID that would suit her purposes. He has to be able to, among other things, change her physical records. It's gonna take some doing and she doesn't know about it. But he's doing it anyway. Then there's been setting up his safehouses and gearing resources… On top of all that, there's a lot of research that's going into both magical gardening and the old New York General Hospital. Odd topics to dovetail but such is Jeri's life.

He arrives in pickup rather than on his usual Harley and hops out. "Parti?"

He can't call her Bianca anymore… well he could but it doesn't seem to fit. It's taking, again, some getting used to having Partisan in a new body.


Partisan waves absently, before offering a thumbs up. "I got the UH-1Y painted, and I figure we'll go take the panther our for a check ride before we paint her up like a hospital bird. I presume you've already flown a Huey, that one's pretty much vanilla save for being more powerful and all the glass in the cockpit."lifting a hand to rub after her chin absently. "Also, I built us some uniforms so we don't look quite so much like rag tag terrorist types anymore. I presume you don't have any issues with "Wolf grey" and black, oh and I got us -patches- and shit. I've been like actually productive, got that new toy rush going on!"


"Wolf grey is fine." Jericho chuckles as he gets a few things out of the bed of the truck. Like a replacement window that also happens to be a blackout window.

"So your meeting with Nick went well? Glad to hear it. That Hill agent was a proper ass about me hacking their e-mails to get his attention. Geeze. You'd think I'd tried to swipe files from them."

Coming up toward the door he gives Parti a once over before turning his attention to her projects. "So what'cha got?"


Partisan reaches forward to push the giant hangar doors open to reveal a AS-565 panther sitting there just as pretty as you please in boring dark gray and a UH-1Y parked just beyond covered in a splintery urban pattern just like the pair of little birds sitting beyond it. She's also gotten a pair of Bell 208s, older models sitting in just their primer for presumably future cloning. The Casa-295M, Casa-212 and Shorts Skyvan are all similarly painted, but in decidedly more woodland hues. All wearing the subdued red handcuffs and bolt cutters, above "CCU" beneath.

"As for your gear, well give me a minute. Best you change now so we can make sure everything fits, right?"

Plain gray BDU bottoms, BDU shirt, theres a matching M65, boonie, ballcap and bump helmet with a cutaway for a headset. Black boots, black gloves, black balaclava, gray Chest rig with black webbing and black pouches and of course a gasmask (of course) For equipment, well there’s all the usual bells and whistles in addition to a MK.18 with a can, Aimpoint and surefire miniscout. The receiver like the receiver of that railed 1911, has no markings beyond the CCU's emblem etched into the metal. It's a whole outfit down to socks, mess kit and field coms and chem lights. Girl knows her shit, but why should that be surprising?


Jericho whistles low, impressed. Partisan's been busy. "CCU Scheme and uniforms? Heh. I haven't worn a uniform in almost five years. But this is pretty sweet Parti."

He looks around, giving the aircraft a slow once over before he picks up the kit and goes into a side room to change. "I'll just be a few minutes." He calls back. He's got a couple things scrolling. One is the specs and stick info on a UH-1Y. The other is a fairly in depth treatise on the principles of contagion and sympathy. The second is of… questionable value, but hell, magic has to work *somehow.* The question is how is does it work in Limbo?

He sets a pad with a bunch of addresses on it on the kitchen sink.


Partisan peers through the addresses curiously "We've entered the second stage of combat operations. We focused on hitting hardened individuals before, to create panic and chatter. We used that chatter to map things out, we kept up the pressure and forced them to get sloppy. Now we have enough of a picture to get started for real, they think we're like psychopaths with a boner for blood sport. They don't expect us to be surgical, so we're going to appear like a third party at first. The public likewise, isn't going to have any idea what to make of us. It's important we appear and act, professional from here out. The time for drunken flailing is over."


"No drunken flailing. Check." Partisan has a pretty good eye for uniform sizes because there's only a few details about this that need to be altered to fit properly.

"Those are safe house addresses, Parti. I went to the trouble of laundering some of the resources I stole from Hydra over the last year to set them up. I wanted you to have a copy of where they were. I also grabbed some small scale industrial equipment. CCM lathes and material printers, if you ever have use for that kind of thing.

