Family Time

July 11 2014: Jericho and Nancy catch up after a missed night of texts. Relationships and upcoming raids are discussed. Typical Wolf family conversation


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Nancy texts Jericho in the morning, after not having texted him the night before as she is wont to.
<Hey Brother Wolf. Sorry about last night. Didn't have my phone with me.>


<Nan!> Jericho blinks and smiles. And she's sounding normal.

<There ya are. I was starting to get concerned. No worries. It's bound to happen sometimes. How are you?>

<I'm okay. Feeling a little out of sorts. Probably cause I had sugar yesterday. Going back on the diet though. Right after this coffee. Cause coffee black tastes like crap. How about you? I've been trying to get a hold of the teachers here at the school for Mama Wolf, but I think they are all out doing … a thing. Seems just us older students are around right now to keep an eye on the younger ones.>


<Mama Wolf asked you to get a hold of a teacher for her? I wonder… ah, must be about the raid we're planning. I just got off the line with Hank about that actually. Dunno if he's where you are or not but at least he promised to talk to folks for me… Sorry you're feeling out of sorts..>

He's still mulling over what exactly had or hadn't gotten into her the night Illyana brought her over and he's hopeful that either the files Anabeth had, which he's sorting through now, or the files that he hopes are at the Hospital will shed some light on it.
<As for me? I'm okay. No one's taken a shot at me today and my arm isn't broken so… been a good day so far.> He chuckles half in humor and half with an eyeroll. His life…


Sadly, while Annabeth's files on the N13 project are informative, especially in the early years, they don't really go into too much detail about Nancy herself. Apparently, Nancy was a very calm and obedient child. It wasn't till she got older that she became a 'problem child'.

<//Well, good to know your arm isn't broken. And yeah, I could have gone to see Hank, but I'm sort of giving him space. Even more so now. //>


Well damn it. At least it's still helpful information. He does wonder what changed to make her a 'problem child.' After witnessing her 'calm and obedient' a few nights ago he's not really willing to just chalk it up to puberty.

<Is everything okay over there?>

She's mentioned her crush on Hank to him more than once. <I'm hoping he can convince whomever there to help out with this. Though if he does you're gonna have houseguests. I don't know if Parti mentioned it to you but we've found most of the rest of the N-series subjects… and their incentives. Hydra… already has them.>


<Everything is… a little weird. Just trying to focus on my power and my music mostly. Don't want to go back to Julliard and find out that I've let my talent slip.>

She arches a brow. This is more than Parti told her. <Wait, you found others like me and all I get is a tell the people in charge where you are? How can I help? Need me to get Illy to smuggle me outta here so I can help get them out of there?>


<Probably gonna be a fight, Nancy and I can't promise we won't have to kill some folks. Well, strike that, I can almost certainly promise that I will have to. Buuuuuuut…>

He thinks. He'd been puzzling over a way to subdue to N-series subjects without hurting them or getting himself really, really messed up.

<But if you really do want at this one, I could use your help. The others like you, Hydra's probably put them through some conditioning. Odds are good we're going to have to fight them before we rescue them. I could get you a shotgun with taser shells and beanbag rounds… and you could help us lock down these guys so we can get them help…>


Nancy sighs at the mention of killing people. She used to think that she could do that, but Kush taught her different. A human life, even one in the wrong direction, is too valuable.

<These people tried to kill my mother. And you. And Mama Wolf. I can't say I will actually kill, but knees are fair game :) > She chews on her lower lip, pondering.

<Any idea what their powers are?>


<None. And I wouldn't ask you to Nan. Hence the shotgun with the non-lethal rounds. Trust Brother Wolf to be a bit more clever than that. If you're gonna do stuff like this and don't wanna kill people, a shotgun is your friend. You'd be surprised how many things you can shoot out of one that won't kill someone. I can probably scare up a grenade launcher with some stingballs too…>

He pauses to think. <Sorry. Technical stuff. I'll make sure you have a weapon that won't kill anything you point it at. I mean, unless you want one. You can let me know on that one. I just hope you won't be too disappointed in Brother Wolf if he kills a few people.>


<I can always ask Lunair if I can borrow the Loogey gun or the Tweker…. Those seemed pretty effective. And good for a laugh too.>

She laughs when Jericho starts apologizing for technical stuff.

