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July 11 2014: Jericho Trent calls up Hank McCoy to discuss progress on the Anti Mutant Virus, and other matters of import.

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As before the e-mail came without preamble. Unlike before, it's far less laconic and mysterious. "Doctor McCoy," It begins. "I've uncovered some information tangentially related to our mutual friend and it has created a situation that I think you may be interested in. I could use some help, or at least, some advice and would appreciate a call in the near future if you are amenable to talking. Signed, Trent."

There's a link to the same secure VIOP protocol that the two used to talk last time. Well… at least he feels comfortable enough to include some detail. No mysterious 'We need to talk no I can't say what about here.'


Beast has been rather busy as he not only has his own projects, but he's also working on the information sent to him before. It means a lot of time in the lab and on the computer, which makes the response to the email rather quick. Picking up his 'restricted' phone, he calls the number given in the email and waits for the other end to pick up.

Jericho sounds a bit breathless when he does two rings later. "Doctor McCoy. Good of you to call. I trust you're well?"

He lands on the nearest rooftop so he doesn't have to concentrate on flying and talking. He thinks he lost them, right? Looking about he hunkers down to avoid being seen. Yeah. He lost them.

"I hope work on that viral is coming along, but I've got a bit of a different situation here."


"Are you all right?" is asked at the breathless sound. "Work is slow…it's not like I have access to all the necessary equipment to easily break this down here. It's in progress, however. What's going on?" Hank moves over to one of the machines he -does- have and checks one of the readouts.


"I'm fine. Er, fine-ish. I had to lose someone which…" Pause… "I think I've done…"

"Oh, that reminds me before we get into it. The Doctor who did the initial analysis I sent to you is named Angelo DiLucci. He works at the Avenue C clinic in M-Town and he'd be happy to collaborate with you on finding a counteragent. Though that's not the reason I called."

"You may remember I told you I was working on resolving Nancy's Hydra problem, getting them off her back for good. Well I had a break in that investigation, but it's created a bit of a problem for me. It turns out Nancy was one of twenty subjects in the N-series Initiative. Er, that's what Hydra in the form of the Polyglobal Corporation called the project. I've discovered that Hydra has 're-aquired' most of their 'experiments' and that they're being held in the city along with a number of hostages to secure their cooperation."

Jeri pauses to let that sink in. "I'm going after them. But even if everything works out the way I hope it will, I'm going to have between thirty and fifty rescuees when it's done all in need of some serious medical attention and in least in the case of the N-series victims, probably some extensive psychological help. Hydra's had these people for months at least, possibly years. I don't doubt that they've all been subjected to mental conditioning and psychological abuse. Even if I could house and provide security for them all - which would be a stretch for me - there's no way I have the training or resources to get them the help I need."

The ex-soldier sighs. "Which brings me to you. I don't actually know what your expertise is, Doctor, beyond looking at your published papers. But I do know that you and your friends helped one of mine. Do you have the ability to help these people? And… are you willing to do so? There are in play that prevent me from going to the authorities for help on this one." Like the fact that doing so will likely result in the recapture of everyone he got out, eventually.


"A collaboration would be appreciated. I'm not a medical doctor, so someone with that expertise would certainly be useful." Hank then quiets as he listens to whet Jericho has been up to in regards to Nancy and her pursuers. When he mentions the rescue, "Do you need help with that rescue? I'm sure that if I can't be there to help, I can send others who could. As for the refugees…I don't know that I'm particularly qualified to be a counselor or doctor, but I think I could find some to help. I certainly have colleagues…"


"Help would be appreciated, to be honest, doctor, but I'm working with a woman known as The Partisan. I don't know whether or not you and yours would find that distasteful. I'd certainly understand if you did, but if not, it's not like it wouldn't be handy. Even if all your people are willing to do is help treat the victims it'll be a lot. I've got no way to do that, as I mentioned. We're going to do the rescue soon. Maximum secrecy because I don't want them moving the victims or the files on the project, both of which I need. I've already got some equipment lined up, just working on people, so do let me know if you'd like to come or know of a willing volunteer or two."