He steps out of the side room just because he knows Parti will insist on looking at it before he takes it off.


Partisan gives a quiet thumbs up after looking Jericho over. "Well this is super useful, but don't let me know where these are." Quietly turning the pad over and setting it down. "The last thing we need is one of us getting snagged, and drugged into spilling all our safe houses. The manufacturing capability though, is -most- welcome."

Rolling her shoulders as she heads towards the panther, and with a shove simply begins rolling it outside. "Oh and I suppose you got the photos of the hospital's bird? I was thinking we could call it away, disable it gently and handcuff the crew. Then take off in our own bird containing the strike team, and return in its place. Chopper traffic shouldn't raise any eyebrows, and we'll just announce on our way back to the hospital that it was a false alarm so nobody will come out to meet us."


"The Hospital's been shut down for four years. Sorta of like MLK out in Los Angeles. That's how Hydra's gotten away with turning it into a prison and base. Otherwise they'd have to subvert or secure most of the staff. I have seen a bird operating out of it though, which is damn weird because Air Traffic Control should notice something's wrong with that. Either ATC's been compromised or they're running stealth. The strike will have to be hard and fast though. If we don't secure the hostages and victims quickly, they'll either kill or move them. We also have to get the files and anyone who may know enough about the project to duplicate it. Gonna be need some back up for sure. I know Angelo said he was on board. I was thinking of calling either May or Pezzini too."


Partisan shrugs "Well there goes my awesome plan, got any pictures of -that- bird? We can just fast rope onto the roof sure, would be nice if we had a third person to man the door gun but beggers can't be choosers. I'm open to whomever you think we need to bring, but we're talking at minimum about unlawful detention, breaking and entering and well they're gonna have security we're gonna need to put down hard. I mean the rule of thumb was always eight to twelve per floor, or two per prisoner. Not to say there aren't more or less, but it's a good idea of how many we're looking at here. We can't carry that many flex cuffs without getting our dicks shot off, is Sara or Angelo going to be kosher with that?"


"I'm fairly sure Angelo will be." Jericho nods as he heads back into the restroom for a quick change back into his jeans, noting the few things that have to be tailored. "Sara or May miiiiiight be. I'm not sure. I thought of them only because I trust them both to keep their mouths shut if they turn me down. Both will understand that if Hydra gets a whisper of this we lose those kids, possibly forever."

Jericho comes back out after a minute or so of clothes rustling. "I'd ask Illyana but I don't particularly have a way to get a hold of her, and as much as I trust her, I can't extend that trust to you." He sighs. "Also, she has problems of her own enough without having to deal with mine."


Partisan nods, "Well, suggestion," Looking back, before tossing a flight helmet Jeri's way, "Helmet cams, edit the footage. Put our logo on the opening and the end, throw it online and let the media take a bite at it? We'll edit anything, identifiable out. We can ask along Sara and her partner sure, judging by what I hear about the guy he'll flip his shit if he finds out this went down behind his back and we don't wanna put Sara in that position right?" Strapping on her own lid, before climbing into the cockpit and strapping down those harnesses.

"Yeah, not a bad idea at all, Parti, though I may want to hold the footage for a bit. The guy we interrogated said that he didn't know where 'Tiger' kept their files and I want to preserve surprise for as long as possible. If they move the damn things, any intel we get from this raid will be of less value. My endgame for this the complete destruction of any mention of the N-series project from their files. I want them to lose Nancy and every damn last one of the kids they victimized." His eyes narrow and he seems to be getting angry again. Then he seems to realize this and sighs, letting himself relax a bit. "Sorry. That's my goal, though."

Partisan reaches above to start flipping switches "How many are we gonna try and cart out've there? I mean we can fit ten in this bird, another ten in the Venom. Also, how about we be extra productive today. We have flir, you wanna image the hospital on a flyby to see what we can see from the air?"Engines start whirring up, and rotors start slowly circulating.


"We should recon beforehand, of course. If we can fit one of our birds with some of that Littlebird Tech, we can have imaging without losing a man on the team."

Jericho slides into the passenger's seat and straps in. "Yeah, let's go have ourselves a look. Based on what they told us we're looking at fifteen N-series victims, some of whom may be willing or unwilling operatives, plus an unknown number of 'incentives.' That's a lot to lift out which is one reason I was thinking about talking to May. If she can see her way clear to help us out without getting us on SHIELD's radar, which I'm concerned will turn into Hydra's radar, it'd go a long way."