<Hey, I don't mind you getting technical with me. Hell, you don't get nearly as technical as Mama does and I have to be able to recite all that stuff back to her! And no… I know how you and Mama hate Hydra. Hell, I hate them too. I just… I can't do it, take a life like that. I tried. Hell, I did. More then one. And whenever I think about it, I wanna throw up. I think about their families. Their kids, wives, parents… I think about how I would feel if someone had managed to kill my mom, or you. I did that to them. I made them feel that way. I stole someone they care about away from them and they will never get it back.>


Jericho laughs. He's met Lunair a few times. <Loogey gun? Do I even want to know?>

She can almost hear him chuckling.

<Whatever you think you need, Nan. But if you want, either for this or later, I'd be happy to introduce you to all the ways you can get a gun that won't kill someone. I'm a little surprised Mama Wolf never covered that, but, maybe I shouldn't be. Let me just say this, beanbags and rubber bullets are a thing. Might crack a rib. And they guy won't get back up if he's smart, but ya won't kill him unless you like, shoot his neck or something. Anyway, can you get a ride out or do you need someone to pick you up, either there or somewhere you can get to? Illyana… uh, knows how to find me. Anywhere I go, apparently, so she could certainly arrange that.>


<Yeah, Illy is good like that. I'm so glad she didn't pop in on me last night. That would have been all colors of embarrassing. I'll get a hold of her after I get Lunair's Loogey gun and … you know, I could see if I can't get some of us college aged guys to help you. There are a few of us. I doubt the guys in charge will be happy with me, but this is sorta important.>


<I'll take whatever help I can get, cause this raid's going off if I have to go in there alone.> Not that Parti would leave him to do it alone, but that's the way he feels about it.

<Embarrassing, mmm? Do I want to know?> It's not like a parent's 'do I want to know'. It's a lot more like 'will you sharing it make me intensely uncomfortable?'

<Oh, speaking of Illy… I'm going to guess that was her with your phone shortly before you showed up in Parti's safe house?> He's pretty sure, but some things are good to clarify.'


Nancy chuckles softly as she shakes her head. <No, probably not. Unless you want to hear about me giving up on Hank and me canoodling with another guy. I'll give you details if you want them.>

She totally would too, just to make him squirm.

<I'll let some of the others know, see if they want to join in. And if you do this without me, I'll never forgive you. What do you mean Illy was on my… oh yeah! She did take it… Can't remember why I would let her>

Nancy scrolls back to read what Illyana wrote and blanches. <OMG! That is so not me. I mean, okay, that is totally me, but … you're like family!!>


He laughs at that. <I figured one of you was trying to make me squirm. No, you don't have to share, Nan, unless you want to. So long as he's treating you well… I mean, you're a big girl. And… I'm kind of glad you feel that way, actually. Nice having family again, y'know. You know how to get ahold of me if you need any help, and let me know how many to expect, even if it's just you.>


<Yeah, he's treating me right. He's nice. I … I don't know if he's … I have a hard time believing that anyone here really likes me. I've never had friends. Hell, Paul was only my friend because he was being blackmailed to. This guy seems to actually like me and I have to wonder… why? Why is it mutants seem to like me but regular people don't? I mean, I'm just as bitchy and mean as I always have been, so it can't be that I'm being nicer. Forget it. Just me being all thinky. Talk to you tomorrow?>


<Maybe you're just finally meeting some worthwhile people. Oh, and me, but you can't win 'em all. ;) I'll be here tomorrow, yes. I need to go talk to someone about getting your Mom secured until this is all over, so hopefully I'll have news.>


Nancy O'Neal pages: <You take care of her. And if I find the fucker that burnt my apartment up, I'm gonna shoot him with a beanbag point blank to his nuts. Jerk.>


<I will. I promised, didn't I?> Say what you will about anything else, Jericho Trent keeps his promises.

<And… I can probably arrange that for you. The idiot's still alive. Though nowhere near me because he wouldn't be if he were.>

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