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July 10 2014: Bobby runs into Hank and the two take some time to catch up.

Xavier's Institute Arboretum

A wide, well lit room with plants, trees, flowers, grass and tables. Perfect for use as a quiet getaway or meditation spot.



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Bobby whistles, hums and sings most everywhere he goes. If he ever isn't, odds are good he's thinking about something weighty or that something's wrong. Today, his humming is a little muted. Like he's halfway between perfectly okay and too mentally busy to let the music run through is head.

<Listen children to a story that was written long ago. 'bout a kingdom on a mountain and the valley folk below…>

It's a song he heard recently at one of the many and frequent Mutant Rights protests in M-Town, which is indeed where he lives when he's not using the dorms at Xavier's.

At any rate he's doing that half singing distractedly as he comes out to the arboretum.


While Hank often hides out in his lab, often doing work, often doing more 'hiding' than work. He does come up for 'air' every now and then and has brought a book into the Arboretum to read. It's not quite as warm as it is outside, but it's warm and sunny enough to be pleasant. Indeed, almost cat-like, he's pulled a chair into a spot of sunlight and has a hardcover book out, open to the middle of the book, reading.

Ears perk up as he hears the humming come closer. At about the time that the singer comes into the room, he's already marked the page and closed the book, "Did you get lost? This doesn't seem to be your type of place, Mr. Drake, especially in the summer." It's said with a little bit of a grin.


The humming cuts off. "Doctor McCoy?" Bobby smiles. He's got a fizzy fruit drink in one hand, sipping at it. "Lost? Kind of, I guess. I was exploring. I didn't get a chance to do a whole lot of that three years ago. Man, this place is big."
The ice nerd finally spots him amid the trees and flowers and strolls on over. "I didn't think to catch you outside the lab. Though… I guess now that I think about it I don't really know what anyone but Nancy and Jacky here do for fun. How are you? Haven't really had a chance to catch up."


"Well, the students don't have as much run of the place as alumni," Hank offers. The book closes and he sits forward some in his chosen seat, "There isn't much reason to have known what we do for fun. After all, aren't all teachers some sort of soulless monsters whose only goal in life is to make their students miserable?" That is definitely said with a smile, showing sharp teeth.

Gesturing to one of the nearby chairs, he then continues, "I suppose the question really should be 'how are -you- doing'? I mean, you could seek graduate studies anywhere…why return here?"


"Mmmm." Bobby looks thoughtful. Sort of uncharacteristically so. "Well I may have to seek graduate studies elsewhere anyway, since Cal mentioned we only do Associates degrees here. But to answer your question, I… wanted to help. I think you guys do good work here and as much as I may have my philosophical disagreements on some points, the fact is that you were there for me on the worst day of my life. If I can find some way to give back, even if it's just doing some TA work or helping out around the facilities, I think that's very worthwhile."

"Plus…" He winks, his old playful demeanor returning. "You guys are fun and I couldn't pass up a chance to catch up with my old teach, now could I?"


"I'm sure that if you wanted some sort of part-time job, that could be arranged. What were you looking at studying?" as his mind already begins to work. "I am still trying to figure out my philosophies as well…but we're all quite accepting around here."

Hank pulls his feet up to the seat and sort of curls up into it, "Fun, hmm? Are you sure you didn't get your brain frozen at some point?"


Bobby pulls a chair nearby and sits down opposite Hank, watching him with a grin. "Mmmm, well my degree's in Physics with a focus on thermodynamics. I've been looking at graduate programs that deal with more theoretical applications of that sort of knowledge. Right now most of what I do is applied sciences kind of stuff."

He stretches. "Oh it may have been at one point. But I've learned to let it go. The cold doesn't bother me anyway." Yes. Bobby is shameless in his puns.

"And yes, part time job or… hell, I'll mow the lawn. I just want to find a way to give back, you know. Calvin mentioned something about a team but I figure that's the sort of thing that will sort itself out."

"So how have you been, Doctor?"


Golden eyes blink, "Seriously?" There's another pause before he offers, "If that's true, then I'll put in a request for you to be one of my TA's. I could use the help, especially with the younger kids." He doesn't tend to have that much patience with their antics at times.

The puns and references go completely over his head. "I doubt you'll have to mow the lawn or anything like that. I'm sure that Ch…Professor Xavier will find something worthwhile."

An eyebrow lifts at the question and he asks right back, "What have you heard?"


Bobby chuckles. "Sure, I wouldn't mind that at all. I do alright with younger kids. Helps being a bit younger, I suppose." He says with a grin.

He shakes his head. "Nothing, really, Doc. I'm just askin' after you. You were, after all my primary instructor those eight weeks. And I've not seen much of you. Folks talk around here a lot but when I ask about you all I get is 'Oh, I think he's working. Somewhere.'"

The younger man laughs. "So I'm curious. How have you been?"


Beast inclines his head some, "That's pretty much the most accurate description." He needn't burden a former student with his issues, "I've been all right. Nothing really of note…" Except for the fact that he has a twenty year-old flirting with him and that's strange territory.

"Such is the life of a research scientist, as you may find if you choose to pursue a graduate degree in it. It's a lot of time with your work."


Bobby nods. "Fair enough. Well we'll see about that when we get there. For me, I suppose. Don't overwork, though Doc. Though you'd know that better than I, I think."

"Do you know an Illyana by the way? Yay tall?" He makes a gesture. "Leather. Very intimidating stare? Fond of portals?"

He cants his head slightly. "She and I both have some concerns about Nancy. She's been acting oddly. I thought maybe it was just kind of… you know, being pensive and feeling down. She bounced back yesterday but Illyana said she was acting Zombie like and not magically either. Maybe… well, she said you'd be the person to take these concerns to."


Beast chuckles, "I'm not sure I'm anywhere near to being overworked, but thank you for your concern." The humor fades, however, when Nancy is brought up. There's a sigh and he pulls his spectacles off so that he can scrub his hand over his face.

"Why am I the person to bring this to? Because she's admitted a crush on me? Ad because of this, I'm somehow responsible for her?" Some frustrations are beginning to surface. "I can't be responsible for Nancy's behavior. I'm not her keeper, her boyfriend, or her father."


Bobby holds up his hands defensively. "I figured more along the lines of because you're an expert on mutants in general, but I apologize. I didn't realize it was a sore spot. I know of some good docs down at the Avenue C Clinic near my flat. I didn't mean to touch a nerve, sorry Doctor."


Beast replaces the glasses back onto the bridge of his nose, "I'm not a medical doctor. Perhaps she should be checked out, but I have to wonder if she's just trying to focus on her power. What she does is quite intense and could affect many in…possibly negative ways, especially if she ends up negating some necessary powers in an altercation or rescue mission. I'm trying to find a way for her to control it through an external mean, but aside from dressing her in a lead suit, I'm not entire sure it's even possible."


Bobby's smile returns. It never goes too far away. "Sure, we'll do that, and maybe it's nothing we were just a bit concerned. Not like deathly worried though. I'd have said something before now." Bobby looks at his watch. "Shoot. I've got to drop some samples off at the lab. I'll be around later though. See you 'round Doc? I'd love to do some more catching up when you're not busy."

The younger man rises and waves. He has to get going even if he would hear a response as he departs.

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