Partisan smirks. "Every bird but the 206s, has FLIR and the reason I wanted the 565? Most advanced Flir available, greatest range, resolution. It and the Venom have laser designators, even if we don't have the ordinance for that just yet. It's also a very quiet bird, and renowned for it's foul weather performance, and the 565 is the most powerful variant."Lifting the collective to ease the Panther skyward, and off they go with supreme buttery smoothness. Say whatever you want about Eurocopter, they build a lovely bird really.

"Naval birds always have the best FLIR, and well this is just a Dauphin 2 they sent to boot camp and put hardpoints on. It was already the world's premier maritime SAR platform, and they went and hotrodded shit. You mind some music in the background while we fly?"


The hacker shakes his head. "Nah, fire it up. Might as well use it if the Bird's got a stereo."

He puts the headphones on for easier communication all the same, looking at the imaging screen and making notes of air traffic patterns as they fly. "I did get a look at the bird they've been landing at the hospital. It's a Bell/Agusta 412. Outwardly it looks like an Air Ambulance but I've only ever seen it fly at night. I guess people would ask questions if someone saw it parked on top of an allegedly deserted hospital. They're not real big so you couldn't take too many people aboard. I suspect they use it to ferry operatives and bigwigs rather than prisoners. Though they'd probably have called it to take Anabeth given half an excuse."


Partisan flips a switch as she plugs in, GOOD LORD The Partisan has an IPOD! Anyway she lets it play over the headsets as she swings the Panther over towards New York, easing the throttle back just a touch to take what would be easily classified as a pretty simple VFR trajectory over the city."Well that's in our favor, 412 is just a dressed down civilian Venom. So, wild idea. We need to figure out where the fuck we're going to take these people, do we even want to try and keep them? I mean you wanna talk about PR, lets just have the Cops called out to a barricaded subject on an empty house. We roll up, land, hand people over and bail immediately leaving them in police custody. We'll call the news crews in, make it impossible to cover up."


"Not a bad thought, though I'm still concerned about them realizing that someone blew their network open. They know my name and face already, pity, and I've torn up cells like this before. We'd want to keep anyone important. The knowledge of the project and the list of victims has to die Parti, if Nancy and the others are to be safe. They have to lose it entirely. If they end up in custody we both know that the important ones will eventually be returned to circulation. Our allies may not like that, but I'm hoping they're smart enough to realize that this is not really a law enforcement solvable problem.


"So we dump them at Nancy's school, we land and offload them and bail. We blow the hospital's records, and let the great Mutant saviors put their fucking money where their mouth is. If they can't help them, I mean shit Jerry if they won't help their own people then they become enemies too. How fucking easy would it be for some shit there to weaponize the populace they've got cooped up in there, We both hope they're not playing on that level but it'd simplify the game right then and there real quick wouldn't it?" Part glances over as she adjusts course just a tad to bring them by the hospital out've earshot.


Jericho shrugs. "Also not a bad idea but to be frank I don't know how much I trust those people to be able to handle it. You're right about one thing though. We're gonna need some kind of place to stash our rescuees and they're going to need some fairly specialized care." He chuckles.

"Much as I like the idea of making it someone else's problem. I'd still need access to some of them just to ask a few polite questions so I can keep working on shutting the rest of this down."

Jericho mulls it over a bit. "Still might be the best idea we've got so far. We both know the police can't help. We turn the victims over to any sort of public government agency, most of them will be victims again inside a year, I'd lay very good odds. SHIELD? Uh. Pass. Did I tell you about Agent Hill? Yeah, not turning these guys over to anything resembling that. If this school she's at can help…"

"We'll figure it out. Step one, rescue the vics."


Partisan eyes Jericho for a moment. "Call her, right now. Tell her to pass a message to whomever is in charge, or who has some fucking say or whatever. Tell them we need to say hello, and that this is big and important and impacts all mutant kids. We talk, if we don't like what we hear we walk. If we like what we hear, we tell them to get a bunch of folks outside on such and such a night and to wait because we're gonna be dumping refugees we will want to politely question. We'll stress, no interrogations and so forth. We have no resources to handle this ourselves, the best bet we have is to shop those who do and go from there. Like I said, this'll make it real fucking plain for us if they're trustworthy or not. We just do not have the option of taking those people, we know one guy who's some sort've angel or whatever. Food, water, security. Jerry, we're two fucks with a fuckton of hardware."