"Oh there is one thing. I'd need to be able to talk to the refugees at some point. I know you and yours are very… security conscious. It's not necessary that I be on site, take whatever precautions you feel like you need, but I am going to be following this trail back to its source. I've discovered recently that Hydra keeps hardcopy only files on projects like this. If I can find it and destroy it, along with anyone who knew the process or the victims list…"

He trails off. The implication is clear. If he can manage that, if anyone can manage that… the victims, like Nancy, would finally be safe.


"I'll do my best. I'll need the when and where, but they can take care of transportation…" for the most part. Maybe. "I can try to be there to triage if anything…" He has enough medical and psychological knowledge for that, at the very least.

"Who is this 'Partisan'? Why would it be distasteful? Are you planning on this being some sort of massacre? Because I can't really condone that…"


"Partisan is a woman connected to Nancy. Also a friend of mine. She's… unique. She's a bit more violent than I and I'm ex-special forces, in the interests of not-quite full disclosure." Jericho chuckles.
"I'll give you the when and where soon, depending on what kind of support you and yours feel comfortable offering. Might be a field somewhere if it's just transport because we have to extract these folks from the middle of the city without anyone knowing what's up. Hydra gets a whisper of this and I may not ever find those files. Anyway, that's neither here nor there. The rescue itself? It'll probably be fairly violent simply because there will be guards and so forth. Subduing everyone non-lethally gets into really thorny questions of taking prisoners and as mentioned before I simply cannot turn people over to the authorities without risking Hydra finding out what's happened. It won't be a massacre though. I have to take a few prisoners to interrogate and of course there's the people we're trying to rescue… which it seems likely we may also have to fight, if they've been coerced or conditioned."

Jericho checks his surroundings again. "I'm not entirely sure I made much sense there. Does that answer your question?"


"They might be able to help with that subduing. My friends are quite talented," Hank offers, a smile slipping through his more serious demeanor. "I'm sure that they'd understand that capture is not an option and they are also adept at avoiding authorities." Some of them, at least.

"Good that it won't be a massacre though, otherwise I'd have to try to talk you out of that tactic. It answers my question, yes."

The readouts are taken back to his computer, "I'll make sure you have help with those you rescue. As for a place to take them…I'll work on that as well."


"Either or both would be appreciated. Thank you Doctor. I have a personal… issue with Hydra, but this is just about Nancy and those poor kids to me. I want to see Hydra lose them entirely. Nancy in particular. You understand, I think. Is there anything I can help with on the other matter, while I've got you on the line?”


There's a pause for a moment before Hank offers, "An introduction to that doctor at the clinic you mentioned. It might be more trustworthy if you do that than if I just call him up and ask about working on this antidote. If you have any more information on the virus, I'll take it."


"Of course. I can talk to Angelo about you, unless you'd prefer a face to face meet. And yes, sadly, I do. There's a third form of it in circulation. I handed over a sample to a trusted contact in SHIELD. Turns out it wasn't like the other two. It contains a version of the virus designed to rapidly inhibit the X-Gene complex… and enough Cyanide to kill Captain America. I'm sending the data now."

A compressed file pops over on the e-mail server a moment later.


"No face to face meet yet, thank you. But an introduction would be great." As Hank gets the file, he opens it quickly and sighs, "So basically, if this is based on Nancy's powers, we need to figure out the way her powers work…or dress everyone with an X-gene in a suit of lead." He then frowns, "How can a virus contain cyanide? Or is this some sort of injection?"


"I gather it was suspended in a cyanide solution.” Jericho offers. β€œAnd I'm near certain that the cell developing this is not the cell after Nancy. Which is a pity. If they were I'd be making a lot more progress. My best working theory on that third one right now is that it is intended to be used against hard-to-kill mutants. Possibly in tranq dart form. But honestly doctor, I have no idea beyond a sort of intuitive dread that I'm running out of time before they try to use this stuff on a large scale. And I'll give him your e-mail. Sound good?”


Beast nods, but then offers over the phone, "That sounds fine. I'll be sure to warn those who might be joining this venture about this potential attack." This is definitely going to take precedence now. "I do appreciate you informing me of all of this. I'll see that you get as much help as I can gather."

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