"I'll contact Nancy." Jericho nods as he leans back, concentrating on his traces. "And Illyana, if she shows up between now and then. And I may try my luck with Hank McCoy again. He did agree to do some research on another Hydra mess that involves a mutant destroying Virus. I'll see what we can do. If they agree to help us, great. If not?"

Jericho sighs. "Well, hopefully they will. If not we'll figure out something to make this work. Leaving those kids and their 'incentives' is simply not an option to me."


Partisan nods softly "Oh we're gonna take them out've there, and I'm gonna persecute them with extroidinary prejudice. I'm gonna burn those fuckers alive if I get the chance, you do not fuck around with kids. Thats why I wanna do the video thing, I want the public to know what’s at stake here and who's on their side and who isn't."

"Oh we'll take video and I'll make sure it gets uploaded where folks can notice." Jericho says grimly. "Just, you know, op security. Once we kick this party off we're both going to be really busy, but I in particular am going to have to start tying off loose ends really fast if I want to make sure the project dies. I've got a lead out in California I've got to run down either soon before or soon after and we still have to find out if there's any copies of the N series files being kept that aren't in the hospital… and where they could possibly be."

Jericho pauses as a new thought occurs to him. "We may need some non-lethal takedown power. I'll bet most of the victims are Nancy's age and I'm willing to bet Hydra's put them all through behavior modification. There's a chance we may have to fight some of the people we're trying to rescue."


"They make twelve gauge tasers now, which is pretty fucking incredible. Up close I don't know if I trust a forty mike mike foam baton not to bash their head in, I'd say we pump a fuckton of CS in there but I'd be afriad some of them might be compromised in terms of respiration. Be a shitty way to die, ya know? Anyway not sure if the taser rounds will cycle in an autoloader, but we can test that out before we go. I doubt May'll flinch handing over a few crates of those, well shit I'm getting complicated. We have M4s, we can just mount master keys, and load'em with the taser rounds. Two birds, no transitions to fuck up."

Shrugging a tad as she nudges Jericho. "Hospital is coming up to our west in two minutes."


Jericho flicks on the FLIR and starts recording, both with the bird's hardware and his own. Partisan may notice his traces flush red and circuit like runes appear on his face as his eyes go completely crimson. Modified panther form, enhancing all his senses. Claws stay off though. "Right… okay, recording now. May want to make a couple more flyby's as we plan to firm up regular locations of guards and captives, and so on, you know?"

There's nothing quite to record yet but he doesn't want to miss something by flicking it on at the last second.

"I'll talk to May and Pezzini anyway. Between the two of us we know a fair number of people. Possible we can work our mutual contacts lists to get this done." Not getting it done is not an option in his mind. He'll, he'd have gone solo if no one else had offered to help. Not that Parti would leave him to fend for himself like that… or be left out of something like this.

Jeri pauses again. "Would that purple glowy guy I met be trustworthy for something like this?"


"Simon, no. Sure he flies, is bullet proof, throws energy death beams and shit but he's got no stomach for a real fight. You know most everyone I do Jerry, and people don't think you're quite as Rabid as I am. I'll handle whomever Nancy drums up, you see whomever else we can collect. I don't think we want us any larger than four, we have to be careful about the fact we can only carry sixteen between our two birds if we've got four people. I mean if we're looking at twenty or more, we're already looking at leaving people behind. "Rubbing at her brow with a sigh. "Alright, so heres my thought. We need to find a nearby landing sight and do that today. I'll steal a bus or something, and what busses nowadays carry twenty plus? We'll split the element in half. Team one will retrieve a bird's worth, then load them onto a bus and drive the bus to the institute. Team two fills the remaining birds with anyone who can't walk, needs to get their fast, and stuff we wanna keep like documents. We land, offload the goods at the school. Both teams exfil in the birds, and off we go. Christ, I should have asked for a fucking CH-47."

Rubbing a temple with a sigh. "I'll handle the bus, or whatever we else I can find and the school's rep."


Jericho nods. "Simon, right, that was his name." Jericho laughs. "Most people don't know you as well as I do, Parti, I'd dare say. Rabid is not something I'd call you. Driven, maybe, but not Rabid." He'd be in a lot of trouble if she were.

"That sounds like our best working plan barring assistance in the form of a VTOL globemaster or a large quinjet. Which I probably wouldn't turn down? Like I said, I want to keep this off SHIELD's official radar. After meeting May's boss I'm even less convinced than ever that the organization as a whole can be trusted."


Partisan waves a hand dismissively "No way, way too much footprint. I mean two choppers is pushing it. If we do this right, I don't want anyone in the public even knowing anything even happened at all until we put out a video. I want total surprise, and I want total secrecy until we break it. A fucking vtol globemaster shows up, and everyone in the city is gonna know -something- is happening. Shit, yaknow what ok new ops plan. We get Sara to drive the fucking bus, because that won't be something she'll object to. It parks down the block, raid goes on. We deploy from a single bird, before leaving them on standby. You, me and the angel assault from the roof and secure the building entirely. We shuttle everyone able to the bus, everyone bedridden goes into a bird. Birds return, then depart. No coming and going bullshit, and it gives us as much time on site as we want to take documents. I mean What max of fourty, fifty security all lightly armed?"

She's taken on more, who were heavily armed pretty much by herself before and Jerry was there for that. Overconfidence it isn't. "Contingency, Bus moves to a nearby spot and we ferry patients from the roof if we cannot secure the floors below."


"Not a bad rough plan and I've seen you go through hostiles like a fox in a henhouse. A lot of it depends on layout. Where the kids are. Where the 'incentives' are. If we have to secure two sets of hostages simultaneously, that changes our game plan a bit, particularly if one set may fight us. We also need to take prisoners. I want the head doctor and his staff to at least question before we decide what to do with them." Jericho's tone of voice says in no uncertain terms what he thinks should be done with them. "Let's do our flybys and refine from there. Much information as we can get without tipping ourselves off. I need to pull up the specs on this part of the city grid anyway. Hospitals have built in emergency backup generators, so I can't just kill the power, but I can crash any external communication and I need to set it up to go black at the flip of a switch as it were."


Partisan shifts in her seat some "Do me a favor, do your voodoo whilst we flyby. I'll handle the Nancy end myself. Just patch my phone into my headset and dial her number, and roger I'm just gonna jog out a bit before making another pass so it doesnt look like we're orbiting. Last thing we need is to tip them off."


"Just so you know, Nancy hasn't been quite herself the last few days. I think it's related to this, that's part of the reason I want their files and I want them intact. But yeah, I'll set you up right now." He fully intends to have a chat with Nan himself, if only the usual one they have at the end of their day every evening. Those have been… odd, of late, but he still likes having them.

"Alright. You're on. Just so you know I'll still work Illyana and Hank."

Heck, maybe they'll even send help. That'd be nice.


Partisan thumbsup as she chatters. Jogging the chopper way out, before swinging it quite leisurely around for a second pass. See, quiet birds -are- helpful at times. Even if it isn't quite the hotrod that the Venom is, you can't fault sneaky.


One advantage of having a computer wired to you is the ability to recognize the trappings of complex patterns. There's a lot of signatures down there in that hospital. Jericho records until they're past the hospital, then again as they swing past some seven or eight minutes later. Two passes is probably all they can get away with right now, though depending on how this goes, they may get another day or two worth of flyby's out of it before they actually launch the raid. The more information the better, though even so Jericho really can't wait to put some hurt on these jerks.


Partisan sweeps the general area, which should be enough to get a secondary landing point and piece together a nice neat FLIR map with the printouts from the recording. Then off goes the IFF, and down goes the chopper, heading low and fast back towards the "den" that is their headquarters. Looks like Part's still talking, not that it's bothered her flying one bit.

While Parti talks Jericho does the post flight checks and then once the chopper is properly covered up, goes in to start patching holes and replacing windows. He feels a bit responsible for the fight the other night, even if he wasn't personally involved in it and it gives him something to do while he sorts data and works on Parti's ID problem.

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